15 Behind The Scenes Wrestling Stories That Will Gross You Out

The WWE is no stranger to grossing out its audience. Sometimes these acts work and provide a haunting visual like Papa Shango using voodoo to make the Ultimate Warrior’s head ooze. Some, like when “Stone Cold” Steve Austin made Vince McMahon wet his pants are legitimately hilarious. Other times, like The Boogeyman slurping down a handful of earthworms before a match, Mae Young giving birth to a hand, or Natalya constantly farting, the gag does not hit its mark but you’re left feeling sick nonetheless. It would seem as if nothing is off-limits in the WWE when it’s done in the name of entertainment.

That being said, there is another side to wrestling’s love affair with depravity. There are some things that happened off camera that for the sake of everyone were better kept unseen. These are the stories that wrestlers tell each other in the locker room when they want to make guys who have seen or heard it all queasy. These are the real-life instances where for one reason or another, professional wrestlers went too far. Some of them started out as pranks that quickly got out of hand and immediately jetted past the line of good taste. Some are backstage mishaps and accidents that caused bodily harm to the performers and those around them. Others are troubling stories of wrestlers breaking the law and losing their way. Here are the fifteen behind the scene wrestling stories that will make you feel nauseous.

And there’s crap, there’s lots and lots of crap.

15 Mr. Fuji's Disgusting BBQ

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There are enough tales of Mr. Fuji’s behind the scenes antics to fill a list of its own (a feat which we’ve already accomplished). This Fuji tale (tail?) in particular is perhaps the grossest one of all. Depending on which version of the story you subscribe to the players are different, but the outcome is the same. Here is our favorite version. In the 1970s, Fuji’s tag team partner at the time, Professor Toru Tanaka, had gone behind Fuji’s back to try and get a solo push. This enraged the devious Fuji and he concocted a plan. Fuji invited Tanaka and his wife over for dinner and fed them. Apparently, the meat was a little rough... or should we say, ruff. Fuji had stolen Tanaka’s dog and, according to Fuji in an interview with RF Video, had grilled it “teriyaki style.” Needless to say, Tanaka and Fuji’s partnership ended immediately. No surprise that this story became so legendary that Al Snow based his infamous “cooking of Pepper” storyline with The Big Bossman off of Fuji’s culinary deception.

14 Juventud Guerrera Streaked In A Hotel

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Juventud Guerrera or “The Juice,” as he called himself, was one of the most talented cruiserweights in WCW. Unfortunately, the Mexican superstar was never able to reach the heights of a Rey Mysterio or an Eddie Guerrero. Guerrera was a fan favorite, known for his over the top character and multitude of aerial moves. Juventud’s bombastic personality and daring nature were also true outside of the ring. During a tour of Australia, Juvi was found running naked down the halls of a hotel screaming incoherently while high on PCP. When police tried to calm him down, Guerrera violently assaulted them before being subdued. This was not his first run-in with the law, a few months before this incident, Juventud had fled from police after being pulled over for a DWI. Obviously, WCW sent Guerrera home from the tour and soon fired him, cutting “The Juice” loose.

13 X-Pac And Randy Orton's History Of Taking A Dump Backstage

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I’m just going to lump these two together because there is one hobby both X-Pac and Randy Orton shared: allegedly defecating in people’s belongings. Before it was disputed, Orton was rumored to have dropped a deuce in the bag of short lived WWE Diva Rochelle Loewen. Randy felt slighted when, on her first day with the company, Loewen did not know who Orton was. This led to “The Viper” create the illusion of diarrhea in her purse by combining tanning lotion and baby oil.

X-Pac, on the other hand, had no qualms with using the real deal. Now, we’ve all heard the story of X-Pac pooping in Sable’s bag. I wish I could say this was the only reported occurrence of the 1-2-3 Kid failing to use the toilet. Enter Mark Henry. Henry, who was about to wrestle, had a meatball sub backstage and asked the other wrestlers not to touch it. Mark was still new with the company, so X-Pac felt a little hazing was in order decided to make it a literal “s**t sandwich.” Thankfully, Ken Shamrock was backstage or was able to alert “The World’s Strongest Man” before he could take a bite.

12 Droz Was Hired Because He Can Puke On Command

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As a native New Jersian, I am bound by law to love every wrestler from the Garden State, be it Diamond Dallas Page, Bam Bam Bigelow, The Headbangers, or even Droz. Nowadays, Darren Drozdov has become a cautionary tale of how wrestling can go wrong after being rendered paraplegic by a botched move. But I’m not here to talk about the end of Droz’s career, I’m here to talk about its beginning. His origin story. While a professional football player, Droz would vomit before every game. During one game in particular, Droz threw up onto the football live on national television. Vince McMahon, being the brilliant businessman that he is, saw something in young Darren and brought him in for a meeting. While cameras were rolling for the documentary Beyond the Mat, Vince goaded Droz into barfing into a trashcan for his own enjoyment after multiple cries of “He’s gonna puke!” And thus, Road Warrior Puke was born.

