15 Crazy Backstage Hazing Stories About Pro Wrestlers

Hazing has been around professional sports for what seems like forever. It usually involves veterans playing pranks/ribs on the rookies. The reasoning for the hazing is so that the rookies can earn some respect from the veterans. While most of the times these pranks are all in good fun, sometimes the hazing can get a little out of hand. In some rare cases, some hazing incidents have led to the suspension of players and even arrests.

Hazing in professional wrestling is just as prominent as it is in other sports. While no one has been arrested for hazing in professional wrestling, that doesn't mean there weren't a few pranks that crossed the line. These particular pranks were pretty much borderline bullying. Fortunately, with WWE's stance on bullying these days, these incidents are fewer and farther between.

Here are 15 crazy stories of backstage hazing in wrestling. While some of these were just harmless pranks, some were just plain rude.

15 Scott Steiner is a Disturbed Man

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Scott Steiner does not look like a friendly guy, and that because he isn't. Steiner is known for having a short temper and is someone you wouldn't want to make angry. Steiner was portrayed as a loose cannon on television, but he was also one backstage too. There are so many crazy backstage stories on Steiner causing havoc that it's hard to keep track. However, there is one story, in particular, that's especially disturbing.

Steiner was known for being quite the joker during his WCW days. He would often tape up guys backstage. During one of these tie ups, Steiner took it a bit too far when he was about to stick up a pencil up a jobber's rectum. Thankfully the jobber was saved from excruciating pain when Kevin Nash intervened.

14 JBL's Shower Antics

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As you probably already know, JBL is one of the biggest catalysts when it comes to hazing in the WWE. He has been accused of being a bully by many, but he feels hazing is needed in order to weed out the weak. One of JBL's favorite places to haze wrestlers has to be the showers. He's been known to throw fellow wrestlers clothes in the shower, with one of those victims being Mark Henry.

As much as it's a jerk thing to throw someone's clothes in a shower, JBL has done a lot more disturbing things. For whatever reason, JBL gets pleasure by rubbing shampoo/ baby oil on unexpecting wrestlers in the shower. The strangest incident of all was when he started rubbing the butt of Edge. No matter how weird the act was, Edge took it in stride and JBL never bugged him again.

13 The Hardys Get Robbed

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During the late 1990s, The Hardy Boyz were just breaking into the WWE. Good old JBL saw them as fresh meat and as a couple of guys who needed to earn some respect. On one night early in their WWE careers, JBL had an unusual request for The Hardys. He wanted the guys to go pick up a couple six packs of beer and throw the empty bottles at road signs.

The Hardys never ended up doing it as they didn't even drink at the time. They didn't think much of it, but when they told JBL they didn't do the deed, he became so angry that he didn't talk to them for weeks. Then one night after The Hardys wrestled a match, they returned to the locker room to find all of their belongings including clothes, money, and their credit cards were missing. If wasn't for the Road Dogg letting The Hardys know where their stuff was, who knows if JBL would have ever told them.

12 The Miz is Crumby

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While The Miz may be a respected man in the locker room today, as he's been with the WWE for thirteen years, that was not always the case. Prior to joining the WWE, The Miz was a contestant on the reality show The Real World. To say a lot of the veteran performers didn't think he belonged in the locker room would be an understatement.

On this one particular day, The Miz did himself no favors by making a mess in the locker room eating fried chicken. JBL wasn't going to have any part of that so he banned The Miz from using the locker room. For the next little while, The Miz had to get changed in the public washrooms of the arena. Fortunately, The Miz was able to get over the shaming and become a WWE Champion.

11 "Lethal Weapon" For a Reason

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Nobody likes a bully. However, when the orders are reversed and the bully is the one being attacked, that is called justice served. In this particular incident, the bully was JBL ( big surprise). It was at the Kansas City airport where a drunk JBL playfully patted the ass of the "Lethal Weapon" Steve Blackman. Even though Blackman warned him to stop or he would kick his ass, JBL continued. This is where things got a little crazy.

Steve Blackman was given his nickname for a reason as he was a legit martial artist and somebody you didn't want to mess with. After JBL continued to keep annoyingly patting him, Blackman turned around and started to pummel JBL. Thankfully for JBL, other wrestler pulled them apart. For the sake of his own livelihood, JBL never tried to mess with Blackman again.

10 Randy Orton is a Baby

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While Randy Orton may be considered more of a family man today, that was definitely not always the case. During his younger years with the WWE, Orton was one of the biggest pricks in the locker room. He was especially rude when it came to the women of the WWE.

There is one incident that stands out among them all. There's somewhat of an urban legend that Randy took a poop in a gym bag that belonged to Amy Weber. While that has never been confirmed, another disgusting incident has. Former WWE Diva Rochelle Loewen has stated that Orton may not have pooped in her bag but he did ruin all of her clothes when he poured baby oil and lotion in her bag. Loewen believes Orton did this just because she wasn't she wasn't the biggest fan of his.

9 Styles One Ups JBL

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At this point in the article, it's clear that JBL is nothing but a bully. He gets enjoyment picking on people who aren't going to fight back. During the WWE's 2008 tour of Iraq, JBL was especially feeling like causing some trouble. Earlier on the tour, he poured a bag of ice on a sleeping Lilian Garcia. JBL's next targeted victim was former ECW announcer Joey Styles.

At 6'6, JBL towered over the much smaller Styles which made him the perfect victim. JBL hounded Styles all tour with abusive insults. After JBL poured a drink on him, it got to the point where Styles couldn't take it anymore. The two men started to get into a scuffle but as the other wrestlers were pulling the men apart, Styles was able to land a haymaker on JBL. Although the punch didn't knock JBL out, it drew blood and it no doubt embarrassed JBL. If only more guys like Styles stood up to bullies like JBL, an article like this probably wouldn't even exist.

