15 "Crazy" Female Wrestlers Who Were Extremely Hot

Female wrestlers are often used in a manner for attracting the audiences, as these divas are often hired by wrestling promotions for their looks and then get properly trained to put on entertaining wrestling matches. While most of the gimmicks make these women look in their sexiest form, there have been some unusual gimmicks in which the women are portrayed as these crazy, unhinged wrestlers who often use their pent-up aggression on the other women and are built like these unstable people who can lash out on anyone at anytime.

While some of these women are just plain wild and sadistic, others often use their looks as well to entice someone to do something on their behalf and have also used their sizzling figures very well to get them higher up the ladder. Some of these crazy women just want to fight their enemies at any given moment and torture them with psychological warfare, while the others have a more cunning mannerism to their character and slowly but surely get what they want.

These passionate women might try to hide their figures with their weird mannerisms and make-up, but these crazy women are actually stunning beyond the ring as we take a look at these 15 "crazy" female wrestlers who were actually extremely hot.

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15 Victoria

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Victoria was one of the really dangerous "crazy" women in the WWE during the Ruthless Aggression era and even though people mostly accredit the likes of Trish and Lita for being the reason for the growth in popularity of WWE's Women's matches, Victoria was a core part of that transformation as well. With her twisted, unpredictable nature and amazing ability to pull off some hardcore matches, Victoria was definitely one of the more offbeat characters of her time and her aggressive nature during matches made her one of the most dangerous individuals as well. She also later excelled as Tara in TNA, becoming one of their "crazier" individuals as well and even though she's mostly known for her crazy behavior, one cannot forget just how hot she was. Victoria had one of the sexiest figures in the WWE and TNA at her time, being put in "Vince's Devils" because of her smashing figure and even though she mostly let her wrestling do the talking, one cannot undermine just how sexy she was during her time and made the most use of it to dazzle audiences all around, while terrorizing fellow wrestlers with her eccentric nature.

14 Rosemary

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Rosemary has undoubtedly been one of the most intriguing things about TNA recently, as the leader of Decay has been fascinating everyone with her wicked, face-painted character of an absolutely twisted woman. She has been reaping the rewards of her hard-work over the years as the leading lady of TNA right now, and even though she might come off as this ugly witch with that twisted face-paint on and the nature of her character, she's actually a very beautiful woman in her real life. When she's not terrorizing people with her on-screen character, she is actually quite the sexy woman who has a stunning figure and the looks as well, as she might not show hints of being attractive when on-character, but she's actually quite the beautiful specimen when out of character.

13 Kimona Wanalaya

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One of the real off-beat ladies to step foot in ECW during their peak,Kimona Wanalaya wasn't really utilized that well by the promotion as she only found relevance when she was revealed as the "lover" of Beulah McGillicutty as she betrayed Raven as a very short valet of his. Her videos of dancing on top of the ECW stage went viral for quite-sometime, before she went to WCW where she displayed her real eccentric side. She was the valet for the Varsity Club stable, and would often interfere in matches with a diving crossbody for no reason at all. She'd then attack other divas randomly,as this crazy Asian beaut was actually an absolute stunner in real life,as she had a smack awesome figure and loved to dazzle with it when she wasn't displaying her wild side, which wasn't utilized that well but was pretty nasty when in display.

12 Paige

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Paige broke into the WWE scene very quickly and surprised many when she dethroned AJ Lee in her debut match to win the Diva's Championship in her first night on the main roster, but the eccentric nature of Paige would be unleashed some-time after that. Paige began to portray quite the twisted character where she would act quite crazily and offbeat at times and mixed with her unique wrestling style, that "crazy" nature of her actually became quite famous with the audience and propelled her as a top star. Even though she might act crazily on TV, one doesn't even need to expect much into just how hot Paige is, as she has quite the stunning looks and absolutely drop-dead gorgeous figure, as she might be having a difficult time in her career right now, but she will always be remembered for her quirky character and especially for her sexy looks which wooed many in the past years.

