15 CRAZY McMahon Stories That Vince Wants You To Forget

Each and every day the world is informed with hundred thousand (if not millions) pieces of news. It varies from local news to entertainment to movie releases to sports news and rumours. The media gives us the ability to stay connected with the topics that we care about or we need to know, like the weather for example. As technology advances, social media is becoming more important to businesses and to help people, in general, connect with different groups of people who share the same interests.

There are times, however, where the news and the media would expose secrets or stories that people don't necessarily want to be shared with the world. Vince McMahon is no stranger to having stories that he doesn't want the WWE Universe or the world to have knowledge about. On one hand, Vince McMahon has an extraordinary ability to use the media to his advantage, the WWE Network is an example of that. There have been times when the world has access to news that Vince McMahon properly didn't want to be aware for example when Chyna decided to use the Media to express her grievances against Vince and WWE back in 2001.

So we're going to look back at all of the crazy stories and scandals both and past and present that Vince McMahon wants you to forget or have as little to no knowledge about.

15 Vince McMahon Being Sued By 53 Superstars

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Vince McMahon is no stranger to dealing with lawsuits, he arguably has one of the best legal teams in the world. In the past few years, ex-WWE Superstars have been coming forward making allegations against the WWE and Vince McMahon claiming that the company is responsible for concussions and long-term brain trauma. WWE Superstars like Jimmy Snuka, Road Warrior Animal, Paul Orndorff and Chavo Guerrero Jr. were some of the fifty-three WWE Superstars that came forward with the allegations.

WWE denied these allegations declaring they were false allegations and were confident that they were going to win the cases that were put against them. However, Road Warrior Animal, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka and Paul Orndorff all suffer from headaches, dizziness and memory loss. Orndorff and Snuka have also suffered from confusion, mood swings and depression. With so many claims made against WWE, could they reveal some truth to them? Perhaps WWE could employ better health and safety regimes when it comes to head trauma.

14 The Linda McMahon Storyline

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In 2001, there were several hard-hitting storylines, one involving Vince McMahon demanding a divorce from his wife Linda McMahon. Linda was devastated and the news of her husband wanting a divorce led to her breakdown. As Linda spent some time in a sanitarium, Vince began a very public affair with Trish Stratus. Linda McMahon returned to television being sedated and pushed around in a wheelchair.

Vince was determined to torment his estranged wife at every opportunity he got. Linda McMahon was helpless and couldn't defend herself. Luckily for Linda, their son, Shane McMahon stepped in and demanded a match against his father at WrestleMania. Linda McMahon finally got her opportunity to get revenge on her husband, with a newly turned face Trish Stratus. Linda no longer appeared to be sedated as she rose from her wheelchair and kicked Vince straight in the groin.

13 Vince Fights Kofi Kingston


Vince once had a physical fight with a current member of the New Day, Kofi Kingston after Vince made a snide remark about getting over with the WWE Universe. Originally, Kofi was going to ignore the comment until he was encouraged by fellow WWE Superstar Chris Jericho. According to witness reports, the two went back and forth, throwing snide remarks at each other until Vince decided that he had enough of arguing as Vince took Kofi down with a double leg takedown.

Vince is no stranger to having physical fights on airplanes as people have claimed that he got into a physical altercation with Kurt Angle, to the point where The Undertaker had to intervene. According to reports, once the fight was over between Kofi and Vince, he praised Kofi telling him that he admired people who were able to stand their ground. Perhaps it was a good thing Chris Jericho told Kofi to stick up for himself.

12 Stephanie Steals Triple H From Chyna

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During the McMahon/Helmsley Takeover of Monday Night Raw, Triple H allegedly began his affair with Stephanie McMahon, while Stephanie nor Triple H have ever confirmed that Chyna's allegations were true. Yet, Chyna has openly spoken about how she discovered the affair from a love letter written by Stephanie McMahon that was stashed inside Triple H's briefcase.

