15 Current Wrestling Stars Who Are Buddies Outside Of The Ring

Professional wrestling is starting to become more hectic for wrestlers as the expansion of the wrestling promotions has forced them to travel more. So it’s somewhat inevitable that these guys who work together almost everyday would end up becoming good friends in real life.

Some of these wrestlers not only travel alongside one another to the different venues around their country where they are scheduled to wrestle, but also get very close while together and develop a personal bond that sticks with them for a long time. Not only this, but many wrestlers also hit it off while they work together to come up with creative storylines, essentially helping to create their own real-life friendship storyline.

For the most part, the current wrestling stars are all pretty good friends with each other, but only a small group of them can truly be considered best friends or "buds," and it's safe to assume that the strong friendships that they have forged during their time in the industry will last a lifetime.

Let’s have a look at 15 current wrestling stars who are buds outside the ring.

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15 Shane McMahon & Brock Lesnar

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Shane O Mac’ and Brock Lesnar might have had an intense stand-off at SummerSlam this year, which ended with Lesnar hitting Shane with an F-5 and sparking a major feud between them sometime in the future, but in real life Shane and Brock are pretty good pals who have maintained their friendship for a long time now. It started when Shane’s eldest son Decland attended Little League Baseball and Softball and Youth USA Wrestling with Brock’s eldest son, Brock Jr, and the two fathers have bonded ever since. They’ve remained very close since then as Shane’s family and Brock’s family often visit each other in the summer and like to go on vacations together as well. They might have a heated rivalry going on WWE TV, but are actually pretty close in real life, as one could hope that their real-life closeness can make for an awesome, intense feud in the future which can be enjoyable for the fans.

14 Alberto Del Rio & Bray Wyatt

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Bray Wyatt might be this terrorizing, mystical figure inside the ring with his chilling promos and intense personality, but he seems to be a cool dude outside of it and has his share of friends and admirers. That includes Alberto Del Rio, who himself looks like a guy who doesn’t really want to be friends with anyone else. But the two have been friends for sometime now, as revealed by Alberto himself in a recent interview as he stated Wyatt to be “one of his best friends” when asked about his opinion on the Eater of Worlds. Wyatt and Del Rio were on the same brand till sometime back when Del Rio left the WWE. It can be assumed that they hung out together when they could and initially started being pals some years back, as Wyatt seems to be this good guy outside the ring who impressed a guy like Del Rio enough to be regarded as his one of his best friends.

13 Apollo Crews & Akira Tozawa

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Apollo Crews and Akira Tozawa go way back to the Dragon Gate promotion of Japan, where they met and instantly found a liking for each other. They complimented each other superbly in the ring and had some memorable moments in Dragon Gate, as they were once in the same stable and often tagged along to help each other. Crews and Tozawa were the best of buddies at Dragon Gate as they hung out with each other, as their delight at reuniting after over a year in the WWE was shown in a video released by WWE.com showing their unbridled delight at meeting each other. They seem to hit it off instantly after meeting up in the WWE, as the bond they developed at Dragon Gate is still as strong as ever as they hope to rekindle some crazy moments in their time travelling around performing for the WWE.

12 Cody Rhodes & Cesaro

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Cody Rhodes finally broke free of the terrors he was made to do in his final years in the WWE as he left the company a few months back, but has made some solid friends while he was in the company who he’ll definitely be in touch with in the future. One of those best friends includes Cesaro, as the Swiss Superman has the reputation of being a good guy and a great friend outside of the ring, as he seemed to be really close to Rhodes (probably way back from a past few years) which was apparent from Rhodes’ inclusion of him in his farewell letter after leaving the WWE. Rhodes mentioned Cesaro’s name as the first one he thanks for the memories. Cody also said in an interview of how WWE had taken away his free access to the WWE Network, and that he’s now stealing or borrowing Cesaro’s credentials which Cesaro allowed him to do. What a good friend Cesaro turned out to be for Cody!

11 Bayley & Peyton Royce

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Bayley is among one of the really lovable wrestlers in the WWE right now, as her “hug-life” motto and sweet gimmick is an instant winner with the fans. Because of her cute, friendly personality Bayley has had made many friends in the WWE as her friendships with Sasha Banks and Carmella have especially been focused on WWE TV. But one friendship which is just as strong is with new NXT Diva Peyton Royce, who she has been hanging around for quite sometime now and they seem to be pretty tight together. They’re really active on social media and have shown how close they are through various social media posts, with the most lovable coming in the John Cena Rap Battle which they had against each other. They travelled around with each other in their NXT days as well, as Bayley seemed to have found a BFF in Peyton who’s really in the groove with her too. Though they might have parted ways with Bayley’s main roster call, a reunion can be seen in the future as Peyton looks to impress and gain her spot in the main roster, as their awesome friendship is gonna last for a long time as they seem to be the coolest of buds on the roster right now.

