Romantic relationships are hard to keep up with in the world of wrestling. There are so many rumors and speculation that you can never truly believe it until enough proof exists. The majority of wrestlers now date each other, the old stigma of WWE not encouraging it has ended. Jim Ross states he used to make it an unofficial rule that talent tries to stay away from dating each other given the drama that can come from it. The love triangles of Triple H/Stephanie McMahon/Chyna and Matt Hardy/Lita/Edge each showed the negative sides of careers being impacted following ugly breakups.

Things have changed however with WWE adopting a more professional approach to business. The locker room drama is at a low. Wrestlers keep their personal issues outside of work. Relationships also just make more sense when you have the same schedule and lifestyle as a partner. Even outside of WWE, there are plenty of couples in wrestling today. We’ll take a look at some of the lesser known romances. Everyone talks about Nikki Bella and John Cena or Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan. This list is for the exact opposite with fifteen wrestling couples you had no idea about.

15. Zack Ryder & Chelsea


The relationship between Zack Ryder and Emma ended a few months ago. Neither of them actually addressed the break up, but it was made official when Ryder started posting pictures with his new girlfriend. Ryder is currently out of action with an injury and appears to be enjoying his off time based of the pictures on the beach with girlfriend Chelsea Green.

Chelsea is currently one of the ladies in the TNA Knockouts division. She was in WWE for a short time period as a member of the Tough Enough competition. The career of Chelsea has been on the upswing following the show with a full schedule wrestling all over the world before landing in TNA. Ryder and Chelsea are an item and one of the very few instances of a WWE star dating a TNA star.

14. Enzo Amore & Liv Morgan


One of the rare WWE couples to not reference their relationship on social media is Enzo Amore and Liv Morgan. Enzo and Liv both come from the same state as they were born and raised in New Jersey. The relationship was discovered when fans started spotting the happy couple together after shows during the bigger WWE weekends where main roster and NXT talent all showed up to the events.

Enzo and Liv also frequently end up at the same location based off their social media posts despite not sharing many pictures together. That definitely is not a coincidence. Big Cass is known for his relationship with Carmella, but Enzo may have his girlfriend on the main roster if Morgan is called up to Raw or SmackDown Live in the near future.

13. Alexa Bliss & Murphy


The heel turn of Alexa Bliss in NXT ended up being the best thing to happen to her. Both the personal and professional aspects of Bliss’ life changed for the better. Alexa went from a forgettable face to one of the best heel personalities as the manager of NXT Tag Team Champions Blake and Murphy. It helped add another dynamic to her wrestling work and she is now the top heel in the Women’s Division on the main roster.

Bliss also met her boyfriend when working with Buddy Murphy. They no longer work together with Alexa becoming a fixture on the main roster and Murphy still trying to find the right role in NXT. The end of the Blake and Murphy tag team ended the personal relationship between Alexa and Murphy, but their relationship appears stronger than ever. Murphy frequently posts comments complimenting the work of Bliss every Monday night.

12. Blake & Sara Lee


Wesley Blake was the third wheel in the group with Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy, but he also found his significant other in NXT. Sara Lee won the women’s competition in Tough Enough to land a highly paid contract to train at the Performance Center. WWE signed numerous other women from the show and they all did better than Sara.

The lack of wrestling talent made it obvious Lee would not make it far in WWE or NXT. Sara’s career ended right around the time it was discovered she was in a relationship with Blake. The couple was expecting a child with the announcement of Lee being pregnant. WWE released her from her contract since it became clear she would not be training or looking to continue her career in wrestling. Blake and Sara welcomed their child into the world in early May.

11. Magnus & Mickie James


The WWE return of Mickie James has shown she’s still one of the most talented women’s wrestlers. James is a veteran but manages to keep up with the stars of today. During her time away from WWE, a lot has changed. Mickie spent a few years working in TNA trying to help make the Knockouts Division a relevant time.

One of the biggest changes in her life during the TNA tenure was meeting Magnus. The two wrestlers entered a romantic relationship before getting married and having their first child Donovan. James worked extremely hard to get back into peak in-ring shape shortly after giving birth and has not lost a step. Magnus recently returned to TNA and the couple is still together despite having completely different schedules.

10. Austin Aries & Thea Trinidad


Austin Aries met his girlfriend during his recent stint on the independent circuit before coming to WWE. Thea Trinidad has been consistently wrestling on the independent wrestling scene for many years now after leaving TNA. Both wrestlers appeared to have similar vegan lifestyles that likely brought them together. Trinidad appeared at a Ring of Honor show with Aries and it appeared that they would have worked together until Aries received a NXT offer.

Aries is now in WWE and Thea may not be too far behind. She appeared at NXT a few times and WWE is looking for new women to take part in the Mae Young Classic tournament. Trinidad also received the opportunity to play AJ Lee in the movie about Paige’s life filmed for The Rock’s movie company. The scenes took place at a live WWE event. It might not be the last time Thea performs in the same ring as Aries.

9. Adam Cole & Britt Baker


Adam Cole is one of the top names on the free agent market today after his contract with ROH recently expired. Anyone with any wrestling knowledge can tell he’s likely WWE bound based off his talent and the way WWE is aggressively signing top tier talent. Life is good for Cole and it gets even better when you realize who he’s dating.

Cole is in a relationship with fellow independent wrestler Britt Baker. The beautiful couple has posted pictures together on social media and Cole recently made a surprise appearance saving her at an ICW show. Baker and Cole may have the opportunity to work together for a short time period before Cole heads to WWE. The potential of Baker makes it possible for her to also get on WWE’s radar sooner than later.

