15 HUGE Takeaways From Battleground And Raw

This past Sunday, the WWE held its fourth Battleground PPV live from the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. The PPV was swarmed with controversy following the news of Reigns’ suspension after he violated the wellness policy, but that controversy has calmed down significantly as well relatively covered up by the UFC controversy with Brock Lesnar. All controversy aside, the PPV card looked good enough for it to be a good show and a good show it was. The next night, the WWE followed it up with a great episode of Monday Night Raw. With a new logo, different commentary team, a different ring design, and a surprising finish to the main event, Raw has kicked off this New Era and The Brand Split with a bang.

Both shows were good at promoting their talents and making the WWE feel less like the same old predictable show we’re used to week in and week out and it can only be hoped that the WWE builds from here. With two really good shows like this back to back, it can only get better and better for the WWE if they sustain their momentum for the rest of the week and the subsequent weeks afterwards.

So to wrap up the biggest points coming out of Battleground and Raw, this article will look at the 15 Biggest Takeaways from WWE Battleground and Raw.

15. Reigns Is Out Of The Main Event

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After news of Reigns' suspension for violating the wellness policy broke, many fans thought it would only be fair for Reigns to lose his top spot and work his way up the ladder again. This was especially interesting considering the fact it was rumored that the WWE was going to start a redemption storyline involving Reigns climb back to the top. And after watching Battleground and Raw, the de-push of Reigns has clearly begun as Reign has now put over two men back to back clean.

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