10 Bobby Roode & Eric Young

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Bobby Roode and Eric Young are the newest star recruits for WWE NXT, as the big players of TNA have flocked to the hottest brand in sports entertainment as they seem adamant at keeping together in wherever they go. Roode and Young had been working in TNA for quite a number of years now, and developed a strong bond during the time where they often worked alongside each other and together as well. They apparently left TNA because they were owed a huge amount of money, as they decided to shift to WWE together where they can help get better and become stars in the promotion. While Roode has had a “Glorious” awakening at NXT, Young is yet to make a big impact as he and Roode will look to help each other become better performers in the WWE, as they are the best of buddies from way back from TNA and love hanging around each other and often get better because of each other.

9 Luke Harper & Ryback

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Luke Harper might have shared some intense feuds and hard-hitting matches with Ryback, but as it turns out the two of them are pretty close in real life. Inspite of the general consensus that they hate each other, they are actually close buds who mostly have bonded because of their similar training regime, as they train with each other and help each other reach their ultimate limit in training. Ryback is a tough trainer, as Harper himself doesn’t back out of the workout as the two seem like perfect training buddies which probably transitioned to them becoming pretty good friends in the WWE. Their friendship was showcased when pictures surfaced of Rusev’s wedding a few months back, as Harper and Ryback were seen to be having a load of fun flexing out and taking awesome pictures which show how they are great buddies in real life, inspite of having some intense matches in the past. Even though the Big Guy has left the WWE, Harper has the reputation of being a good guy and will probably continue his friendship with Ryback.

8 The Miz & Chris Jericho

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Another rather odd couple considering that both of them are married and pretty different from each other, but the Miz and Chris Jericho have been pretty good pals for a couple of years now as they seem to hang out together a lot. It might be because of the fact that they are two of the most charismatic superstars in the WWE and can compliment each other perfectly, as their personalities can gel together very well. Both the Miz and Jericho have confirmed in various interviews that they are very close to each other and have stated that they travel together on various occasions, as they probably help each other a lot in improving both their characters and therefore love to hang around each other. Also they’re both pretty fun in real life so must have a blast whenever they are hanging around together, as the A-Lister and the Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla make a very interesting couple of friends, but they have spoken about how great friends they have remained over the years which indicates how strong it really is.

7 Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose

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Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose aren’t only brothers inside the ring, but outside it as well. The two guys of the Shield saw themselves go their own ways into the singles careers after the group broke up, but kept being quite close to each other even after that. Even after the Shield broke up and they didn’t necessarily need to travel together, they always hit the road with each other and are the best of friends in the WWE locker room right now. They’ve gone through wars together and even faced each other in some intense encounters, but that’ll never deter them from hanging out with each other and trusting upon each other, as these two are not only brothers on-screen but off-screen as well. Although the brand extension has split them into different brands, they definitely still hang out together whenever they can and rely on each other to have their backs whenever they need each other in life, as this kayfabe group created a special bond between these two.

6 Finn Balor & Becky Lynch

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Finn Balor and Becky Lynch also go way back in their friendship, as Lynch actually got inspired by Balor who indivertibly saved Lynch from destroying her career as his wrestling school in Ireland inspired Lynch to become a pro-wrestler. Balor taught Lynch much of her wrestling and they bonded right from their days in Ireland, as Lynch followed Balor to Japan to wrestle in the legendary Korakeun Hall in Tokyo, Japan. Lynch also moved to the WWE with Balor and they two have been the best of buddies ever since, and Finn Balor’s DVD showcases how close they really are and how much Lynch really admires Balor. They might be separated by the shows right now, but they share a bond which is unbreakable as the two started out from scratch to get to the ultimate stage of WWE and are now together on top of the wrestling world right now.

