15 Craziest Rumored Wrestling Hookups

The world of wrestling was once a private one that was contained inside the walls of kayfabe but it seems that since the internet and dirt sheet sites have taken off, wrestling is much less private.

Stories have surfaced in recent years that concern many present day wrestlers and their exploits back in the day.

Wrestlers often do some strange things when they are amongst friends and for years the stories of these exploits are kept only between the people who are concerned, but with the recent podcast era coming through and there being more revealing interviews with wrestlers, it seems that they are now much more open to sharing their crazy stories.

There are so many stories of girlfriend swapping and celebs being involved that it was hard to narrow this list down to just fifteen, but here are the craziest rumours of backstage relationships, flings, and hookups that we could find.

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16 Jacqueline and Everyone

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According to various online outlets, the 2016 Hall of Famer had a lengthy spell in WWE for one main reason. It is said that the former Women's Champion had a very personal relationship with Vince McMahon.

She is also said to have been the person to go to for company or anything else that was needed on the road and was known to have had sexual relations with Jerry Lawler, Jim Cornette, and Kurt Angle. It is said that the former WWE star could have slept with most of the Memphis-based wrestling talents on WWE's roster and at one point was even linked with Kevin Sullivan after he and Nancy's relationship broke down. Sullivan's his wife was then linked to Chris Benoit (and we all know what happened there).

15 Charlotte and Alberto Del Rio


The daughter of 16-time World Champion Ric Flair hasn't favoured very well in the dating department for almost her entire life. The current WWE Women's Champion has already been married and divorced twice and it seems her taste in men hasn't improved since.

Charlotte's divorce from former TNA Superstar Bram wasn't finalized until October 2015 and when it was made official Charlotte began dating Alberto Del Rio after he made his WWE return around the same time. Their romance was kept private until Del Rio decided to go public with his relationship with Paige and Charlotte was then told that Del Rio had only wanted sexual favours from her. It also meant that Charlotte and Paige were forced to endure many televised moments of awkwardness.

14 Ric Flair and Halle Berry

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Ric Flair has recently taken some time away from WWE after he was written out of the storyline with his daughter Charlotte. Flair recently made headlines when he stated on a radio show that Halle Berry had 'rode Space Mountain.' This was explained as a euphemism for having sexual intercourse with the wrestling legend.

Ric explained that Halle had just left her husband of four year's David Justice at the time which means that this would have taken place around 1997. Halle Berry herself has actually alerted the media to deny all of the claims and to state that she has actually never even met or heard of Ric Flair. Oh, Ric and his stories. Whether or not they are factual, they are certainly entertaining.


12 Kelly Kelly and Chris Jericho

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Chris Jericho has been married for almost his entire wrestling career. He is happily married to a woman named Jessica Irvine and despite spending a lot of time on the road with WWE and touring with his band Fozzy, he still manages to find time for his family.

Kelly Kelly, on the other hand, had dated almost every wrestler to sign a contract with WWE in the time when she worked for the company and it seemed that she ran out of single men and actually had a fling with Jericho. Photos of the duo kissing surfaced on Social Media and the likes of Maria and Ashley even stated that 'certain people' should be careful who they are pictured with when they were asked about the photos and Kelly's role.

11 Randy Savage and Stephanie McMahon

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Stephanie McMahon has been the subject of many on-going WWE Urban Legends over the past few years. Mostly because she is one of the ever-present features on the brand, but this particular story seems like it could be much more than just a rumour.

Stephanie McMahon and Randy Savage were known to have been quite close when Steph was younger and apparently even hooked-up when Steph was younger than the legal age. Vince apparently found out about it and this all lead toRandy eventually leaving WWE. This is said to be the reason why it took so long for Macho Man to be put in the Hall of Fame. It seems it took Vince a long time to come to terms with what he did.

10 The Undertaker and Michelle McCool

via danabeshouse.sportsblog.com

Now, I know what you're thinking: Michelle and The Undertaker are now happily married and have a child, so it is quite obvious that their relationship wasn't a just a rumour, but it seems that the start of their relationship could have been hidden from the public.

The Undertaker was married to his second wife Sara Frank up until 2007 after they filed for divorce. But merely months later Michelle McCool and The DeadMan went public with their relationship which has lead to many people speculating that the couple may have been together long before Undertaker had actually split from his second wife. The fact that they came together so quickly following The Undertaker's failed marriage indicates truth to the rumor. But at least they turned out to be a happy couple.

9 Torrie Wilson and Vince McMahon

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Unless you have only just begun watching WWE and missed most of Torrie Wilson's run with the company, you will know that the Playboy Covergirl and Vince McMahon have a somewhat checkered history.

Vince himself has admitted to cheating on his wife Linda many times, and when Torrie first made the switch over to WWE from WCW she was made an example of and it seems she was taken under Vince's wing. There isn't a huge amount of proof to agree or disagree with a relationship between the duo, but it seems there were definite personal relations between Torrie and Vince leading all the way up to the Idaho native's departure from WWE in 2008. And of course, this is simply one of many rumors that involve Vince McMahon.

