15 Current Wrestling Women Who Are More Attractive Than The Divas Of The Past

Stay tuned, as this list divulges 15 current wrestling women who are more attractive than the Divas of the past.

Women's wrestling has been changing drastically with each passing year. 10 years ago, if a fan had declared that female performers would be presented at the forefront of a promotion such as WWE in the future, I think most would've looked at him/her and came to the conclusion that they were downright delusional. However, fast forward 10 years, and women are continuously making bigger and bigger impacts in pro-wrestling, and are thus becoming more prominent players within Sports Entertainment.

All that being said, one of the most inaccurate "blanket statements" regarding current wrestling women is that there are very few female performers who're "hot" or attractive anymore. And yes, this truly couldn't be any further from the truth. Perhaps today's wrestling women don't showoff their "assets" as much as the Divas did years ago, but like everything, things change over time.

Professional wrestling still has plenty of extraordinarily attractive women, and I'd go as far by saying that there are many wrestling females who're hotter than any of the "Divas" from the past (specifically referring to WWE's old "Divas" such as Sable, Torrie Wilson, Stacy Keibler et cetera.) Stay tuned, as this list divulges 15 current wrestling women who are more attractive than any Divas of the past (okay, perhaps not quite as attractive as Trish Stratus, but you get the idea).

15  15. Rosemary


Now this may seem like an odd choice for a wrestling woman more luscious than any Divas of the past taking into account the fact that Global Force Wrestling's Rosemary certainly isn't your stereotypical attractive lady, but regardless, Rosemary is luscious in a rather creepy kind of way. Though she's quite the character, that hasn't affected Rosemary's ability to show off her attractiveness in promos and matches.

Yes, she isn't remotely near as "clean cut" as some of the other current wrestling women on the list, but many fans would agree that Rosemary's undeniably attractive. If you hadn't noticed, Rosemary's current gimmick would surely suit well as Bray Wyatt's "Sister Abigail," and many hope that she'll eventually cross-over to WWE for the purpose of portraying Abigail. That being said, Rosemary's very attractive in my humble opinion, and I believe that she's more luscious than the stereotypical Divas of the past.

14 Summer Rae


Although Summer Rae hasn't been seen on WWE television in quite some time, we can still refer to Summer as being a current wrestling woman considering she's still signed to the company. Unlike GFW's Rosemary, Summer Rae certainly resembles the Divas of the past. As a gorgeous blonde bombshell, it doesn't take much to notice that Summer Rae's absolutely stunning, and her beauty has definitely played a part in why she has remained a WWE employee despite performing at a very mediocre at best level inside the squared circle.

Obviously Summer doesn't qualify as being an in-ring technician, but her looks have been enough to keep her around - though she's probably better suited on Total Divas than in the ring. Although many of the "Divas of the past" were beautiful blondes including the likes of Kelly Kelly and Stacy Keibler, I'd argue that Summer Rae ranks among them in terms of overall attractiveness.

13 Lana


Lana's nickname 'The Ravishing Russian" is definitely an accurate one. Few current wrestling women (regardless of the promotion) can match Lana's attractiveness besides a few select females including Alexa Bliss and Nikki Bella. Currently performing in SmackDown Live's Women's Division, Lana clearly ranks as the Blue Brands most luscious wrestling woman.

Despite the fact that the WWE is attempting to change the way their women are perceived by fans, it isn't hard to notice that Vince McMahon still has a "soft spot" for luscious females - the women who dominated the WWE's Divas Division years back whether they were talented or not. Thankfully, good looks aren't the only trait the WWE looks for in new up-and-coming female performers, and in-ring talent is often more important than looks now a days. Of course the company still wants their women to be attractive, but to be supermodels like the past? Not so much.

12 Becky Lynch


Becky Lynch is certainly an "Irish Lass Kicker," and she brings an undeniable level of fiery intensity to the SmackDown Live's Women's Division. Becky is definitely one of the WWE's most attractive female performers, and she has a very large social media following because of this fact. Though she may not be a blonde bombshell like Trish Stratus was, Becky Lynch rocks her vibrant orange hair with style, and it completely suits her as a performer and a person in general.

