15 Cheating Wrestling Spouses Caught In The Most Embarrassing Ways

A life in the spotlight is a dangerous one. Especially in a generation where all information is readily available at the click of a button.

A life in the spotlight is a dangerous one. Especially in a generation where all information is readily available to the WWE Universe at the click of a button.

This is why when wrestlers decide to cheat, they are always found out and much of the time it is in some of the most embarrassing ways.

WWE Superstars are stuck on the road together for 300 days a year and unless they are transferred to another roster they are stuck with the person they cheated with and their spouse for an undetermined amount of time which only serves to make life much more awkward.

Some wrestlers decide to leave the company or are forced out as a result of their actions. While others, dependent on where you are on WWE's ladder, are given all of the backing of the company and helped through their troubled time before it is later swept underneath the rug and forgotten about.

Wrestlers are known to cheat and there are a lot of cheating scandals in wrestling history that have been found out over the past few decades. Some of them were found out in the most hilarious of ways, and here are some of the best and most embarrassing.

15 Victoria


Victoria is a former WWE Women's Champion and one of the women who came through the ranks in WWE in the same era as Trish Stratus and Lita. Victoria was married throughout her time in WWE after marrying Lee Varon in 1994 but like many wrestlers in WWE at the time, Victoria was unable to remain loyal to her husband.

It was revealed that John Cena had cheated on his wife with many women throughout a two-year period on the road with WWE and his poor wife had to read about it online. Victoria's husband is assumed to have found out about her adultery the same way. The couple managed to get past this though and remained married until 2015 when they decided to call it quits. Victoria then left their joint restaurant to move back to California.

14 Kurt Angle


Kurt Angle was said to have cheated with a number of different women during his time in WWE up until his departure in 2006. Kurt was married to Karen Angle at the time and it seems that The Olympic Gold Medalist diverted to the likes of Dawn Marie and Jacqueline many times before he left the company to join TNA.

It seems that Karen, like most of the WWE Universe, read about Angle's flings with these women and heard from his fellow WWE stars and decided to extract revenge in the perfect way, by cheating on Kurt with Jeff Jarrett. The affair was then turned into a storyline in TNA between the trio and it seems Kurt learned the hard way that Karen was not a woman to be messed with.

13 CM Punk


CM Punk is one of the biggest players in wrestling history. Not only has he cheated on Lita in recent years with his current wife AJ Lee but when he was wrestling on the Independent Circuit, Punk was dating two women at once. The women in question wrestled for different promotions which is why it went undetected for so long until one of the women was finally moved over to the same promotion.

Punk tried everything to stop her moving and was then forced to break up with both women when it was obvious that they were going to find out about each other. How long would this have gone on if the second woman wasn't brought to the same promotion? The women involved did find out, as the rest of the WWE Universe did not long after as well. This pretty much labelled Punk as the Playboy that he was throughout his career. It's a shock that AJ was able to tame him.

12 Alberto Del Rio


Alberto Del Rio returned to WWE back in October 2015 and began a "Friends with Benefits" relationship with former Women's Champion Charlotte. A few months later it was revealed that Del Rio had cheated on Charlotte and announced that he was publicly dating Paige now instead.

If this wasn't bad enough, it turns out that Del Rio was still married to his wife Angie at the time and the fact that he was posting updates about his new girlfriend was enough for her to file for a divorce. Del Rio didn't give his wife a second thought as he began planning a future with the inaugural NXT Women's Champion. She was forced to read that her husband was in America cheating on her with the rest of the world.

11 Melina


Melina has a lengthy history with former stablemate John Morrison. The duo dated on and off for many years before it was revealed that Melina and Batista had a fling while the couple were  "on a break." It seems that Morrison found out along with the rest of the WWE Universe when the affair was made public knowledge and that's not even the worst part.

Melina didn't just decide to have a fling with Batista, it was so that she could further herself in WWE. After the fling she was pushed in the Women's Division and even made Women's Champion. Morrison managed to forgive Melina in the end and the couple is said to still have an on and off relationship to this day, with Melina making various appearances along Morrison in Lucha Underground.

10 Lita


Lita has quite the reputation in WWE thanks to the love triangle that she was involved in over a decade ago. Lita and Matt Hardy had a perfect relationship on WWE TV but when Hardy became injured and was taken off the road, Lita found solace in the arms of a married Edge.

Matt then had to find out about the affair from other members of the WWE roster and to make matters worse, the entire affair and all of its details were made public knowledge which made it much harder for Matt to deal with the situation. Matt was fired from WWE for his reaction to the scandal before WWE realized that they could make money out of the situation and rehired him before turning the scandal into a storyline.

9 Triple H


It seems that even the people at the top of the WWE ladder are not completely innocent when it comes to cheating scandals. Both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were part of the scandal that saw Chyna released from the company when she found out that her boyfriend had been cheating on her with the boss' daughter.

Chyna was said to have been furious when she found out and Stephanie then used all of the power she had at the time to have Chyna fired so that she wouldn't have to face her. Triple H and Stephanie have gone on to marry and have three daughters together. But that still doesn't mean that what Triple H did was right or excuse his actions when he could have just broken up with Chyna before he started cheating with Stephanie.

