15 Creepiest Things Vince McMahon Has Done To WWE Divas

The stories about Vince McMahon and the WWE Divas over the past few decades have become legendary. It seems that The Chairman uses his power as an advantage in a number of situations when it comes to the women who have been signed to his company over the past few years. Vince McMahon is married to Linda, who is currently part of Donald Trump's presidential cabinet. She left the company back in 2009 so that she could concentrate on her political career, leaving her husband to his own devices backstage in WWE.

That being said, while Linda was working as part of WWE alongside her husband, she didn't exactly keep him on a tight leash. Some of the following stories have come from a number of women who joined the company when the women were seen as eye candy and were not treated with the respect that they deserve There were a number of lawsuits filed by females following their release from WWE in the early 2000s, which proved that something was definitely not right.

The following list looks at 15 of the creepiest things Vince McMahon has been known to do to the women of WWE over the past few decades.

15 Vince Get's A Lap Dance From Stacy Keibler


Stacy Keibler was a female wrestler who was signed to WWE from WCW and didn't actually have any wrestling skills. She was used as a valet and basically as eye candy because the male demographic of the WWE Universe seemed to love her long legs.

During an episode of SmackDown back in 2002 when McMahon was looking to hire a new assistant, Stacy was put forward for the job, even though she didn't have an actual resume, but to seal the deal she performed a lap dance in front of her new boss. Once again this was another segment that wasn't needed on WWE TV but was added so that Vince could have some Diva action without being accused of cheating and so that The Chairman could continue to have his ego stroked.

14 When Vince Tried To Force Trish To Join His Exclusive Club


Vince McMahon and Trish Stratus had a close, personal relationship for a long time but this all ended when it seemed that Trish was finally going to be taken seriously as a wrestler. WWE decided to later circle back on themselves a few months later when it seemed that Vince wanted revenge on Trish after she slapped him at WrestleMania.

Vince's form of revenge was to corner Trish in the ring and force her to join his Kiss My Ass Club. This was basically another excuse for Vince to get up close and personal to Trish and then be able to unbutton his pants in front of her. Thankfully, Trish was never forced to join the club, as she was later saved by The Rock who went on to humiliate McMahon instead after Trish ran away.

13 Vince McMahon And Torrie Wilson Scenes


Torrie Wilson was never a fully trained wrestler. She was hired by WCW after she was seen backstage with one of the superstars and was then moved over to WWE when WCW 's demise began. Torrie was used by Vince to send a message to WCW and that was why he made a bee line for her when she was first shown on WWE TV.

Vince seemed to enjoy being booked into scenes like this with the women of WWE, because it stoked his ego and meant that he could get away with it because his wife didn't consider it to be cheating. Poor Torrie had to endure a lot of Vince's advances in her first few weeks with WWE, but she came through it and then was forced to endure even more bad booking. That was sadly Torrie's entire WWE career in a nutshell.

12 Saying That The Mae Young Classic Women Were "Not Attractive" Enough For WWE


The Mae Young Classic was supposed to prove how far Women's Wrestling had come over the past few years. The tournament was widely considered to be a success, even though many reports coming out of the event claim that WWE executives are still living in the 1990s.

It is unknown if Vince McMahon was one of the executives that were reported to have said that the women in the tournament were not attractive for WWE standards and that this was a huge problem for the tournament overall. This could be one of the reasons why WWE have reportedly only signed Kairi Sane out of all 32 competitors, the company signed many more men following the Cruiserweight Classic in 2016, but it seems that Vince has a standard when to how talented a female is, she also has to be a certain level of attractive.

11 McMahon Taught Kelly Kelly A Lap Dance


Kelly Kelly was signed to WWE as part of their ECW brand and became known as an exhibitionist for a number of months before she was moved to the main roster and taken seriously as a wrestler when she became WWE Divas Champion.

One of the first things Kelly was forced to do when she came to WWE was to give Vince McMahon a lap dance. It is reported that Vince actually taught Kelly the dance that he wanted her to do so that she didn't get it wrong and she even stated herself that he was pretty good at it. Kelly obviously went through with it and was later only known for the dances that she did on WWE TV, so the lap dance must have been memorable for her as well.

10 Vince Told Sasha Banks To Lie About Being Married


Vince McMahon obviously looks at the women he employs differently from the men. Even in 2017 when the Women's Revolution is in full swing and wrestling isn't all about what women look like, it seems that Vince likes to maintain a certain amount of his old rules.

It was reported that the reason why Sasha Banks was recently seen on WWE TV commenting that she was single while feuding with Alicia Fox and Noam Dar, was because The Chairman wants his women to still be seen as both desirable and available. In this information age when it is easy to find out that Sasha is in fact married and the only single female wrestlers right now are Emma, Charlotte, and Dana Brooke, somehow McMahon seems to think that the WWE Universe is unable to find this out.

9 Vince Tried To Split Up Paige And Alberto Del Rio


One of the strangest things to come out of WWE back in 2016 was that former WWE Divas Champion Paige was in a relationship with former World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio. That being said, Paige is an adult and is allowed to date whoever she wants when she isn't on-screen for WWE, right?

Well, apparently not. It seems that Vince seems to think he can control who many of his female wrestler's date, and he once again tried to intervene when Paige was confirmed to be dating Del Rio. It was reported that Paige was told to break up with Del Rio or that she could lose her job, which has to be a breach of someone's contractual rights somewhere. WWE must think it has more power over its employees that it actually does.

