15 Bizarre WWE Rumors You Won’t Believe Are Currently Being Discussed Backstage

These rumors will all make you shake your head or give a double take to truly process!

The rumor mill surrounding the future of WWE continues to get more bizarre. It is unpredictable to figure out the direction of WWE right now with so many plans in motion heading towards WrestleMania 34. There are the rumors everyone already knows about such as Roman Reigns challenging Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania. However, there are some more peculiar ones floating around the WWE roster right now. These rumors are ones that we can’t be as sure of happening, but they are worth talking about.

Raw, SmackDown and NXT are each represented as different brands meaning there will be plenty of opportunities for wrestlers going forward. That means the writing teams are throwing ideas at the wall hoping everyone on the roster will have something relevant going on. We'll look at various rumors and all forms of speculation right now regarding the more surprising stories in wrestling.

These rumors all will make you shake your head or give a double take to truly process as potentially going down. Time will tell if the wrestlers involved will have to do these things since plans change all the time backstage. These are fifteen current bizarre WWE rumors going around backstage that you won’t believe.

15 John Cena Missing WrestleMania To Play Doctor Manhattan


John Cena’s schedule is up in the air regarding a potentially huge role. The HBO television series about the DC Comics series Watchmen is expected to begin filming at some point in early 2018. Cena is rumored to be one of the strongest candidates to get the role playing Doctor Manhattan. This is an important role on the show and he would likely need a lot of time on set.

Cena is in a place where finding the next big role in acting is more important than anything wrestling related. The role of Cena at WrestleMania likely wouldn’t see him challenge for a World Title or face a legend. It is less important than ever for him to be on the biggest show of the year. If he gets the spot on Watchmen and they start filming before April, Cena will be off WrestleMania by choice for the first time in a long time.

14 Woken Matt Joining 205 Live


Matt Hardy is finally using the character that made him the hottest thing in wrestling during his run in Impact Wrestling. The “Woken” version of Matt is on television feuding with Bray Wyatt and a surprising announcement was recently made. Hardy and Wyatt were both added to the roster for the upcoming 205 Live house shows in January of 2018.

The ticket sales were struggling due a lack of interest in 205 Live. Hardy and Wyatt each provide name value that will bring people into the venues. There is fan speculation that Woken Matt will become a character on 205 Live to expand his persona in a non-wrestling role along with the matches on Raw and PPV. One flaw for 205 Live is that it feels separate from the real stars of the roster. This rumor coming true may change that.

13 Vince McMahon Trying The XFL Again


The sports and entertainment world has come together this past week to laugh at the latest idea of Vince McMahon. A recent report showed that McMahon is launching a side company called Alpha Entertainment and he will be funding projects outside of WWE. The major one involved is a football league shades of the failed XFL.

McMahon put a lot of money into the XFL back in 2001 but it would become one of the biggest sports failures of all time. The NFL struggling in countless aspects has convinced McMahon to file a trademark for the term United Football League. There is no realistic outcome where Vince finally gets his goal of running a successful football league that overtakes the NFL. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are likely rolling their eyes knowing they’ll have to deal with this.

12 Kid Rock Entering The WWE Hall of Fame


The recent list of rumored Hall of Fame names is out, and most are actually respectable. Goldberg, the Dudley Boyz and Ivory are on the list to join the 2018 Hall of Fame. All of them are worthy of the accolade and it was only a matter of time. The celebrity name this time however makes less sense as Kid Rock is expected to get inducted.

Kid Rock has done a few theme songs for WWE PPVs and performed at a WrestleMania. The issue is he had zero special moments and most fans likely forgot he even took part in his limited work with the company. There are bigger names that have done more when it comes to the celebrity side of things. Kid Rock is going to get booed out of the venue if the rumor is true.

11 Rich Swann Unofficially Fired


The status of Rich Swann in WWE is up in the air after his recent arrest. Swann was charged with domestic assault and false imprisonment when refusing to let his wife out of the car. Fellow wrestler Su Yung is married to Swann and the victim here as he reportedly violently pushed her into his car and locked her in when she wanted out.

WWE suspended Swann swiftly after the story removing him from the Cruiserweight Championship story. Swann and Yung are rumored to be back together, but a reunion with WWE is unlikely. The Twitter page of Swann has seen him remove any mention from WWE. There’s a rumor that he was quietly let go and the announcement will come at a future time when the story is less controversial.

10 Michelle McCool Returning to WWE


Michelle McCool retired from the wrestling business over six years ago to start a family with The Undertaker. The career of McCool ascended during her time with Undertaker as she would become the top star in the SmackDown Women’s Division. We have only seen McCool in the crowd during Undertaker’s matches since her retirement but that may change soon.

The recent social media has seen McCool express interest in facing with Charlotte Flair for one more match. McCool also claimed she has been waiting on someone to challenge her to come back to the ring meaning she badly wants to wrestle again. The upcoming women’s Royal Rumble match and the need for a surprise or two could see her come back here. McCool has a great relationship with WWE and the return is more than likely at this point.

9 James Ellsworth's Release May Be Fake


The news of James Ellsworth’s firing a month ago was a bummer given the nature of the story. Ellsworth achieved his dream after a few unlikely breaks going in his favor and became a full-time character on SmackDown. The pairing with Carmella added to her act and helped her turn into a top heel as the first woman to win the Money in the Bank briefcase.

There is a theory that WWE firing Ellsworth is all a work to set up a future story. Ellsworth making a shocking return to distract Charlotte Flair could be the perfect way for Carmella to get the upper hand and cash in to become the SmackDown Women’s Champion. It seems like a stretch to believe this rumor, but stranger things have happened in WWE.

