15 Current Wrestlers Dating WAY Out Of Their League

Professional wrestling is a pretty exhausting business by all accounts, with superstars who have walked away from the WWE constantly complaining to the media about the hectic nature of the schedule. It restricts the time they can spend with their families, how long they're at home for, and it also cancels out the opportunity to meet someone outside of the industry and fall madly in love.

That may sound a little bit cheesy, but it's the truth - and it's also the reason why so many beautiful women within these top companies tend to settle for guys that are, well, let's just say a couple steps below their level. In terms of personality the majority of names on this list are still pretty great guys, but we all know that's not the asset we're focusing in on here.

In any regard, we should applaud these men for being able to win the affections of these seemingly unattainable women. It exhibits their charm, their charisma and most importantly their heart - but again, from a purely physical standpoint things just don't add up from an outsider's perspective looking in and we feel the need to talk about it.

15 John Cena - Nikki Bella

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Towards the back end of this list resides John Cena and Nikki Bella, also known as the most recently engaged couple within the WWE family. The two have had their relationship portrayed over various forms of entertainment, with Total Divas and Total Bellas bringing in a whole host of new eyes to the product courtesy of John and Nikki's perceived "love."

In terms of them as a couple, however, it's a bit of a mismatch with Action Man John putting all of his eggs in one basket when it comes to his appearance. On the other hand, Nikki is a stunning woman, no matter how much of that you believe to be plastic or not. She's got a great smile, a cracking body, and everything a man could want. John is a lucky man.

14 Triple H - Stephanie McMahon

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You could pretty much copy and paste the second paragraph of the previous entry then just change the names here. The Game has never been much of a looker with his Woody Woodpecker honker being the main focus of attention for people throughout his WWE career. And when it comes to Stephanie, we aren't even sure where to begin.

Despite her onscreen character not filling people with joy, Steph is a lovely woman behind the scenes, and that balances out well with her stunning figure and mesmerising good looks. Daddy's Little Princess has gone from a whiny youngster to a mature and stunning big bad boss lady, which is a transformation that Hunter should be extremely thankful for.

Hold onto her for dear life, Mr Levesque.

13 Dean Ambrose - Renee Young

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In all honesty, Dean is a fairly good looking dude, but by comparison, he's hit the absolute jackpot with Renee Young. Ambrose comes across as the polar opposite of his better half in the sense of him being lazy, scruffy, and just generally a bit of a lummox. Meanwhile, when it comes to Renee, you're hooked from the moment you witness her smile for the first time.

She's proven herself to be one of the wittiest members of the WWE roster both in and outside of the ring, and her sense of humour is second to none. Plus, Total Divas has allowed us to see an entirely different side to her, and it fits perfectly along this quirky image that we've all had in our heads for so long. Beauty, intelligence, humour - she has it all.

12 The Miz - Maryse

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We aren't too fond of the phrase that's about to be written but we feel as if it's appropriate here: relationship goals. The Miz and Maryse ooze excellence from every direction, and they have truly been one of the most entertaining things about WWE television in recent months. Plus, it helps that Maryse is an absolutely breathtaking individual in every sense of the word.

Of course, Miz more than pulls his own weight too, but his grooming and dress sense covers up just how well he's done for himself. The two have been together for a long time now and you can just feel how organic their love truly is, and we can't help but wonder how many mornings Mike wakes up and thinks to himself, "damn, I'm the luckiest man on the planet".

11 Big Cass - Carmella

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F - A - B - U - L - O - U - S. She says it, she thinks it, and she is it. Carmella is one of the most underrated female talents in WWE right now with her character not being the only thing that deserves recognition. Her personality shines through during every single interview and media appearance, and it needs to be said: the woman is just intoxicating.

Her unbelievable figure and dazzling smile are just two of the many traits that she possesses, and it's fair to say that Big Cass has done extremely well for himself. We aren't trying to put the big man down either because he's a great guy himself too, but Carmella is an absolute catch and there is indeed only one word to describe the seven-footer in this instance - genius.

10 Rusev - Lana

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Goodness gracious, great balls of fire. Lana. What a woman. We'd imagine that any male, female or alien on planet Earth that even looks in her direction has a death wish as Rusev will likely be on hand nine times out of ten to "crush." The Beauty and the Beast pairing have captured the hearts of fans around the world as of late, especially since appearing together on Total Divas.

Obviously we all know that Handsome Rusev is a phenomenal human being, but Lana is just on a whole other level and she has been for quite some time now. Having seen her in the flesh at WaleMania during WrestleMania weekend, we can confirm that the hype is indeed real, but unfortunately, as the woman herself has stated, Rusev is the only man that can have her.

9 Tommy Dreamer - Beulah McGillicutty

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This one is a little bit more old-school but we still need to talk about it. Over the course of wrestling history, there have been many women that have gone under the radar in terms of their looks, and Beulah McGillicutty may well be at the top of the list. Honestly, go back and look at pictures of her from the mid-to-late-'90s - the woman is absolutely ravishing.

Then you've got Tommy Dreamer and whilst, yes, he was a pretty boy back in his day, he's definitely punching far above his weight here, and has been for the last two decades or so. It's great to see that the couple are still going strong all these years later, and Dreamer deserves a universal pat on the back for being able to hold onto this beauty for so long. Bravo.