8 Rita Chatterton's Allegations


WWE recently announced that they had hired the first ever female referee, Jessika Carr. In actual fact, WWE employed the first ever female referee back in the 1980s, but thanks to the allegations that followed her WWE release, the company refuses to reference her.

Rita left WWE in 1992 and when she appeared on Geraldo Rivera’s Now It Can Be Told talk show shortly afterward, she revealed that The WWE Chairman had sexually assaulted her when she refused to give him oral sex inside his limo. She later alleged that Linda McMahon had paid her $5 million dollars to keep quiet about the entire altercation. No charges were made formally by Rita, but shockingly in 2010, Vince's attorney threatened legal action to anyone who published this speculation, which just added fuel to the fire.

7 Vince And His Own Daughter Fight


You would think that being the daughter of Vince McMahon would automatically mean that he wasn't allowed to be the same level of creepy with you, but Vince has had his fair share of cringeworthy moments with his daughter as well.

These moments range from pitching that he was the real father of her baby back in the early 2000s to later facing her in a match back in 2003 where he legitimately abused his own child in an I Quit match in front of thousands of stunned WWE fans. It seems that Vince really didn't care that his daughter wasn't a trained wrestler or that she was female, he was there to force her to quit. In the end, it was Linda who saved Stephanie that day, but what kind of a father books his daughter in a match like that to begin with?

6 Sable Lawsuit


Many of the WWE Universe are perhaps unaware that many of the storylines on WWE TV that actually made it to air were given the OK by Vince McMahon. Sable was one of the stars that came forward after she first left WWE back in 1999 and sued the company for sexual harassment and stated that WWE had unsafe working conditions.

Vince responded to the lawsuit by filing one of his own to stop Sable being able to use her ring name outside of WWE. It seems that The Chairman didn't even have the decency to respond to the claims in the lawsuit that Sable stated was because she refused to go topless on WWE TV. The lawsuit was settled and Sable later returned to WWE, but it all seemed to be figured out a little too quickly

5 McMahon Gives Us A Little Too Much Information


Vince McMahon decided to test Mr. America with a lie detector so that once and for all he could find out if he was Hulk Hogan. It seems that this failed since the lie detector instead proved that Mr. America wasn't Hulk Hogan before Vince decided that Hogan had found a way to tamper with it, so he wanted to try.

This completely backfired on McMahon when he was forced to admit that he had pleasured himself to images of Torrie Wilson from her Playboy magazine in the limo on the way to SmackDown earlier that night. Vince was also forced to admit that he lusts after women who also look like Mae Young. There seemed to be a little too much truth in these "scripted" moments. It was one of the strangest segments WWE has ever forced their fans to endure and one that no one really needed to see.

4 Vince And Candice Michelle


Candice Michelle is a former WWE Divas Champion and Playboy cover girl, but when she was first coming through the ranks in WWE, she was used as eye candy on SmackDown and aligned with Vince McMahon.

Some of the scenes with Vince were considered to be quite seedy, and at one point Candice was forced to make out with her boss after weeks of the duo becoming closer. That being said, WWE writer Jenson Karp revealed last year that The WWE Chairman actually came to the creative team and stated that after he had groped Candice's chest the week before, he definitely wanted to make out with her that week. The writers were then forced to script a backstage scene that would allow Vince to kiss the much younger star.

3 Vince Tried To Break Up Lana And Rusev


There are a number of couples in the company right now and it seems that WWE is taking full advantage of these by adding them to shows like Total Divas to help improve the ratings of the E! Network show that is now in its seventh season.

One of the couples who were part of the show was Lana and Rusev, but it seems that when they were first brought up to the main roster and McMahon realized that they were a real-life couple, he couldn't understand how someone like Rusev had landed Lana. In an attempt to split them up, Vince put Lana in an on-screen relationship with Dolph Ziggler, this seemingly failed since Rusev and Lana announced their engagement merely weeks later. I suppose that serves Vince right for trying to meddle in his employee's personal lives.

2 Making Trish Stratus Strip And Bark Like A Dog


Trish Stratus has been retired from WWE now for almost 11 years. She is a record-setting former seven-time Women's Champion and is widely considered to be one of the best female wrestlers that the company has ever seen. Although there is one storyline that WWE prefers not to relive when it comes to Trish's incredible career.

Trish managed to make an enemy of Vince McMahon quite early into her career and it seems that he decided to take this out on her by forcing her to strip in the middle of the ring before getting on her hands and knees and telling her to bark like a dog. This was degrading and humiliating for Trish, but essentially another storyline that Vince came up with to allow him to interact with the women in the company.

1 Christy Hemme Affair?


There are a number of urban legends when it comes to Vince McMahon and his conduct with the WWE Divas over the past few decades, but one that seems to stick out above all the rest is the rumor that Vince once had an affair with 2004 Raw Diva Search winner Christy Hemme.

Hemme wasn't with the company for long after her win, and she made the switch over to Impact Wrestling and hasn't really talked about why she suddenly left WWE. It was reported that Stephanie McMahon found out about her father's seedy affair with the former Diva and forced The Chairman to then release her from the company. It wouldn't be the first contact that Vince had with the women backstage and it's quite obvious that it definitely wouldn't be the last.

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