15 Current Female Wrestlers Who Are Hotter Than Torrie Wilson In Her Prime

It isn’t as important now as it once was, but female wrestlers still have a lot of emphasis placed on their looks. Even as the industry transitions to one that’s more focused on in ring skill rather than cup sizes, there’s no escaping that reality at least not to some degree. Luckily for us wrestling fans, the amount of women on wrestling is getting larger and with that so is the number of attractive ladies entering the industry. While that’s all well and good, let’s start asking questions. No, we won’t hit you with anything too hard. But consider this, how much more attractive are these women then some of their compatriots that’ve come before them? Let’s say a beautiful former Diva like Torrie Wilson?

Back when she was in the WWE, Torrie was the epitome of a blonde bombshell along with women like Stacy Kiebler and Trish Stratus. But looking around at the female talent today you’d be surprised at how many women in wrestling are in fact more attractive than Torrie was in her prime. Not to put Torrie down, she’s one of the most beautiful Divas there was – and she’s definitely gotten better with age – but we’ve compiled a list of the best looking female wrestlers who are actually hotter than Torrie Wilson was in her WWE prime.



15 Taeler Hendrix

Taeler is Torrie’s complete opposite. Rather than the traditional blonde beauty that Torrie represented, Taeler rocks more of an alternative look that’s been going over well with wrestling fans in recent years. Female wrestlers have come a long way since Torri’s time. They aren’t just purely for show anymore and one could argue that they’re being brought in now solely based on their talents rather than their looks. Taeler – while not a traditional beauty – rocks her look while looking like she can handle herself just fine. The blood red hair and wicked smile she’s got show’s that she means business. Most importantly While it’s not exactly what you’d call everyone’s cup of tea, she looks fantastic regardless and most importantly can hold her own.

14 Laurel Van Ness


When it comes to wrestlers they either pull you in with their abilities in the ring or their looks. Well, Laurel has both of those – and luckily for her it looks like she’s doing a good job of it. Like Torrie, Laurel is a stunning blonde. She’s obviously cut out for the business and her fans are very supportive of her. It’s no surprise to see her thriving right now. But while Torrie was more of the traditional bombshell, Laurel is more like a cute girl next door. Her long blonde locks, gentle features and killer smile make her the ideal girl to fit the trope. While it’s a little too early to see if she’d fit into the WWE’s main line up – she’s definitely on track and looks like someone the company would definitely be interested in down the line.

13 Allie

We’re going to see a lot of attractive women on this list. That’s a given seeing as we’re comparing them to Torrie Wilson herself. While there are plenty of beautiful women in wrestling, we’ve recently seen an influx of wrestler’s who break away from the common template and add their own flavor to the mix. Allie is definitely one of those women. She’s bubbly and cute but still has that special something that makes her one of the more attractive female wrestlers out there. If you’re a fan then you’ve most probably been following her on her Instagram. You can see a ton of great pictures of her there, none as captivating as her workout photo’s that show just how beautiful and committed she is to her career.

12 Kayci Quinn

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There are all sorts of female wrestlers out there and fans definitely love the choices they have. As a wrestling fan, you pay attention to all the promotions, so the amount of choice offered is pretty staggering. Some wrestlers make an impact on you right away and Kayci Quinn is certainly one of those wrestlers. The firey red head is a stunner and can wow you with her moves in the ring and her slick sense of style out of it. Kayci is still young. In fact she’s only 20. That’s pretty mind blowing when you think of how much older some of her coworkers are. Imagine how much further along in her career she’ll be in the next 5-6 years. It’ll be great to watch her as her career progresses.

11 Billie Kay

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NXT has given us some beautiful wrestlers over the years. The promotion is still giving us wrestling fans some fantastic talent to this day, and one of the most notable right now is Billie Kay. Billie is a dark haired beauty that is a part of an incredible roster of ladies in NXT. A fairly newer addition to the roster, Billie got her start with the promotion back in 2015. Billie’s mature look and piercing features all set her apart from the rest of the roster. Her jet black hair and captivating looks instantly make her one of the more recognizable on the roster. While it may not be for another while, we’re sure to see her grace either RAW or SmackDown’s roster in the near future.

10 Brooke


You know how we’ve been talking about non traditional looking female wrestlers and how there’s a certain template – especially in the WWE – for how certain female wrestlers, including Trish, looked? Well Brooke is the template. In fact she’s very similar to Trish except she’s not a blonde. That last detail might have seemed minor but you’ve probably noticed that the majority of bombshell female wrestlers all have been blondes. Brook is one of the few brunets to make the sort of impact she has. She made her debut as part of the Diva Search in 2006 and since has been hanging on in the wrestling scene, going from promotion to promotion. A woman as beautiful as Brooke won’t have any troubles staying in the industry as long as she wants to.

9 Peyton Royce

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Here’s another NXT star that’s gotten our attention and is slowly but surely making her mark in the wrestling community among fans. The second half of The Iconic Duo, Peyton debuted for NXT the same year her partner Billie Kay did. Prior to her NXT days, Peyton had made her independent debut at the age of 17. After spending six years on the independent circuit, she finally got her shot on the NXT roster and hasn’t looked back since. Just by looking at her background you can tell that she’s a fierce competitor. But she’s also a sight to look at as well. Be it with her beautiful looks or dazzling moves in the ring, Peyton is no amateur at capturing the audience’s attention.