11 Mini Mankind Was Murdered By Prostitutes

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During the mid-1990s, it was not uncommon to see mini versions of some of our favorite wrestlers. Along with Mini Vader and Mini Goldust, Mini Mankind was an entertaining character who often found themselves on the undercards of pay-per-views and Monday Night Raws. Mini Mankind also wrestled all over Mexico as Espectro II along with his twin brother La Parkita, a mini version of the Mexican chair-wielding dancing skeleton La Parka. After a night of wrestling in Mexico City, the brothers met two women at a bar and brought them back to their hotel room. It was during this time the women spiked the wrestler’s drinks with eye drops and robbed them of their wallets and phones while they were unconscious. The dosage, which would usually not kill the victims, proved to be fatal for the two mini wrestlers.

10 The British Bulldog Gave Matilda Steroids

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In the 1980s, wrestlers bringing animals to the ring with the was very common. Jake Roberts had his snake Damien, Koko B. Ware had his macaw Frankie, and the British Bulldogs had Matilda. The Bulldogs were known for their incredible combination of brute strength and high flying maneuvers, as well as their steroid induced hulking muscles. One thing they weren’t known for was respecting animals. According to Tito Santana’s appearance on The Chris Gethard Show, Davey Boy Smith and the Dynamite Kid would give their own bulldog steroids to match their enhanced builds. The mistreatment did not stop there, in a cruel twist on “Pavlov’s Dog,” the Bulldogs would repeatedly blast Jimmy Hart’s megaphone in poor Matilda’s ears so she would develop a natural hatred for “The Mouth of the South.”

9 The Rock Had A Male Breast Reduction

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According to the Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment, he has never done steroids in his life. He solely credits his alarming amount of muscle mass to training. Most folks with working eyes would be suspicious to say the least. Rumors began in early 1999 that Rocky went under the knife to get gynecomastia, the operation to remove male breasts. Men who do steroids can sometimes grow breasts because certain drugs create an increase in estrogen and a decrease in testosterone. It was during this time he donned his awesome-looking and chest-covering track suit. Its best-known appearance being his brutal “I Quit” Match against Mankind at the 1999 Royal Rumble. The Rock has admitted to having this procedure done, but claims it was simply for cosmetic reasons and had nothing to do with steroids.

8 Andre The Giant Used Makeshift Toilets

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Oh great, here’s some more crap. The world is generally built for people of average size. Andre The Giant was larger than life. This made simple things most people take for granted a huge ordeal for the Eighth Wonder of the World. When Andre would stay in hotels, especially in Japan where toilets are smaller than in the States, he would often times bypass the hopper in favor of something with a larger opening: the bathtub. Flying in airplanes was even worse, as Andre couldn’t even close the door. Oftentimes, he would leave the door open while relieving himself. Even worse, he had been known to just lay down some newspaper in the cabin do his business like a dog being potty-trained. Eventually, for trips to other countries, Andre wouldn’t eat or drink beforehand to eliminate the possibility of a restroom break.

7 The Sinister Minister Blew Off His Fingers

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One of the bright spots in later day ECW was the presence of James Mitchell, aka the "Sinister Minister,” an all-knowing being of pure evil who acted as a narrator in the land of extreme (trust me, it’s not as corny as it sounds). He soon became the manager for the Unholy Alliance, a tag team consisting of Mikey Whipwreck and Tajiri, who were embroiled in a feud with the F.B.I. With one of ECW’s biggest pay-per-views, November to Remember 2000, approaching, the Minister knew he had to go out with a bang. He had planned on using a makeshift flamethrower to shoot a fireball from his wrist. Before the show began, Mitchell loaded the device which went off prematurely. This caused shrapnel to explode into his hand and stomach, cutting off the tips of two of his fingers, slicing his wrist, and burning him badly. Paul Heyman, never one to miss an opportunity to shock the audience, aired footage of Mitchell being treated backstage.

6 Hardbody Harrison Kept Women As Slaves

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Hardbody Harrison was never a household name. He mainly wrestled as a jobber for WCW on their b-shows, losing to the likes of Chavo Guerrero and Rick Martel. When WCW was bought by WWE in 2001, Harrison’s contract was not picked up. He was able to win a sizable about of money from former WCW parent company AOL after filing a racial discrimination lawsuit and settling out of court. Not much was heard from him until 2007 when he was arrested for keeping eight women as sex slaves in his Georgia homes. Among the charges were sexual abuse, forced labor, and sex trafficking. According to the women, Harrison would force them to do chores and participate in orgies. In 2008, Harrison was sentences to life in prison for these heinous acts.

