15 Current Backstage Rumors Vince Is Hiding From Us

The rumor mill in professional wrestling makes it impossible to keep most things a secret. WWE plans and drama usually finds its way online before too long thanks to sources and wrestling insiders. The current landscape of WWE having two separate rosters on Raw and SmackDown Live following the brand split should lead to more opportunities for the talent. Opportunity usually leads to happiness, but there is still a bit of controversy going down behind the scenes. WWE is unhappy with a few wrestlers along with a few, being upset with their position or the happenings in the company.

We'll take a look at some of the hottest rumors going down backstage in WWE. These are the specific rumors that WWE can’t be happy about leaking out and becoming common knowledge. Vince McMahon definitely would not want to see such information in the public. It either paints WWE in a bad light or shows how difficult things can be working for the company. There are a few that aren’t necessarily bad things, but WWE would want to keep it a secret considering the fact they would get spoiled. All will be examined when looking at fifteen current backstage WWE rumors Vince wants to hide from us.

15 Wrestlers Upset At Brock Lesnar Being Champion

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One of the major issues in WWE right now is the company relying on part-timers and sacrificing their full-time talent. The 50 year old Goldberg defeating Kevin Owens to win the Universal Championship summed up this problem and Brock Lesnar defeating Goldberg isn’t any better. We have not seen the Universal Championship on television since the night after WrestleMania 33.

The wrestlers on Raw have no chance to challenge for the title any time soon. Lesnar is expected to have a very long reign as champion. Many wrestlers are reportedly upset with the lack of a World Title on their show given Lesnar’s part-time schedule. Everyone is working four nights a week and Lesnar will likely just have four matches all year. Moral goes down when someone like Brock is made the champion.

14 American Alpha In The Doghouse

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The Tag Team Division has been the most disappointing aspect of SmackDown Live following the brand split. American Alpha were drafted out of NXT to be the faces of the division. Chad Gable and Jason Jordan showed tremendous potential in NXT and have delivered flashes of brilliance on the main roster. The road to getting consistently over has however been a tough task.

WWE specifically left the SmackSown Tag Team Championship off of WrestleMania 33 with American Alpha losing the belts to The Usos shortly before. Gable and Jordan are rumored to be in the doghouse with WWE losing confidence in their team. New Day being drafted to SmackDown as the new top face team is not a good sign for American Alpha. Gable and Jordan are now feuding with Primo and Epico as they dramatically drop in the pecking order.

13 Roman Reigns Was Supposed To Join SmackDown

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The recent Superstar Shakeup was supposed to have one major trade that never happened. A.J. Styles was rumored to be heading to Raw and Roman Reigns was going to SmackDown Live. Something changed at the last minute to keep both men on their respective shows. Reigns coming off his win over The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33 likely made it important that he remain on the flagship show.

WWE clearly views Raw as a bigger show than SmackDown thus making Reigns unable to make the move as planned. Reigns also found his way in a feud with Braun Strowman that is scheduled to go over the next few months. The decision to send to Reigns to SmackDown ended up being canceled and that also influenced Styles staying on the blue brand as the face of the show.

12 Jinder Mahal Only Pushed To Get Over In India Market

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Jinder Mahal winning the number one contender spot for the WWE Championship shocked the wrestling world. No one expected the enhancement talent to receive such a major push in the main event picture. The reason for this is not one WWE wants fans to put together. WWE Shop launched in India with the plans for further expansion coming soon.

WWE is attempting to use Mahal’s heritage to tap into a market that is very pivotal. India has the most social media users on WWE’s channels than any other country in the world. The fact that Mahal is the only person they could push to appeal to that audience is a sad fact. WWE put them in a poor position with Mahal being the only noteworthy Indian singles star to branch out into India with.