8 Charlotte


Among all the wrestlers on this list, you could say that Charlotte is the most similar to Torrie in terms of physical appearance. She’s a stunning blonde beauty who’s at this moment one of the promotions marquee female talents as well as one of its most successful. He’s definitely inherited her father’s skill and in ring presence. That’s one of the big draws to Charlotte – her lineage. But that’s not all she brings to the table. Any wrestling fan can see the charm and appeal in her, and it’s no wonder as to why she’s amassed such a loyal following. We can expect to see this beauty in the ring for a long time, and rightly so as she’s one of the most pleasant female wrestlers to watch in today’s WWE.

7 Mandy Leon

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Mandy Leon is a babe. Plain and simple. There aren’t many women in wrestling like her right now. While we’ve – for the most part – been focusing on the more untraditional of beauties wrestling has to offer, Mandy looks like the kind of wrestler that would’ve fit in great fifteen years ago. It would’ve been fantastic to see her interact with other female wrestlers like Trish, Stacy and of course Torrie. As it stands, she’s making the most of it right now. She’s not close to a WWE contract but she doesn’t need to be to dazzle fans with her insane beauty. The black haired beauty is doing pretty well for herself and you shouldn’t be surprised if you’re hearing more from her in the future.

6 Liv Morgan

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We’ve been looking at a lot of the younger female talent on the NXT roster and for good reason. Those ladies take care of themselves. It’s only natural that select members of the roster would find their way onto this list of ours. Liv Morgan is the best looking one we’ve seen so far. She’s a cutie. Rather than blowing you away with just her looks, Liv wins fans over with her attitude and charm (Surprising Fact About Liv: She has been linked to Monday Night Raw Superstar, Enzo Amore). She’s got a great presence about her and can pull off the firecracker look great. She’s pretty much the mini Trish Stratus. While she’s still a ways off we can expect to see her on the WWE roster eventually. Till then we wait.

5 Summer Rae

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Out of all the female wrestlers currently on the WWE roster, Summer Rae is definitely one of the more attractive of the bunch. The blonde bombshell has certainly gained her fair share of fans in her time with the company, and you don’t have to look too hard to figure out why. Apart from being a fantastic wrestler, Summer’s also a one of the best looking blondes on the roster. Everything about her jumps off the screen. Her attitude, her skills and her beautiful features all strike the audience and keep them captive. Not many female wrestler – WWE or otherwise – can do what Summer does in terms of charm and moxy. She’s someone we can expect to see on the roster for a good while.

4 Mandy Rose

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Our final NXT starlet is the most jaw dropping of them all. While we’ve seen a good deal of beauties so far, Mandy Rose is different in regards to this list. While we’ve been looking at women who surpass the great Trish Stratus in her prime, Mandy does so while bearing a striking resemblance to Trish. She looks a little younger, and has somewhat softer facial features, but out of all the women on this list you can liken her to Trish the most. So she gets the nod here and then some. We don’t know if Mandy will ever end up in the WWE, she’ll have to continue to hone her skills in NXT first. But should she make it then you can bet wrestling fans are going to have their eyes glued to the screen.

3 Eva Marie

Though it’s not the case anymore, there was a time in wrestling where women would find themselves work not so much due to their abilities in the ring but for their looks. We’ve come a long way since then but some do slip through the cracks. Not that it’s a bad thing, it’s just a bit of a rarity right now. You ask any wrestling fan out there and they’ll tell you the same, Eva Marie isn’t a good wrestler try as she may. But that’s fine, plenty of fans still love having her on the roster if not only for her looks. Still, it’s a living. She could definitely be worse off and while we’re here yammering on about it she’s off making sure she gets better.

2 Brandi Rhodes


A former WWE starlet now with TNA teamed up with her husband, Brandi Rhodes is one of the most beautiful women to ever grace the sport of professional wrestling. As Eden she found a place in many WWE fans’ hearts and though brief, had a decently successful stint with the promotion. Now with TNA she continues her career looking as good as ever. While she isn’t the most talented wrestler out there, she does enough to be a decent enough talent in the industry. Her biggest draw however is her charm, as she’s found a way to bust in to wrestling fans hearts with relative ease. Though a WWE return seems unlikely at this point let’s all take a moment to appreciate Brandi and wish her luck in her future endeavours.

1 Nikki Bella


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Not only is she one of the most beautiful in the industry, Nikki Bella is also one of the more talented female wrestlers you’ll ever see in action. She’s amassed a good deal f accolades in her career and at this point is only adding on to her legacy. Along with her sister Brie, Nikki was part of one of the most fearsome duos in wrestling. They could get you with their looks and their devious tactics in the ring. But Nikki’s flying solo right now and she looks to be doing fine for herself. Her future with the promotion looks pretty good and she can always count on John Cena now that her sister’s out of the picture for the time being.


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