When Chyna approached Vince, he allegedly already knew about the affair and seemed unphased by it, telling Chyna to take some time off. As it was near her contract expiration, it was clear that they were not going to resign Chyna. Yet according to Chyna, Vince then attempted to make her life difficult by getting entertainment companies to blacklist her from work. Chyna often voiced wanting to return to WWE for one last time to say goodbye to her fans, yet she was continuously rejected by the WWE.

11 Stephanie Affair With Randy Savage 

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Stephanie McMahon and the Macho Man Randy Savage were alleged to have a relationship. Not only that, but Stephanie was supposedly still underage at the time. Back in 1994, the last year of Randy Savage's WWE career, the two were rumoured to be having a relationship of a sexual nature. While this allegation has never been denied or confirmed, it has turned into one of those subjects that WWE try to avoid at all costs.

According to reports, Vince was not aware until years later which could explain Vince's hatred for the Macho Man. In the early 200os, the idea of bringing back Randy Savage was brought up and Vince completely shrugged it off.

While Vince has been known to have bitter rivals in the past, he still manages to have working business relationships with them. Vince has stated that he would never do business with Hogan again yet he continued to do business with him.

10 Love Angle Between Stephanie And Vince/Shane

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WWE has had its fair share of insane and extreme storylines in the past. However, none were more peculiar and insane than Vince McMahon wanting to do a love angle involving his own biological daughter, Stephanie McMahon. The idea of the storyline didn't come from the creative team, this was Vince McMahon's very own idea. Luckily, somewhere down the line, Vince's idea was overruled but Vince was far from finished.

Reports suggest that he later tried to get the idea through a second time, except this time he was not in the equation, replacing himself with his son Shane. Perhaps it was Vince himself who finally realized just how ridiculous and gross the storyline idea was, although Stephanie and Shane largely opposed it.

9 Shane McMahon Wanting Creative Control

Shane McMahon has always been a crowd favourite, he's charismatic, relatable, and talented, yet arguably one of the best characteristics about Shane that people admire is that he listens to the WWE Universe. He tries to give them what they want every opportunity he gets. Back in 2012, he attempted to take over the creative side of WWE. According to reports, this led to some professional tension between Shane, Stephanie and Triple H who had been pretty much-running things up to this point.

However, because Shane was not actively working for WWE during the time, he decided he wanted to take control. Yet since he returned last year, Shane has been given access to certain responsibilities. Could this be one of the reasons SmackDown has been beating Raw in ratings? One thing is for sure, Shane McMahon loves to please the crowd.

8 Titus O'Neil Gets Suspended

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Last year, Titus O'Neil was suspended after he attempted to hug Vince McMahon while he was present during Daniel Bryan's retirement speech. According to reports, as Vince walked past Titus, he apparently made a playful grab for Vince's arm. Vince was not happy with Titus' actions and decided to suspend him for 90 days. The subject was highly controversial since the WWE Universe disagreed with their decision actively because they thought it was ridiculous.

But Vince wasn't going to budge. Perhaps he decided to use Titus as an example for the roster. Titus was suspended for 'unprofessional conduct' yet he later returned to the company, and was receiving a decent push. Recently, he has been used as more of a jobber, losing to several members of the New Day or being put against Braun Strowman, perhaps Vince is still punishing him for his behaviour.

7 Drunk Vince 

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Everyone likes to let loose every once in a while to relax from the ongoings of everyday life and Vince McMahon is no stranger to that. One evening after work, Vince and a couple of WWE Superstars, Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan and Hawk from the Legion of Doom decided to head down to the local strip club. While they were there, everyone was enjoying themselves and having a good time.

Vince was reportedly incredibly drunk when Hulk Hogan decided to play a prank on his boss, asking Hawk to perform the Doomsday Device on Vince in the middle of the strip club. However, Bret's then tag team partner Jim Neidhart wanted a go as well, the Hitman thought his tag team partner was joking until he realized he wasn't. Bret and Jim hit him with the Hart Attack. Vince apparently took it all in good fun.

