The backstage landscape of WWE may be more interesting than the on-screen product at this time. Following SummerSlam, the rumor mill is buzzing with lots of stories and juicy gossip about life backstage in WWE. Plenty of things have changed drastically over the past few months to set up new situations for the wrestlers right now. The rumors, confirmed stories and social media buzz have stirred up some fascinating conspiracy theories about various wrestlers. Wrestling is one of the few businesses that will see wild rumors and conspiracy theories often proven to be true rather than speculation. It is almost impossible to keep a secret in the industry right now.

We’ll take a look at some of the most interesting theories and rumors currently circulating. All of them have enough credence to make them believable. While not being confirmed, they have a strong chance of being fact given how the WWE locker room operates. They range from theories about why certain wrestlers are being punished to why some are being pushed to potential hostility between workers. Hopefully we get confirmed confirmation or denial in the near future to these fascinating rumors. These are fifteen conspiracy theories currently going around the WWE locker room.

15. Enzo, The Shark Cage And His Fear Of Heights


The current position of Enzo Amore in WWE is not good with most of the locker room hating him. Following Roman Reigns kicking him off a tour bus and multiple wrestlers wanting to fight him due to his big mouth, WWE has moved Enzo to 205 Live as a demotion. WWE management clearly is souring on Amore since he shows little respect to the business but they may have gone way too far.

There’s a conspiracy theory going around that WWE booked Enzo to stand in a shark tank hanging over the ring during the Big Show versus Big Cass SummerSlam match was because he has a fear of heights. The thought process here is that WWE hoped to teach Amore a lesson by putting him in a situation that they knew would terrify him. Enzo still found a way to get the biggest reaction of the match destroying WWE’s plans if true.

14. Vince McMahon Not A Fan Of Shinsuke Nakamura


The dream match between Shinsuke Nakamura and John Cena saw Nakamura score the clean pin fall victory over Cena in August. Nakamura went on to get a WWE Championship shot against Jinder Mahal and lost in rather shocking fashion. The match didn’t see Nakamura get much offense considering it was the biggest match of his career.

One moment stood out in the Cena versus Nakamura match where Nakamura almost hurt Cena with a dangerous move. You could visibly see Nakamura apologize Cena after the match when they embraced. Vince McMahon reportedly was livid backstage and didn’t like a new star putting the company’s biggest name at risk. The theory here is that McMahon has turned on Nakamura following the risky move and that’s the reason he lost the title match in quick fashion.

13. Baron Corbin Self-Destructs


Baron Corbin’s recent struggles have seen a massive shift in the SmackDown Live presentation of his character. Reports in early 2017 indicated that Corbin was slated to win the WWE Championship this year. Corbin winning the Money in the Bank briefcase gave further confidence to those rumors until he lost it in embarrassing fashion. Jinder Mahal rolled up Corbin in six seconds to completely end his path to the main event scene.

Following the title shot loss, Corbin lost to John Cena in decisive fashion. The future of Corbin doesn’t seem as bright as it did just a few weeks ago. Various backstage stories make it clear that Corbin’s attitude is his downfall. Between insulting fellow wrestlers for no reason and going after a fan that happened to be in the military, Corbin has a lot of negativity attached to his name. Most wrestlers reportedly dislike him and that may be why WWE is thinking less of him these days.

12. The Miz’s Promo Against Reigns And Cena: Real Or Scripted?


The Miz has been underappreciated by WWE in recent months and he knows it. A low point came when the Intercontinental Championship did not get defended at SummerSlam. Instead, Miz was forced to team with Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel against Jason Jordan and the Hardys on the pre-show. A champion being snubbed to the pre-show is bad enough, but this match took place in a 95% empty venue long when the doors were now opening.

Miz cut a savage promo on Raw the following night when running down Roman Reigns and John Cena. The pre-show embarrassment was referenced by Miz along with a rant about not being treated with respect after all he has done to make the IC Title relevant again. There’s a fan theory that this incredible promo was something he came up with on the spot rather than given instructions to backstage.

11. Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey In WWE?


Two of UFC’s biggest names may be transitioning to the world of WWE soon. Ronda Rousey is clearly looking behind her MMA career and wants to branch out. A passion for professional wrestling has seen her attend multiple WWE shows, including the most recent Mae Young Classic tapings where she had a backstage meeting with Triple H.

Conor McGregor is coming off the massive pay day of a history making boxing match despite losing to Floyd Mayweather. The star power of McGregor is hotter than ever and you have to wonder how tempting getting pummeled in UFC fights will be at this stage. WWE makes more sense for someone to trash talk, get paid and participate in scripted fights. Both UFC stars are rumored to be on WWE’s radar and the theory is that they’re both already negotiating deals.

10. Naomi Lost Her Title As Punishment 


One conspiracy theory to hit the internet following SummerSlam featured the reason for Naomi losing the SmackDown Women’s Championship to Natalya. The most obvious ending to the match would have been Naomi defeating Natalya and Carmella cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase to capture the title. Instead, we were treated to a huge surprise with Natalya shockingly winning the belt.

The theory is that Naomi is being punished for something she said on commentary during the SmackDown before SummerSlam. According to Naomi, she was going to have a special entrance ready for the biggest party of the summer. WWE reportedly had no plans for such an entrance and were upset at her saying that. This could definitely be why she was written out of retaining her title.

9. WWE Quitting On United Kingdom Show


The WWE United Kingdom Championship was introduced at the beginning of the year with an impressive two-night tournament. Many great stars like Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate and Mark Andrews were showcased. Triple H’s original plan was to have a new weekly show dedicated solely to the United Kingdom wrestling scene.

With a few UK wrestlers singed to WWE contracts and Dunne carrying around the WWE UK Championship at independent shows, there’s a lot of confusion as to when this show is starting. It seems like the project may have been canceled due to the WWE Network budget cuts. There’s a report going around that the title will be renamed the NXT UK Championship and have its own division in NXT starting soon. Dunne, Bate and Trent Seven have started appearing on NXT television as of late giving it credence.

8. WWE Manipulated Fans Into Loving Braun Strowman


The popularity of Braun Strowman has become one of the biggest surprises in WWE this year. Strowman has seen his stock skyrocket during a feud with Roman Reigns. Despite being the heel, Strowman started getting huge cheers after beating the hell out of Reigns. WWE even went as far as to have him throw around Reigns backstage before flipping an ambulance over.

Strowman’s rise to prominence may have been planned rather than an organic thing. There’s a conspiracy theory that WWE intentionally booked Strowman as the first man to decisively beat down the protected Reigns knowing fans would eat it up and love him. It worked as fans cheered Strowman loudly at SummerSlam and now many want him to defeat Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship at No Mercy.

7. Adam Cole Paired With Faction Due To Height


Adam Cole is arguably the biggest NXT signing since Shinsuke Nakmaura and he was introduced in such fashion. NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 2017 ended with Cole and former ROH pals Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish beating down Drew McIntyre. Cole stood tall holding the NXT Championship as the biggest show of the year for NXT ended.

The use of Cole clearly indicates he is going to be a major player but there’s a rumor going around the internet about why he’s debuting in a faction. As one of the smaller singles wrestlers not scheduled to be in the Cruiserweight Division, WWE wanted to hide the fact that Cole is shorter than most of his peers. Cole delivering beat downs with others following his lead helps present him stronger than he would have been on his own.

6. Bobby Roode Taking John Cena’s Place on SmackDown?


The call-up of Bobby Roode to the main roster on SmackDown Live was a great surprise but a bit hard to process. Roode played a heel for the entirety of his NXT run as the NXT Champion for the second half of his year there. Everyone expected Roode to make the main roster as a top heel. Instead, WWE had him play a face defeating Aiden English and cutting a fan appeasing promo.