5 Seth Rollins & The New Day

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Seth Rollins might have no similarity to the New Day on-screen, but they are great pals off-screen as Rollins loves to hang around the members of the New Day. They’ve appeared quite a number of times on WWE TV when Rollins was the WWE Champion, but haven’t been paired since but they don’t need that to be happy and wise-cracking in their personal life. Rollins is great backstage friends with the New Day, as he often appears on the videos of Xavier Woods’ gaming channel UpUpDownDown and is actually one of the core gamers of that channel. Rollins seems to be delighted to be around the New Day as he always hangs around with them, playing games and cracking jokes and the hilarity of The New Day makes him want to hang out with them even more. Rollins even brought Woods a birthday cake for the first anniversary of UpUpDownDown and is pretty close to Big E and Kofi Kingston too(training with them at times) and as the channel says, he definitely “keeps it tight” with The New Day and has really bonded with them over the years, making for a delightful friendship.

4 John Cena & Randy Orton

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The Leader of the Cenation army and The Viper are the golden boys of their generation, and have had some heated rivalries to assert themselves as the “top dog” of the company but are actually good friends in real life inspite of all that. Both of them came through from Ohio Valley Wrestling(OVW) in the same time and started bonded right from the beginning of their WWE careers and have remained as close friends ever since. Cena and Orton might have had gone through some really intense rivalries, which included one in which Orton punt-kicked Cena’s real father, but they seem to have the sportsman spirit and didn’t take it to their heart. They’ve often been seen hanging out together in the past years, as the two seem to be pretty good pals in real life as Cena also went onto say big words about his friend, calling Orton “The Best Performer of our generation” and he was also featured in the documentary about Orton’s life. The two prime athletes of their generation seem to share no animosity with each other, as they are actually very close together and keep a healthy relationship which won’t ever fade away.

3 Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn

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Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn might be sharing a bitter rivalry in the WWE right now, but they are undoubtedly one of the best of friends in the WWE locker room right now. Owens and Zayn started their rivalry on the day when Zayn won the NXT Championship, and he was “betrayed” by Owens who swore to destroy him and put in in the shelf. He did so but Zayn got the upper hand when they both met in the main roster, and have been feuding ever since and can’t stand each other. But it’s the exact opposite in real life, as Owens and Zayn are like brothers who helped each other get to where they are now. They helped each other start from the scratch and get to the WWE, as Zayn was indeed there when Owens’ son was born and Owens was the best man in Zayn’s wedding. Inspite of what the WWE tries to force-feed us that they “were” friends and are now bitter enemies, that can’t ever change the fact that Owens and Zayn are still like brothers to each other and can’t publicly show it because of their kayfabe characters, as the two have helped each other reach the top and will continue to aid each other in the most difficult of circumstances in the future.

2 Brian Kendrick & Daniel Bryan

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Many people might have been surprised to see Daniel Bryan openly rooting for The Brian Kendrick in the recently concluded WWE Cruiserweight Classic Tournament, as they haven’t really had any history in the WWE. But what most do not know is their history together, as Bryan and Kendrick began their wrestling careers together training in Shawn Michaels wrestling school in Texas before they went their own ways for a bit. But Kendrick and Bryan always kept a close relation to each other, as these two share a bond which is almost 2 decades old and made for an emotional moment when Bryan came down and hugged Kendrick after he lost his match to Kota Ibushi. Kendrick would later speak in an interview with WWE, where he stated of how they had begun their wrestling careers together and how he was devastated when he came to know about Bryan’s retirement, as the two share a close bond not many superstars do and inspite of not really meeting that much since their training days, watching them get emotional 17 years after meeting each other gets a tear to one’s eye, as this beautiful friendship makes you hope that you get a friend like this as well.

1 AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels

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AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels’ rivalries and friendship might be remembered by those who followed TNA in the last decade, as the two had some amazing matches and intense feud which was mostly because of the fact that they were extremely close in real life. Styles and Daniels actually started to gain recognition as part of Vince Russo’s stable “Triple X” and fought for the X-Division title at first. Then they went onto win the Tag Team gold in TNA, before the years passed by and they gained relevance, before main eventing shows a few years later. Styles has had some real cracker of matches with Daniels, as their chemistry in the ring is incredible and that’s mostly because of their bond outside it as an example of both men naming their son’s middle name after each other. The two might have been separated right now with Styles ruling the roost in WWE while Daniels also being a big player in ROH, but they still keep in touch with each other as these two are extremely close even to this day and will probably remain as close friends for the rest of their lives, as Styles would be hoping that Daniels joins him in WWE so that they could have more amazing matches and can hang out with each other on a daily basis.

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