15 Crazy Real-Life Wrestling Incidents You Won’t Believe Happened

While professional wrestlers might be some of the most exciting figures on screen, portraying their own diversified characters to entertain the audiences almost on a 24x7 basis, they do have their own personal lives in which they love to have fun with each other and do some crazy stuff. As these guys have to travel alongside each other to all the shows and events they like to fool around a bit and have fun in their own way and while it's fun and games most of the times, it can get a bit too crazy at times.

The wrestlers might be larger than life athletes when competing in front of a live audience, but they are just as human as the rest of us and have similar hobbies as well, as they also love to hang around with each other and have a load of fun while not having to perform for their promotions, while some others who don't get along well with each other also tend to make their point beyond the ring.

Be it some of the wrestlers taking out their frustrations on others outside the ring or them being part of some crazy on the road incidents, these wrestlers also have a different side to them and end up being part of some mad incidents which is quite difficult to believe at first as we take a look at 15 such unbelievable incidents.

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15 Randy Orton Was Once Court-Martialed

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"The Viper" Randy Orton has remained one of the top stars in the WWE for over a decade now, as his amazing ability in the ring along with his snake-like character have made him a fan-favorite in the WWE, but his name outside it is pretty tainted, especially when it comes to the Marine forces. Orton was originally signed to be part of WWE's Marine 3 but was pulled after complaints from real marines stating that he had deserted them earlier. As many might not know, Orton was in the military forces before his WWE career and in 1999 received a bad conduct discharge after going AWOL multiple times. He was also put in military court for 38 days before he was discharged, as he got upon himself the wrath of the marine forces and will always have a bad name because of his cowardly acts back in the day.

14 The Big Show Snaps On Stone Cold

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If anybody hasn't already realized it, one wouldn't really want to get The Big Show angry because of his size and power, but it turns out that he was quite the timid giant in his early days in the WWE when he feuded with Stone Cold Steve Austin. The World's Largest Athlete would have to wrestle him on WWE's European Tour after he debuted as Austin beat him up in quick time, without him even landing anything on him. But in one event, Austin kept on punching him stiffly and Show snapped on him, smacking him back and even pulling him by his trunks. Show got real bad on Austin that day, but later realized that he was only doing it for his own good as Show accredits The Rattlesnake for helping him "be a giant" which he remained for the rest of his career and went onto destroy many other superstars in the future.

13 Paul Heyman Walking Out Of The WWE

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Paul Heyman is probably one of the most dynamic personalities in the WWE right now, as the advocate of Brock Lesnar has remained one of the best talkers in the company for years now and also has one of the most intelligent wrestling minds. So when WWE decided to revamp ECW, they called Heyman to help with the creative team and while the first few events went really well (like ECW One Night Stand), things started to turn sour and the "WWE Way" got to Heyman very quickly. So in ECW December to Dismember 2006, Heyman wanted CM Punk to win the ECW title but Vince McMahon over-ruled his decision and went ahead with Bobby Lashley as the champion. This infuriated Heyman to his breaking point as he walked out of the company and didn't return of years, as he had enough of WWE trying to ruin his brain-child and actually had the balls to walk out in front of Vince McMahon.

12 The Kliq Escapes Arrest

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The Kliq is regarded as one of the most unofficial powerful stables in wrestling history, as the backstage group of Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and X-Pac were some of the most influential guys in the WWE in the 90s and had a lot of fun at the expense of others. So when Triple H initially joined the group and settled into life with them, he was the driver for them as they went to their favorite restaurant for something to eat, after getting high on pills and alcohol. But much to their dismay, the restaurant was filled with cops and they were highly intoxicated, and Scott Hall and Michaels' antics quickly gave away their situation. After Hall crashed over a plotted plant and Michaels started to have seizures, the cops finally went ahead to handcuff the lot of them but Kevin Nash convinced them that Michaels was epileptic and he was having his fits. An ambulance was called as Nash and Michaels got into the ambulance laughing their butts off at how they evaded the situation, as the wit of Nash often helped them out of difficult situations like these and they could do anything they wanted.