Becky has clawed and scratched her way to the top, and she has no plans of giving up anytime soon. Instead, Lynch will probably recapture a Women's Championship in the near future and once again dominate the division. Becky Lynch is far from being the greatest mic worker in professional wresting, but she has more than enough in-ring talent and attractiveness to keep herself atop the industry.

11 Billie Kay


NXT's Billie Kay has found success alongside her real-life best friend Peyton Royce as "The Iconic Duo." This luscious Australian is a talented competitor, and she has all the traits required to be a top Women's Division wrestler in the future. Billie Kay is absolutely gorgeous, and she's much more luscious than most Divas of the past. The Instagram photograph above showcases the Australian rocking a vibrant light blue bikini all while making a sensual facial expression - something that would certainly drive her fans crazy!

Billie Kay's just beginning her WWE career, and I believe she has a solid future ahead of her performing as a key Women's Division wrestler. Perhaps Billie will never possess the in-ring talent of a female performer such as Charlotte Flair, but she already possesses way more talent than most of the top Divas of yesteryear. I suppose only time will tell if Billie Kay eventually becomes a "WWE Superstar" or not, but her chances are very good at this point.

10 Sasha Banks


Sasha Banks may not be your first pick of a current wrestling woman who's more luscious than any Divas of the past, but she still is to many fans. Perhaps Sasha's more regarded for being an exceptional in-ring talent over being the most attractive woman on the roster, but it's hard to argue that Banks is still very beautiful. Yes, Sasha doesn't possess the "assets"(at least not nearly as large) as some of the other wrestling women on this list, but Sasha still has an attractive physique regardless.

And besides, the majority of fans who argue that Sasha Banks isn't attractive are just haters who're jealous of the successes Banks has achieved in her young career. In the photo above which showcases "The Boss" posing gorgeously beside a pool, Sasha's feminine charm was on full display - something Banks leaves outside the squared circle while performing, as you won't find a more dominating and aggressive competitor.

9 Liv Morgan


Liv Morgan is by far one of NXT's most attractive Women's Division performers.  Morgan is certainly a talented wrestler, and she'll likely transition well from NXT to the WWE's main roster when the time eventually comes. Liv hasn't been treated like a "big deal" down in NXT as of yet, but considering the fact that she's only 23 years old, there's still plenty of time for Liv Morgan to "make her mark." There's no denying that Liv's a "blonde bombshell," and I'm certain that her good looks played a part in why she was signed to the WWE to begin with.

The elevator selfie above showcases Liv Morgan looking absolutely luscious in a tight one-piece outfit, and I have little trouble saying that she's far more attractive than many Divas of the past. If you hadn't known, Liv Morgan was recently featured at a SmackDown live event in a 4-on-3 Handicap Match on August 12th, so perhaps the WWE are grooming this luscious performer for a main roster debut in the near future?

8 Brandi Rhodes


Brandi Rhodes is mainly remembered by pro-wrestling fans for being a former WWE ring announcer/backstage interviewer - or for being Cody Rhodes' wife. However, if you weren't aware, Brandi is currently pursuing a singles career in Ring Of Honor as of this past July. Prior to signing with ROH, Brandi Rhodes was performing alongside her husband Cody in TNA Impact Wrestling (now GFW).

Though Brandi isn't an exceptionally gifted in-ring performer, if there's one thing for certain, it's the fact that Rhodes is absolutely gorgeous which makes up for her lack of immense talent. Perhaps Brandi somewhat resembles the "Divas of the past" considering she's far more beautiful than she is talented, but taking into account the fact that she's performing as of today, Rhodes still falls under the "current wrestling women" category regardless. And yes, I believe that Brandi's far more luscious than most Divas from the past. If you're not convinced, then take a good look at the incredibly alluring selfie above.