8 WWE Bullies WCW

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When WCW was bought out by the WWE in 2001, the WCW wrestlers weren't exactly welcomed with open arms in the WWE locker room. The WWE wrestlers weren't too happy about the possibility of the WCW guys stealing their opportunities. Thus a great deal of the WCW guys had to endure some hazing in order to gain some respect.

It seems that the former WCW employees who got it the worst were the referees. Billy Silverman was forced to carry large bags of alcohol on a tour which actually ended up badly injuring his back. Charles Robinson probably got it the worst as he once was stripped naked, bound to a cart and paraded into the middle of the arena just so the ring crew could have a laugh.

7 Bob Holly is Stiff as Board

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While JBL might be the biggest bully in WWE history, Bob Holly might be a close second. He is known for being very stiff in the ring to young wrestlers, which he claimed "toughens" them up. Holly especially loved to dish out pain to rookies, most notably beating the Hell out of Tough Enough winner Daniel Puder at the 2005 Royal Rumble.

However, Holly's biggest butt kicking didn't take place in a real match. Holly was a trainer during the first few seasons of Tough Enough. During a training session with eventual season three winner Matt CapPotelli, Holly went on a rampage. He beat the pulp out of CapPotelli, kicking him in the ribs as well as stomping on his face. After it aired on television it did brew some controversy, but Holly had absolutely no regrets about the beatdown.

6 Mr. Fuji Gives Luger an Attitude Adjustment

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Mr. Fuji is remembered for being one of best managers in WWE history. During his career he managed the likes of Bob Orton, The Powers of Pain, and Yokozuna, just to name a few. What Mr. Fuji is also remembered for is being somebody who other wrestlers feared in the locker room. They didn't fear Mr.Fuji because he could beat them up, they feared him because he was the master of ribbing/hazing.

There are endless amounts of hazing stories involving Mr. Fuji, but one of the best involves Lex Luger. Mr. Fuji wasn't happy with the newcomer Luger's attitude in the locker room. Luger kept to himself and never even introduced himself. One day Mr. Fuji invited Luger to a restaurant for lunch. During the course of the meal, Mr. Fuji urinated on Luger while they were sitting at the table. Surprisingly Luger did not retaliate as he was probably afraid what else Mr. Fuji had up his sleeve.

5 "Fabulous Moolah" Isn't So Fabulous

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When most fans think of The Fabulous Moolah, they remember her for being one of greatest women wrestlers in history. They also remember her time alongside Mae Young during the Attitude Era. What most people don't remember of Moolah was that she wasn't exactly a stand-up citizen.

The Fabulous Moolah ran a wrestling school alongside her husband in the 1970's and 80's. To say she didn't show a great deal of respect to her trainees would be a huge understatement. Not only was she known for abusing her students, she also stole money from them. However, the worst act of all was the fact that she forced students to perform sexual acts on other wrestlers against their will.

4 X-Pac's Fascination With Feces

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Wrestlers aren't exactly known for being mature gentlemen, so the fact that a lot of hazing stories involve human feces isn't a huge surprise. The one guy who loved using his own fecal matter to rib other wrestlers was X-Pac. Sable was one wrestler in particular that X-Pac felt deserved some punishment. During the height of the Attitude Era, Sable was known for trying to take all the credit for the high ratings and that didn't sit too well with the boys.

On one particular night on a WWE European Tour, X-Pac pooped in a cup and managed to get it into Sable's travel bag. So for the entire flight across the entire Atlantic Ocean, Sable had X-Pac's feces stinking up her personal belongings. When she opened up her bag she was obviously horrified and she threatened to get a DNA test on the waste to see who was the culprit.

3 Bill DeMott Abuses Trainees

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In 2012, Bill DeMott took over as the head trainer for WWE's developmental system. Everything seemed to be going smoothly for Demott as NXT became the WWE's best developmental system they ever had. However, in 2015 a letter was made public by a former NXT trainee stating that DeMott was nothing but a bully during his time as a trainer.

In the letter, it stated that DeMott was physically and verbally abusive. At one point he even forced the wrestlers to train naked. One trainee in particular that DeMott loved to abuse was Enzo Amore. DeMott would constantly slap Amore across the face if he did a move wrong. Although DeMott denied all the allegations, he resigned as NXT head trainer in 2015.

2 Justin Roberts Gets Stranded

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Justin Roberts had a chance to live out his dream working as a ring announcer for WWE from 2002 to 2014. While it was great for him to live out his dream job, a certain wrestler named JBL made it a nightmare for him at some points.

There one incident, in particular, that really upset Roberts. During an overseas trip, JBL had someone take Roberts passport. Without a passport, Roberts missed his flight home from the United Kingdon. Roberts had to make his way to the U.S Embassy in order to finally make it back home. JBL denies having any part in the theft, but the evidence says otherwise.

1 Coach Gets Arrested

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The year was 2001 and Jonathan Coachman was new to the WWE broadcast team. As a new guy in the company Coach did whatever was told of him. So when Gerald Brisco asked him to start up a football pool for all the guys to make bets on, that's exactly what he did. For weeks wrestlers placed bets on games and every thing went on without a hitch.

However, at one particular television taping, Coach was informed by security that the police had a warrant for his arrest due to illegal gambling. The cops eventually found Coach and handcuffed him. They put him in the back of the police car and started to drive away. However, the cops had stated they had forgotten something at the arena so they turned around. When they got back to the arena the entire WWE locker room was there laughing their asses off at Coach as he was a victim of an elaborate rib masterminded by Vince McMahon.

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