15 Crazy WWE Workout Routines And Diets You Could NEVER Follow

As you would expect, many WWE Superstars workout multiple times a week strenuously and have what many "normal folks" would consider to be crazy diets.

Pro-wrestlers are undoubtedly some of the hardest working athletes around. To make it in the business, one needs to have an intense dedication to perfecting their craft, as well as constantly putting in that hard work. What's even more daunting about becoming a wrestler is the fact that there are absolutely no guarantees as to whether or not you'll make it. One could be the hardest working guy or gal with perfected in-ring talent, the look and the work ethic yet somehow they still fail to ever amount to anything.

The old saying "I was in the right place at the right time" definitely is repeated fairly often in interviews when successful WWE Superstars take the time to discuss their early career, their big break and how their career projected upwards. Some talents' make it, and some don't. For those few lucky wrestlers who do make it to the "big times" (WWE), you can bet your bottom dollar that each and every one of those said talents' are busting their butts to make sure that they keep themselves looking the part.

Sure, the WWE has signed a few wrestlers recently that don't fit the stereotypical "WWE Superstar" blueprint (guys like Chris Hero and Kevin Owens), but for the most part, the better shape one's in and the better one looks really helps increase the chances of WWE investing interest into a talent.

As you would expect, many WWE Superstars workout multiple times a week strenuously and have what many "normal folks" would consider to be crazy diets in order to keep their body's running as well as continuing to build muscles like a machine. Now I know some athletic fans could potentially keep up with some of these crazily fit Superstars, but for the most of us, we would keel over in exhaustion. Stay tuned, as this list divulges the 15 craziest WWE Superstar diets and workout regimes that you (and I) could never follow!

15  15. Triple H


Although Triple H has left his full-time wrestling career in the past and is now focusing most of his time on becoming one of the company's leaders, Triple H still makes a point to stay in tip-top shape for the occasions when he does wrestle (usually WrestleMania) and just so that he feels good. To start off with, Triple H's diet is very strict and he makes sure that he stays away from any and all junk food. Hunter has a strict diet which consists of lean meats, lots of vegetables, fruit and even more water. Even more grueling is Triple H's workout regime.

Hunter takes the time to work out five days a week despite his already jam packed schedule (Monday for his chest, Tuesday for his back, Wednesday mainly for his shoulders, Thursday for his legs and Friday for his arms). Hunter's exercises include lots of bench presses, dumbbell presses, leg extensions, lateral raises and leg curls. Let's also not forget to mention that Triple H spends about 45 minutes on his cardio every morning by running on a treadmill.

14 Neville


"The King Of The Cruiserweight's" Neville is definitely one of the most shredded performers the WWE has to offer. After spending a couple years floundering as a jobber to the stars, Neville has found his rightful place atop the Cruiserwight Division as the current CW Champ. Although Neville isn't particularly big, he's still in phenomenal condition/shape, and his workout routine and diet reflects his appearance. For the most part, Neville's diet is very strict and mainly includes oatmeal, fish, chicken, vegetables and fruits. Neville has previously stated in interviews that he doesn't like wrestling on a full stomach, so he's really not in-taking anywhere near the amount of food as some of the other Superstars on the list.

For the most part, Neville's diet consists of a fairly small amount of carbs, although he has stated that he increases his carbs intake prior to large matches so his muscles are full of energy. In regards to his workout, Neville incorporates weight training, high intensity cardio and dynamic stretching exercises into his workouts to not only develop larger muscles, but to also have endurance, stamina, flexibility and agility. I'll make the statement and say that Neville's a Cruiserweight beast and is by far the hardest working guy in the division.

13 Cesaro


Cesaro is without a doubt one of the pound for pound strongest wrestlers in the WWE today (and the commentator's make a point of reminding us of this fact very frequently). However, Cesaro's superhuman strength hasn't seemed to have affected his midcard standing in the company though. Regardless, in order to perform as the "Swiss Superman," Cesaro takes on a grueling workout routine that consists of working on his chest, back and traps on Monday, his legs on Tuesday, and arms/shoulders on Wednesday.

Cesaro has always believed in training hard with very little rest time in between sets to build up his endurance. After each and every workout, Cesaro makes sure he spends some time focusing on his abs. Cesaro's workout's consist of lots of bench presses, dead lifts, pull-ups, push-ups, barbell/dumbbell shrugs, squats as well as arm and leg curls. To add to the madness, Cesaro makes sure he intakes between 3000-4000 calories a day split between his carbs/proteins and fats. Although Cesaro has stated that he doesn't believe in "trendy" fitness eating and rather indulges in chocolate frequently, his insane workout's are enough to make me want to keel over!

