15 Current And Former Wrestlers You Didn’t Know Are Moms

Being a mom is tough and for many it is considered a full time job. Working moms have a lot on their plates, but luckily many of them work close to home so they have time to take care of their children. That is not the case for wrestling moms, who have to be on the road most of the year and don’t have much time to stay at home.

Perhaps that is the reason that most of the current women’s wrestlers in the WWE have no children yet. If you watch Total Divas you know how Brie Bella struggled with wanting children and eventually decided to retire from in ring competition in order to do so. Over the years many women in the wrestling business have given birth, leading some people to wonder if their sons or daughters will become the next group of second generation superstars.

15 Mickie James

Mickie James recently surprised the wrestling world when she returned to the WWE in the form of NXT and challenged Osaka for the NXT Women’s Championship. James originally started out in TNA after wrestling on the indy circuit and then came to the WWE from 2003 to 2010. She returned to TNA from 2010 to 2013 and again in 2015 and has also competed in Global Force Wrestling and had a music career. In 2007 she was engaged to Kenny from the Spirit Squad but in 2015 she married wrestler Magnus. Mickie had her first child with Magnus in 2014 which was a boy named Donovan Patrick. Since she came back to the WWE she has a great chance of being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

14 Candice Michelle

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Candice Michelle started out her wrestling career as a Diva Search contestant and ended up becoming the WWE Women’s Champion. She competed in the WWE from 2004 to 2009 and also appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine. Candice married a chiropractor in 2005 and the couple now has three daughters. Their first AkiAnne Rose was born in May 2010. Ryumi Grace was born in October 2012 and Aloha Von Ehrlich was born in July 2015. Having three young children certainly keeps Michelle busy and the fact that she was in such great shape for wrestling helps her keep up with her energetic kids. Who knows if more kids are on the way, perhaps they will keep trying for a boy to go with all the little divas.

13 Jillian Hall

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Jillian Hall may be best remembered for her terrible gimmick as a bad pop singer in the WWE or for her enormous mole that was eaten by The Boogeyman. Jillian competed in the WWE from 2005 to 2010 and at one time was the WWE Divas Champion. She also managed JBL, MNM, and Orlando Jordan. Not much is known about her daughter Victoria, but she is a teenager by now and is from Jillian’s first marriage. She became engaged to former WWE wrestler James Dick in 2009 but ended up marrying someone else in 2010. Jillian became pregnant in 2011 but suffered a miscarriage. She has had to overcome some relationship issues and was arrested in 2012 for battery. She then separated from her husband.

12 Stacy Keibler

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Stacy Keibler has gone on to have a successful career after being in the wrestling business. She wasn’t much of a wrestler but was known for her long legs and attractiveness. Keibler was a part of WCW and WWE and started out as a Nitro Girl. She went on to star in films and television series and competed on Dancing with the Stars. Stacy dated wrestlers David Flair and Test as well as actor Geoff Stults and George Clooney. She finally settled down with businessman Jared Pobre and got married in March 2014. The couple welcomed their daughter Ava Grace in August 2014 and photos of her are shared by Stacy on her social media accounts. It remains to be seen if Keibler will have any more children.

11 Terri Runnels

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Terri Runnels got her start in WCW as Alexandra York and then managed and competed in the WWE under the name Marlena and then using her real name. She is a one time WWE Hardcore Champion and won a Slammy Award for Best Couple with Goldust. Terri dated Brian Pillman at one time but married Dustin Rhodes in 1993 and had their daughter Dakota in 1994. In 1999 she divorced Dustin and got remarried before divorcing again and dating New Jack at one point. Terri and Dustin’s daughter Dakota recently graduated from college and studied film and even made a short biopic about her father. She also stars in the YouTube series DakAndDust with him. It is unknown whether or not she has any desire to wrestle, but she may end up getting into the business as a broadcaster or behind the scenes.

10 Tamina Snuka

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Tamina Snuka is part of the Anoa’I wrestling family and most notably the daughter of former wrestling Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka. She was a big strong diva who took the WWE by storm and was a part of the faction Beautiful and Dangerous (BAD) during the Diva’s Revolution. Being part of a big family is nothing new to Tamina, who has two daughters, Milaneta and Maleata. Her first marriage ended in divorce back in 2003, and Tamina’s children were occasionally seen on the reality series Total Divas. Snuka was not on TV for much of 2016 because she had knee surgery in May to repair torn ligaments. Perhaps her daughters will be the next generation of this large Samoan wrestling family and the first second generation mother-daughter wrestlers.

9 Eve Torres

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Eve Torres was the big winner of the WWE’s 2007 Diva Search which gained her a contract and helped her career tremendously. Eve went on to become a three time WWE Divas Champion while she was with the company from 2008 to 2013. Torres has been working as a martial arts instructor at the Gracie Women Empowered Self-defense program since 2013. The next year she married Rener Gracie of the famous MMA family and the two had their first child in September 2015. They named their son Raeven Gracie but it is more likely he will join the Gracie family and study Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu than become a professional wrestler like his mother used to be. Since he is still young, it is likely that Eve will have more children before long.

