15 Of The Biggest "Users" In Wrestling History

Drugs and wrestling used to go hand-in-hand. As of late, this has changed for the better. No modern wrestler is seen seizing in the corner with a bottle of pills in his hand and thank goodness. Countless deaths in wrestling can be attributed to drug use. Close to every wrestler was addicted to pills. The use of marijuana was also common among wrestlers. Most wrestlers in ECW were on the much heavier drugs and many went to the ring while on heavy drugs such as cocaine and pills. ECW and specifically Paul Heyman did nothing to stop the drug use. This led to the death of ECW wrestlers such as Kronus and Balls Mahoney. But as I said, that era has come and gone and we are now in an era where guys are not into the heavy drugs. The WWE Wellness Policy is incredibly strict and has busted top stars such as Edge, Randy Orton, and Roman Reigns. This clearly shows that this Wellness Policy shows no favorites to any wrestlers as those guys are top tier wrestlers. If a drug testing system was implemented back in the day, almost everyone would fail.

Here are the 15 biggest drug users in wrestling history.

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15 Evan Bourne

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Evan Bourne was a popular wrestler during his tenure in WWE. He was known for his move called the "Air Bourne" which was a Shooting Star-Press. He won his first title in 2011 after being in the company for close to three years. He and Kofi Kingston defeated the team of David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty to win the Tag Team Championship. The team became known as Air Boom. They looked promising until Bourne was suspended for marijuana. He came back after 30 days and took part in an ironic segment with CM Punk on Raw. Shortly after his return, Bourne was suspended a second time for marijuana and the team lost the tag titles at a house show. Bourne would get injured in 2012 and made one appearance in NXT before getting future endeavored.

14 Perry Saturn

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Perry Saturn was one half of The Eliminators in ECW. He and his partner John Kronus won the ECW Tag Team Championship three times while going against other teams such as The Gangstas, The Dudleys, and various other teams. Much like every wrestler on the ECW roster, he used his fair share of illegal supplements. He claims to have used steroids and meth. He went missing in until 2011 and got cleaned up. Saturn was then homeless for close to three years and became addicted meth. It got so bad where he struggled to find body parts to insert the syringe. He was allowed in to a WWE backstage event and from there he's been fine ever since. He does a few independent wrestling shows now.

13 X-Pac

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X-Pac to this day is a heavy supporter of marijuana. However, he has done other heavier and stronger drugs during his life and career. His drug use has left him close to death and has even caused him to attempt suicide prior to him getting his life back on track. He took part in an adult-themed tape with his ex-girlfriend Chyna who would claim that X-Pac and herself were on multiple drugs. X-Pac denied these claims. Of course, he also took part in The Kliq's drug using antics as well. His suicide attempt came when Pac took 40 Valium and drank an entire bottle of Bacardi. He survived the attempt and Kevin Nash helped get him to rehab facility in Texas. From there, he's managed to remain clean for the most part.

12 Louie Spicolli

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The former Rad Radford had a short career in all three major wrestling organizations in the 1990s. Louie Spicolli wrestled for the WWE in the mid-90s. His claim to fame in the WWE was him trying to join The Bodydonnas despite his physique being sub-par. He was released after being found unconscious by his neighbors. He went to ECW which surely didn't help his drug use. A year later he found himself in WCW and was a member of the nWo. He became involved in a feud with Larry Zybyszko around this time. Sadly, the feud never picked up steam as Spicolli died from a drug overdose of Somas and wine. Zybyszko kept to kayfabe on the next Nitro and refuse to acknowledge the death of Spicolli.

11 Raven

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Raven was an underrated and talented performer but he took part in his fair share of drug use during his time. Raven  joined WWE in 1993 as Johnny Polo, a gimmick that was the complete antithesis of what the Raven character would be. When he joined ECW in 1994, he became one of the most interesting characters in wrestling. His promos were a must listen and he was able to keep the audience entertained. But unfortunately, some of his in-ring work may have been hindered because of his drug use. The reason he cites for his drug is that of a poor childhood and professional wrestling made it worse. Raven has been on the WWE Network recently where he took part in a Hardcore Championship special. It is more than likely he has cleaned up his act.

10 Chyna

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Chyna's life sadly came to an end in 2016 and drugs surely had something to do with it. Chyna got her start in the WWE as the manager of Triple H. Because of her physique, she began wrestling male wrestlers. Someone in creative even wanted to put the World title on her but thankfully, that did not happen. She was however, given a reign with the Intercontinental Championship. Her managerial role for Triple H transitioned to an off-screen relationship with The Game. Unfortunately, Triple H ditched Chyna in favor of Stephanie McMahon. Chyna's life began to spiral. She turned to drugs and pornography. Chyna was found dead in her apartment because of an accidental drug overdose in 2016. WWE has done nothing to honor her, but McMahon claims she will go to the Hall of Fame one day.

9 Scott Hall

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Scott Hall's failures and redemption is one of the best stories in wrestling. Hall has one of the more well known past addictions in the history of wrestling. He relied on pills and alcohol  for much of his life, until 2013. When he was younger, he and his friends took Somas regularly. He has even been arrested for DUI.  Many fans of the business began to dread the idea of seeing the headline of "Scott Hall Dead." Luckily, Hall visited The Accountability Crib ran by Diamond Dallas Page. From there, Hall's life turned around and his drug use stopped. He was able to stop the constant reliance of alcohol although he's slipped up a couple of times. Hall rightly joined the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014 and received a huge WrestleMania moment in 2015.

