15 Couples Who Met During Their Time In NXT

Over the past few years, NXT has brought in some of the best WWE Superstars on the main roster right now. It seems that a developmental brand that began in a warehouse performing shows in front of around ten people has managed to reach such an incredible level in a short space of time, under the leadership of Triple H.

The former World Champion has ensured that NXT has been more about wrestling ability and less about promos or even politics that keeps the main roster a few steps behind the Full Sail based brand.

Many of the Superstars who are signed to NXT are literally uprooted from their home when they sign a developmental contract and forced to move to Orlando where they don't know a lot of people, so many friendships and relationships have been formed between these newcomers.

The following is a list of couples who have been revealed as dating following a stint in NXT.

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15 Tyler Breeze And Ashley Miller

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Tyler Breeze was stuck down in NXT for a long time, and many of the WWE Universe believed that it was because WWE has some big plans for Prince Pretty when he was finally promoted. It seems that this wasn't the case and instead Breeze could probably benefit from making an NXT return.

While Breeze was down in NXT, it seems he picked up much more than new wrestling techniques since his wife Ashley Miller was an NXT star when he first signed with the company. Known as Audrey-Marie, Ashley and Tyler spent a few months together in NXT between 2012 and 2013 before she was released from the company in 2013, while Tyler began to rise. The couple remained solid despite no longer training together and married in September 2016.

14 Finn Balor And Cathy Kelley

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One of the most recent WWE couples to be unveiled is that of Finn Balor and WWE Social Media expert Cathy Kelley. Balor spent two and a half incredible years down in NXT before he was finally promoted to the main roster in the WWE draft last year.

Balor was then put on the shelf for seven months following a shoulder injury he suffered at SummerSlam. Finn made his return to WWE on the Raw After WrestleMania this year and Cathy recently announced that she has been touring with the NXT roster. Finn had made a few appearances on the NXT roster while he was preparing to return to WWE. So, it seems that the couple crossed paths whilst they were both in Florida and have since remained in close quarters.

13 Dolph Ziggler And Dana Brooke

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Dana Brooke started her career down in NXT and managed to climb the ranks and become one of the biggest female stars on the brand when she joined up with Emma. It was while Dana was down in NXT that she met Dolph Ziggler, who despite being a main roster star, has made various NXT appearances over the past few years.

Ziggler and Dana Brooke were going strong for almost a year and Dana was even brought up to the main roster but the WWE Draft sent Dolph to SmackDown and Dana to Raw and it seems that their relationship couldn't survive the long distance and they have recently been reported to have split. Ziggler remains single as he develops his new heel character whilst Dana is reported to be dating a WWE writer.

12 Bo Dallas And Sarah Backman

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Bo Dallas hasn't had a great run on the main roster. But a few years ago Dallas was NXT Champion and was thought of as a huge prospect. It seems WWE have just managed to drop the ball with Bo like they have with so many before him.

While Bo was down in NXT back in 2014, he met fellow NXT star Sarah Backman. Her ring name was revealed as Shara in 2013 before she negotiated with WWE and was then granted her release a few months later. Sarah is a former eight-time Arm Wrestling Champion and decided to pursue a career as a real estate broker instead. Despite leaving WWE Bo and Sarah remained close and married in June 2014, just over a month after Sarah decided to leave the company.

11 Aiden English And Shaul Guerrero

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Aiden English became known to the WWE Universe as part of The Vaudevillians, former NXT Tag Team Champions, before he was promoted to the main roster and WWE didn't give the group the push they deserved.

While Aiden was down in NXT, he didn't only meet his former tag team partner Simon Gotch, but he also met his future wife Shaul Guerrero. The daughter of Eddie and Vickie Guerrero performed in NXT under the ring name Raquel Diaz and after a brief stint asked for her WWE release. Guerrero later returned to the company but decided to leave again due to an on-going eating disorder, but it seems that she has remained close to Aiden English as the couple married back in January 2016, almost 18 months after she left NXT.

10 Big Cass And Carmella

Big Cass and Carmella are considered to be one of WWE's cutest couples at the moment, they met when they were put together as a team which also included Enzo Amore in NXT. It was decided that Carmella wouldn't be called up to the main roster with Cass, and instead remained in Florida.

Carmella was called up a few months later though as part of the WWE Draft but was put on the opposite roster to her long time boyfriend. But unlike many couples, Cass and Carmella have managed to remain strong and find time to see each other outside of WWE when they have spare time. The couple still live together as well, which obviously helps. Maybe in the next Superstar Shakeup, the couple will be given the chance to be together once again.

9 Brad Maddox and Paige

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Paige has recently married Alberto Del Rio, but while she was down in NXT as the first ever NXT Women's Champion, it seems that Paige was in a relationship that the WWE Universe has only just found out about.

Paige and Brad Maddox were together for a good few months around this time, as seen from the videos that were leaked of the duo earlier this year. Before Maddox was promoted to the main roster as Raw General Manager, he was a long time member of the FCW locker room up until 2012 when the entire place was rebranded as NXT. Paige was part of the FCW roster along with Maddox and made the switch over to NXT as well. Brad has since left the company and Paige is on a lengthy hiatus following neck surgery.