11 Sasha Banks Heel Turn In Works

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A storyline swerve coming soon that most of us can already sense is Sasha Banks turning heel. The friendship of Banks and Bayley has been one of the focal points of the Women’s Division on Raw. Banks turning on her best friend to return to her roots as the heel Boss character is rumored to happen in time for SummerSlam. WWE can’t be thrilled with a large percentage of the audience expecting it.

The moment of a beloved wrestlers turning on another fan favorite is bound to lead to incredible storytelling. Rumors spoiling it will however take away from the moment that WWE has been setting up for months. The match between Banks and Bayley is potentially the biggest Raw women’s match possible given the story and we can at least look forward to it, even if Vince McMahon doesn’t want us to know about it just yet.

10 WWE Trying To Buy "Broken" Hardys Gimmick From TNA

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The return of Matt and Jeff Hardy at WrestleMania 33 created a memorable moment that stole the show. Fans fell back in love with the Hardys with their inception of the Broken characters. WWE chose to use them with their old music and characters for the nostalgia. One of the reasons we haven’t seen the Hardys become “Broken” just yet is due to TNA claiming ownership of the gimmick.

TNA has sent out legal notices to the Hardys and wrestling companies they work for stating they have ownership of the characters. A rumor to recently surface is claiming WWE will be attempting to pay off TNA to buy the rights. TNA has no leg to stand on it in court, but they can surely waste a lot of time. WWE paying them to get instant access to the Broken Universe without any drama could happen very soon.

9 Kurt Angle Going Through Physical Tests

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Wrestling fans are excited about the potential of Kurt Angle wrestling again in WWE. Angle entering the WWE Hall of Fame and becoming the new Raw General Manager are both great ideas, but the elephant in the room will always be his wrestling career. It's no secret that Angle wants to wrestle for WWE again to end his career on a strong note.

WWE is rumored to be having Angle take their physicals and various other tests before clearing him. The main reason Angle’s return took a long while was due to Vince McMahon being worried about his health being a huge risk. Angle will have to pass the WWE tests to prove he’s fit to compete or else a character role will be the furthest of his usage.

8 Baron Corbin On Track For Big WWE Championship Win

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Baron Corbin is the most valued WWE prospect since Roman Reigns, but they are booking him with the complete opposite route. The heel character of Corbin is slowly rising up the ranks on SmackDown Live. WWE learned their lesson of shoving a wrestler down the throats of fans with Reigns and are looking to organically push Corbin to the top.

“The Big Banter” has been involved in a plethora of good matches recently with the likes of A.J. Styles, Dolph Ziggler and Kalisto earning his spot as a capable wrestler on the main roster. Rumors are that Corbin is planned to have a big moment when he wins the WWE Championship in the near future. One of the reasons Jinder Mahal moved into the title picture is WWE not wanting Corbin to have a singles title match just yet. They are biding their time to elevate Corbin at the right moment.

7 Sami Zayn Road To Main Event Picture

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WWE’s plans are sometimes subtle in getting the fans to do what they want. Sami Zayn appears to be underutilized with the majority of his feuds being losses on the main roster. Kevin Owens, Braun Strowman, Samoa Joe and now Baron Corbin have all had good matches with him that ended with their power winning out.

WWE reportedly views Zayn similar to Daniel Bryan as a great underdog character. The losses are intentional, helping the fans get behind Sami. Fans are supposed to believe he’s being underrated so the passion for a push will be stronger when it happens. The journey of Zayn is being mapped out for a long end goal and the fan not being aware of it is part of the reason it could work. Hopefully this specific rumor is true so we can see Zayn get what he deserves.

6 WWE Wants To End Relationship With Paige

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The controversy surrounding Paige in general is something WWE wants to avoid at all costs. Paige’s recent scandal put both her and the company in the news for reasons they are not pleased about. WWE did not release Paige from her contract following the news due to public perception. It would look horrible to fire someone that had private business leaked in an incident that destroyed them personally along the way.

