15 Candid Photos Of AJ Lee Post-WWE

During her short stint with WWE, AJ Lee became one of the most popular WWE Divas of her time, was awarded with three WWE Divas Championship reigns, and is still the second longest reigning Divas Champ

During her short stint with WWE, AJ Lee became one of the most popular WWE Divas of her time, was awarded with three WWE Divas Championship reigns, and is still the second longest reigning Divas Champion of all time.

AJ stood for something much more than she was ever aware of as the outcast of the Divas division. She proved that if you have a dream, regardless of how small you are or how different you are, you can make it if you want it enough.

AJ main evented somany episodes of Raw along with the likes of Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, and CM Punk and it seems she was never fully credited for her pivotal role in these storylines.

AJ took off a lot of time from WWE following her feud with Paige in 2014 but returned to be a part of the Tag Team match against The Bella Twins at WrestleMania 31. While AJ was away she married former WWE Superstar CM Punk and after her win on The Grandest Stage of Them All, she decided to retire from the company for good.

AJ has since become an spokesperson for Paws Chicago by selling merchandise and donating any money raised back to the company to raise awareness for many endangered dogs. She has also began writing her highly anticipated autobiography entitled 'Crazy is My Superpower' which will be released in March next year.

15 80's Chick


AJ is a self confessed nerd. She is a lover of video games and she enjoys anything that is strange and different. In the above photo, she is shown channelling her inner Kelly Kapowski from the '80s TV Show Saved By The Bell, which AJ is obviously a huge fan of. She often used her love of comic books and anything Marvel or DC related during her wrestling career and often allowed them to influence her attire.

AJ is shown in front of a locker here with shoes inside that look like they were last used in the 1980s. As ever, the former Divas Champion is pictured wearing her famous short shorts but this time she isn't showing off her abs for once and has gone for a much more simple look with a long shirt that almost covers her Daisy Dukes.

14 Hockey Game


AJ Lee and CM Punk are big fans of hockey. In fact they were both spotted together at a hockey game when their relationship was first made public. AJ Lee and CM Punk were part of an on-going feud in WWE for a while, where Punk actually claimed that he could never marry AJ.

AJ was in a relationship with Dolph Ziggler in storyline before her relationship with CM Punk began on WWE television. The former WWE Champion left WWE in 2014 and AJ then took time away from the company to marry him later in the year. According to CM Punk, he was actually fired from WWE on his wedding day, which was a fantastic gift from the company. AJ followed his lead when she then left the company in April 2015.

13 AJ Outing


AJ Lee was a huge fan favourite during her time with WWE and it was hard for the WWE Universe to accept that AJ had left the company, especially because it was so sudden and because it was actually in the middle of a storyline.

Fan pictures of AJ still surface online as fans see her at airports or out in the street buying coffee as seen in the above picture. Even though AJ is no longer working for WWE, and unlike her husband she hasn't switched over to MMA, she is still a very famous woman and  manages to become the focus of attention that is sometimes unwanted and unwarranted. CM Punk talked about this in his famous Pipe Bomb promo in 2011, but as seen above, it still happens.

12 Animal Lover


AJ Lee has always talked about her love of animals and even owns her own dog named Larry. Since her departure from WWE, she has supported many causes and even had merchandise made by Beautiful Disaster and donated the profits to Paws Chicago.

AJ's Animal Avengers line of clothing is still available online and it shows that AJ has a lot of passion for animals and for her own dog. The above picture shows AJ wearing the clothing from her range of merchandise while holding one of the cute dogs that she is helping to support. Obviously the dog liked her much more than she anticipated. AJ participated in many photo shoots for her new line of clothing and was able to meet and save the lives of many animals thanks to the project.

11 Do You Even Lift?


There is no doubting the fact that AJ is an incredibly athletic person. She is one of the most toned and shaped Divas in WWE history and is often pictured at the gym with her husband, but it is great to see that she has continued to keep in great shape since she left the company.

It doesn't come as a shock that AJ has continued to attend gym classes and remained in peak physical condition. Her husband has signed to fight in the UFC and is obviously going to be training on a daily basis. AJ is likely motivated and determined enough to be able to go to the gym with him and could probably manage to keep up. The above picture shows AJ taking some time to hit the weights and keep her strength up earlier this year.

10 AJ Lee and CM Punk


They are perhaps the hottest, and still the most relevant, couple to be part of WWE, but AJ Lee and CM Punk have also been very outspoken about wanting their privacy. There are not many photos of the couple that have actually been taken with their knowledge because they are very private people.

So much so that CM Punk went on a rant on Twitter when one of the images of his wedding to the former Divas Champion was leaked last year. The current UFC fighter was livid when it seemed his privacy had been breached after he advised all guests to keep all pictures taken at the ceremony private and not to leak any online. There are many pictures of the stars from their earlier dates when they were engaged, but the couple have become low key after leaving WWE.

9 Couple's Workout


As already stated above, CM Punk and AJ Lee have always been a private couple, but much more so since both stars left WWE. CM Punk did, however, note how much he loves to run in his 'Best in the World' documentary that was released in 2011.