8 Ashley Massaro

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Ashley Massaro wasn’t a very successful wrestler but she did earn a contract after winning the 2005 WWE Diva Search which also earned her $250k. Ashley competed in the WWE from 2005 to 2008 before leaving the business. She tried her hand at acting and modeling and even competed on the reality television series Survivor. At one point Massaro dated wrestler Matt Hardy. Her daughter Alexa “Lexi” Massaro was born in July 2000. Her daughter became sick in 2008 which prompted Ashley to ask for her released from the WWE and she never got back into wrestling. Massaro joined a class action lawsuit against WWE in November 2016 related to injury caused by neurological damage, and also alleges she was sexually assaulted on a WWE tour of Kuwait at a US military base.

7 Joy Giovanni

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Joy Giovanni is considered to be one of the hottest women in wrestling history even though she barely competed in the ring. Joy was part of the WWE from 2004 to 2005 and finished third in the 2004 Diva Search. She was named the Rookie Diva of the Year in 2005 and also had a son at the time who was born in October 1998. Joy has been working in the massage therapy industry and has done some acting and modeling. By now her son would be old enough to enter the wrestling business, but it’s not like he has wrestling in his blood as Joy would not have even been in the WWE if not for her good looks. Giovanni also won the L.A. Model Expo in 2001.

6 Dawn Marie

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Dawn Marie may be best remembered for her time in ECW but she also competed in the WWE as well as several independent promotions. In the WWE she may be remembered for her long feud with Torrie Wilson which ended up with her getting married to Torrie’s father Al Wilson and then gave him a heart attack from sex. Dawn was engaged to former ECW and TNA wrestler Simon Diamond in the late 90s but never got married. She ended up marrying someone else in Jun 2005 and had her first child, Matthew, in December 2005. She gave birth to her second girl, Katelyn Marie in May 2009. Dawn Marie will always be remembered for her sexiness in the wrestling business even though she didn’t have much success in the ring.

5 Sable

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Sable was very popular back in the day and competed in the WWF from 1996 to 1999 before returning to the WWE from 2003 to 2004 before she would file a $110 million lawsuit against them which included sexual harassment. Sable had her first daughter way back in 1988 before she was even a part of the business. Her first husband passed away and she met wrestler Marc Mero/Johnny B. Badd from 1994 to 2004. Sable then met Brock Lesnar and the two were married in 2006. They ended up having a son named Turk in June 2009 and another named Duke in 2010. Believe it or not Sable is now a grandmother and has been one since 2012! She is also a stepmom to twins from Brock’s previous marriage, Mya and Brock Jr. (watch out WWE).

4 Madison Rayne

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Madison Rayne is one of the few women’s wrestlers who is still active in the WWE or TNA and is also a mom. She is best known for being with TNA since 2009 and is a five time TNA Knockouts Champion as well as a two time TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion. Before that she competed on the independent scene and in promotions like Shimmer and Wrestlicious. Madison got married in 2011 and had her first child, girl Charley in August 2013. She got divorced and then ended up marrying TNA announcer Josh Matthews in August 2015. Rayne still competes in TNA part time and also has other duties behind the scenes for the company. It remains to be seen if she will have any more children, perhaps once she retires from in ring competition.

3 Beth Phoenix

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Beth Phoenix may not seem like the motherly type based on her strength and physicality in the ring. She wrestled in the WWE from 2006 to 2012 and was very successful, winning the WWE Women’s Championship three times as well as the WWE Divas Championship and a Slammy Award for Diva of the Year. Beth was formerly married to wrestler Joey Knight but started dating Edge and the couple had a daughter named Lyric Rose in December 2013. Beth and Edge had their second daughter, Ruby Ever, in May 2016 and were married in October of that year. The couple also has four dogs and Phoenix is earning her master’s degree in forensic psychology since retiring from wrestling. Who knows if her daughters will ever try to get into the business.

2 Jazz

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Jazz was a very impressive and powerful diva back in the day and is a two time WWE Women’s Champion. She started off in ECW and wrestled in the WWE from 2001 to 2004 before returning from 2006 to 2011. She still competes on the independent circuit and is married to former WWE superstar Rodney Mack. Jazz gave birth to twins named Skye and Summer in November 2008 and she also now runs a wrestling school. Her daughters already have good wrestling names, so perhaps one day they will become the next version of the Bella Twins. Jazz is still going strong and won the NWA World Women’s Championship in September 2016. By now her daughters are eight and could start showing an interest in the business.

1 Stephanie McMahon

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Some wrestling fans know that Stephanie McMahon is a mom, but she does a good job at keeping it hidden. Stephanie grew up in the business and even though her mother Linda did not wrestle, she ran things behind the scenes and eventually went on to become part of Donald Trump’s presidential cabinet. We all know that Stephanie married Triple H but what you might not know is that their daughter Aurora Rose was born in July 2006, and the couple has two other daughters, Murphy Claire and Vaughn Evelyn. You have to think Triple H wants a son and Vince would like a grandson on that side, because someone with Triple H’s skills and Vince’s brains could be great for the family business someday.

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