8 Bayley Heel Turn Coming Soon


Bayley has endured a difficult 2017 after achieving the dream of retaining the Raw Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 33. The title would switch hands when Bayley dropped it to Alexa Bliss. Bayley spent the rest of the year struggling to find a consistent role. Fans turned on her for a few months and now she’s working as a secondary character in the Raw women’s division.

Bayley has teased her desire to turn heel in various podcast interviews. The recent appearance on Edge and Christian’s podcast saw her state she wants to play every role in WWE with heel being one of them. Bayley is likely pushing for this backstage since the face character is growing stale. It would be shocking to see her with such a drastically different character.

7 Neville Wants To Work on SmackDown


WWE and Neville are still at odds regarding his future with the company. Neville recently requested his release due to frustrations of being stuck with the 205 Live brand. While Neville is a great Cruiserweight, the lack of opportunities made it a miserable situation. Neville worked hard to get to WWE for the bigger pay check and spotlight

The Cruiserweights are essentially independent wrestlers with less freedom and happiness. Neville reportedly was close to returning when discussing a move to SmackDown in a new role away from the Cruiserweight Division. The opportunity to align with friends Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn playing similar roles as his character is great. WWE stopped the talks, but Neville being open to a return on SmackDown is certainly news.

6 Dolph Ziggler Getting Pushed in 2018


Dolph Ziggler defeating Baron Corbin and Bobby Roode to win the United States Championship at Clash of Champions shocked the WWE Universe. The reaction was confusion more than happiness or anger when the finish took place. No one expected Ziggler to get the win given how irrelevant he has become. Roode also seemed like the perfect fit to win the United States Championship heading into WrestleMania.

The title change with Roode getting the belt is still expected to happen at some point in the next few months. Ziggler may be getting a legitimate push at some point in 2018 if the speculation is true. The belief is that WWE wants to push Ziggler as an upper level star since he is rumored to be unhappy and wants out. There is nothing more bizarre than imagining Ziggler as a top guy in the current WWE landscape.

5 Jason Jordan Becoming Next "Chosen One" of The Authority


Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are still eluded to as the evil authority figures on Raw. Stephanie is the Commissioner and Triple H is a part-time wrestler on the show. However, they have no had a wrestler set up as their chosen one since Seth Rollins. The push of Rollins being the guy Triple H and Stephanie believed in helped him become a huge star.

Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe each received the stamp of approval of Triple H but had no strong ties to him as characters. Jason Jordan is currently playing the role of Kurt Angle’s entitled son. The obvious heel turn is going to see him turn on his father. Jordan is rumored to become a major heel on Raw and aligning with Triple H and Stephanie would make a lot of sense.

4 A.J. Styles' Next Challenger Is... Mojo Rawley?


A.J. Styles getting past Jinder Mahal raises a lot of questions regarding his next few challengers. Kevin Owens has faced Styles too many times in 2017 for them to feud again. Sami Zayn doesn’t get booked as a credible top guy. Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura are in face roles. There have been rumors about A.J.’s next heel challenger being Mojo Rawley.

WWE has always believed in Rawley as one of the top prospects in NXT. The recent heel turn on Zack Ryder was done to give him more of a showcase as a singles heel rather than continuing the failing face character. An impressive promo on his social media page had people talking about how impressive he could be in this role. Rawley getting to challenge Styles would give A.J. a new task of making him look good in the ring.

3 Mixed Match Challenge The Most Important Project in 2018


WWE made a surprise announcement last week when revealing there will be a new show in 2018. Mixed Match Challenge will see teams of one man and woman competing against each other in tournament style. Both talent rosters from Raw and SmackDown will be involved in this project and it will air on Facebook Live rather than WWE Network or a television network.

This is WWE’s biggest priority in 2018 to get another source of revenue from Facebook. WWE Network and the television ratings stay relatively the same in terms of the audience number. There are some dips, but nothing drastically changes it. Mixed Match Challenge provides a new platform that could make huge money if it is a success on Facebook. All the talent involved on the show has been uploading videos about the show to gain interest at WWE’s request to market the hell out of it.

2 Triple H Says He's A Bigger Star in India Than Jinder Mahal


This isn’t a rumor as much as it is a story that recently happened. Triple H was asked in a recent interview about a controversial match result. Jinder Mahal finally wrestled in India a few weeks ago after many months of being pushed as the WWE Champion appealing to the fans of India. Instead of getting the valiant win in front of his fans, Mahal lost to Triple H in shocking fashion.

Triple H revealed the answer as to why WWE went with this decision. The words of Triple H claimed that he was a bigger star in India due to the years of WWE television. Triple H claimed he had a larger fan base there and the right business move was to send them home happy with him getting the win.

1 Daniel Bryan Return Match Against... Shane McMahon


The future of Daniel Bryan is still up in the air as WWE doctors have not cleared him. Bryan has been talking to other doctors that all claim he is no risk comparative to the other wrestlers. WWE’s doctors think his head is prone to concussions more than the average performer and they will not allow him to compete as of now. There are rumors of WWE thinking about changing their stance.

Bryan has been undergoing various treatments and states he will wrestle elsewhere when his contract ends in late 2018 if WWE doesn’t clear him. WWE has started teasing tension between Bryan and Shane McMahon. There is a theory that WWE would have Bryan wrestle his first match in years at SummerSlam if they clear him. Bryan’s first match being against Shane would be a bizarre choice given the deep roster of dream matches available.

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15 Bizarre WWE Rumors You Won’t Believe Are Currently Being Discussed Backstage