15 Bizarre Wrestling Relationships That Gross Us Out

In this article, we break down 15 current wrestling relationships that gross us out. A few ground rules should be covered before we begin. First of all, we are dealing with current wrestling relationships. It would be easy to go back into pro wrestling history and detail all the nausea-inducing relationships there have been over the years, but some stuff is better left in the past.

This article deals with current wrestling relationships that many of us wish we'd never heard about in the first place. A common trend in this article, however, is wrestlers who were in prior relationships that grossed us out and have now moved onto modern relationships that gross us out just as much, if not more.

This means relationships which are now over do not appear in this article. Alberto and Paige, New Jack and Terri, even David Flair and Stacy Keibler are disqualified from the article below, even considering how truly bizarre each of those relationships was.

Here are 15 bizarre wrestling relationships that gross us out, enjoy!

19 Karen and Jeff Jarrett

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45-year-old Karen Jarrett used to be known as Karen Angle up until 2008. That's because she was married to Kurt Angle for ten years and had two kids with him. Then she started an affair with Jeff Jarrett while Jeff was a top Executive in TNA Wrestling and Kurt Angle was the company’s top star.

Kurt and Jeff never appeared to have much of a problem working with each other but the whole situation seemed unprofessional from all ends, however.

Unfortunately, 2017 has been a rough year for the Jarrett family. While it looked as though Jeff was about to once again be in charge of Impact Wrestling and for it to be renamed Global Force Wrestling, Jeff was quickly dismissed as President of the company amongst rumors of substance abuse problems. Evidently, Jeff developed a drinking problem recently and is currently in treatment.

18 Bray Wyatt and JoJo

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Earlier this year, news broke that Bray Wyatt was going through a rather nasty divorce proceeding. Complicating matters is that Bray was discovered to be having an extramarital affair with ring announcer, JoJo.

The 23-year-old JoJo was hired in 2013 and immediately cast on Total Divas. She then became a ring announcer in NXT before being called up to the main roster in April 2015. Bray was signed to WWE in 2009. After participating in the Nexus angle in 2010 he returned to developmental and was repackaged as Bray Wyatt.

Bray and JoJo would've first met in 2013 after JoJo was signed and while Bray was still performing in NXT. The affair is rumored to have been quite lengthy and it's said that the two remain together now that the dust had settled.


16 Sabu and The Super Genie

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Recently, Sabu has been managed by his “Super Genie” on the independent scene. The Genie is played by Melissa Coates, a former wrestler, and bodybuilder who was with WWE from 2005 to 2007 but never made it out of developmental. She wrestled a little bit on the independents and in some definitely "Not so PG” bouts for various underground female-centric wrestling promotions.

As for Sabu, he is still competing on the independent scene despite having had a career littered with a slew injuries from his hardcore style. Those who loved Sabu in his prime will still pay to see him, however, he's aged pretty badly in recent years. Perhaps having his Super Genie with him on the road is what keeps him going.

15 Hulk Hogan and Jennifer McDaniel

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Hulk Hogan definitely has a type.... When Hogan and his wife, Linda, split in 2008, it wasn't long until Hogan was linked with Jennifer McDaniel. It doesn't take anyone more than a glance to see that the Hulkster is now with a woman who looks eerily similar to his ex-wife and grotesquely similar to his own daughter.

Linda Hogan, meanwhile, also got involved in a rather gross relationship shortly after her and the Hulkster broke up. She got engaged to a 19-year-old Charley Hill when she was 48. The couple broke up in 2012. It's not clear which one of them narrowly avoided a disastrous life choice.

While Hogan's choice of a new wife might remind us of his daughter and ex-wife, one thing we can all feel good about is that she is not friends with Bubba the Love Sponge.


13 The Undertaker and Michelle McCool

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We're sure The Undertaker and Michelle McCool are happily married and enjoying life. With that being said, however, this couple could not look any more ill-suited.

The Undertaker is a large, tattooed, scary looking man. Michelle McCool is a feminine, fashionable, female who looks like her husband would frighten her if they just met. The couple has a child together proving people wrong who doubted nature's ability to combine their two distinct sets of genetics.

A fun fact about Michelle McCool that not too many people are aware that McCool is her real surname. She's since taken the last name Calaway, however. McCool is a rare but existing last name with Irish and Scottish roots. The name is meant to honor a 7th-century saint. Current speculation is the saint was a really cool guy...


11 Noelle Foley and Frank The Clown

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Fans of Noelle Foley take a look at her and then take a look at her boyfriend, Frank the Clown, and wonder what black magic sorcery this guy used to somehow land her as his girlfriend.

Frank the Clown is/was a WWE superfan who attended countless shows dressed up as a clown. He's now capitalizing off the heat he receives for being Noelle Foley's boyfriend by performing as a manager on the independent scene. He's actually somewhat good in the role, as Noelle's father, Mick Foley, even admitted himself.

The 23-year-old Noelle was turned down from the WWE Performance Center not long ago. It's not yet clear what role in the wrestling industry she will carve out for herself. With already a large fanbase, it's safe to assume she will end up doing something, down the line.

10 Eva Marie and Jonathan Coyle

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33-year-old Natalie Marie Nelson, better known to wrestling fans as Eva Marie, is one of the most aesthetically pleasing fitness models to ever be signed to a WWE contract. For the life of her, however, she could not learn to wrestle and the WWE fans were quick to catch onto this.

She married Jonathan Coyle in 2014 after only having dated for a few months. This was all caught on Total Divas, of course. Surprisingly, the couple is still together. Coyle is also something of a fitness model and has appeared in UFC Magazine, UFC Fit, and UFC 360 which are all apparently separate publications.