8 The British Bulldog


Sunny made quite the reputation for herself when she was in WWE. And that has continued long after her departure. But she decided to create even more controversy back in 2012 when she spoke openly in an interview about an affair that she had with The British Bulldog.

Bulldog was married the entire time he was in WWE and was still married when Sunny decided to release the details five years ago for the first time, stating that it was something that both parties were trying to keep a secret. Obviously, Bulldog hasn't told his wife about it and she was forced to listen to all of the sordid details of her husband's affair from decades before as part of an interview, which can't have been good for either Sunny or Davey.

7 John Cena


John Cena is the face of WWE at the moment and back in 2009 he decided to marry Elizabeth Huberdeau. But this was when their downfall began. John began dating the likes of Maria, Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix, Mickie James, and Victoria while the company was on the road and it seems that Mickie James was his biggest mistake.

Mickie was in a relationship with Kenny Dykstra at the time, and when he found out about the affair he decided to write about it on Twitter, which is where John's wife found out about his adultery as well. Sadly John filed for divorce first and it seems that when Elizabeth tried to use his adultery against him, WWE stepped in to ensure everything in the divorce went quickly and smoothly.

6 Bret Hart


The Best There Is, The Best There Was, and The Best There Ever Will Be, wasn't very good at keeping his extra-marital activities a secret when he was part of WWE. It seems that as part of his deeply personal feud with Shawn Michaels, The Showstopper decided to add in some of his own promo lines and accuse Bret of having "Sunny Days."

Bret's wife had to hear this from Michael's mouth as well and she was less than impressed about it, even though there has been no proof to support Michael's comments. Michaels and Sunny were having an affair at the time and Michaels' jealousy got the better of him at this point when he actually believed that Sunny and Bret were together in a romantic way.

5 Vince McMahon


The Chairman of WWE was never going to behave any better than his employees and back in 2005 it was discovered that Vince McMahon himself was also involved in a scandal of his own. 2004 Diva Search winner Christy Hemme was said to have been having an affair with Vince behind his wife Linda's back and Stephanie actually walked in on her father and Christy.

Stephanie then gave her father an ultimatum and Christy was forced out of WWE and into TNA for her part in the affair. This isn't the only affair McMahon has had over the past few decades and it certainly won't be the last. Apparently, Linda and Vince have a "don't ask, don't tell" pact when it comes to anyone else who is part of their relationship.

4 Mickie James


Mickie James' story was already briefly mentioned along with John Cena earlier in this article, but it seems that John wasn't the only one cheating when Mickie and the former World Champion first got together.

Mickie was engaged to fellow WWE star Kenny Dykstra who at the time was in WWE's mid-card. He found out about the affair from members of the WWE Universe and then wrote about his disdain on Twitter, rather than talking to his fiance. Kenny was later released from WWE after John Cena pulled some strings before Mickie was moved over to SmackDown when Cena grew bored of her as well. Kenny still blames John Cena for the breakdown in his relationship and for costing him his job all those years ago, which is why the duo was never seen on WWE TV together when they both appeared on SmackDown Live earlier this year.

3 Chris Jericho


Chris Jericho has been married to Jessica Lockhart since 2000. Which means that almost his entire WWE career, Jericho has had a wife. Jericho has never been a star who has been involved a lot of scandals like John Cena, but it still seems as though Jericho managed to slip back in 2009 when pictures surfaced online of Y2J and former Divas Champion Kelly Kelly kissing at a party.

It is reported that his wife saw the photos and this is how she found out about the fling. Jericho and Jessica are still together so it doesn't seem to have affected the duo very much when it comes to their marriage, but Jericho must have had a few rough weeks after his wife found out that he had been playing away.

2 Batista


Batista and his first wife Angie were said to have had a strange kind of relationship. Batista was known to have cheated on his wife many times with a number of different female wrestlers and ring rats before Batista's autobiography was released and his wife was then forced to read about his affair with Melina for the first time.

Angie was battling cancer at the time and after the news decided to grant Batista the divorce that he wanted. It was decided that she couldn't be with someone who would do something like that to her. Batista has since gone on to remarry and become a huge star in his own right outside of WWE after being part of Guardians of the Galaxy and James Bond's latest outing in Spectre.

1 Seth Rollins


Seth Rollins is one of the biggest stars in WWE right now, but he was brought back down to earth with a bang back in 2015 when his social media accounts were hacked and personal pictures of NXT star Zahra Schreiber were leaked onto his Twitter page.

His fiance at the time, Leighla Schultz came across the pictures and decided to share some of her own, which were personal ones of Seth Rollins. It was then revealed that Zahra and Seth had been cheating and that is how Rollins had the images of Zahra. But it seems as though it was too late for Leighla and Seth to save their relationship. Rollins went on to date Zahra for a few months, but it wasn't the same when they weren't sneaking around, since they called it quits in February 2016.

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15 Cheating Wrestling Spouses Caught In The Most Embarrassing Ways