15Shane McMahon & Brock Lesnar

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Shane O Mac’ and Brock Lesnar might have had an intense stand-off at SummerSlam this year, which ended with Lesnar hitting Shane with an F-5 and sparking a major feud between them sometime in the future, but in real life Shane and Brock are pretty good pals who have maintained

their friendship for a long time now. It started when Shane’s eldest son Decland attended Little League Baseball and Softball and Youth USA Wrestling with Brock’s eldest son, Brock Jr, and the two fathers have bonded ever since. They’ve remained very close since then as Shane’s family and Brock’s family often visit each other in the summer and like to go on vacations together as well. They might have a heated rivalry going on WWE TV, but are actually pretty close in real life, as one could hope that their real-life closeness can make for an awesome, intense feud in the future which can be enjoyable for the fans.

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