8 Enzo Amore - Liv Morgan

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His name is Enzo Amore and he is a certified G, and a bona fide stud - and that last part is proven by his appearance on this list. On one hand, Liv Morgan may be perceived to be nothing more than a mini-Carmella by a lot of people but she's actually quite cute. Then, on the other side of the fence, you've got Enzo Amore, who looks more like an angry pitbull than anything else.

The two likely work well together due to their similar upbringings, and the relationship makes sense from a lot of different perspectives. Still, there's no denying the fact that Morgan falling for Amore is a little confusing to those of us who actually have eyes - after all, just take a look at that picture above. Maybe Enzo is a magician after all.

7 Mike Bennett - Maria Kanellis-Bennett

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Every male wrestling fan between the age of 18-35 likely hates Mike Bennett for one reason: he's married to one of the sexiest women in professional wrestling. Ever since her WWE days, Maria has been a huge fan favourite for obvious reasons, and in the last few years she's continued to improve both as a character and as a competitor inside of the squared circle.

As a result of this, it shouldn't be surprising in the slightest for people to see the duo make a cameo here. It's a simple case of looking at good old Mike and then glancing your eyes across to Maria before thinking to yourself "what on earth is happening here?". Maybe there's more to Mr Bennett than meets the eye, and no, we don't mean that in a dirty way.

6 The Undertaker - Michelle McCool

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The Deadman is one of the coolest guys to ever walk through the doors of WWE, and yet we're still confused as to just how he managed to land a babe like Michelle McCool. In addition to being an incredible female performer, McCool was also blessed with stunning good looks and a personality that shone through at every given opportunity.

It's no wonder that she caught Taker's eye, and despite the age difference between the two they seem to be happier than ever - and if you need any proof, just go and watch the final moments of WrestleMania 33. Their love is clear for everyone to see and we'd bet our money on the two lovebirds staying together until their final days on this earth.

5 Kevin Owens - Karina Steen

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This is the first of a couple non-wrestler based entries as we approach the end of this list, but it's definitely warranted. Anyone who knows Kevin Owens both in and outside of the ring can tell what a great guy he is, with his family being the former Universal Champion's main priority above and beyond anything else in this world.

Which is hardly surprising when you consider A) how fantastic his son is and B) how incredible his wife seems to be. Of course we're talking strictly in terms of her as a person but, yes, we do indeed think that Karina Steen is one of the most beautiful women on this list. Yet, what seems like a stark contrast from a physical sense is soon removed when you delve further into their wonderful relationship.

4 Jeff Jarrett - Karen Jarrett

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We aren't exactly sure what Karen Jarrett saw in the former Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett, but we're fairly certain that sticking with ex-husband Kurt Angle through his troubles may not have been the worst decision in the world. Obviously we don't know all the details behind both the split and the beginning of this relationship, but have you seen the guy?

Jeff has done unbelievably well for himself both in terms of his wrestling career and in his personal life, with Karen Jarrett being an absolute knockout in every sense of the word (no pun intended). The woman wouldn't look out of place standing next to George Clooney and that may seem like a bit of an overstatement, but it really isn't once you've given her a quick Google.

3 Bubba Ray Dudley - Velvet Sky

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Bubba Ray Dudley must possess some kind of skill or talent that we aren't aware of. Either that, or Velvet Sky is just really into the bad boy image because none of this makes any sense to us. If anything, it seems like Bubba is ageing backwards when you look at pictures of the guy from way back in his ECW days compared to now.

The two seem extremely happy with one another which is great, but it doesn't erase the fact that you'd need Albert Einstein to try and figure out what's happened here. There's always the possibility that it was just an initial fling that turned into something more, but given the age gap, we're curious to see how long these two will actually last together.

2 Kurt Angle - Giovanna Yannotti

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The aforementioned Kurt Angle didn't sit around crying about the loss of his former spouse Karen for too long, as soon enough he was falling into the arms of the beautiful Giovanna Yannotti - which, by the way, is a really cool name. The foreign beauty swept Kurt off his feet, or something like that, and ever since they've been happily married with Angle appearing as if he's happier than ever right now.

Giovanna is clearly extremely supportive of Kurt as she's demonstrated over things like social media, and it's just great to see Kurt getting back to a healthy place once again. We won't say too much more about their relationship because honestly, that one picture says more about this partnership than we ever could. Oh it's true, it's damn true.

1 Daniel Bryan - Brie Bella

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The leader of the Yes Movement has many powers within his arsenal, but the biggest of them all may be his ability to charm his way into a relationship with Brie Bella. In terms of personality, it's definitely Brie who is way below Daniel's league, but if you're a stranger looking at a picture of these two together for the first time it'll understandably seem a tad odd.

After all, here's this bearded Jesus-looking gentleman stood side by side with a naturally beautiful female athlete that could likely have any man that she so desired. It doesn't seem to add up, but when you see first hand how much chemistry the duo have together, it all starts fitting into place pretty quickly.

Best of luck with the birth, guys. You deserve it.

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