15 Common Household Objects More Charismatic Than Roman Reigns

Vince McMahon’s illegitimate son Roman Reigns has been universally beloved by the WWE audience since he won the Royal Rumble match to a symphony of cheers in warm-hearted Philadelphia, PA. Since that star-making moment, Roman has been steadily becoming one of the most talented performers the company has ever seen, using his trademark combination of smirking and punching to level foes night-in and night-out. It’s perhaps unsurprising that a man with the ability to cock his fist, transforming it into a powerful weapon of unspeakable doom, would succeed in the highly aggressive world of professional wrestling, but Roman Reigns’ meteoric rise to the top has been one of the quickest ascensions in the history of the sport, rivaling that of equally beloved wrestling superstars such as some racist old guy from Florida who wears cutoff shirts and WrestleMania headliner Lawrence Taylor.

Despite all of the adoration Roman has received in his quest to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion once again, there is still a small segment of the fanbase that isn’t as enamored with The Big Dog. Maybe his eyes are too piercingly grey? Or his smile is too sensually seductive? Or maybe they think having a devastating weapon for an arm is a bit of a cheat? Whatever the case may be, Roman is not immune to the harsh criticisms of the totally tubular people who write about pro wrestling on the internet, one of the more common of which being his utter lack of charisma, an argument that’s tough to refute if having really wet hair and snarling doesn’t count as charisma. With that in mind, enjoy a little scavenger hunt of sorts. On this list are 15 items you may find in your very home with more charisma than two-time WWE Champion Roman Reigns. How many do you own?

15 15. A Coffee Mug 

14 14. A Bath Towel 

13 13. Salt and Pepper Shakers  

12 12. A Plain White Undershirt 

11 11. A Box of Ziploc Bags 

10 10. Zack Ryder 


9 9. A Refrigerator 

8 8. A Lamp 

7 7. A Toolbox 

6 6. A Toothbrush 

5 5. A Sponge 

4 4. A Roll of Paper Towels 

3 3. A Ceiling Fan 

2 2. Napkins 

1 1. Toilet Paper 

Everyone’s reluctant best friend, toilet paper may not be glamorous, but it’s hard to imagine life without it. It’s essentially the opposite of Roman Reigns in every way: it’s kinda gross, but it’s absolutely vital to the well-being of society as whole. Without toilet paper, the whole world would be a considerably smellier and nastier place to live. Without Roman Reigns, the world would be fairly unchanged, albeit a bit less angry. And while toilet paper does the undesirable job of cleaning up the most disgusting of messes, some would argue Roman Reigns constitutes those messes.

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15 Common Household Objects More Charismatic Than Roman Reigns