5 Brutus Beefcake's Parasailing Accident

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Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake is living proof that having a successful career is all about who you know. Being best friends with Hulk Hogan ensured that Beefcake’s career would be long-lasting. Nevertheless, his life as a professional wrestler almost calm to a screeching halt on July 4th, 1990. Beefcake was parasailing, one of the most ‘90s activities there is, on a lake in Florida when another parasailer crashed into his face with her knees in mid-air, butchering his face. This accident resulted in a broken nose, jaw, and other facial bones. He needed surgery immediately, not only to repair his face, but to keep him alive. While under the knife, Brutus’ skin was peeled back from ear to ear as bones were used to reconstruct his face with the assistance of steel plates, staples, and screws. It was almost two years before Beefcake was able to wrestle again with the assistance of specially crafted mask.

4 Jake Roberts Probed Another Wrestler

Here is a story that I had the (dis)pleasure of hearing live. Last year, I attended one of Jake “The Snake” Roberts’ stand-up shows. My fiancé at the time (now wife) was able to score free tickets and we had both watched the incredible “Resurrection of Jake the Snake” documentary, so attending was a no-brainer. Throughout the entire show, Jake told foul stories of depravity from his drugged-up days on the road. I’ll spare you the details of most of them, but it was his big closer that took the cake. According to “The Snake” himself, Roberts had been partying hard with some other wrestlers. Booze and drugs were in full effect (as they were most nights in the ‘80s) when one of the men passed out. It was during this time that Roberts decided to “rib” his blacked-out co-worker. I’m using rib in the loosest sense as what Roberts did could get a man thrown in prison. Jake took a tongue depressor, applied KY Jelly to it, and forcefully inserted it into the man’s backside. When the man came to, he knew something felt “off” and was terrified that he had been taken advantage of while sleeping. Let’s hope this is something Jake repented for when he became a born-again Christian.

3 Bill DeMott's Stinkface Doughnuts

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As a wrestler, Bill DeMott had a series of awful pun-filled ring names like “Hugh Morrus” (get it?!) and “General Hugh. G. Rection” (get it?!). However, something worse than having a bad name is having a bad reputation. During his time as the head trainer of NXT DeMott had become known for mistreating talent who would put up with him for a shot at the big leagues. It wasn’t until former NXT Superstar Austin Matelson (aka Judas Devlin) spoke out against DeMott’s methods. There were instances where DeMott told trainees that he hoped they died and multiple claims that he worked them past point of exhaustion. The strangest claim came from when DeMott was a head trainer for Deep South Wresting where he had students take naked stinkfaces from Luke Gallows while holding jelly doughnuts over their faces. I’m sure there are a lot of wrestlers who will never look at pastries the same way again.

2 The Plane Ride From Hell

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May 5th, 2002 for the WWE is a day that will live in infamy. They had just wrapped a tour of Great Britain and were flying back to the states on a plane reserved exclusively for WWE wrestlers and staff. Thanks to Vince McMahon providing an open bar and an incredibly lax wellness policy, the booze was flowing and the pills were popping. Not to be outdone by his compatriots, Ric Flair decided to strut around the cabin wearing his signature robe and nothing else. It wasn’t long before Flair was showing off “Li'l Naitch” to anyone within eyesight. Ric tried to get some attention from the attendants who were having none of it and eventually sued Flair and the WWE who settled out of court.

Then there was Michael “P.S.” Hayes, which in this case should stand for “Please. Stop.” By all accounts, Hayes was the most inebriated on the flight. He was so messed up that he nearly mistook Linda McMahon for the toilet. After this, the former Freebird thought it would be a good idea to take a shot at JBL and punched Bradshaw in the forehead. All of that must have really tuckered Hayes out. “P.S.” was so far gone, that he didn’t even notice X-Pac cut off his signature mullet with scissors. These are just two examples of when all hell broke loose that day. Needless to say, there has not been a plane ride with an open bar since.

1 Vince McMahon Crapped His Pants

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From airing “footage” of his colonoscopy, to forcing him to join the “Kiss My Ass Club” there is no doubt that Vince McMahon loved to make Jim Ross’ life a living hell on television. Thankfully, Ross was able to get a modicum of revenge by airing some of Vince’s “dirty laundry.” We all remember Vince wetting his pants on live TV, but on Bruce Prichard’s Something to Wrestle With podcast, Good Ol’ JR shared a story of life imitating art only much worse. That’s right, Jim Ross told the story of the time Mr. McMahon sharted his pants backstage. Vince was trying to gross out the notoriously weak-stomached Gerald Brisco by farting in his face when he bit off more than he could chew. Immediately following the accident, Vince had to appear on television! Unfortunately, worried about the repercussions of embarrassing their billionaire boss on national television, none of the production crew got a shot of what Ross described as “the old racing skid mark.”

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