15 Crazy WCW Moments You Didn't Know Were Real

The unpredictable atmosphere in WCW not only played out on the television screen but behind the scenes as well. Vince McMahon ran a more structured company,. meaning the WWE always had to answer to him as a boss. The loose structure in WCW allowed the wrestlers to have more freedom unlike their rival company. That’s a good thing in some respects, if the wrestlers use it creatively for the betterment of the show. Unfortunately, it didn’t always lead to positive results. Eric Bischoff was a terrible leader at times and let the inmates run the asylum known as WCW. Many wrestlers let the scripted show become reality under his watch.

There were other circumstances that caused the various crazy moments to take place over the course of WCW history. Lazy booking, simple mistakes and confusion all played roles in a plethora of ridiculous WCW moments that became real. The shocking moments were all tough to decipher as fans innocently watched the product. Most of these memories sparked the viewer to be confused if they were witnessing something real happening or just an intricate planned part of the show. We’ll look at the controversial history with fifteen crazy moments fans didn’t know were real when watching them unfold.

15 The Shockmaster Falls Down

WWE employed Fred Ottman for a few years to portray the characters of Tugboat and Typhoon. Like most other wrestlers of the era, Ottman jumped ship from WWE to WCW. The new character he signed on to play was The Shockmaster. The big debut for The Shockmaster came when main event stars Sting and Davey Boy Smith introduced him on the "A Flair for the Gold" talk show as their mystery tag partner.

14 Old Woman Wants To Fight Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan turning heel to form the New World Order created one of the most hated villains in wrestling history. WCW fans often showered the ring with garbage when Hogan closed the show by winning the main event and/or beating down the beloved fan favorites. One specific fan stood up to Hogan during an episode of Nitro. Hogan was beating down Sting and walked out of the ring to confront all of the Sting fans.

13 Scott Steiner Calls Out Diamond Dallas Page

Scott Steiner has always been an unpredictable performer that terrified many of the other wrestlers. Steiner had an issue with Kimberly Page and actually chased her out of the building at one point when losing his temper. The following week saw Steiner cut a promo directed towards Kimberly’s husband Diamond Dallas Page. Steiner flat out challenged Page to fight him and ran him down in front of the wrestling world.

12 The Barbarian Beats Up Lee Marshall


The WCW concept of the World War 3 PPV was meant to be their version of the WWE’s Royal Rumble match. WCW made some drastic changes to the battle royal by having sixty men compete in three rings lined up next to each other. The match was often impossible to keep up with until everyone entered one ring towards the end, but it did deliver some cool moments.

11 Tony Schiavone Insults William Regal

The final episode of Monday Nitro marked the end of WCW after Vince McMahon purchased the company. Many of the longtime employees felt heartbreak seeing the company they helped build fail to exist. McMahon appeared on Nitro from the WWE venue in-between matches, as he took the time to flaunt his victory of the Monday Night Wars during the two telecasts.

10 Ric Flair & Eric Bischoff Verbal Battles

You would have assumed that the main feud during the New World Order versus the WCW war would have put Hulk Hogan against Ric Flair. Flair's career was most associated with the success of WCW with him representing the company to its core. Flair’s main rival on Nitro and Thunder actually turned out to be Eric Bischoff. They had an on-screen feud that lasted quite some time.

9 Goldberg Punching Limo Window

Goldberg's ascension saw him become the biggest star in WCW during the final few years. Goldberg believed in his own hype and sometimes forgot wrestling was meant to be a work. Many wrestlers complained about him delivering moves as if they were real rather than trying to protect his opponents. Goldberg was his own worst enemy one night when thinking he was actually a superhero.

8 Brian Pillman Scares Bobby Heenan

Brian Pillman was one of the most talented wrestlers of the 90s, but he didn’t start to make waves until a drastic character change. The new character of Pillman saw him become the most unpredictable man in the business. Pillman blurred reality and script to the point that it confused many of his co-workers. One of his high profile moments came when he faced Eddie Guerrero and went to the outside.

7 Sid Injures Leg

One of the final WCW PPVs delivered a gruesome memory no fan can ever forget. Sid faced off against Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett and Road Warrior Animal in the main event for the WCW Championship. The big man went to the top rope on a very rare occasion and landed on his foot awkwardly to cause the severe injury. Sid’s leg bent in a way that made you cringe in horror. Still, the match continued with the other wrestlers still attacking it like a worked injury.

6 William Regal Humiliates Goldberg

Goldberg's popularity coincided with his ego growing to new heights. Goldberg became a jerk to work with. He refused to work matches with Chris Jericho because he felt he was above Jericho’s comedic persona. One wrestler in WCW that took exception to Goldberg’s mentality and showed it in the ring was William Regal. The veteran had a tremendous amount of  knowledge that he used to make Goldberg look silly during a match on Nitro.

5 Hulk Hogan Getting Angry at Vince Russo’s Shoot Promo


Vince Russo's infamous shoot promo towards Hulk Hogan at Bash at the Beach 2000 lives on today as one of the most controversial moments in wrestling history. Russo actually planned it all by trying to fool fans due to the reputation of Hogan. The story saw Russo trash Hogan for refusing to put over Jeff Jarrett and Jarrett laid down for Hogan to win the match in shocking fashion.

4 Madusa Throwing WWE Women's Championship in Trash


Fans have been conditioned to believe everything that takes places on a wrestling program is planned out ahead of time. This was especially true in the 90s when information was hard to find about the nature of specifics. A perfect example of this happened when Madusa jumped ship from WWE as the reigning WWE Women’s Champion and appeared on Nitro to dump the title in a trash can.

3 Vince McMahon Fires Jeff Jarrett

Vince McMahon typically puts his ego in check if it means making more money. Many of the wrestlers to spurn him in the past have been brought back into the company because it was “best for business.” One person that has never returned following an ugly departure from the WWE is Jeff Jarrett. The end of his time in WWE saw him demand a huge payday to drop the Intercontinental Championship to Chyna or else he would have taken it to WCW.

2 Scott Steiner Trashes Ric Flair

Scott Steiner gave us many crazy moments we are still unsure about. One that was definitely real saw him target Ric Flair. Steiner started to cut shoot promos on Nitro to establish his character and he tapped into his genuine feelings. Flair is someone Steiner has hated since the two had difficulties working together in the early 90s that prevented Steiner from having a main event spot.

1 Booker T Calling Hulk Hogan The N-word

The memory that always stands out with someone breaking character for a crazy moment features Booker T making a huge mistake. Booker, Stevie Ray and Sensational Sherri were cutting a promo together for their Harlem Heat tag team. Things got away from Booker as he got too intense and called out Hulk Hogan of all people, accidentally blurting out the n-word.

Booker looked visibly upset right after he said it, knowing he messed up. It was still hard to believe it happened and fans were left confused. WCW could have been taking a hard left in making the product more edgy but no, it was just Booker making an error. The moment still lives on today with the viral hit being one of the more popular online wrestling videos. Booker still discusses his regret for it and wishes it never happened.

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15 Crazy WCW Moments You Didn't Know Were Real