Not to be harsh, but Eva appears to under-achieving in this relationship. For that reason, many might be grossed out!

9 Jerry Lawler and Lauryn McBride

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McBridge and Lawler have been together since 2011 when he would have been 61 and she would have still been in her early 20s. Jerry Lawler's significant others always seem to be considerably younger than he is. The 66-year-old Lawler is currently with Lauryn McBride, a woman almost 40 years his junior. As much as we all love Jerry, an age difference that great is a little off-putting to many.

Lawler and McBride were both arrested in the summer of 2016 for domestic violence. The charges against both were eventually dismissed.

According to comments from his podcast, Lawler doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, and doesn't do drugs. He definitely seems to have his vice, however, and it's women. He was married to Stacy Carter, who is 20 years younger than he is, from 2000 to 2001. McBride is almost 20 years younger than Carter...


7 Austin Aries and Thea Trinidad

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Austin Aries and Thea Trinidad are a bit of an odd couple. For starters, Aries was recently let go from WWE. Trinidad, on the other hand, still works in WWE developmental. She is currently managing Andrade "Cien" Almas under the name, Zelina Vega.

Aries and Trinidad being together is one of those situations where you hope her relationship with him doesn't hurt her standing in WWE. Over the years, Aries has cultivated a reputation very similar to CM Punk's. He's a guy who will tell it like it is which can be a detriment at times. This has caused several promotions to cut ties with Aries, including WWE. Trinidad is doing well in her new role with Almas, let's hope Aries' reputation doesn't end up reflecting on her.

6 John Laurinaitis and Kathy Colace

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John Laurinaitis played a pivotal role in hiring the Bella twins to WWE in 2007, ogling over their modelling pics. Then nine years later he married their mother, Kathy Colace. Yes, truly disturbing.

The 55-year-old Laurinaitis still works with the company, taking a lesser road agent role nowadays. His brother is Animal from the Legion of Doom, who happens to be one of several former wrestlers suing the company as part of a class-action lawsuit related to concussions.

Johnny's managed to stay relevant nowadays thanks to the Bellas believe it or not. He's been on episodes of both reality shows Total Divas and Total Bellas. A particular episode documented the wedding between both Laurinaitis and Colace. They remain happily married despite their disturbing past.

5 Bully Ray and Velvet Sky

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Velvet Sky was in a relationship with Chris Sabin before she decided to leave him for Bully Ray. Chris Sabin doesn't seem too beat up about Velvet and Bully Ray's relationship. Sky mocked him on Twitter for looking to get verified and Sabin's only response to her was basically saying there's no reason to talk like that and she should just leave him alone.

As for Bully and Velvet's careers nowadays, Sky officially retired from her in-ring career earlier this summer. She spent nearly ten years competing in TNA and on the independent scene. At 46 years of age, the window of Bully Ray's athletic prime has closed and his in-ring days are almost over. Ring of Honor does appear to be building up a retirement angle that will send Bubba into retirement.

4 Vince and Linda McMahon

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Here's a fun fact not many people know about Vince and Linda McMahon's marriage: Linda was only 17 years old when they got married. Vince was only 20. They were married in 1965 and had been friends as teenagers.

It has been a rather unique 50 years of marriage for the couple. There has been speculation of Vince's infidelity over the years though if it impacted their marriage at all the couple hid this fact well.

Linda is currently the Administer of Small Business Administration in Washington. While having a WWE Hall of Famer as a President most likely help her obtain this position, she might even receive a more important spot in 2020 if the Rock is elected President.... It's okay to dream folks.

Throughout their marriage, we've witnessed so much twistedness particularly on Vince's end, it isn't hard to figure why this marriage can be regarded as gross. Just check out the Attitude Era for more disturbing examples.

3 New Jack and Jennifer Young 

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When New Jack and Terri were together, at least it could be said that they suited each other to some degree. While anyone following the relationship knew it would end poorly, it at least made sense given both of their personalities.

Nowadays, however, New Jack is married and posting some disturbing photos. New Jack announced on Twitter earlier this summer that he and his new wife were on their honeymoon. The post even included a "Not So PG" pic of New Jack and his wife in a bubble bath. New Jack involved in anything wholesome/normal seems very off-putting to anyone who followed his career.

As for his relationship with Terri, it predictably ended up in front of a judge. Terri had to take New Jack to court to prevent him from spreading nude photos of her. Now that's the New Jack we all know!

2 Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne

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The inclusion of this couple in this article should not be taken as a shot at Madison Rayne. No matter who Josh Mathews is with, they'll end up being a wrestling couple that gross us out.

If you remember, Josh Mathews was the kid on the first season of Tough Enough who won over fans by trying so hard and wanting it so much. Somewhere through the years, Josh has managed to undo most of the good sentiment fans had once held in regards to him.

Whether this was by design or accident, Mathews managed to rub many fans the wrong way last year when he referred to himself as the best play-by-play guy in the wrestling industry. How Mathews came to believe such a thing is not currently known. The couple married in 2015.

1 Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes

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Rob Van Dam's marriage of 18 years ended last year. He had been married to a woman by the name of Sonia since 1998.

It doesn't take anyone long to figure out what may have ended RVD's previous marriage. He is flanked on the independent scene by his new girlfriend these days, wrestler Katie Forbes.

Forbes began her wrestling career in 2015 and by 2016 she and RVD were believed to have started dating. Both RVD and Forbes wrestled frequently in California, or occasionally in far off places when the bookings are right. Since losing the PCW Heavyweight Title to John Hennigan in June, RVD has toured Australia and Scotland to wrestle. Perhaps someday soon, Sabu and RVD will reunite their old tag team with Forbes and the Super Genie as their respective managers.

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