15 Current Female Wrestlers With A Nicer Set Of Glutes Than Nikki Bella

In this day and age, women are often critiqued and ranked in hotness based off their "set of glutes." Celebrity women such as Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj among others have "paved the way" for the ever-growing trend of big butt ladies being considered to be the hottest of them all. Like anything though, this is probably just another fad that will eventually die out in the near future, considering all of this "how large is her set of glutes" talk ceased to exist 10 years ago. Like many of the reality television stars along with pop singers who possess an attractive booty, the WWE and professional wrestling in general has its fair share of "big booty" women.

Taking into account the fact that most of the women who are employed by the larger wrestling promotions all possess stunning looks, it should really come as no surprise that there are more than enough hot "wrestling women." In the WWE specifically, the female who has likely garnered the most attention in recent memory for possessing a hot "set of glutes" is none other than Nikki Bella. For nearly the entirety of her run in the WWE up to this point, male fans have constantly been obsessed with Nikki's looks. However, despite being the most recognizable attractive big booty woman in wrestling, there are actually quite a few current female wrestlers who have a hotter "set of glutes" than Nikki, so stay tuned for this list that delves into 15 wrestling women who possess hotter sets of glutes than Nikki Bella!

15 Natalya

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Natalya is underrated not only for her impressive in-ring ability, but for her stunning looks as well. I doubt you could actually find a more underrated Women's Division wrestler on the WWE's roster today than Natty. Natalya has been wrestling as a singles competitor for WWE since 2010, and since her debut, she has had one reign as the Divas Champion. Many pro wrestling fans believe Natalya deserves "more" (conscientious booking and a couple title wins), but the company seems dead set on utilizing Natalya as an enhancement talent to put over either the current Women's Champion, or an up and comer.

However, considering Natty's position within the WWE is pretty much secured for however long she desires to compete, I'd say that Natalya doesn't have too much to complain about. Few fans ever bring up Natty's name in a conversation regarding the hottest "booty's" in WWE, but she definitely has a hot one - and I'd have to argue that Natalya's "set of glutes" are hotter than Nikki Bella's.

14 Maria Kanellis

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Maria Kanellis is undoubtedly one of the hottest women in the WWE today. Maria finally returned to the WWE this year much to the surprise of fans, though her current "love story" gimmick with her husband is destined to be a huge flop. However, at the end of the day, I believe Vince's intention was to simply bring back Maria regardless, and he decided that if her husband Mike Kanellis was the deciding factor, then he would sign him as well. In Mr. McMahon's eyes, Maria is the star, where as Mike is simply a "jobber" who's main purpose over the long term will be to put over up and coming stars.

Gimmicks like Mike's and Maria's never seem to fair well on WWE's main roster, and typically within a short amount of time, these wrestlers are downgraded to lower midcard (Superstars or Main Event) purgatory. I strongly believe that Mike Kanellis' win over Sami Zayn on SmackDown a few weeks ago will be the biggest WWE win of his career unfortunately. That being said, Maria Kanellis is destined to become a key player in the Women's Division once the "love story" gimmick is nixed, and I believe most fans would agree with me when I say that Maria has a way hotter "set of glutes" than Nikki.

13 Lana

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Lana is currently amidst her early stages as a singles Women's Division competitor over on SmackDown Live. Though a plethora of fans continue to roast and make fun of Lana's singles run up to this point through social media, over the long haul, I believe many of those said haters will come around to the idea of Lana being more than just Rusev's valet/manager. Perhaps Lana will never get to the level of say Charlotte Flair, but there's still a solid chance that she'll end up improving tremendously - to the point of being considered a legitimate Women's Champion contender.

There's no denying the fact that Lana possesses absolutely stunning looks, and in all honesty, her looks are enough to convince me that we need more Lana in the Women's Division. I think fans need to give Divas who don't possess quite as much in-ring ability as "The Four Horsewomen" a chance, because the division would be pretty thin without the likes of Lana. Without a doubt, Lana is one of the WWE's true "blond bombshells", and her "set of glutes" are pretty unparalleled by most fans standards.