A big rumor regarding WWE is the company looking to let Paige’s contract expire with no desire to bring her back. The Rock’s movie company releasing a film about the life of Paige’s family makes it a tricky thing that could change everything if it appears to have box office hit potential. However, the current rumor WWE is trying to hide the plan to get rid of Paige once her contract expires.

5 Locker Room Supports Mauro Over JBL

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The bullying scandal in WWE regarding JBL’s treatment of other employees has become a huge story to hurt WWE’s reputation. Mauro Ranallo stopped working for WWE and left the company after being treated poorly by JBL. The depression and mental illness issues of Ranallo became a big problem thanks to the pressure of working with a bully.

Various WWE stars have spoken up on behalf of Ranallo since the story broke in the public. Darren Young is one wrestler that has remained publicly supportive of Mauro calling out his strength through the whole fiasco. No active WWE stars felt compelled enough to make public comments supporting JBL. It appears the locker room generally supports Ranallo and has no tolerance for bullying. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, some wrestlers privately were hoping for JBL to get fired.

4 WrestleMania 34 Main Event Already Set

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Vince McMahon has already made up his mind for the WrestleMania 34 main event next year. The plan has Brock Lesnar defending the Universal Championship against Roman Reigns in another moment expected to place showing Reigns as the top guy in WWE. This creates two negative things that will upset fans. Reigns’ relentless push has no end in sight with everything built around him and Lesnar will hold the Universal Championship for a full year.

Plans could always change but the current idea is one McMahon definitely wants fans to forget about or not realize at all. It'll not only cause more resentment and hatred towards Reigns, but fans will rebel against Lesnar along the way. The idea of setting up a WrestleMania main event one year in advance is very risky and the less people to know about it, the better for WWE.

3 Brock Lesnar Will Easily Defeat Braun, Finn & Seth

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The path to WrestleMania 34 for Brock Lesnar is rumored to see him destroy the Raw roster. Lesnar looked weak for the first time back in WWE when losing to Goldberg in 86 seconds at Survivor Series 2016. The moment of Lesnar getting his win back at WrestleMania 33 was to start a reset of his character back to dominance.

Lesnar is slated to easily defend his title over a handful of opponents over the next year. Braun Strowman is reportedly the first opponent at the bizarrely named Great Balls of Fire event. Finn Balor and Seth Rollins are two other names on the list for Brock to roll over. WWE does not want fans realizing the guys being built up right now will be sacrificed to Lesnar.

2 Daniel Bryan Preparing To Wrestle Outside Of WWE

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The retirement of Daniel Bryan may be short-lived once his WWE contract expires in 2018. WWE’s medical team does not believe Bryan is fit to compete due to concussion and head injuries piling up. Bryan has word from other doctors that his neck and head are as healthy as anyone else. A few interviews and unscripted moments on Talking Smack have revealed Bryan is not all that sure about retirement.

Bryan has implied he'll leave WWE and return to the independent wrestling circuit to continue his career. Before the WWE retirement, Bryan was already studying tapes of New Japan, CMLL and Ring of Honor for a return outside of the worldwide leader in wrestling. Vince McMahon has to be hoping fatherhood changes Bryan’s mind so he can re-sign to continue working as the SmackDown Live General Manager rather than wrestling elsewhere.

1 John Cena Retiring Soon

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The rumor that Vince McMahon most wants to keep secret is the potential retirement of John Cena. We have witnessed Cena slowly transition into a part-time role with his schedule diminishing each season. Cena is looking to expand into the mainstream with acting roles and hosting opportunities. The hope is finding full-time employment outside of WWE to grow his name in new fields.

Cena could easily retire similar to The Rock to keep his health and safety for other jobs. Given the response to Roman Reigns, WWE is still attempting to have someone truly replace Cena as the face of the company. No one else positively impacts the numbers as greatly as Cena. If he's truly retiring, many investors will panic and Vince has to be hoping Cena proves the rumors wrong.

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