8. Delirious & Mandy Leon


Another wrestling couple that sometimes flies under the radar is ROH booker/part-time wrestler Delirious and Women of Honor star Mandy Leon. Controversy hit the ROH locker room back in 2016 following controversy between the two. One of the officials Kevin Keenan sexually harassed Leon after a show and was fired from the company for his actions.

Keenan went on social media and revealed Delirious only fired him because he was dating Mandy. We can all agree Keenan is a complete idiot, but the relationship between Delirious and Leon was never truly addressed until then. The two appear to be keeping it less of a secret now after working together on a few smaller shows outside of ROH. Hopefully the relationship works out as many past instances of a booker dating a talent have ended poorly.

7. Rob Van Dam & Katie Forbes


Rob Van Dam makes the occasional appearance at an independent wrestling show when someone is willing to pay enough money. The matches of Van Dam are nothing like his ECW days, but he did manage to score a win with fellow wrestler Katie Forbes. RVD allegedly left his wife to enter a relationship with Forbes after they met at a few shows on the West coast.

Van Dam and his wife Sonya were together for seventeen years. They divorced in July of 2016, but RVD apparently started dating Katie in April of 2016. The timetable does not look good given the circumstances. Still, Van Dam does seem happy with new love interest. Forbes posts lots of pictures of the two together on social and she’s definitely not hiding her relationship.

6. Ricochet & Tessa Blanchard


Another relationship to start on the independent wrestling circuit features two top talents in Ricochet and Tessa Blanchard. Ricochet is one of the top stars on the independent circuit wrestling for New Japan, Lucha Underground and PWG. Tessa is the daughter of Tully Blanchard continuing the family legacy as she has become a standout performer in the women’s wrestling scene.

The couple has been together for quite some time now and appears to be in love. Ricochet apparently goes golfing with Tully proving just how serious the relationship is. Tessa and Ricochet have also participated in some inter-gender tag team matches together. WWE star Apollo Crews used to live with the couple in Orlando but apparently moved out with Akira Tozawa replacing him in the home. Don’t be surprised if Ricochet and Blanchard eventually join their current and past roommates in the WWE one day.

5. Sasha Banks & Mikaze


A lesser known relationship in the WWE world if you don’t follow the life of Sasha Banks is her marriage to Mikaze. Banks started Mikaze during their time together on the independent circuit back in New England long before joining WWE. Eventually, Sasha would get a spot in WWE developmental before becoming a huge star in NXT.

Fate would have her boyfriend join the WWE with her in a different role. Mikaze landed a job from his dream employer when WWE brought him on as a seamstress. Many wrestlers got their gear made from Mikaze and WWE was impressed enough to hire him. Mikaze now makes the gear of today’s top stars. Banks and Mikaze quietly got married earlier in 2017 to officially commit to each other in the long haul.

4. Bayley & Aaron Solow


Sasha Banks’ best friend Bayley also has a lesser known boyfriend in the world of wrestling. Talented independent wrestler Aaron Solow is dating Bayley. WWE even showed them together during the Breaking Ground specials on WWE Network following Bayley around in everyday life as she prepared for her big Iron Man Match against Banks. The cameras showed Bayley and Solow together at their home watching film of old matches.

Solow is looking to join Bayley in WWE one day and was actually named a backup in the Cruiserweight Classic last year in the case of anyone getting injured. The career of Solow is less glamorous than Bayley’s but he appears to be making progress with bookings all over the indie scene. Rumors have circulated that Solow recently proposed to Bayley and she said yes, but neither person has confirmed it as of yet.

3. Bubba Ray & Velvet Sky


An odd relationship to start in TNA features Bubba Ray Dudley dating Velvet Sky. Velvet was in a relationship with Chris Sabin for many years until they randomly started exchanging sub-tweet insults on Twitter. Shortly after that, Velvet appeared in pictures with Bubba Ray. They would later confirm their relationship stating that they were in love. It is unknown if Sky cheated on Sabin but the timetable does make it appear very possible.

Bubba and Velvet are still in a relationship today. They appear at House of Hardcore shows as a pair and Fite TV hired Sky to cover ROH shows that Bubba will be working on. During his WWE stint, Bubba tried to get Velvet hired with him but the company did not have any interest. No one would have been able to predict these two being together making them one of the more surprising couples.

2. Roderick Strong & Marina Shafir


NXT recently took a look into the personal life of Roderick Strong. One of the stories featured his wife Marina Shafir giving birth to the couple’s first child. Shafir is not a wrestler but she is known in wrestling circles for her work in UFC. Along with Ronda Rousey, Shayna Baszler and Jessamyn Duke, she is a part of the Four Horsewomen known for their friendship in the world of MMA.

All four ladies have been welcomed to WWE shows due to being super wrestling fans. Shafir met Strong at a PWG show and the two hit it off. They started dating shortly before Strong signed with WWE. Consider Baszler is already wrestling and Rousey took part in WrestleMania 31, it wouldn’t be crazy for Shafir to start wrestling as well similar to her husband.

1. Finn Balor & Cathy Kelley


One of the relationships that have been based on speculation features Finn Balor potentially dating WWE broadcaster Cathy Kelley. Early reports indicated they were just friends hanging out at the same places, but a recent picture of them holding hands in New York made it appear likely that they were truly an item.

Balor spent a lot of time at the Performance Center and NXT shows during his rehab coming back from an injury where Kelley primarily works. Both appear to have down to earth personalities and have great reputations. Two wonderful people getting together is always a good thing. Balor and Kelley forming a relationship could make them one of the most likeable couples in the wrestling business. Hopefully they formally announce it sooner than later giving us more than just the sneaky hand holding picture.

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