15 Candid Wrestler Pics That Make Us LOL Over And Over Again

Wrestling can often be portrayed in a very serious light on television – we have seen matches that include death-defying maneuvers performed or stipulations which threaten the lives of those involved. Wrestlers are also portrayed as some of the toughest and manliest people on the planet. Whether we are dealing with un-dead wrestlers, deranged lunatics or unbelievably-sized monsters, professional wrestlers are not people to mess with outside of the ring. However, every now and then we get a rare glimpse into what these wrestlers look like when they are not in the ring, and it can completely shatter our perceptions of what we thought they were like. Sometimes a wrestler is simply caught off guard and it makes for a humorous snap, but other times, they're just showing off another side of their personalty they wouldn't otherwise react to.

Often, we can see them in mundane situations, or in completely ridiculous “blast-from-the-past” outfits that make you think for a second “Yeah, they’re not so bad!” because you can’t stop laughing! Take a look at the pictures below, and enjoy the view of wrestlers being caught in some candid situations that you will never be able to un-see. And you probably wouldn't want to!

15 Holla If You Love Fannypacks

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For those that have never been introduced, the man in this photo is Scott Steiner circa 1980s. While the Scott Steiner of today is usually clad in chain-mail headdresses and has muscles in places that the rest of us don’t even have body parts, Scott was once a mullet-headed, fanny-pack wearing wrestler like many wrestlers we loved in the 80s. Fanny-packs were certainly part of the wrestler “uniform” during this time period – I don’t think there is a more convenient garment for a travelling performer. Is there anywhere else that you can have quick access to baby-oil or an extra pair of weens? No, this is the best option, and it certainly looks good on short that are way too small for anyone. I can’t wait for Scott to be featured in the next Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show with these clothing choices.

14 Anybody Want An Airline Peanut?

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As a wrestling fan in my youth, I was fortunate enough to see some of the final matches of Andre the Giant’s career in WWE, and was genuinely afraid of the man that was on my screen. Andre’s stature was enough to make me tremble because he looked like he could crush me with one hand if he wanted to. However, I think that even at my young age if I were to walk onto a plane and see Andre in this position, strapped up in two chairs and ready to take a nap during a long flight to Asia, I would not have been able to stifle my laughter. Imagine being the flight attendant trying to serve this flight? I’ve had my elbow bumped by carts many times while sitting in an aisle seat on flights, but I would fear for anyone who might tap Andre during his nap. If he were to wake up too quickly, the plane might tip!

13 Big Daddy Shredder

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Think back to the 1990s and all the wonderful pop-culture phenomenon that we got to enjoy throughout that period – here in Canada we got to enjoy Pokémon cards, POGs and professional wrestling as children, and of course the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! I am a self-professed Donatello fan, as his work with his trademark staff as well as his brains made him a good super hero to me, but I also understand the appeal of the funny Michelangelo. What makes my love for the Ninja Turtles even better is knowing that in their second movie released in 1992, they defeated the “Super Shredder” who was played by none other than Big Daddy Cool, Kevin Nash himself!

Looking fantastic here in Shredder-purple, Nash is clearly rocking his Shredder costume. I think that we have a clear missed opportunity in his career for him to have wrestled as Shredder – imagine him coming to the ring with a metal helmet on ready to kick ass? As long as he didn’t tear any quadriceps muscles, it would have been a great gimmick.

12 Believe in the Pizza

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Even former WWE Champions have to eat, which is exactly what Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins were thinking when they stopped to eat some slices of pizza while still dressed in their Shield attire. However, always the opportunist, this little Batman fan took it upon himself to sneak in during their meal and get a quick picture with them. My favorite part about this picture is not Rollins’ face of joy, but rather Dean’s absolute disdain for the situation – all he wants to do is eat his slice of cheese pizza (which he has not even taken a bite out of yet!) but instead has to pose for a picture. I wonder where Reigns was at this moment (or did the kid just not want a picture with him and photo-shopped him out)?

