15 "Caption This" Photos Of Your Favorite WWE Superstars

Oh, the internet. Such a dark and devious place. Where sickos from around the world share their demented views on politics, religion, and an abundance of social matters. Is anybody listening? Not really. Folks enjoy a good argument. Sometimes, a freak-troll will disagree to simply disagree. They get off on this screen-based banter. It's a fetish.

The same applies for wrestling fans. You are some of the best web-psychos around and today we're looking for that no-holds-barred commentary. That dark humor and warped imagination. Allow the lunacy to flow as you help us along with our "Caption This" article. Be the Freak You Are.

Below you will find fifteen pictures of current WWE Superstars (as well as a peppering of legends) caught in strange poses and looking wildly weird. What we need from you are the best captions you can come with with for these selected photos. Make us laugh. Make us cringe. Make us regret this all together.


19 Backstage Cowboys


The entire Invasion storyline was a disaster at best. Instead of an all-out war taking place on Raw and SmackDown, we were "treated" to a watered-down version of WCW with a strange ECW chaser. Of course, through the horror emerged a new sense of humor.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin was known as a beer-drinking, middle-finger-flipping, boss-beating, S.O.B. during the Attitude Era. However, at its tale end, Austin would develop a new cowardly and comical persona while siding with The Alliance.

The one piece of gold to come out of the Invasion storyline? A newfound "friendship" between Steve Austin and Kurt Angle. Above you can see "The Rattlesnake" and "The Olympic Hero" playing cowboys backstage.

18 One Dollar Bet


At the end of John Cena's career the debate over his greatest rival will come down to three names: Edge, Randy Orton, and CM Punk. All of whom Cena would build a personal relationship with backstage in WWE.

While Punk has been known to be less-than-friendly in the locker room, the Chicago native would actually form a bond with the kid from Massachusetts. And in the process, a goofball rivalry outside of the ring.

In this picture you will find Cena paying off a one dollar bet to Punk after the Chicago Blackhawks defeated the Boston Bruins in the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals. What's a quick buck between two millionaires anyway?

17 All Muscle


Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are the power couple of WWE. The fourteen-time World Champion and only daughter of Vince McMahon are set to someday unleash their own vision onto this so-called "Universe."

In spite of differing opinions, fans remain interested in the lives of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Glued to the dirt sheets like flies caught in spider webs. Devoted lovers. Proud parents. Business partners. Triple H and Stephanie are the WWE's model couple.

In this picture, you will see Triple H and Stephanie posing for a Muscle and Fitness photoshoot. Apparently "the couple that lifts together stays together." Goof for them, right? Puke!

16 Old Man Kiss


Ric Flair has been stealing kissing for over thirty years. The greatest World Champion in professional wrestling would help pave the way for the likes of Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and even John Cena. Flair is a truly trailblazer.

Of course, Flair is fast approaching the age of seventy and while fans continue to enjoy his presence on WWE programming, "The Nature Boy" is no longer that charismatic blonde trash-talker he was way back when. Flair has entered Grandpa Mode.

Which makes the above picture all the more disturbing. Flair stealing a kiss from Becky Lynch; who is nearly forty years his junior. What makes this entire scene more weird is the fact that Lynch is the real life best friend of Flair's daughter Charlotte.

15 Hold Him Back


Brock Lesnar has been living a comfortable life as Universal Champion. Rarely seen on Monday Night Raw, Lesnar takes Vince McMahon for top dollar while performing sporadically throughout the calendar year.

Along with the so-called threat of Samoa Joe came the obligatory in-ring brawl. You know that brawl. The one which requires members of the locker room separating the two combatants. Hasn't Lesnar been there before with The undertaker?

In this picture you will see a number of WWE Superstars holding back "The Beast" as he attempts to make his way towards Joe. Of course, you can only contain a wild man for so long. Eventually, his animal-nature will will take over.

14 An Eyebrow and a Smirk


Mark Calaway has lived The Undertaker gimmick to its fullest extent. Rarely breaking kayfabe and always prepared to put the company on his back and do whatever necessary to help the boys in the back succeed.

Dwayne Johnson would take The Rock gimmick as far as he possibly could before deserting the character like your grandparent's broken-down, Volkswagen, hippie fan. The Rock is an obsolete concept to Dwayne Johnson.

However, in this picture we see Johnson and Calaway posing together with an eyebrow and a smirk. The Undertaker - deserving of the WWE Championship over her shoulder - cracks what we can almost call an out-of-character smile.








9 Pre-Match Backstage


It has become abundantly clear that Eve Marie was hired for looks over wrestling ability. While Marie would take small steps towards improvement, the fire simply did not burn as bright as her hair. Nowadays, Marie's future with WWE remains uncertain.

As it pertains to Natalya and Nikki Bella we have two very different scenarios: 1) Natalya is the Hart who never lived up to the family name. 2) Nikki Bella found herself in the arms of the right man and now enjoys the perks.

