15 Couples That Wrestling Brought Together... And Then Ripped Apart

WWE's hit show Total Divas has managed to shine a light on all the couples who are in wrestling right now since many of the WWE Universe have now become very interested in the personal lives of many of their favourite superstars. While there are a number of couples in WWE right now, perhaps more than there have ever been before, there are also a number of couples who have been together over the past few years and have since broken up and still remained on good terms.

There wasn't always a time in WWE where the company pushed couples to be together or a show like Total Divas that opened up the personal lives of their stars for the world to see. Wrestling has brought a number of couples together over the past few decades, but a number of these couples came together because of convenience because these superstars were stuck working together for a lengthy amount of time and they thought that it was a good idea to get into a relationship.

The following list looks at 15 couples that have come together because of professional wrestling but were later ripped apart by the company that they were once so passionate about.

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15 Liv Morgan and Enzo Amore

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Enzo Amore claimed to be a Certified G and a Bonafide Stud, but he was a bonafide idiot earlier this year when it was revealed that he had split with NXT superstar Liv Morgan. Enzo and Liv once worked together at Hooters and it was Enzo that helped Morgan to land a tryout in WWE and the couple has been dating ever since. That was up until a stripper from Buffalo shared her experience with Enzo a few months ago and rumours began to circulate as to whether or not Enzo had cheated on Liv. It seems that the current NXT star has quickly managed to move on with her personal life following the apparent betrayal and is currently linked to former United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate.

14 Torrie Wilson And Billy Kidman

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Torrie Wilson is widely considered to be one of the most attractive female wrestlers to ever set foot in a WWE ring, and even though Torrie failed to lift gold of any kind while she was in WWE, she is still remembered very fondly by the WWE Universe.

Torrie got her first real start in WCW while managing Billy Kidman, the man that would later become her husband. Torrie and Billy both made the switch to WWE in 2003 following their stints together in WCW, before marrying later that year. The romance didn't work following their marriage since the couple announced that they were divorcing in 2008. Torrie has since gone on to date Nick Mitchell from The Spirit Squad and Alex Rodriguez from The New York Yankees.

13 Triple H And Chyna

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Triple H and Chyna are a couple that is very familiar to fans of the WWE, for all the wrong reasons. Chyna was hired as a bodyguard for Triple H when she first came to WWE, and later became a member of DX while she was dating The Game.

The duo met through wrestling and worked together on a daily basis, but it would be wrestling that would rip them apart as Triple H was later put into a storyline with Stephanie McMahon. Much like when he was in a storyline with Chyna, Triple H had his head turned by the daughter of The WWE Chairman and the couple began an affair that would later cost Chyna her job. Luckily, the couple has remained together ever since and currently have three daughters together.

12 CM Punk And Maria Kanellis

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CM Punk had quite the reputation when it comes to his personal life during his time in WWE. Punk dated a number of female superstars, but one of the first women that was linked to Punk back in 2006 was Maria.

Maria worked as a backstage interviewer for a number of years and dated Punk before she left the company and joined both Impact Wrestling and then Ring of Honor. The couple looked cute together for a while until Maria revealed in an interview that Punk broke her heart and while she will always love him, she needs to move on. Maria has since gone on to marry fellow wrestler Mike Bennett whom she recently rejoined WWE with earlier this year, while Punk married former Divas Champion AJ Lee back in 2014.

11 Mickie James And Kenny Dykstra

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Mickie James is a former WWE Divas and Women's Champion who has recently made her return to WWE to help with the current Women's Revolution, but the reasons she left WWE in the first place was because of the problems she had caused following her affair with John Cena.

Mickie was engaged to Kenny Dykstra back in 2007, but just a year later it was reported that Cena and Mickie had an affair and when Dykstra reacted to the news, Cena had him released from the company. Mickie was then transferred over to SmackDown so that she couldn't cause Cena any more problems and was later quietly released. Mickie has since moved on to marry TNA star Magnus and the couple have a son together called Donovan Patrick who was born back in 2014.

10 CM Punk And Beth Phoenix

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CM Punk has already appeared on this list once, which shows just how much he got around the WWE locker room, Punk dated the likes of Kelly Kelly, Mickie James, Maria, Lita, AJ Lee and even Beth Phoenix during his time in WWE but his relationship with the former Women's Champion didn't end amicably.

CM Punk was part of an interview following his breakup with Phoenix where he talked about the fact that Beth never cared about him being her boyfriend, she just wanted a boyfriend and she didn't care who that was. When the couple did break up, it wasn't on the best of terms either. Luckily Beth has since moved on to find happiness with former WWE Champion Edge. The couple are currently the only WWE Hall of Fame couple and have two daughters together.

9 Victoria And John Cena

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John Cena and Victoria came together while they were both married, and it is thought that Cena's affair with Victoria was one of the reasons why he was figured out and later went on to divorce his wife. Victoria married Lee Varon back in 1994, but she turned to the former WWE champion for comfort when she was on the road with WWE.

John Cena has a lengthy history of dating a number of WWE Divas including Maria, Mickie James, AJ Lee, Kelly Kelly and Victoria. So it comes as no surprise that their fling didn't last very long. Cena has since moved on to date and become engaged to former WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella while Victoria and her husband went their separate ways back in 2015.

