15 Chilling Confessions About Wrestlers That Passed Away

Back in the 90s and early 2000s, the pro wrestling industry had a heavy connection to premature deaths. It was becoming something of an epidemic as far too many wrestlers were passing away before their time. A big factor was drug use, something the WWE did not remedy during the 90s and into the 2000s. Something needed to be done and following Sports Illustrated’s massive drug bust report against the WWE, the company wisely implemented a no tolerance Wellness Policy. Since the company issued the policy, deaths have significantly reduced, so you’ve got to give the WWE some credit for that.

However, the wrestling world lost far too many in the past. In this article, we take a look at some chilling confessions pertaining to wrestlers that passed, that are likely tales the WWE doesn’t want us to know about. The facts in this article take a look at the details of wrestler deaths and various other chilling tales. Without a doubt, Vince would not acknowledge such a controversial article.

Be sure to share this chilling piece with a friend. Without further ado, here are 15 chilling confessions about wrestlers that passed away. We begin with some disturbing details pertaining to the death of the late Andrew Test Martin.

16 Test – Had Passed Away For Quite Some Time Before His Body Was Found

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A tragic passing the WWE rarely talks about consists of the late Andrew “Test” Martin. His death came out of nowhere as the WWE alum passed away at the tender age of 33. At that point, his WWE days were done with as he was working the indie scene along with making appearances for TNA Wrestling. The harsh reality is that when you leave the WWE, the company rarely acknowledges you afterwards, it seems as though that’s been the case with Test.

The details of his passing were rather chilling as Martin was actually spotted by a neighbour. The former WWE Superstar was said to be laying unconscious for hours in his condo, finally police showed up and it was determined that Test had actually passed the day before. The cause of death was ruled an accidental overdose.

15 Eddie Guerrero – A Lot Of His Peers Knew He Wasn’t Well

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His death might have been shocking to us the fans, but behind the scenes, Eddie wasn’t doing very well and what the WWE doesn’t tell us is that a lot of his peers were aware of his personal struggles behind the curtain.

During the final stages of his life, Eddie was basically a robot training nearly every day, along with competing flawlessly in the ring. The only problem was behind the curtain, he was hurting real bad and it caused his behavior to turn erratic, blowing up on several of his peers backstage, even getting into it with Kurt Angle.

Eddie ended up tragically passing away in November of 2005. Eddie died of a heart failure. A couple of years later, SI issued a steroid investigation against the WWE with Eddie’s name being among the active users back in 2005, the year of his tragic passing.

14 Chris Benoit – Called Chavo During The Despicable Act

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In one of the most chilling WWE related stories ever, Chris Benoit took the lives of both his wife and son, along with taking his own life. The entire situation is truly chilling.

It was revealed that between murders, Benoit spoke to his fellow colleagues. Chris spoke to Chavo telling his former buddy that Nancy had been sick and that he overslept causing him to miss the live event. During a second phone call, Benoit ended the conversation by telling Chavo he loved him, Guerrero was concerned at that point knowing something was wrong just based off the tone of his voice.

Benoit’s final text messages would be sent to both Chavo and Scott Armstrong. In the text, Benoit told the two that his dog was closed in the pool area. That was the last anyone would hear of Benoit.

13 Roddy Piper – Predicted His Own Passing

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Sadly, during an interview with HBO Sports, Piper admitted to facing the facts - in that he wasn’t going to make the age of 65 due to his reckless past during his younger days in where he infused his body with drugs along with alcohol as well. Even during the WWE reality show Legends House, there were various signs of erratic behavior from Piper proving he really wasn’t all that well.

He tragically passed away at the age of 61 as the pro wrestling business lost one of the greatest villains off all-time. Roddy died in his sleep back in his Hollywood residence. The cause of death was reported as hypertension, leading to a heart attack. The WWE acknowledged his passing with an emotional tribute. Roddy’s ashes were released back in his Oregon home.