8 Ashley Massaro and Matt Hardy/Paul London

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The 2005 Raw Diva Search winner gained herself something of a reputation during her time in WWE, even though she wasn't there for a long time. Ashley became a Playboy cover girl in 2007 and also began dating Matt Hardy around the same time.

When Ashley then became the manager for Paul London and Brian Kendrick, she began dating Paul London. Matt Hardy was not happy that the couple had got together and the two then had words both backstage and on Social Media site Twitter (Matt's specialty). It seems that the problem between the duo resolved itself and Ashley then asked for her premature release from the company to look after her ill daughter just a year later. Matt is now married to Reby Sky.

7 CM Punk and Kelly Kelly

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It is hard to pull out a story about CM Punk that isn't actually believable. Punk has a dating resume to rival his wrestling one, so it seemed only fair that he ended up dating someone with as long a list of ex-lovers as him. It is unknown if this one is a rumour or if these two actually ended up together, but what is known is that Kelly dated a lot of men during her time in WWE, so Punk would only ever be another number on this list.

It seems that along with the likes of Maria, Beth Phoenix, Lita, and AJ Lee, CM Punk also dated Kelly Kelly for a short time. The couple were obviously not destined to last given their history, and they didn't. Kelly has left since left WWE and married hockey player player Sheldon Souray earlier this year while CM Punk left WWE back in 2014 and married AJ Lee last year.

6 Kurt Angle and Dawn Marie


The former WWE Champion was married to Karen Angle during the time he spent in WWE before he decided to leave the company in 2006. But rumours suggest that Angle wasn't able to remain faithful to his wife while he was on the road either. As with many WWE Superstars who were on the road while their families were miles away from them, it seems that Angle found it hard and sought out solace with other women.

Dawn Marie and Jacqueline have both been identified as the women that Angle would go to for 'companionship' while he was travelling on the road with WWE. Obviously, Karen went on to leave Kurt for Jeff Jarrett a few years later anyway, so it seems karma sorted this situation out itself.

5 Rey Mysterio and Jennifer Aniston


Back in the late 1990s, The National Enquirer published a story that said that Friends star Jennifer Aniston had fallen in love with Rey Mysterio Jr. This was long before Mysterio had found fame in WWE. He was still a member of the WCW roster at the time and Aniston had gained worldwide fame stemming from her role on Friends.

It seems that the story doesn't actually hold any weight as Mysterio explained in his biography written a few years later. He says that it seems that someone just started a rumour because he was unsure that Jennifer Aniston even knew who he was and he had certainly never met her. This can be attributed to another case of the tabloids running wild with their rumors.

4 The Undertaker and Jenna Jameson 


Jenna Jameson is perhaps the best-known adult film starin the world. And when she published her best-selling book called 'How To Make Love To A Porn Star' she revealed that she had become very good friends with a certain WWE Legend.

It seems that The Undertaker knew Jenna when he was 16-years-old and the duo would hang out at the tattoo parlour where he worked. It seems that when The Undertaker was a little older he attempted to flirt with the famous star and even made advances towards her. It is said that she ran away with her boyfriend and never saw Undertaker again. There was never a romantic link between them and The Undertaker has never spoken openly about it. So, is this another Urban Legend?

3 Jackie Gayda and the WWE Locker Room

via alchetron.com

The Tough Enough winner failed to make a huge impact in her short time in WWE and there are said to be many stories circling the web concerning the former TNA star as well.

Jackie left WWE in 2005 but the rumours surrounding her time with the company stated that she had slept with almost everyone in the WWE locker room who had asked for it and was always there whenever any of the male locker room needed 'favours.' (Not exactly a sparkling reputation.) Jackie went on to marry Charlie Haas after she left WWE and the couple has since had four children and opened up their own nutrition shop in Texas. So, at least she is off the road and away from the WWE locker rom.

2 Shawn Michaels and The Prostitutes

via wrestlingmedia.org

Now, the Shawn Michaels of today is a very different person compared to the man who used to wrestle for WWE in the 1990s. Luckily in recent years Shawn has managed to connect with God and rediscover his life with his new wife Rebecca, but there are still stories that remain about the old Shawn Michaels.

One report suggests that Shawn Michaels once lured three prostitutes back to his hotel room and after the girls complied it is believed that Michaels would proceed to engage in some extremely dirty activity. It seems that Michaels went unpunished for a lot of the crazy antics that he was allowed to get up to in the 1990s because he was very close with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. At one point, Michaels was the company's top star.

1 Pat Patterson and Steve Lombardi


Not exactly two names that you would expect to find on this kind of article, but having dug into some of the depths of the internet that many of WWE Universe should never see, I am now slightly ashamed to have discovered this rumor.

It is rumoured that Pat Patterson and Steve Lombardi had been linked together for a while but there was never anything to confirm it, that is until one fateful night back in the 1980s when Jim Duggan, Bret Hart, and Jim Neidhart bribed Pat Patterson's roommate to leave open the curtains on his hotel window and the trio then witnessed some horrific scenes. It is said that the sexual antics that were seen were so vile that it forced Hacksaw Jim Duggan to vomit.

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