12 Ryback


Although Ryback never quite "made it" in the WWE during his run between 2012-2016 and never truly seemed ready for his pushes, there's no denying that The Big Guy is a freak of nature when it comes to his workout routines and diet. In regards to Ryback's diet, The Big Guy likes to consume two protein shakes in a day, and he likes to eat at least once every couple hours and these meals vary from steak to grilled chicken. It was once stated that Ryback eats around 10 times every day consuming around 1000-2000 calories combining all of his meals.

For The Big Guy's workout, Ryback spends Monday's focusing on his chest, Tuesday on his shoulders, Wednesday for his biceps and triceps, Thursday for his back, and finally, Friday for his legs. Ryback's daily workout's consist of very similar exercises to Triple H. Whether or not Ryback is on steroids, there's no doubt that he's an absolute monster in the gym who works out very hard to achieve his freakish size and strength. The Big Guy also definitely lives by the motto "eat healthy but eat a heck of a lot."

11 Jinder Mahal


"The Maharaja" Jinder Mahal is probably the most talked about WWE Superstar who underwent an incredible physical transformation within just months. Although many believe "Hardy Body Mahal" is taking steroids to achieve his chiseled physique, Jinder claims otherwise and he has stated in interviews that hard work, a clean diet and staying away from the booze have been the only difference makers in his drastically changed appearance. If Mahal's current workout routine doesn't convince you of his rapid muscle growth, then I don't know what will.

Jinder does cardio six days a week, as well as the standard weight training six days a week with one day rest. Aside from the standard weight-related exercises, Mahal claims that he incorporates Olympic style movements including lots of squats and push-ups. In regards to "The Modern Day Maharaja's" diet, Jinder eats roughly every two hours and each meal consists of 30-40 grams of carbs and 30-40 grams of protein. Jinder Mahal has also stated that he hasn't indulged in a single "cheat meal" in over three months. Personally, I don't believe that I could go even three days without indulging in some junk food!

10 John Cena


John Cena has been the WWE's franchise star for over a decade now, and his workout regime and diet reflects that. Although some fans just don't like the "Cenation Leader," I think it's safe to say that we can all respect Cena for his incredible work ethic to be able to keep himself in shredded tip-top shape all the time considering the extremely busy schedule he has. In regards to Cena's workout regime, John exercises very vigorously, and few people can replicate his workouts other than trained pro bodybuilders. Cena works out five days a week, with Monday being his legs and calves day, Tuesday his chest, Wednesday for his arms, Thursday for shoulders and Friday for his back.

Some of Cena's common exercises include single and double leg curls, leg presses, squats, barbell presses, bench presses, dumbbell curls, pull-ups, dead-lifts and high rows. After each workout, John makes sure he completes 60 crunches. As far as Cena's diet is concerned, John has five planned out meals every day as well as a protein shake. Cena intakes a lot of chicken, brown rice, pasta, tuna, oatmeal and eggs/egg whites. John definitely keeps his diet very strict and clean, and he try's to stay away from indulging in "cheat meals."

9 Rusev


The totally misused and underappreciated Rusev is one of the WWE's most solid performers, not to mention one of the most powerful ones too. To keep his nickname as the "Bulgarian Brute," Rusev trains hard in the gym with his personal trainer six days a week with one rest day, Sunday. On Monday, Rusev focuses on his legs with exercises like squats, lunges, leg curls and calf raises, Tuesday for his arms with exercises like bicep curls and overhead dumbbell triceps extensions, Wednesday for chest and calves, Thursday for his shoulders and forearms, Friday for his back, and finally, Saturday targeting his chest and triceps.

Rusev's training is all about progressive overload, and he intensifies his workouts every time he hits the gym and he tries to have little rest time in between exercises/sets. Aside from his cardio and weight training, Rusev also exercises functionally with exercises like lifting heavy sandbags for example to specifically train himself for what he does in the ring multiple times a week. In regards to Rusev's diet, he consumes a very large number of calories and protein ridden foods, very similar to Ryback. Although Rusev has a high calories diet, he still try's to eat healthy so that his body's fueled with good foods versus "cheat meals."