11 William Regal Urinated On An Air Hostess

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William Regal might have been a nasty heel after coming to the WWE, but he always had a gentleman like behavior to himself, but he was nothing of that sorts in his real life when he was getting the stride of wrestling in the big leagues. While he was in WCW in the 90s, Regal was a heavy drug addict and alcoholic as well and often took a pill too many to get out of control, as this escalated in the late 90s when he was returning from WCW's tour from Tokyo to Detroit. He was hammered on drugs and went to the toilet for a pee break, but he failed to close the door and when a flight attendant tapped his shoulders, he turned around and urinated on her. The next thing he knew, he was in jail and went to court for "urinating on a flight attendant" and decided to quit drugs after this, as this bizarre, crazy incident goes onto show the kind of stuff wrestlers pull out when high on drugs.

10 Booker T And Batista Solve Their Issues The Hard Way

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The WWE wrestlers might have their indifferences on TV because of their face/heel gimmicks, but they are actually pretty cool backstage where almost everyone is on good terms with each other. But this wasn't the case with Booker T and Batista in 2006, as The Animal's arrogance annoyed many and Booker T was having none of it. So both of them agreed to solve their problems in a room in a fist-fight, which Booker dominated because of his street fight experience and gained a lot of locker-room respect. They might have made up since then, but the fight left its marks as Batista had a cut on his face while Booker had a black eye, as this crazy backstage fight goes onto show how not every wrestler is not "good" with another's disrespectful attitude and tend to take matters in their own hands to teach them a lesson.

9 Vince Makes Jonathan Coachman Cry

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We all remember Jonathan Coachman, the geeky heel-ish character who acted in various non-wrestling roles in the WWE and entertained us with his hilarious antics, as the now ESPN guy was on the end of a very scary prank back in 2003. Coachman was led to start up a 10$ football pool by Jerry Briscoe, and as he started the job, he would be shocked to see two real policemen come to his room. They told him that they believed that he was running a gambling ring and had to arrest him, as he was led to the car but would be presented to Vince McMahon to tell him that he'll not be there for a while. Vince was infuriated and cursed him for it and didn't even want to pay a bail amount, as he was actually put in the car and driven a couple of miles before the policemen stated that they had to go back for something. They'd reach there to see Vince and the others with him absolutely laughing their butts off, as Coachman stated on how he cried after discovering that his career might be over. This goes onto show how even the Chairman has a crude sense of humor and played a crazy prank on the gullible Coach.

8 Someone Took A Dump On Sunny's Food

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Sunny was the talk of the town during the 90s, as her amazing figure and tendency to flirt with a lot of men got her in the good books of some influential people, but also incurred the wrath of others who thought of her as a lying hag. Apparently not many in the locker room liked her because of her lying, back-stabbing nature and cheating behind then-boyfriend Chris Candido's back, and her haters showed their displeasure by pooping on her food when she was on WWE's tour in Germany. Sunny was sent home after that incident for her own safety, as it's still not sure who exactly did that disgusting act, even though there have been many fingers pointed at the menacing stable "The Kliq", with Shawn Michaels even stating that it was actually X-Pac who did it because of him not liking Sunny's attitude.

7 The Undertaker Roughed Up Shawn Michaels To "Do His Job"

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Shawn Michaels might have been the face of the WWE in the 90s, but his arrogance and backstage influence made it difficult for anyone to topple over him. But when Stone Cold Steve Austin raised up to the scene, it was getting more and more difficult for Michaels to retain his position as he was poised for a battle with the Rattlesnake at WrestleMania XIV for his WWE Championship. HBK was apparently trying to get out of the match and refusing to take the loss, only for The Undertaker to threaten him that he'll himself beat up Michaels if he didn't do his job. Apparently Taker even had his tapes on and was in the gorilla position when the match was going on as Michaels finally did take the loss and was saved from the wrath of the Deadman, as this goes onto show how ballsy Undertaker really is and the amount of power he himself holds in the locker room.

6 Arn Anderson And Sid Vicious Get Into A Bloody Fight

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Sometimes when these professional wrestlers have to travel 24x7 to perform every day all over the world, it's obvious that the tempers can get the better of some, but things got really ugly between Arn Anderson and Sid Vicious in 1993 when they were both in WCW. During a tour in Germany, they were both having beers in a hotel room when Anderson heard Sid talking badly about his good friend, Ric Flair. This resulted in Anderson throwing some abuses into Sid and him retaliating, but it got cooled by the others in there as everyone went back to their hotel rooms. But Sid decided to take matters to his own hands, as he headed back to Arn's hotel room and hit him with a wooden chair when he opened the door. This escalated to the point where they even had scissors in their hands, as it got really ugly and bloody until the others had to separate them and even though both wrestlers had their own explanations to things, this was definitely one of the most shocking brutal shoot fights in wrestling history.