11 Fun in the Wagon

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There is just too much hilarity going on in this picture, that it almost sounds like a set-up to a bad joke – What do you get when a Sheamus, a Hornswoggle and a Torres are in a wagon? I wish I fully understood the context of this photo, but sadly I do not. From the looks of it, it appears that the group of wrestlers are in a hospital about to deliver Sheamus “Smash Buddies” to children in a hospital, and if that is the case, then the picture makes me happier than I initially thought. While the public has always been quick to pounce on WWE for its violence and other negative aspects, there is not enough credit given for all the work that the roster does in regards to charity. Being able to use their stardom to bring joy to the world is truly one of the best parts of WWE. That, and being able to pull ‘Swoggle around in a wagon are the best perks of the job.

10 Piledriver!

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The only thing missing is a bunch of fanny-packs. There are fewer photos that are more late-1980s than Billy Graham, Vince McMahon and Hulk Hogan wearing acid-wash jeans on a construction site. While we know this is the filming from WWE’s music album Piledriver (which needs a review article of its own to discuss the performance by McMahon singing Stand Back ), the epicness cannot be understated. Clearly being tired after a hard-days-work of filming, all of these muscle-bound wrestlers (and Vince) decided to kick back and relax, not knowing that 30 years later we would all review this photo and clutch our ribs from laughing. The only remaining question I have about the photo is – what type of sandwich is Hogan eating, and is it full of the vitamins he told me to take every day? I hope so, brother!

9 Just a Couple of Guys Up to No Good

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There are very few words to describe how unsettling this photo is. Taken in 1991 before the scheduled Undertaker vs Ultimate Warrior casket match, Vince McMahon tries out the comfort level of the casket with William “Paul Bearer” Moody at his side. While Vince is known for never letting anyone do something that he wouldn’t do himself (as evidenced by him trying Shawn Michaels' WrestleMania XII entrance before him), this is a step in the weird direction.Was Vince just trying to make sure that the casket was comfortable for whoever had to lay inside? Well, he sure looks comfortable.... oddly too comfortable. Thankfully this article is in time for Halloween, because this one not only makes me laugh, but creeps me out!

8 The Best in the…Line for Autographs

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It is always interesting to see “Before they were Stars” type of pictures of some of your favorite wrestlers, particularly when they are slightly embarrassing for them. However, this one is especially entertaining given the history between both CM Punk (with a very 90s Eminem hair-dye job) and Steve Austin. These two have always been compared due to their similar anti-establishment type of personas, it is a true shame that they were not a part of the same era of wrestling (but for a little sneak at what a program would have been like between these two, see here for a segment between then in 2011. Given the status of both of their wrestling careers, it is extremely unlikely that we will ever see these two in the ring together, but we will always have a younger CM Punk asking “Mr.Austin” for a photo of them together (as well as whoever the long-haired guy in the back is).

7 Here Comes the Restroom Pain

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Brock Lesnar’s pedigree (no, not that kind) speaks for itself – he is a former NCAA wrestling champion, UFC Heavyweight Champion and multi-time WWE Champion who trains like a beast, and looks like he eats entire cows for dinner. However, at long last, we have the secret to Lesnar’s musculature – he does pectoral pulls in public restrooms (spoiler alert, we may see another wrestler in a public restroom further on down this list). While this picture is fascinating in its own right, I put myself in the shoes of the WWE production assistant on their second week of the job that has been assigned to knock on the door to let Lesnar know they need him in the gorilla position. “Mr Lesnar, are you finished in here?” Be careful, young production assistant, Lesnar once F5’d a shark.

6 Hulk…You’re Next (thankfully not)

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WrestleMania (and other wrestling spectacle shows from various promotions) is known for showcasing various matches featuring celebrities – whether they are appearances that are highly anticipated, such as Floyd “Money” Mayweather’s appearance versus The Big Show, or ones that we never asked for, such as Jay Leno’s appearance in WCW. In the category of matches that no one was ever interested in seeing, I present to you – Goldberg versus bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno. Taken during a fan expo where both were appearing, this candid photo was taken by a fan, and led to speculation of a proposed match between the two.