6 Vince And Shawn Michaels Affair?

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Road Warrior Hawk once alleged that Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels had more than an employer and employee relationship. Hawk indicated that the relationship could have been more of a love relationship. While Shawn seemed to be given more opportunities to push the boundaries, he had the ability to get away with things that other WWE Superstars wouldn't dare of trying without seeing themselves fired or punished. Hawk was known for causing trouble yet no one has ever denied the close relationship that Shawn and Vince share.

There was a time period when Shawn didn't fight or compete in a WWE ring for four years yet he still received full pay. However, when asked about it, Shawn Michaels has never avoided the question he simply states that he and Vince have a father/son relationship. Unfortunately, it seems that this rumour that will never die down because of the circumstances, so we will never know the truth.

5 Allegations Of Negligence By CM Punk

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CM Punk is still talked about daily in the WWE. The crowds love him, they chant for him because they want him to make a triumphant return to WWE. However, what a lot of people don't realize is that towards the end of CM Punk's career, he was suffering from a staph infection that WWE chose to ignore. Staph infections can be extremely dangerous if not treated correctly.

According to CM Punk, WWE ignored the staph infection. However, this is not the only claim that CM Punk has made. He said that just three weeks after he had surgery on his knee, he was booked at Tables, Ladders and Chairs pay-per-view when he was supposed to take four to six weeks of recovery time. CM Punk continues to make claims that WWE treats their staff unfairly and that health and safety are not their first priority.

4 Shane McMahon Leaves WWE

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Until Shane McMahon returned to WWE last year, we hadn't heard much from him. Some thought we would never see Shane again. Yet in 2016, Shane made a shocking return. There was a lot of conspiracy as to why Shane broke from the WWE in the first place. While he went away to run a very successful company, there were very heavy suspicion that one of the reasons as to why Shane left the WWE was due to Vince's blatant favouritism when it comes to the McMahon siblings.

With Stephanie arguably being in line to take over WWE one day with Triple H, perhaps this is why Shane left the first time because Vince seemed to eager for Stephanie to take over despite Shane being the oldest.

3 ECW To Dismember

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Extreme Championship Wrestling was an extension to the WWE, it gave an opportunity to include Superstars such as CM Punk and Bobby Lashley. In 2006, CM Punk qualified to be in the Dismember December pay-per-view. Paul Heyman, who had a large influence in the ongoings in ECW, suggested having CM Punk win the title in order to create a star whom the fans supported.

CM Punk was a fresh-faced new talent in WWE, but Vince was against the idea and wanted to have Bobby Lashley win instead. This had severe impact on Vince McMahon and ECW because to this day it remains to be the lowest buy rate for any WWE pay-per-view. Vince and Heyman had a huge argument prior to the pay-per-view, and ECW was never able to recover from the disastrous night.

2 Steroids Trial In 1994

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Back in the 90s, Vince McMahon was involved in a massive lawsuit. The US Attorney District of New York charged Vince after routinely obtaining anabolic steroids for his stable of strong men and employing a shady Pennsylvania doctor. However, it seems that luck was on Vince's side again as he was acquitted of all charges, after a particularly subdued Hulk Hogan gave testimony on Vince McMahon's behalf.

Rowdy Roddy Piper also came to Vince's aid which resulted in him being saved from spending at least eight years in a federal prison. It is unclear how Vince managed to escape having no criminal charges being laid against him. Vince McMahon continues to have luck on his side.

1 The Montreal Screwjob

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It is arguably the biggest scandal to ever exist within the WWE. Vince McMahon and WWE officials actively predetermined the winner of the match before it had even begun. Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart were to set to battle for the World Heavyweight Championship which at the time Bret held. While to some it seemed like a high impact storyline that would cause speculation forever more, the storyline was unravelling off-screen too.

Bret Hart who at the time had been a long term serving a member of the WWE, would leave to WCW. He wouldn't return to WWE until nearly 10 years later when he was inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006. However, since then, Vince and Bret have made up and they continue to have a successful business relationship.

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