12 Bayley

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Who can honestly say that they don't love Bayley? Well, actually perhaps more do then most of us realize. Considering Bayley's character up to this point has been extremely bland and stereotypical, Bayley has had a very hard time legitimately connecting with the WWE Universe. Sure, fans cheer for Bayley because she's portrayed as the "good girl," though most fans don't care much for her aside from cheering Bayley on over the despised heels. However, the WWE have taken their first steps towards reinvigorating Bayley's somewhat "dying" career, by having her face off against Alexa Bliss at the upcoming SummerSlam pay-per-view for the Raw Women's Championship.

The company needs to find a solid direction for Bayley during the build-up to this match, otherwise Bayley will once again find herself in irrelevance following a loss at the hands of Bliss. I'm not convinced up to this point that Alexa's dropping the gold onto Bayley at SummerSlam, but that doesn't mean that Bayley has to fade away into obscurity even if she eats the pin. Rant aside, despite not being the "hottest" WWE Women's Division wrestler, there's no denying that Bayley's booty is hotter than most other females performers - and yes, hotter than Nikki's for sure.

11 Summer Rae

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Despite being nowhere near as talented as some of the WWE's Women's Division wrestlers, Summer Rae is still in fact quite underrated. Yes, perhaps Summer is more of a "Diva" than a wrestler, but she would still add something to either Raw or SmackDown's Women's Division if she was given the opportunity. Injuries are the main reason as to why Summer Rae has been nowhere to be seen on WWE television following the 2016 WWE Draft, but I believe the company has prematurely given up on Summer Rae as an in-ring performer.

Instead, the WWE probably views Summer as an out-of-the-ring commodity, or someone there to "sit pretty" on Total Divas. However, I believe Summer could be better utilized as an in-ring competitor. Even if she was only used as an enhancement talent, at least she would get some TV time in the spotlight, and she'd fill out one of the thin divisions. Considering Summer Rae hasn't made the slightest impact as an actual in-ring performer, her stunning looks must play a part in why she's still employed by WWE. Judging by the picture above, it's not hard to see that Summer's "set of glutes" are hotter than the overrated Nikki Bella's.

10 Sasha Banks

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"The Boss" Sasha Banks is currently amidst the lowest point of her WWE career thus far. Instead of being utilized as a "force to be reckoned with" in Raw's Women's Division, Banks is rather struggling to stay relevant. When Sasha had originally made her main roster debut in July 2015, it looked as if she was only going to reach new unparalleled heights as a competitor. And for the first while, this proved to be the case as Sasha Banks was undoubtedly the focal point of WWE's "Divas."

However with time, Sasha's position started to decline, and she became less and less of a focal point. In the past six months, Banks has been nowhere near as relevant as she once was, and it has become clear that she isn't one of the company's top priorities at the moment (perhaps Banks sounding too cocky and full of herself in interviews by saying that she was going to go down as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time rubbed the WWE and its Executives the wrong way, considering this notion was slightly premature). In regards to appearance, Sasha Banks is undeniably attractive, and she has an underrated hot "set of glutes" that surely rival Nikki's.

9 Peyton Royce

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Peyton Royce is currently one of NXT's hottest Women's Division stars. Though she may not be the greatest in-ring performer to ever step foot through the NXT curtains ( far from it), Peyton is still a great hand to have amidst the women of WWE. Alongside her "Iconic Duo" partner Billie Kay (another hot NXT performer), they have both captured the hearts of many male WWE fans. I'd have to say that both Royce and Kay are "throwbacks" to WWE's "Diva days," though they're much more talented than most Divas of the past.

Neither Peyton or Billie have "taken the NXT Women's Division by storm," considering they've both lost their shots at the NXT Women's Championship. However, it's only a matter of time before both Peyton Royce and Billie Kay find themselves among the main roster women of WWE, and it'll certainly be interesting to see how they fair center stage. Regardless, although Billie Kay's undeniably attractive, Peyton Royce undoubtedly takes the cake for possessing one of the hottest "set of glutes" in professional wrestling today. And for all the skeptics out there, take a good look at the "booty picture" of Peyton above and tell me that her "set of glutes" aren't hotter than Nikki's.