8 Seth Rollins


Seth Rollins, also referred to as the "cross-fit Jesus" definitely has superhuman strength and conditioning because of his insane and grueling cross-fit workout routine. If you hadn't known, Rollins has stated on multiple occasions that he isn't a fan of just "pumping iron" in the gym as he finds it to be monotonous and boring. Instead, Seth Rollins like to take part in a growing trend among fitness connoisseurs called cross-fit which incorporates both cardio and weight lifting to produce the ultimate exercise that works the whole body, and it's much more dynamic than just lifting heavy weights.

Seth trains Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in cross-fit, and then he'll row 5000 meters for time on Saturday. Wednesday and Sunday are Seth's days off from his grueling workout schedule. There are lots of push-ups, pull-ups, burpees and lunges in Rollins' cross-fit workout (basically all those hard conditioning exercises that help get Seth into prime ring shape). Seth Rollins diet is quite simple, as he believes that he can afford to eat what he wants (when he wants) yet still be in tip-top shape. However, Rollins is a firm believer in eating healthy over just filling up on junk food. It's no wonder why Rollins never seems to tire in the ring, he's training like a superhuman machine!

7 Goldberg


The 50 year old Bill Goldberg made a shocking comeback to the WWE last year, and he was one of the company's most heavily advertised stars up until this past WrestleMania in which he lost the Universal Championship to Brock Lesnar. After having an absence from pro-wrestling for 12 years, I doubt a single person would've expected Goldberg to look how he did when he returned to the company (not to mention at 50 years old!) As you would probably expect, Bill had been training all day and night (literally) and feeding his body with food constantly to look as jacked as he did for his short run.

Goldberg even stated in an interview with GQ Magazine that he was consuming a couple pounds more food than he did way back in his prime to keep his beastly size. At his age, Goldberg had to train 10 times harder (and eat five times more) than he would've 12 years ago. Bill was consuming tons of lean meat, protein as well as carbs (only during the daytime) and between four and six protein shakes which supposedly made Goldberg feel extremely bloated. As far as his workout routine, Goldberg trained in Muay Thai, did various cardio-related exercises along with the usual weight lifting. A true beast!

6 Brock Lesnar


Although I had called Goldberg a "beast," if there's a WWE Superstar who fits the description of a beast in the truest sense of the word, then look no further than " The Beast Incarnate" Brock Lesnar. Despite being well removed from his prime, Brock's still an intimidating freak of nature who's just about stronger than everyone else on the current roster. As you would expect from someone bearing the nickname "The Beast Incarnate," Lesnar trains like a maniac in the gym. Brock's workout routine is as followed: Monday's for conditioning, chest and triceps, Tuesday for conditioning, back and triceps, Thursday for conditioning and shoulders, and Friday for conditioning and legs.

Brock's rest days are Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Lesnar's conditioning exercises include a deathly amount of push-ups, pull-ups, bear crawls and lots of high intensity treadmill/bike exercises. The rest of Brock's various muscle targeted exercises are pretty standard (although his reps are out of this world). Ever since Brock Lesnar was diagnosed with diverticulitis, his diet has become more healthy with meals revolving around meat, fish, vegetables, nuts and seeds as well as drinking a gallon of water each day. Brock doesn't consume very many processed foods, sugar or salt.

5 Roman Reigns


Although most of us like to poke fun at the WWE for attempting to present Reigns as a superhuman Superstar who's beyond strong, there's no denying that Roman's still strong, and very strong at that. Roman's typical daily workout consists of three to four hours of intense weight training along with his cardio to keep in ring shape. Some of Roman's typical daily exercises include dumbbell/barbell presses, leg extensions, squats, leg curls, dead-lifts, barbell rows, military presses and dips. Roman Reigns trains 6 days a week with Sunday being his one rest day. There's no question that Reigns is working his a-- off to keep himself in that "face of the company" shape much like John Cena.

As far as his diet, Roman hasn't stated exactly what he consumes on a daily basis (probably doesn't want to reveal his secrets), but he made sure to make it known that he eats like a quote unquote "caveman" with a fairly high protein intake. However, Roman also made it known that it's very important to limit junk food consumption which is something that Reigns had claimed he didn't do while playing college football. Roman's diet has become way more strict over the years since transitioning into pro-wrestling, but he still intakes a large portion of food, albeit good healthy food that is.