8 New Jack

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New Jack, like many others on this list, does not deny his drug use. New Jack is proud to say in any shoot interview that he snorted cocaine before every match. He said if he wasn't on cocaine he wouldn't do the balcony dives he became famous for. New Jack unfortunately is more known for being reckless in the ring that a real wrestler. In the ring he's stabbed people and brutalized them with weapons. New Jack has almost completely stepped away from professional wrestling and some say for the better. I for one am fan of New Jack and miss seeing him brutalizing his opponents. He was close to joining the WWE in 2004 as the man that stabbed John Cena but unfortunately, it didn't happen.

7 Sunny

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The story of Sunny is one of the saddest in the history of wrestling. She was a focal point in wrestling during the transition years of the 1990s and in many ways helped set s tone for the Attitude Era. Her beauty astonished many of the male wrestling fans at the time and helped to improve Raw's ratings. Sadly, she ran into a slew of a problems such as Sable, Shawn Michaels, and drugs. Sable began to supersede her as the more popular Diva. She cheated on Chris Candido with Shawn Michaels and she began relying on pills. Many wrestlers began to say that she would do "sexual favors" in return for drugs. She turned from one of the most gorgeous women alive into a woman performing  sexual actsSkype.

6 The Iron Sheik

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The Iron Sheik is one of the most entertaining characters outside of wrestling and drugs surely played a part in that (sadly). The Iron Sheik ended the long title reign of Bob Backlund before losing the title to Hulk Hogan and helping officially launch Hulkamania. He was released from his contract after he and Jim Duggan were pulled over. While the cop was searching the vehicle, they found cocaine and Sheik was gone from the WWE. However, many wrestlers share positive drug related stories about The Sheik. Some say his drug usage even includes crack. Sheik still makes rare appearances on WWE TV. Therefore he is back in the company's good graces in some capacity. The Iron Sheik is a legend but one with a troubled history.

5 Kevin Nash

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Kevin Nash may be one of the more surprising entrees on the list. However, he is not afraid to tell people about his past usage. Kevin Nash was an underrated wrestler and WWE Champion. Unfortunately, he wrestled in the WWE during one of the worse period for drugs pill specifically. Nash once said that he shook a pill bottle and almost every wrestler turned around and asked for some. He claims he once took 32 Somas at one time. He also claims that he took Somas before going to the ring. Nash got clean and stopped his heavy usage of pills. He is one of the older wrestler that is in amazing shape and thankfully he's gotten away from the drugs.

4 Jake Roberts

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Jake Roberts, much like Scott Hall managed to overcome his issues involving drugs. Jake Roberts was a phenomenal talent for the WWE during their Golden Era. He could cut a promo like no other and his physique was a nice change from what we were use to seeing. Unfortunately, he threw it all away in favor of drugs and alcohol. If Jake Roberts didn't use drugs and alcohol to the extents that he did, he may have been a WWE Champion at some point. His lifestyle is documented in the wrestling documentary known as Beyond the Mat. Luckily, like Scott Hall, he managed to overcome his addiction with the help of Diamond Dallas Page. Page also helped Roberts get inducted into the Hall of Fame. He is in much better shape than what he was in prior to Page.

3 Randy Orton

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Randy Orton is one of WWE's golden boys and has been suspended more than once. Anyone else would have had a tough time getting back to the top position. In 2006, Orton was suspended for smoking marijuana backstage which is incredibly unprofessional. He won the WWE Championship the following year. He was suspended a second time that year after he lost to Hulk Hogan at SummerSlam, this time for steroids. Six years later, Orton was suspended for a third time for another Wellness Policy violation. He then took part in The Authority storyline the following year. This simply goes to show the favoritism that goes on in WWE. Evan Bourne was suspended twice and was released. Orton's been suspended three times and gets World Championship reigns?

2 Jeff Hardy

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Jeff Hardy's use of drugs has actually affected an outcome of a match. He was released in 2003 when WWE wanted to send him to rehab. However, he refused. He returned in 2006 and was suspended in 2007 and 2008. He chose not to re-sign 2009. Later that year, he was arrested for having a number of different drugs in his possession. Hardy had steroids, cocaine, Vicodin, and Somas. Everything hit Jeff Hardy in 2011 when he returned to TNA. He faced Sting in a match that is infamously bad. TNA realized Hardy was under the influence and was too intoxicated to wrestle. Bischoff walked to the ring and told the referee and Sting to keep the match short and after one Scorpion Death Drop, Hardy lost. They had a 90 second main event. This match clearly represents TNA to the fullest degree.

1 Shawn Michaels

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If Shawn Michaels never found religion, he would have been one of wrestling's greatest tragedies. Michaels is easily the most talented wrestler ever. Unfortunately, he chose to harm his body with pills. He and his Kliq buddy Kevin Nash would take Somas before every match. According to Nash, he's taken 32 Somas at on time and lived to tell the story. He was hated by every man in the WWE locker room from wrestler to writer to authority figure. His life began to spiral out of control and his back injury was the icing on the cake. Luckily, he found God and turned his life around. He stopped relying on pills and began to put on amazing matches. His matches against Kurt Angle, The Undertaker, and his return against Triple H are some of my favorite matches ever.

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