8 Rusev And Lana

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Rusev and Lana have been together since Rusev became The Bulgarian Brute down in NXT. Lana auditioned for the 2013 Diva Search and when she wasn't chosen as the winner, she was instead signed to a contract and made the manager of Rusev.

Since then the couple has been promoted to the main roster and have had a varied degree of success, with Lana making her in-ring debut back at WrestleMania 32. The couple announced their engagement part way through a WWE storyline which caused them a lot of heat backstage. But they later went on to become part of the cast of Total Divas and had two wedding ceremonies, one in Malibu for Lana and one in Rusev's native country of Bulgaria both of which were filmed as part of Total Divas.

7 Zack Ryder And Emma

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Zack Ryder floated around the main roster for a while before he was sent back down to NXT to team with Mojo Rawley and become The Hype Bros. It was while Zack was down in NXT that he met Emma. The couple then didn't announce the fact that they were dating for a while, but Instagram posts revealed that there was a relationship between them.

Emma was promoted the main roster, but the couple were split up as part of the WWE Draft. When they were both put on the shelf due to injuries, it seems that their relationship wasn't strong enough to handle it. Zack recently revealed that he had begun dating former Tough Enough contestant Chelsea Green while Emma is enjoying the single life after suffering another injury.

6 Fandango And Summer Rae

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Summer Rae became a star down in NXT, as did Johnny Curtis. And even though Summer wasn't put with the newly repackaged Fandango until he made his main roster debut and needed a dancer, the duo was already fairly familiar with each other since their interactions in NXT.

There were various episodes of Total Divas that showed that the couple had a flirtationship going on but it just seemingly couldn't work between them. The couple managed to work together well as an on-screen couple, but this couldn't be transferred into their personal lives. Despite not being seen on WWE TV for almost a year, it was recently reported that Summer Rae has now moved on and is now in a relationship with NBA star Shavlik Randolph while Fandango is still thought to be single.

5 Cesaro And Sara Del Rey

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Sara Del Rey has been one of the lead trainers down in the Performance Centre for a good few years now. And like many other main roster stars, Cesaro has made various appearances on the NXT brand over the past few years, to help the brand to expand further with the fans and to promote the beginning of the NXT Championship.

Cesaro and Sara met years before and even worked together on the Independent Scene. At some point between these appearances and visits to the Performance Center, a relationship was formed. So, while they may not have met in NXT, and there is not a whole lot known about heir relationship, we can chalk this one up as an NXT couple. Sara has been at the Performance Center since 2012 and was promoted to one of the head trainers following the release of Bill DeMott in 2015.  The couple are reportedly still together and are managing to juggle their busy careers quite well.

4 Wesley Blake And Sara Lee

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Wesley Blake was once part of the team of Blake and Murphy alongside Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy. He is also a former Tag Team Champion. Sara Lee was one of the winners of Tough Enough when it made its return to WWE in 2015. Sara signed a year-long developmental contract after her win, but was released from WWE last year.

Following her release, it was revealed that she had been dating Wesley Blake for the past few months and the couple were expecting their first child together. Lee gave birth to her daughter Piper on May 1, 2017. Blake has remained part of NXT and has recently made his return to TV in a feud with Drew McIntyre. The couple are said to still be together and reportedly living together with their daughter.

3 Buddy Murphy And Alexa Bliss

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Alexa Bliss started her career in NXT and found fame as part of a group with her boyfriend Buddy Muphy and Wesley Blake. Alexa was later drafted to the main roster as part of the WWE Draft back in the Summer of 2016 and was forced to leave Murphy behind in NXT.

Alexa is now the current Raw Women's Champion and a former two-time SmackDown Women's Champion, but Murphy hasn't been seen on NXT TV for a number of months. The couple announced their engagement earlier this year, and are still managing to find time to spend together and have fun shopping trips in between their hectic schedules and being split into two separate rosters. Hopefully, Murphy resurfaces soon and he follows his fiance to the main roster in the coming months.

2 Enzo Amore And Liv Morgan

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Enzo Amore is a former NXT Superstar who made an impact on the brand as part of a team with Big Cass. The duo became so popular that WWE decided to promote them to the main roster last year following WrestleMania.

Liv Morgan is still down in NXT, and is slowly climbing the ranks in the Women's Division after it was reported that Enzo helped her to gain a contract with WWE. The couple has been private about their relationship on social media and rarely share photos on their Instagram or Twitter pages. They are somehow managing to remain together despite both being on completely different rosters with completely different touring schedules, but they find the time to spend together. Absence apparently is supposed to make the heart grow stronger, right?

1 Tye Dillinger And Peyton Royce

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The newest couple to come to light in the world of WWE and it's obvious game of matchmaker, are Peyton Royce and former NXT star Tye Dillinger. The couple has shared various photos of each other on Social Media over the past few year, but it seems that it's only now that they have been revealed to be in a relationship.

The Perfect 10 only recently made his move up to the main roster following WrestleMania while Peyton remains down in NXT, taking over the Women's Division as part of The Iconic Duo along with Billie Kay. The couple has only recently been spotted as a duo by the WWE Universe and add to a long list of many other couples who have already found love as part of the Florida-based promotion over the past few years.

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