4 The Rock


Despite The Rock being well removed from his full-time WWE days, he's still advertised as a WWE Superstar despite making fewer appearances. As I'm sure you're aware, Dwayne is Hollywood's highest paying actor, and Rocky certainly didn't get there by slacking off. Since The Rock is a big and bulky "muscle guy," his movie roles are based off of his size, and to continue being utilized as the bad-ass muscle character in his movies (or when brought back to the WWE for various feuds), Dwayne works his a-- off in the gym "clanging and banging," On an average day, Rock will wake up around 3:00 am, and then hit the gym by 4:00 am where he does both cardio exercises as well as the usual weight training for around 90 minutes.

Johnson has stated in interviews that he try's to train six days a week with one rest day usually being Sunday. Monday's for working on his chest, Tuesday for his legs, Wednesday abs and arms, Thursday for his back, Friday for his shoulders and Saturday for another legs day. In regards to his beastly diet, The Rock consumes six or seven meals a day. His diet is a combination of proteins, carbs and fats and all the foods Rocky eats are strictly chosen by him and his nutrition team. Some of the foods The Rock consumes daily include egg whites, chicken, fish, oatmeal, broccoli, asparagus, rice, salad, one protein shake and of course, a ton of water.

3 Charlotte Flair


"The Queen" Charlotte Flair is undoubtedly one of, if not the fittest Women's Division wrestler in the WWE today. Charlotte's physique is sculpted, and her intense conditioning training has morphed her into a superhuman athlete who never seems to tire in the ring. To keep herself looking and performing like a true WWE Superstar, Charlotte Flair works out either three or four times a week, and she focuses most of her time on her back, shoulders and legs. However, to round things out, Charlotte makes sure she gets in one full-body workout/cardio day sometime during the week. On Charlotte's cardio day, she spends time on both an elliptical machine and a stair-climber (around 30 minutes on each machine at high resistance).

To keep her body fueled with energy, Charlotte has to eat approximately every two to two-and-a-half hours with the key dietary focus on protein. Charlotte claims to eat a lot of tuna, and drinks nearly (or occasionally over) a gallon of water a day. However, Charlotte has admitted that she sometime indulges in "cheat meals" such as ice cream or cheeseburgers, but she makes damn sure that she works extra hard in the gym following one of those meals. There's no denying that miss Flair's a beast, as her workout routine and diet is very similar to her male co-workers.

2 Batista


It may seem hard to believe that "The Animal" Batista is 48 years old based off of his excellent shape, but it's true, Batista is no spry young buck anymore at nearly 50 years old. However, age doesn't seem to phase Batista at all, as his workout routines are still extremely intense (although he takes more rest days now so that his body has enough time to recover which wasn't as much of an issue in his younger years). Despite having an incredibly ripped and chiseled physique, Batista only works out three times a week and has four days off to rest and recover.

Although this may seem doable for the average Joe, the days Batista does workout more than make up for those few skipped days. On Monday, Batista works on his calves and thighs (calf raises, leg curls, leg presses et cetera), Wednesday for his back and shoulders and Friday for his chest and arms. Batista's diet now a days is quite strict, as his diet's very low in fat and consisting of large amounts of protein. Some of the foods "The Animal" eats on a daily basis include eggs/egg whites, grilled chicken breasts, oatmeal, fish, brown rice, green beans and of course, plenty of water.

1 Braun Strowman


Out of all the crazy WWE Superstar diets and workout routines I've included on the list, Braun Strowman's has to be the craziest of them all by far. The "Monster Among Men" and the former pro strongman is an absolute freak in the gym, and his daily exercise routines typically revolve around weight training, but Braun has also stepped up his cardio and conditioning so that he's able to perform longer main event matches without gassing out. Braun utilizes fairly basic weight training exercises, but to keep his reputation as the "Monster Among Men" intact, Strowman makes his training 10 times harder than the average (with way heavier weights than almost every other WWE Superstar).

However, despite having a crazy workout regime, Braun's diet is far more insane. To put it in perspective, Strowman consumes an astonishing 12,000-13,000 calories a day. His diet consists of lots of chicken breasts, rice, protein shakes, Chipotle (his guilty pleasure), protein bars and cookies as well as eggs/egg whites. Basically he eats what most WWE Superstars eat, only he eats 10 times as much which is incredible! I doubt I (or most of you) could even consume Braun Strowman's daily diet spread out between three days let alone one. Braun is the WWE's true monster, and his workout routine and diet are proof of that.

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