11 Francine

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While ECW was known for its "extreme" nature and how the wrestlers put their bodies on the line to entertain the audiences, Francine managed to keep herself relevant in the eyes of the fans as she was always in the thick of things as a valet. A crazy, power-hungry valet, she'd find popularity when she managed The Pitbulls to success and then turned on them to become the manager of Shane Douglas and help him the ECW World Title. The hot, sizzling valet would also show her wild side in TNA for a bit, as her insane antics as a valet in ECW gave her quite the reputation and her unpredictable personality gave her an edgy character which was made to look a whole lot of sexier because of the sexy figure of Francine, who made sure to make the best use of both her stunning body and sadistic character as well.

10 ODB

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ODB was more of a comical character than a really crazy one, but she did become crazy if she had chugged a bit too much from that flask of hers, as the hard-hitting woman was like the female version of Stone Cold Steve Austin for TNA and made for some amazing memories in the fray as well. While taking on all the people who looked down at her, ODB also had a hilarious run with Eric Young, winning the Knockouts Tag Team Championship and her "crazy" nature when she got a lil bit too drunk was something which was more hilarious rather than scary. While she didn't look so, ODB was actually pretty hot without her ragged costume on and with some really stunning assets to her, she excelled in a role not many others could have handled and made for some really memories with her hilariously unstable character.

9 Maxine

via WWE.com

Maxine might not really be remembered by many WWE fans, but she was quite the wicked, unstable character to come out of the old NXT and made for some really wild matches during her career as well. She was known for screaming at her opponents during matches and fighting dirty as well, as she was a clever one who often hid her crazy side. She enticed many male superstars to get what we want, and in one memorable occasion knocked out Josh Matthews with the help of Johnny Curtis to get a position on the NXT commentary table. Regardless of her eccentric antics, she was actually quite the bombshell as she loved to flaunt around her perfect body to the audience and enticed many with not only a stunning figure and beautiful looks, but a wicked character who wasn't really used that well by the WWE.

8 Mickie James

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Mickie James might have recently returned to the WWE with a hint of her previous crazy self, but it doesn't match just how insane she was in her initial run in the company. James came on as the obsessive fan of Trish Stratus, as she went onto dress like her and act just like her which creeped out Trish and everyone else. She continued to act crazily even after winning the Women's Title from Trish, as she was amazingly convincing in acting like a complete psychopath during that time, as she almost made the audience forget about just how amazing she is to look at as well. James was pretty hot back in the day and has seemingly even gotten sexier as the years have rolled on, as she went onto enjoy a lot of success in TNA before coming back home and the sexy woman has done an admirable job in making the audience talk about her in-ring work rather than how sexy she looks, because she actually has an amazing figure and looks just as good as any other Diva but her amazing character work has made the audience watch her product more than her stunning looks.

7 Raisha Saeed

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Raisha Saeed might have been the mastermind behind the rise of the behemoth in Awesome Kong, but she had quite the maniacal tendencies to herself as her crazy, sadistic nature helped to cause much pain to her enemies through Kong. Saeed spent quite a few years as the peculiar manager/partner of Awesome Kong, before she needed a new gimmick to go her own way and came up with Alissa Flash, where she paid homage to Sensational Sherri by wearing streaks of make-up around her eyes. Flash would be even crazier, as she was quite the hardcore lunatic character who tried to earn her way into success, as this unique, twisted personality was actually hiding her amazing figure, as she was quite the stunning woman in her real life. While she was covered for most of her TNA days, she looked amazing in her true nature and even though she might've been a crazy customer when in character, she is a real sexy woman in real life.

6 Nikki Cross

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Nikki Cross has weirdly been a breath of fresh air for the revamped Women's Division in NXT recently, as her deranged, unhinged character has brought some really intriguing story-line and posed quite a threat to the unstoppable Asuka. Cross might be this really unstable character who looks like a wild-woman, but she's been perfectly portraying this dirty, wild character and is actually quite the stunning woman beyond her character. When she's not doing crazy stuff and looking deranged, she is pretty sexy as she has quite the amazing figure and is actually very beautiful when she properly dresses herself, as this lunatic character of Cross is looking very good right now and will probably get only better as she develops herself into a crazier woman on NXT.