Looking at Mr.Ferrigno’s resume, I do not see a single iota of wrestling experience. While I’m sure commitment would have been there, the only way that this match would be watchable to me is if Ferrigno did the match dressed as The Hulk - purple pants and all. Beyond that, I would not be willing to watch.

5 Shine Your Shoes, Boss?

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The Big Show’s wrestling resume is one that spans well over three decades, complete with a World Championship in each decade of his wrestling career, which only few other wrestlers can claim. Show has been involved in feuds with those considered the best in the business, and has widely been considered one of the best “big man” wrestlers in history. But Show's also been known as having a great sense of humor, so he clearly had no problem bringing himself down a peg for this shot.

Featured in this picture is one of his lesser-known talents – the best damn shoe-shiner in the business. As you can see from Charles “Lil’ Naitch” Robinson’s smile, Show is doing a great job and will surely earn his $2 tip. Congratulations Show, keep moving on up! Weeeeeeeeeell, it’s The Big Shoe!

4 He Has Been Besmirched!

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As you can see from my article regarding The 20 Most Paused Moments in Wrestling History, the most talked about moments in wrestling often fall into categories of violence, sex and humor. This above moment between “Sir” William Regal and Bobby Lashley may have all three incorporated in them. Poor William Regal has been the butt (no pun intended) of many jokes in his wrestling career, and this may be one of the more unsung moments. We all remember the moment he had to kiss Mr. McMahon's backside, but what about when his backside was the one on display?

While I am sure Lashley was about to hit a devastating maneuver on Regal to kick him out of the ring, this exact photo captured by a photographer brings a permanent smile to our faces.

3 The Lord of Dark Showers

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Let’s rewind to the production assistant that had to retrieve Brock Lesnar from his workout in the restroom – now that he has recovered from stopping Lensar’s hardcore arm workout, he has received his next task. He must enter the Ministry of Darkness’ private restroom, and ask The Undertaker himself to come to the ring. Fortunately for him, Taker is apparently the type that showers with his entire gothic costume on, which must have made the conversation much less awkward. You would think that a star of The Undertaker’s magnitude (especially when he was a member of the Corporate Ministry) would have enough stroke to have a nicer shower. I don’t know about you, but I can see some grime on those tiles on the corner. Looks like Mideon and Viscera are on scrubbing duty!

2 Word Life, Sale in Aisle 3

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I am a frequent Walmart shopper (can’t beat low prices on some of the Great Value items!), and frequent my local store at least once a week for various groceries. However, the one thing I have never been able to pick up there is a 250+ pound wrestler with over 15 World Championship runs, or his spectacularly gorgeous fiancée (usually here we just have a good sale on crackers). I’m not sure if this is before or after a show, or if this is just what the couple does on their days off, but it is comical to see “Big Match John” hanging out at Walmart, hanging around like he isn’t a mega-star that is recognized wherever he goes. Even the patron in front of him seems to recognize him, or is flabbergasted at the prices of the Kinder Surprise eggs in front of her. Hustle, Loyalty and Bargain Shopping!

1 Shout it Out Loud, Demons!

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Chronicled in many of the “Death of WCW” articles (like this one from The Sportster), WCW made some decisions that caused the company to hemorrhage money during its final years. As a big wresting fan, I am always pleased to see a reminder of some of these blunders, and photos like this of the KISS Demon put a smile on my face. Does KISS have a place on a weekly wrestling show? Was it a smart business decision to feature a KISS concert instead of wrestling contests? The answer to these questions is no. Should we see more people in wrestling who think they are cats like Peter Criss? The answer is always yes.

We hope these 15 pictures gave you a laugh and can bring a smile on your face whenever you need it.

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