Above you will find all three of these women backstage prior to a match with Marie serving as referee. In the end, you're likely to have a better match between Natalya and Bella. As for Marie; eye candy once again (look at that referee shirt).

8 Slimed


Remember when Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose were at odds during The Authority phase? Rollins would capture the Money in the Bank briefcase before his old buddy Ambrose would steal the confined contract.

And, as always in these situations (this angle has been played numerous times over the years in WWE), Rollins was forced to hunt down Ambrose in order in order to secure that the precious case was back with its owner.

But that Ambrose has a Nickelodeon trick up his sleeve. In this picture you will see the aftermath of Rollins opening the case. Worried that Ambrose had removed the actual championship contract, Rollins found himself with a face full of green slime.

7 Divas Kiss


The Divas Championship. Perhaps the worst title ever presented by WWE. The monstrosity that was meant to be something beautiful. However, pretty colors and a butterfly do not equate credibility in the wrestling world.

While the title itself set Women's Wrestling back even further (thankfully some sense of legitimacy has been restored in recent years), at least one woman made a valiant effort at making the Divas Championship matter. That woman? AJ Lee.

But in true WWE-fashion, Lee would lose her tug-o-war with the company over the female voice. In fact, as you can see here, they would even subject lee to kissing brie Bella during her ill-fated feud with Nikki.

6 New Alliance


Alexa Bliss was the surprise of 2016. And in the new year, continues to improves (forget all about that "This is Your Life" debacle). In a short period, Bliss has become the first Superstar to hold both the Raw and SmackDown Women's Championship.

Mickie James is the wily veteran who found herself back in WWE and on Bliss' side; for a while anyway. While this alliance was short-lived, it managed to present Bliss in a brighter light. One where she can standout beside a Superstar of James' caliber.

In this picture, you will see Bliss and James backstage cemented their new alliance. James had just returned to WWE television while aiding Bliss in victory during a Women's Championship defense against Becky Lynch.

5 Black Eye


WrestleMania has always been a hit-or-miss event. Some have been good. Few have been great. Most are all right. And then there was WrestleMania IX. The Great Nevada Disaster. WWE's twisted version of some ancient fantasy.

Earlier in the evening, Hulk Hogan - teaming with Brutus Beefcake and known as The Mega-Maniacs - would actually lose by disqualification to the team of Ted DiBiase and and Irwin R. Schyster (Money Inc.) in a bout for the Tag Team Championship.

Of course, Hogan would return to the scene at night's end following the WWE Championship main event match between Bret Hart and Yokozuna to claim the title as his own once again. This photo shows you Hogan first-hand at the event.

4 Wounded


Oh, sweet Bayley. The innocent WWE Superstar simply couldn't get extreme during her feud with Alexa Bliss. As a result, Bayley would find herself on the receiving end of a vicious attack. One which left her wounded and weary.

With kendo stick in hand, Bliss would unleash her fury on Bayley. No hugs. No smiles. No love. Just violence. The self-described 'Goddess of WWE" would show no sympathy for her opponent as a ruthless euphoria would overtake Bliss in her beat down.

Here you will see Bayley backstage - staring into the mirror and possibly contemplating her nauseating "love everybody" attitude - with a battered back and broken spirit. Oh, sweet Bayley. You are not hardcore.

3 Back From Battle


The Women's Movement you can currently see traveling the world began deep down in Florida. While at NXT, The Four Horsewomen (Charlotte Flair, Bayley, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks) would make a statement WWE simply could not ignore.

Something strange was happening in The Sunshine State. At Full Sail University, a group of women were wrestling and wrestling well. Stealing the show on many nights and winning over the hearts of the community.

In the picture above, you will see Banks' post-war face following a hard-fought match out in front of the NXT faithful. This is the look of a woman who loves to wrestle. The Diva is dead. Long live the female Superstar.

2 All Fours


The current Women's Division in WWE is the best it has ever been. With a breakout star in Alexa Bliss, the lucha-like style of Sasha Banks, and the foreign fire-power of Becky Lynch, the ladies are at the top of their game.

Of course, the very best  - sitting atop her rightful throne - you have "The Queen," Charlotte Flair. Much like her legendary father, Charlotte has already made wrestling history. Championships. Main events. The Cell. Charlotte is star.

In this photo you will find Charlotte outside of the ring; angry and on all fours. When you're surname is Flair, a lot is expected. In defeat Charlotte is far from graceful as she tends to take a loss to heart.

1 Friends with Benefits


By now, the entire wrestling community has witnessed the three-way dance which took place between Paige, Brad Maddox, and Xavier Woods (yes, you did watch the video!). All told, such activities are not that big of a deal. Hell, filming the act is not that big of a deal.

What makes this shameful is the public viewing of personal material and the complete invasion of privacy. The Hacker is the true Hack in this scenario. One might argue that Paige should not have agreed to film herself in the act with two men, but so what?

Such are the ways are the young, depraved, Digital Generation. They long to look back on themselves with fantastic nostalgia when they are frail an old. As you can see above, Paige and Xavier Woods continued to have a friendship following the X-rated taping.


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