8 Maryse


Despite being well removed from her full time in-ring wrestling days, Maryse is still one of the hottest women in professional wrestling, no doubt. Few female wrestlers then or now possess the looks Maryse sports, as she's basically on another level in terms of "hotness" in my opinion compared to most other wrestling women. Whether she's performing inside the squared circle or accompanying The Miz and his two stooges, Maryse captures the attention of most male fans in attendance of every event, and those watching worldwide.

It isn't arguable that Maryse has taken The Miz to new levels of popularity and success, as she has basically reinvigorated his whole career. Prior to sporting Maryse by his side, The Miz was just another heel on WWE's roster who few fans payed much attention to. However, following Maryse's return to the company last year, The Miz's popularity and overall relevance has sky-rocketed to the point where fans would actually accept Miz having another run as the WWE Champ. Maryse's hotness and looks certainly played a factor here, and regardless of what people say, Maryse has one of the hottest "set of glutes" in wrestling today.

7 Naomi

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Naomi has seen a career resurgence like few other Superstars in WWE. Prior to last year, Naomi was nothing more than a filler Women's Division wrestlers (much like Summer Rae or Alicia Fox) who was thrown into any random Tag matches. However, as 2016 rolled around, Naomi was swept out of irrelevancy and was shot up to the top of the division following the 2016 WWE Draft. Since then, Naomi has been one of the "constants" over on SmackDown Live, and she's currently the Women's Champion in her second reign.

When Naomi had initially made her WWE debut alongside Cameron as "The Funkadactyls" for Brodus Clay, it looked as if Cameron would've been the woman to come out of the duo as the "star in the making". However, Cameron proved to be atrocious in the ring, and Naomi was better at absolutely everything hence why she remained a WWE Superstar and Cameron was released within short order. Naomi has a very bright future ahead of her, and I'm sure she'll rack up more championship wins by the time her career comes to an end. Though Naomi's not one of the first names mentioned by fans when it comes to hot WWE women, Naomi actually has an extremely hot "set of glutes" - arguably hotter than Nikki Bella's.

6 Eva Marie

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Eva Marie is undoubtedly one of the hottest women to ever step foot inside a WWE ring - and yes, this pains me to say it considering Marie's also one of the worst female wrestlers to ever step foot inside the squared circle. Eva Marie is definitely better set to be a model or a reality television star over an in-ring performer, because you really couldn't find a more botch-heavy Diva in the WWE. Vince McMahon has tried and tried with Eva Marie over the past couple years, and it has been a flop every single time.

Though I can actually understand why Vince refused to give up on Eva - she has polarizing "Superstar" looks. Whether it was down in NXT or on the main roster, Eva failed to improve even slightly (enough to convince McMahon to continue trying with her). Since August 2016, Eva Marie has been on a hiatus from WWE, and we haven't seen from her since. I guess it looks like Marie's "budding" modeling career is more important at this point, and rightfully so. In regards to looks, as I've mentioned, Eva Marie is by far one of the hottest WWE Divas of all time, and her "set of glutes" blow Nikki Bella's away.

5 Brooke Tessmacher

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Brooke Tessmacher had a successful TNA Impact Wrestling career between 2010-2015 with three Knockouts Championship runs under her belt. Prior to becoming a TNA Knockouts star, Brooke had previously worked for the WWE's ECW Brand for much of 2007, though she really didn't accomplish much of anything hence why Tessmacher's WWE tenure was rather forgettable. Brooke's TNA career has seemingly come to an end, as Brooke had stated back in June that she was no longer signed to the promotion nor did she know if she'll ever return to the company.

Brooke's only 32 years old, and it would be a real shame if she didn't wrestle for a couple more years (her absence is depriving fans of her undeniable hotness). If you weren't aware (you probably are), Brooke Tessmacher is an extremely hot Diva, and she definitely has a phenomenal "set of glutes." Though some fans may believe that Nikki Bella's "the queen" when it comes to booty's, for wrestling fans who aren't marks for Nikki, it's not hard to see that Brooke has a far hotter "set of glutes" than Nikki.

