15 Current Rumors Triple H Doesn't Want The Fans Knowing About

The move from a wrestler to an important person behind the scenes has helped Triple H become more likeable to wrestlers and fans alike.

The reputation of Triple H has improved dramatically over the past few years. Triple H was once known as the shadiest person backstage that would use his power as Stephanie McMahon’s husband to hold down other wrestlers. The fact that Triple H had the top spot with consistent world title reigns didn’t help when you look at all the wrestlers that were held down at his expense. However, the move from a wrestler to an important person behind the scenes has done nothing but help him become more likeable to wrestlers and fans alike.

Triple H is now appreciated for many of the things he contributes to the company. The success of NXT has given the fan base an alternative to the WWE product while still having the WWE production value. Many of the top wrestlers from all over the world have signed with WWE thanks to Triple H’s influence. We must credit him for Kevin Owens, Finn Balor, Samoa Joe and many others making it in WWE. The women’s division becoming credible is another huge accomplishment from Triple H. That doesn’t mean everything is perfect for him these days. We'll take a look at fifteen rumors currently going around that Triple H doesn’t want fans to know about.

15 Ronda Rousey No Longer Wrestling at WrestleMania


Ronda Rousey developing a relationship with WWE is a product of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon reaching out to her. As a super fan, Rousey attended many WWE shows and they always treated her like gold due to seeing the potential of a business relationship down the road. The MMA career of Rousey going downhill and essentially ending, meaning she is now free for other projects.

14 Turning Down Chris Jericho's Cruise Opened NJPW Opportunity


Chris Jericho appearing at Wrestle Kingdom 12 allowed New Japan to have a huge opportunity at growth in North America. The dream match between Jericho and Kenny Omega gave NJPW a spike in terms of ticket sales and NJPW World subscriptions. Many North American fans stayed up to watch the event. Jericho appears to be working with them more going forward.

One of Triple H’s decisions may have helped convince Jericho to wrestle outside of WWE. Jericho wanted NXT to take part in his 2018 cruise, but Triple H said WWE wouldn’t approve the idea. Ring of Honor took the spot and Jericho started collaborating with wrestlers like the Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes. The relationship with NJPW and ROH could have played a role in Jericho making the jump shortly after the cruise announcement.

13 Velveteen Dream Suspension


The popularity of Velveteen Dream gives him a chance to be one of the next breakout stars in NXT. At just 22 years old, Velveteen Dream has shown great potential. A star-making performance against Aleister Black at NXT TakeOver: War Games helped get him to the next level. However, it was shocking to see Velveteen Dream kept off NXT television for over a month following the classic match.

12 Canceled Match With Braun Strowman


WWE teased a big match between Triple H and Braun Strowman at the end of Survivor Series. Triple H tried to manipulate Strowman in the match leading to Strowman decimating him after the match to end the show. A segment between the two on Raw seemed to imply they would have more action down the road. However, Triple H also had a showdown with Kurt Angle.

11 Vince Intentionally Kept Mandy Rose Off NXT TV


Triple H has shown pride in helping the NXT stars progress as performers before moving on to the main roster. The women to thrive in NXT have especially been great success stories that moved on to WWE’s main roster. Sasha Banks, Paige and Asuka all became stars long before moving to Raw and SmackDown. There was one woman viewed as too important to work in NXT.

10 Shane McMahon Getting More Backstage Power in WWE


The backstage beef between Shane McMahon and Triple H is one of the more fascinating stories in wrestling. Shane allegedly left the WWE when he realized that Vince McMahon was going to have Triple H and Stephanie McMahon succeed him as the ones running the company. A return has seen Shane come back longer than anyone expected.

9 He Made The Call To Beat Jinder Mahal in India


Triple H has seen his reputation change in recent years from the wrestler that hogged the spotlight to a beloved decision maker that does what is best for business. One peculiar booking decision came about a month ago during WWE’s tour in India. Jinder Mahal faced Triple H in the main event of the show after many months of being build as India’s wrestling hero on WWE television.

8 ROH Had Best Financial Year in Company History


Ring of Honor had a successful 2017 with many surprises along the way. Matt and Jeff Hardy had a feud with the Young Bucks before heading back to WWE. Various new stars like Dalton Castle, Marty Scurll and Will Ospreay started to become fixtures on the card. Cody Rhodes had a strong title run bringing mainstream coverage to the company at times.

7 Vince McMahon Thinks Finn Balor is Overrated


The NXT run of Finn Balor saw Triple H treat him as the golden boy of the developmental brand. Balor spent extra time in NXT at the request of Triple H due to wanting to have a draw at the top of the card for the growth of the brand. It all evened out when Balor won the Universal Championship just a month into his debut before unfortunately suffering an injury at the worst time.

6 Ricochet Potentially Skipping NXT for 205 Live


Triple H’s ideal path for top independent wrestlers signing with WWE would have them debut in NXT. Following a run in NXT establishing them there and learning the WWE way, they will move up to either Raw or SmackDown with momentum. Ricochet is arguably the hottest free agent on the market right now after his Lucha Underground contract expired at the end of 2017.

5 Kenny Omega Turned Down WWE


As mentioned earlier, Triple H loves to make the big signings of international talents from all over the world. Kevin Owens, Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura were all treated as huge signings that WWE made like a sports team bringing in big names. Between the announcements and the surprise NXT debuts, Triple H clearly loves going after the top names on the market.

4 Neville Desperately Wants to Leave WWE


The absence of Neville has seen him sitting home since requesting his release from WWE. Vince McMahon wants to freeze Neville out by having him do nothing until his contract ends. This is bad news because he is the person that saw the potential of Neville. It is no coincidence that Neville was the NXT Champion of Triple H’s choice as the promotion started to gain more exposure.

3 Gail Kim Turned Down WWE Return


Gail Kim is one of the greatest women’s wrestlers of all time and she is currently on her retirement tour. Two stints with WWE saw Kim used poorly with very little opportunity despite her talent. Vince McMahon viewed Gail negatively due to sexist beliefs. According to Jim Ross, McMahon believed that no one would think Kim was attractive and that fans wouldn’t want to see an Asian woman.

2 Daniel Bryan Going Back to ROH


ROH may only get stronger if the rumored future of Daniel Bryan comes true. Bryan is still trying to convince WWE to clear him to compete in the ring before his contract expires in September of 2018. Various health reports from doctors outside of WWE have cleared Bryan stating his head is safe enough to wrestle a full-time schedule.

1 CM Punk Considering Return for Cody Rhodes and Young Bucks Show


One of the most interesting stories for wrestling in 2018 will feature a project by Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks. The highly successful New Japan/Ring of Honor stars believe they can run a show in 10,000+ seat venue like the arenas WWE television takes place at. Rhodes and the Bucks claim to have a venue already confirmed to run the major show.

Chicago is one of the locations that was reported to be in the running for the show. Matt Jackson has joked about consistently trying to talk CM Punk into coming back to the ring in their real-life conversations. Punk’s MMA career doesn’t seem to be going anywhere as he grows older. This special attraction show would be the perfect way for Punk to return outside of WWE. Triple H’s biggest enemy snubbing WWE because of him to work for a rival show would be a horrible look.

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15 Current Rumors Triple H Doesn't Want The Fans Knowing About