8 Melina And John Morrison

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John Morrison and Melina first met when they both took part in Tough Enough back in 2002, they later were both added to WWE TV as MNM alongside Joey Mercury back in 2005 and it was revealed that the duo was dating. Melina and Morrison had a number of ups and downs while working for WWE, including Melina's cheating scandal with Batista.

The couple managed to get past the scandal and continued to date until 2015 when it was announced that the couple had finally gone their separate ways after Melina shared a personal Tweet with the world. Morrison has since gone on to date Lucha Underground co-star Taya Valkyrie, the couple announced that they were engaged earlier this year, which Melina continues to focus on her Independent Wrestling career.

7 Alicia Fox And Wade Barrett

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Wade Barrett is a former Intercontinental Champion in WWE, and a former King of the Ring, while his former girlfriend Alicia Fox is a former WWE Divas Champion. The duo was seen as one of the cutest couples that WWE had managed to throw together until Alicia Fox revealed that the couple had gone their separate ways.

Wade had wanted to leave WWE for a number of months and told Alicia in an episode of Total Divas that he didn't see a future with her, which was why he thought that they should break up. Wade has since left WWE and is said to be concentrating on his career in acting but will return to wrestling in the future, while Alicia remains with the company and continues to be underused in the Raw Women's Division.

6 Seth Rollins And Zahra Schreiber

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Seth Rollins came to WWE as an engaged man, he was engaged to a waitress that he met when he was still in Ring of Honor and it seemed that Rollins and Leighla Shultz were quite happy, if their Social Media accounts was anything to go by.

That was until February 2015 when hackers shared private photos on Rollins' Twitter page and his fiancee responded by sharing private photos of him. The couple then went their separate ways when it was revealed that Rollins was cheating with the woman who's were shared all over his social media page NXT star Zahra Schreiber. The couple attempted to date for a while, but in February 2016 the couple announced that they had quietly split since Zahra had been released by WWE. Rollins has since moved on to a relationship with a woman outside of the wrestling business called Sarah.

5 Ashley And Matt Hardy

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Ashley won the 2005 Raw Diva Search and was thrown straight into the action on Monday Night Raw, where it was reported that Ashley began dating Matt Hardy. Matt hadn't had a lot of luck in the relationship department, but it seemed that he had finally found something good with Ashley.

That was until she was transferred over to SmackDown and used as a valet for Paul London and Brian Kendrick. Ashley began dating London and was forced to break up with Hardy. The former Tag Team Champion didn't take the break up well and had quite a public argument with London on Twitter. Matt Hardy has gone on to marry Reby Sky and the couple have two children together, so it worked out well for Matt in the end.

4 Dolph Ziggler And Dana Brooke

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Dolph Ziggler is well-known to have had a relationship with Nikki Bella before she started dating John Cena, but he makes this list following his relationship with former NXT superstar Dana Brooke. Dana and Dolph met back when Dana was in NXT and Dolph was sent to the developmental territory for a few matches.

The couple dated for a number of months before the WWE draft last summer saw Dana sent to Monday Night Raw and Dolph sent to SmackDown Live. The couple decided to call it quits a few months later since Dana was recently said to be dating fellow bodybuilder Dallas McCarver, who tragically passed away earlier this month. Dolph is said to have been concentrating on his wrestling career right now and hasn't been linked with any other women for a while.

3 Emma And Zack Ryder

Emma and Zack Ryder seemed like a picture perfect couple when they first met in NXT. Emma started her WWE career as part of the Full Sail based brand, while Ryder was sent back to developmental to partner Mojo Rawley and become The Hype Bros.

Emma and Zack dated for a number of months leading up to the WWE draft back in 2016 when Emma was drafted to Raw and Zack was drafted to SmackDown. Emma was out with a back injury at the time, but the couple was not able to deal with different schedules.  Even though the duo never officially announced that they had broken up, Zack began updating pictures of him with his new girlfriend Chelsea Green, which made it clear that he had moved on from Emma.

2 Paige And Brad Maddox

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Paige and Brad Maddox were both part of WWE and their NXT brand back in 2013, it was unknown that the couple were actually dating until earlier this year when Paige's private videos with Maddox were released publically. Maddox is best remembered for the role he played in the rise of The Shield and as General Manager of Monday Night Raw alongside Vickie Guerrero.

Brad and Paige dated for a while, until 2015 when Brad was released from WWE. Paige has since moved on to a relationship with Alberto Del Rio, but much like her relationship with Maddox, this relationship met an unfortunate end earlier this year. Maddox has disappeared off Social Media following the sex tape leaks earlier this year, and it is unknown what he has decided to do following his WWE release.

1 Lita And Matt Hardy

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One of the best-known couples that WWE ever created, also played its part in destroying it. Matt Hardy and Lita started dating while they were both part of Team Extreme along with Matt's brother Jeff Hardy, that was until Matt was injured and Lita was then aligned with Edge for a number of months.

Lita and Edge eventually couldn't work together without sleeping together and this later sparked the beginning of the end for Matt and Lita. This also led to one of the best-known love triangles in WWE history as WWE decided to bring in real life problems to create much more controversy. Matt Hardy has since moved on to marry Reby Sky, while Lita became a WWE Hall of Famer back in 2012.

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