4 Emma

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Emma is one of the WWE's most underrated and underutilized Women's Division wrestlers. If we're going to be honest here, Emma's "Emmalina" gimmick was a total disappointment - not because of Emma's lack of ability, but because of the WWE's lack of a though out plan. For weeks on end earlier this year, vignettes of Emmalina aired each Raw (to the point of annoyance considering it was week after week). However, when push came to shove, upon Emma's debut as Emmalina, she made her presence felt on Raw only to say that she's transforming back to Emma.

Though this entire gimmick may have been a dud right from the beginning, the fact that the WWE had such little faith in Emma to even attempt pulling it off is baffling. Emma may not be the greatest promo gal in the locker room, but she's still a solid performer who possesses stunning looks. Apparently, the WWE and its Executives felt as though Emma didn't fit the dazzling looks-oriented "Emmalina" character, nor did she have what it takes to pull off the overall gimmick. That aside, Emma's still in fact one of the hottest wrestling women around today (quite underrated), and I'll make the statement that Emma's "set of glutes" are hotter than the infamous Nikki Bella's.

3 Victoria

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Despite wrestling for what seems like an eternity, Victoria is still very much an active performer in professional wrestling. Victoria still works on the Indies every now and then, as well as meeting her legions of fans across the country. Though she's well past her "prime" in the business at 46 years old, Victoria still possesses undeniable hotness. Known for her tenures in both the WWE and TNA Impact Wrestling, Victoria real-name Lisa Marie Varon captured the WWE Women's Championship twice, and the TNA Knockouts Championship on five occasions.

Now normally, most women of wrestling tend to age and deteriorate in the looks department faster than most other women considering their relentless work schedule (and the work itself) compounded by potential drug or alcohol abuse, however this isn't the case for Victoria. If anything, the former Women's Champ has only gotten hotter with age, and let me tell you, Victoria's "set of glutes" are relatively infamous among wrestling fans. Though she may not have the hottest of all "booty's" in wrestling, I doubt it'd take much to convince you that Victoria's "set of glutes" are hotter than Nikki's.

2 Becky Lynch

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"The Irish Lass Kicker" Becky Lynch is undoubtedly one of the top-5 hottest women in professional wrestling today. Though she may not be your typical "girly girl" wrestling Diva, Becky Lynch's aggressive and energetic style in the ring only adds to her obvious attractiveness. She's definitely no frail lady, and I'm sure many of her male co-workers make sure that they stay on Becky's good side, otherwise they certainly run the risk of being caught in Lynch's signature submission, the dis-arm-her.

To me, Becky Lynch sort of reminds me of a Lita type woman - rough around the edges, tough yet still feminine and extremely hot. The fiery Becky Lynch is one of the WWE's most promising young female performers over on SmackDown Live, and despite having a "thick" accent that has allegedly angered/annoyed key Executives, Becky Lynch will always remain a focal point in the Women's Division. Although many fans are able to recognize that Becky's attractive, few take the time to notice the fact that Lynch has one of the hottest "set of glutes" of all wrestling women, and yes, I'd definitely say it's hotter than Nikki Bella's likely enhanced booty.

1 Alexa Bliss

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Though this may come as an obvious list entry considering Alexa Bliss has an ever-growing legion of fans and supporters (many of which are obsessed with her looks), for all the potential skeptics or Nikki Bella marks out there, Alexa Bliss not only has a much hotter "set of glutes" than Nikki, but she quite simply has the hottest booty in all of wrestling. Although it wouldn't be fair to claim that Alexa Bliss' the hottest women in professional wrestling history, I'd definitely say that she ranks within the top-5 for sure (among the likes of Trish Stratus).

Speaking of Trish, Alexa Bliss is very likely the closest thing that we'll probably ever get to another Trish Stratus in the WWE. Like Trish, Alexa possesses the looks, the in-ring talent and the mic skills which rounds Bliss out as being the "total package." Fittingly, the WWE has obviously taken notice to the fact that they have such a capable Diva on their hands, hence why Alexa's sitting atop Raw's Women's Division presently. Although I can't deny the fact that Nikki Bella's by far one of the hottest women in WWE history, I'd have to say that her "set of glutes" are somewhat overrated, especially compared to these 15 current female wrestlers.

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