12 Nicole Bass – Harassed Behind The Scenes

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In some cases, we have details about a story the WWE doesn’t want us to know about pertaining to a wrestler that passed away. Not all the stories in this article pertain to the facts about someone’s death details.

In this instance, Bass saw her WWE career get cut short due to some controversial allegations she made about the behind the scenes in the company at the time. Nicole sued the WWE for an alleged sexual harassment lawsuit. The former WWE star made the claim that Steve Lombardi (aka Brooklyn Brawler) was the one behind the predatory acts. The case was eventually dismissed and following the claims, Bass was basically blacklisted by the company.

The WWE did not acknowledge her recent passing as she died of a stroke earlier this year.

11 Randy Savage – Knew Something Was Wrong The Morning Of His Passing

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The world of pro wrestling wept on May, 20th, 2011, as sadly, the beloved Macho Man Randy Savage passed away of a sudden heart attack. At the age of 58, Savage was enjoying the retired life alongside his high school sweetheart Barbara Payne, the two had recently married in 2010. Randy spent his final days with his wife and taking care of his mother, frequently taking her to doctor visits.

A little know fact about Randy’s passing was that he felt ill early on in the day when waking up. Despite his feeling of illness, Macho Man still decided to drive, despite his wife wanting to take the wheel due to his state. Savage would end up crashing his Jeep Wrangler into a tree leading to his death. Minor counts of pain killers and alcohol were found in his system during the autopsy.

10 Owen Hart – The Blue Blazer Gimmick Was A Punishment

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Due to ongoing lawsuits with Owen’s mistress, talk of Owen Hart in general is limited on WWE television as his wife owns the rights to Owen related content. Sadly, the WWE is still battling in an attempt to showcase his brilliance on their network. We sincerely hope that one day he’ll rightfully take his place into the WWE’s Hall Of Fame.

There are a couple of things the WWE wants to keep on the down low pertaining to Owen’s passing. One of them, is the fact that his gimmick of the Blue Blazer was given out as a punishment. According to the rumor, Owen wasn’t comfortable with a storyline involving himself and Debra - his good friend Jeff Jarrett’s partner at the time getting romantically linked. Plus, Hart was also a big time family man.

Refusing to work the angle, he was slapped with the Blue Blazer gimmick. Oh what could have been had he refused such a character or, if the WWE didn’t come up with such a silly gimmick in the first place.

9 Umaga – Turned Down Help Just Before His Passing

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In this case, the WWE did the right thing in trying to save Umaga’s life, the only problem, he wasn’t willing to listen and departed from the company instead. The late former WWE Superstar failed a Wellness Policy Exam and instead of entering a rehab program due to the fact that it was the second time he failed, the Samoan instead opted out of his contract leaving the company in June of 2009.

A month later after his release, Umaga was already working the indies wasting little time and not getting his personal vices sorted out. Sadly, in December of the same year of his release, Fatu passed away. The late WWE Superstar suffered multiple heart attacks. The cause of his passing was revealed as an overdose.

8 Rosey – Had Reoccurring Health Problems Before His Passing

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With a family of three, Rosey left the wrestling business way back in 2009, looking for a stable job away from the wrestling industry. Following his WWE release, Rosey briefly worked the indie scene till he left for good. Rosey eventually moved back to Pensacola working for his father’s business along with his wife and children.

A little known fact about the late WWE Superstar is that he dealt with health issues for quite some time before his recent passing. Back in 2014, Rosey was rushed to hospital due to a heart failure, he had already been diagnosed with heart problems years prior as well. Sadly, his heart stopped beating on April 17th, 2017. His weight issues were correlated to the heart attack.

7 Jimmy Snuka – Had His Murder Case Dismissed Due To Dementia

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Of course, the WWE did not discuss Snuka’s ongoing court battles during his final days. The court had reopened a trial that alleged Jimmy of murdering his ex-wife. After various court appearances, the case was ultimately closed due to Snuka’s inability to partake in such trials. Shortly after, the WWE legend was given six months to live due to a terminal illness. He passed away shortly after the announcement at the age of 73 in January of this year.