Considering how popular his theme song is and how many people enjoy him, Roode is entering the main roster as a face in hopes of filling the void without John Cena. The decision to move Cena from SmackDown to Raw coincided with the idea to have Roode debut as a face. Vince McMahon reportedly loves everything about Roode. Don’t be surprised if he passes A.J. Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura to become the top face on SmackDown rather soon.

5. WWE Considering Clearing Daniel Bryan


The future of Daniel Bryan is one of the biggest stories in wrestling after his recent podcast appearance on Edge and Christian’s show. Bryan confirmed he plans to return to the ring. His hopes are that a few treatments will help convince WWE to clear him. If he isn’t cleared, Bryan will leave WWE when his contract expires at some point in 2018 to wrestle on the independent and international circuits.

Dave Meltzer claimed on his own show that WWE is open to examining Bryan after his treatments and would be content to bring him back. Following the brand split, WWE badly needs wrestlers to get over in a top spot and Bryan has already done that. Bryan returning to WWE as a wrestler may be back in play if he proves he is healthy enough to compete in the eyes of their doctors.

4. WWE’s Burial Of Rusev 


A conspiracy theory that has existed for a few years now revolves around why WWE apparently gave up on Rusev in 2015. Rusev had a strong unbeaten streak as one of the top heels in WWE. Following his hot run, Rusev lost to John Cena at WrestleMania 31 and has never rebounded. WWE has given him some relevant feuds but he’s always been an afterthought in them meant to put the other over.

The theory going around is that Vince McMahon doesn’t like the real life couple of Rusev and Lana. Rumors suggest that Vince feels Rusev doesn’t deserve to be dating the bombshell. It is the reason WWE tried splitting them up for a short time period before TMZ killed the angle by reporting they were engaged in real life. Rusev getting beat by Randy Orton within seconds at SummerSlam shows how far he has fallen to give credence to the theory.

3. Triple H Clashing with Vince McMahon


The backstage clashing between Triple H and Vince McMahon is one of the biggest conspiracy theories in wrestling. A potential power struggle is something to pay attention to given the glaring differences in their presentations. Triple H easily makes new stars and creates incredible stories with his vision reigning supreme in NXT.

Most of WWE’s success stories in recent years have been names that came from NXT or were heavily influenced by Triple H’s backstage power. McMahon however has soured on numerous NXT talents to witness their careers go downhill. The theory also makes it seem like Vince doesn’t want to retire and is still running the company at the age of 72 because he doesn’t trust Triple H’s thought process. Most fans would prefer to see what Triple H can do at this point.

2. The Mauro Ranallo Debacle


Vince McMahon is very hands on when it comes to the commentators on the main roster. All three men on each show get McMahon screaming directions into their ears. Past stories from former broadcasters have all confirmed that Vince is quite rude and often curses out the announcers every single show when he’s upset with something they say.

Mauro Ranallo started to feel the heat as the play-by-play announcer for SmackDown Live when McMahon randomly added Tom Phillips to the table for a ridiculous four-man team. Phillips fit Vince’s style for how sports entertainment should be called rather than Ranallo’s sports background. There’s a conspiracy theory that McMahon encouraged JBL’s bullying of Mauro to help force him out. The change was apparently coming sooner than later. Ranallo at least gets to have freedom and an escape McMahon in NXT now.

1. John Cena Doesn’t Believe Roman Reigns Can Replace Him


The current program between John Cena and Roman Reigns is giving us one of the few highly anticipated dream matches left on the table at a random PPV. Despite the timing being odd, Reigns and Cena had an incredible promo on Raw that sold it. Both men exchanged very personal insults with Cena obliterating Reigns with no remorse.

One of the critical comments from Cena saw him claim Reigns wouldn’t do his job of being “the guy” and is a poor imitation of Cena. Past social media posts have seen Cena throw shade at Reigns for not stepping up to the role the company has put him in. This rivalry may get even more personal through the next few weeks. There’s a theory that Cena doesn’t believe in Reigns as the face of the company and refuses to give up his spot to someone that he doesn’t think can handle it.

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