5 Sting, The Steiners And Paul Heyman's Mad Max Tale

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When you are a pro wrestler, you are bound to drive to events with a partner as much of the wrestlers travel with their buddies to the shows. Sting had the Steiner brothers(Rick and Scott) in the 90s during the WCW days, as they had quite the reputation on the road for trying daredevil moves for "entertainment". This included riding up to 80 MPH and ripping off the car door of another car and terrifying the passenger before speeding away, as they were absolute madmen on the road. But when they tried a similar stunt against Paul Heyman and The Samoan Swat Team (Samu and Fatu), they weren't having any of it as they kept speeding on and didn't let them tear open the car door. When the door didn't open, Sting and The Steiners got infuriated and went onto throw objects at the car, including a watermelon. But the Samoans wouldn't back off, as they bought some stuff from the next petrol station and caught up to the wild trio, throwing their own foreign objects to which the Steiners threw even more. Though it's still not for sure whether this was out of actual anger or just having fun, Paul Heyman would never get a license to rent a car in America ever again because of this ordeal as his car was totaled because of the crazy road fight.

4 The Sandman Overdoses To Death, Recovers To Perform For Event

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The Sandman was definitely one of the most "extreme" wrestlers during the ECW days and has the history of being a massive drug addict, as he has overdosed three times in his life. One instance of it when he was still wrestling for ECW, as he overdosed while in the car travelling to an ECW show in Milwaukee as he shot up Nubain in the car and began to turn purple. The other wrestlers who were travelling with him dropped him at a local hospital, as he was given an adrenaline shot to the heart(aka Pulp Fiction) and revived him. But amazingly, he actually managed to wrestle in that show as he showed himself out of the ER and returned to entertain the fans, as this goes onto show how "extreme" life in ECW was back in the day and how unpredictable the life of these guys really was.

3 Bret Hart Gives Vince McMahon A Black Eye

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Bret Hart was the biggest assets of the WWE in the 90s, before Vince McMahon decided to screw him in his hometown of Montreal. The Montreal Screwjob is still one of the most talked about controversies in the history of wrestling, but things got really intense in the aftermath and beyond the curtains. McMahon would lock himself in his office as Bret demanded to meet him, as he'd meet McMahon after a while but got a fit of rage quickly. He threatened to Vince to leave or risk being punched and when he didn't, Bret Punched him straight in the face, leaving him groggy. Bret later hauled some insults and some of his anger towards Vince, as he would soon leave for WCW and his punch would give Vince a Black Eye and also a sprained ankle when he rolled his ankle after being punched. Vince's black eye could be seen in the Raw after the Screwjob, as this is remains as one of the most shocking backstage altercations as the enraged Bret was not holding back from someone who screwed him in front of his home.

2 Haku Bites Into A Person In An Airport Incident

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Haku had the reputation of being one of the toughest guys in wrestling during his time, as the temperamental Samoan was someone nobody wanted to mess with. That was until a fan would mock him about his sport and state about how "fake" it is when Haku would teach that person a painful lesson. In an incident at Baltimore Airport, Haku and his friend Siva Afi were at a bar having drinks and were about to leave the place when five guys asked them whether they were the "fake wrestlers on TV", to which he decided to show them about how fake he was. Haku went ahead to bit off the nose of a person, as he and Siva cleaned house on the others and taught them a lesson of not to piss of a pro wrestler with the fake claims and this incident goes onto show how crazy and tough Haku really was.

1 The Plane Ride From Hell

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There have been many crazy on the road wrestling incidents in the past, but something of the scale of "The Plane Ride From Hell" will probably never be replicated as some real madness took place in that plane journey on May 5th, 2002. On a chartered flight only for WWE personnel, all the wrestlers were returning together and with a full, open bar and loads of drugs, things got really unstable very quickly. The glaring incident was when Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig challenged Brock Lesnar to a fight to determine who was the better amateur wrestler, as they had to be separated after Lesnar took Hennig down and him being unable to return the favor. Also Dustin Rhodes was allegedly serenading his ex-wife Terri Runnels until being stopped by Jim Ross. He was put in the doghouse by the WWE before being released soon after along with Mr. Perfect who was suspended quickly, while Brock was saved due to him not starting anything. Among other "occurrences" were a fight between Michael PS Hayes and Bradshaw, Scott Hall barely being able to contain himself and a naked "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair allegedly committing sexual assault. This is one real-life wrestling incident for the ages and something which will be remembered for a long, long time.

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