As the picture above shows, he and AJ Lee still enjoy going out jogging together, but they are never far from a fan with a camera phone. CM Punk's expression in the picture shows that he is aware that someone is taking the photo but AJ is not. Sadly the internet and the screaming fans are a side effect of fame and right now AJ Lee and CM Punk are still considered to be a hot commodity.

8 Food Junkie


AJ will always be a woman that many women are jealous of. She managed to live the dream her way and never changed to match the product, instead forcing the product to change to match her. She was a little girl with a dream who managed to walk away with her head held high after not only living her dream, but completely excelling.

Another reason many women will envy her is the fact that she looks absolutely incredible despite the fact that she eats a lot of junk food. AJ often tweets pictures of the cakes or drinks that she is having whenever she decides to have them, but she never seems to gain any weight or look any different. AJ continues to be flawless no matter what she does which makes many girls and women rather envious of her.

7 AJ Meets Heidi


AJ has met many different dogs as part of her Animals Avengers mission and has helped to re-home many dogs that maybe wouldn't have found a home if she hadn't decided to put a spotlight on the fantastic work that these dogs homes do.

AJ made it her mission to ensure AJ's Animal Avengers was something that many more people knew about and it seems that it has worked. As part of her work for Paws Chicago and Beautiful Disaster, AJ was able to meet Heidi who is pictured above. She looks like a lovely dog who is desperately in need of a new home and thanks to AJ's work and the work of the charity, they endeavoured to find this for her.

6 Cute Couple


It was once quoted that if a woman can be herself around the man she loves, then maybe he really is the one. There is no doubting that April can be herself around Phil Brooks and the duo have often been pictured pulling funny faces and being silly around each other in public.

CM Punk was once asked in an interview who his favourite superhero was and he replied that his wife was. 'She's a little ass kicker' was his cute response. Something AJ then pulled up on Twitter and talked about how much she loved him. Despite what WWE wants the Universe to believe about the pair and what is actually true, they look like a happy couple something that is rarely seen in the celebrity world.

5 Pet Adoption


Since this is the only good picture of AJ with Larry that can actually be found online, then it had to be brought to the public attention. Larry is AJ and CM Punk's beautiful dog, one that lives with them in Chicago and one that gave AJ the motivation to help many other animals as well as her own.

AJ was so desperate to ensure that the T-shirts sold and that money was made for the charity that she sent autographs to each and every person that sent her an image of them wearing the shirt. She was, and still is, a driving force behind the charity and the adoption scheme and the main reason for this is the love she has for Larry. She wanted every other dog to be given the same opportunities to have the home that she has created for him.

4 AJ The Puppet


Back in September of 2015, AJ Brooks was once again included in the pilot video for Madden 16, this time instead of being shown in a figure hugging outfit, she was turned into a puppet. AJ was known as Triple Agent and was even included in the cast credits for this video.

AJ signed a partnership with Madden 16 and was included in more than one video. The former Diva has had animations and even figures and Funko Pops made of her, but she had never been portrayed as a puppet before this. But she does make quite a good if not slightly odd as a puppet and as shown from the image above, she actually voiced herself as well.

3 AJ Lee and Kaitlyn


It was one of the most effective partnerships in WWE of the current generation. When AJ Lee and Kaitlyn first met down in NXT, their connection was instant and the duo have been friends ever since.

In WWE land though, the storyline called for AJ to turn on her long time friend and then go after the Divas Championship, which Kaitlyn was holding at the time. The feud saw some of the best promos and in-ring work in Divas history and the duo also had the longest women's match in almost a decade at Payback 2013 when AJ defeated Kaitlyn to win her first ever Championship.

Kaitlyn left the company not long after to begin her own company and dyed her hair back to brown, but it's nice to see that the duo managed to remain friends.

2 Freaks and Geeks Reunited


When Paige made her main roster debut by defeating AJ Lee and ending her Divas Championship reign at a record breaking 295 days, many thought that the duo would go on to have a rivalry much like the one between Trish Stratus and Lita more than ten years earlier.

The title changed hands a few times between the two hard hitting women, most notably on Paige's birthday at SummerSlam in 2014. The duo then decided to team up when AJ returned to the company in 2015 and became known as Freaks and Geeks. This friendship has continued after AJ's departure as shown from the photo above that was only shared a few months ago.

1 Madden


AJ has been rather quiet since her WWE departure. She still updates her Twitter page, but for someone who is used to being on TV in front of millions every week, it must be hard for the young woman to adapt. Given that her husband is away training for UFC much of the time and AJ is working hard on her autobiography, it must be hard for her to fit a new hobby into her schedule.

AJ has, however, managed to score herself a cameo appearance in Madden's video promo for 'Madden: The Movie.' The promo is a teaser for the video game that was released back in 2015 that was entitled Madden NFL 2015. In the video, AJ plays the kidnapped girlfriend of Dave Franco who incidentally turns on him when he comes to her rescue. The cameo is the first big filming appearance AJ has made since her WWE departure.

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15 Candid Photos Of AJ Lee Post-WWE