Another little known fact is that Snuka was suing the WWE during his final days. His wife represented the case blaming the company for the brain damage he sustained during his run with the WWE. Despite the lawsuit, the WWE still put up a touching tribute to his career, something they rarely do when involved in lawsuits with wrestlers. Due his legacy with the company, Jimmy was an exception.

6 Chyna – Was Emotionally Unstable During Her Final Days

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Her own manager was very concerned for her well being during Chyna’s final days. Her behavior grew more erratic than normal, and then, her social media posts just stopped, leading her loved ones to believing something was very wrong. Shortly after, Chyna's body found in her home. She passed away due to an accidental overdose.

Those close to Chyna were well aware that she wasn't doing very well for quite some time. Sadly, she was planning on a recovery documentary just before her death. However, depression was a constant in her life and turning to prescription medication did not ease the pain one bit. Mixing in alcohol didn’t help either, as during the autopsy, numerous drugs were found in her system along with counts of alcohol as well.


4 Ultimate Warrior – Looked Unwell During His Final WWE Appearance

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It was like Warrior knew he didn’t have much time left, especially if you replay his chilling Raw promo which aired live the day before his sudden passing. Warrior dropped such quotes during his final speech like “every man’s heart one day beats its final beat”. The chilling promo ended with Warrior stating that his spirit will "run forever", eerily, it’s like he knew his time was coming to an end.

Warrior looked out of breathe throughout his WWE return, which could of aided in stressing his heart rate. He officially passed away the day after Raw while walking to his car. Warrior collapsed suffering from a heart attack. The legend was 54 at the time of his death. The WWE continues to honor his legacy with the Warrior Award.

3 Chris Benoit – Told The WWE He Would Attend Vengeance PPV

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Adding more details to the disturbing story, Benoit had actually contacted the WWE following the murder of his wife. Chris let WWE officials know he wouldn’t be attending the Live Event due to his wife being unwell, and having to go to the hospital with her. Benoit told the company that he would make the Houston event however, taking on CM Punk at the Vengeance Night Of Champions PPV.

Ultimately, he didn’t make the show as the company issued a statement that he was unable to attend due to a family emergency. John Morrison would take his place in the ECW Championship bout. Of course, we all know what happens next. Benoit had passed away with the WWE hosting a tribute show. When the details started to emerge, the show was not re-aired by the company and completely scrapped of its archives.

2 Chyna – Requested Help From The WWE Several Times

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Following her WWE departure in 2001, it’s believed by many that Chyna’s life was never the same, hitting a huge depression. Chyna was sent home by the company after she found out about an affair involving Triple H and Stephanie. Vince told Chyna to cool off at home while she waited for a new contract. Instead of a contract, she ended up getting release papers as the company sent the late Superstar packing, in large part, to protect both the Vince’s daughter and Triple H.

After years and years of bashing the WWE, Chyna’s erratic behavior would turn into seeking help from the company. Chyna herself admitted to leaving numerous messages at the WWE HQ, even showing up at one point. However, her requests weren’t met by the company who had basically blacklisted the former Women’s Champion. Of course, the WWE doesn’t want us to know this.

1 Owen Hart – Leaving The WWE For Firefighting Career

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In the wrestling business since the early 80s, Owen was planning for life outside of the pro wrestling world. As a happily married man and with a two children, Hart knew wrestling wasn’t going to be a permanent fixture in his life. For that reason, Hart was getting himself ready for a career as a firefighter once he called it a career in the pro wrestling business.

Sadly, he didn’t make his retirement passing away at the tender age of 34. His final WWE involvement took place at the Over The Edge PPV which took place in 1999. Under his Blue Blazer gimmick, Hart was scheduled to take on Goldust for the Intercontinental Championship. In one of the most tragic WWE incidents ever, Owen’s entrance harness gave out as he fell to his death.

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