5 Daffney

via fansshare.com

Before there was Rosemary, there was Daffney in TNA who also terrorized the other knockouts with her twisted character who also put face-paint to make for a more intimidating, crazy look to her character. Having taken the character which got popular during her WCW days, Daffney brought back some spark to TNA's knockouts division as she brought some nightmares along with her and even though she might've looked pretty hideous with that face-paint on, she was quite the opposite when not in character. Daffney was actually quite the sexy specimen who had quite the amazing body and some stunning assets as well and even though she hid her looks pretty well when portraying the twisted Daffney, she was actually extremely sexy in real life and it's admirable how she made the fans forget about that amazing part of her when portraying the evil witch in Daffney.

4 Mary Dobson

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Mary Dobson has earned the mark of "Crazy" before her name for a reason, as her antics as a scary, deranged individual who has been doing amazingly in the Independent scene for years now has earned her the reputation of being one of the craziest women to come up in the wrestling scene in the past few years. While she loves to spice up her fanatical personality by dressing like a lunatic and even wearing face-paint at times to put on an intimidating look to herself, not many get to notice exactly how hot she is as Dobson has a stunning figure and looks like an absolute bombshell when she does want to show off her stunning bod. She recently signed with NXT because of her character, as her amazing figure will definitely help her get over in the company and we could see the eerie, "crazy' part of her flourishing soon in the WWE.

3 Scary Sherri

via wwe.com

Sherri Martel went by many a name during her wrestling career, but she was mostly recognized as "Scary Sherri" because of how crazy and twisted she was on-screen, as the legendary manager often caught the eyes of many with her deranged mannerism. She found popularity when she managed the likes of Randy "Macho Man" Savage and Ted DiBiase, as the former WWE Women's Champion terrorized her opponents with her twisted, psychological moves and often helped her clients get their wins. While she might have been portrayed like a scary witch by the WWE, Sherri was actually quite the beautiful woman when she wasn't forced to put on that ugly make-up and had quite the smashing body as well, as the sexy woman was one of the most sought after ones during her time and wooed many with her sensational figure and stunning looks which helped her become one of the greatest of all time and solidified her as "Sensational Sherri" at the time as well.

2 Dawn Marie

via PWpop.com

Dawn Marie was one of the better exports from WWE from ECW when they bought them off, as Marie was quite the hardcore character who had the ability to portray an off-beat character. Marie was turned into quite the crazy character by the WWE, as she had this twisted rivalry with Torrie Wilson where she tried to force Torrie to spent a night with her, and went to the length to have an on-screen relationship with her father Al. They even got married and Al died in their honeymoon due to some rigorous sexual acts which resulted into a heated feud, as Marie was very convincing with her ridiculous mannerism during this feud. And what made it watchable was Marie's appearance, which was absolutely spectacular as Marie was definitely one of the hottest woman in the WWE at the time and put on some erotic appearances to get the attention of the audiences, as the sexy bombshell might be denounced for taking part in that controversial feud, but it enhanced her "crazy" character and made it one of the more memorable feuds because of her disgusting but sexy antics.

1 AJ Lee

via ringsidenews.com

AJ Lee took her time to reach the top of the WWE, but her amazing work over the years before she could reach the top made her really deserve it at the end, as her twisted, "crazy" character who started off as the valet of various wrestlers was somewhat perfect for AJ. She managed to portray herself as this crazy character really well, as her offbeat mannerism and unpredictability made her quite the intriguing character who got her deserved title run for almost 300 days when she finally won the Diva's Title and became one of WWE's top divas. While AJ enticed everyone with her deranged behavior in the WWE, she also managed to look really sexy in the same time and while she was mostly paraded because of her wrestling skills, one cannot deny the fact that she was an absolute bombshell in terms of looks as she also had some really sexy assets. While she has now retired from wrestling to support her husband CM Punk, she left for some great memories as she utilized her wrestling skills to entertain the fans who didn't really appreciate how sexy she was, as she was definitely one of the hottest women in the WWE during her peak years.

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