7 Renee Young


How could we possibly forget about Renee Young? Though Renee's not an in-ring performer (yet anyways), she's still one of the WWE's most attractive women - and she can still be referred to as being a "current wrestling woman" despite not performing inside the ring. Looking at the extraordinarily vibrant photo of the luscious Renee Young above, it certainly doesn't take a genius to realize that Renee's drop-dead gorgeous. I'd definitely classify Young as being a "blonde bombshell," wouldn't you say?

Regardless of the fact that Renee's only a backstage interviewer/pre-show analyst, she has still become one of the WWE's most recognized attractive females. Dean Ambrose is definitely one lucky guy, and I'm sure there are countless fans who would love nothing more than to take Ambrose's place as Renee's lover. Taking all of this into account, I'd argue that Renee Young's far more luscious than any of WWE's past "Divas" - and besides, Renee's "assets" are likely real unlike many of the Divas of yesteryear.

6 Nikki Bella


Although the irresistibly gorgeous Nikki Bella has been on a hiatus from WWE recently, Nikki still has plans to return to in-ring action sooner rather than later which is good to hear. No, Nikki Bella was never the greatest wrestler to step foot inside a WWE ring, but her attractiveness and style more than made up for any shortcomings. And even still, Nikki still put on consistent match-ups on a regular basis while she was performing as the top "Diva."

Nikki Bella was featured as WWE's top female right around the time the company was transitioning from the "Divas Division" to the "Women's Division." Though Nikki Bella hasn't been on top during the Women's Revolution Era, there's no denying that she still ranks as being one of the top-5 most attractive women within the WWE. Perhaps we could consider Nikki to be a "Diva," but considering she'll be back in the ring performing within the next little while, Nikki Bella's still a current wrestling woman who's far more luscious than any Divas of the past.

5 Charlotte Flair


Now this may be one of the list entries that some of you disagree with. Despite the fact that Charlotte Flair is considered to be unattractive by some fans, I'd willingly argue and declare that "The Genetically Superior Athlete" is still far more luscious than most (if not all) Divas of the past. Perhaps Charlotte doesn't possess quite as large of "assets" as some of the wrestling women of yesteryear, but this also indicates that Flair's are real and natural unlike most Divas of the past who had cosmetic work done to enhance their exterior appearances.

However, haters aside, Charlotte still has a loyal fanbase who appreciates Flair for her spectacular in-ring performances and for her underrated attractiveness. I doubt Charlotte will ever be crowned as being the WWE's most luscious female performer, but one cannot deny that she's gorgeous. That said, Charlotte Flair's in-ring talent alone is more than enough to establish herself as "The Queen" of the entire Women's Division, and the fact that she's undeniably attractive is just a bonus.

4 Maryse


Like some of the other current wrestling women included on this list, "The French Phenom" Maryse used to perform during the height of the Divas Era in WWE. During the peak of her in-ring wrestling career, Maryse was one of the showcased females who truly represented what a "Diva" should've looked like. However, fast forward 6 years and Maryse is still apart of the WWE - though she did take some time away from WWE between her initial departure in 2011 up until April 2016.

Since returning to WWE following WrestleMania 32, Maryse has played a pivotal role in reinvigorating her real-life husband The Miz's career. Maryse has always been one of the most attractive women of wrestling, so she surely ranks as being more luscious than most of the now-retired Divas of the past. This professionally taken Instagram photo captures Maryse looking extraordinarily stunning while rocking a vibrant blue bikini.

3 Maria Kanellis


Maria Kanellis is undoubtedly one of the hands-down most attractive women of professional wrestling today. Despite the fact that Maria was performing for WWE during the height of the "Divas Era," Kanellis has stuck it out, and she continues to perform in this new generation of women's wrestling - though she hasn't begun performing inside the squared circle for WWE as of yet. As I've mentioned before in previous articles, Maria Kanellis is worth far more to the WWE than her jobber-destined husband Mike, and unlike Mike, she has a bright future ahead of her in WWE as a Women's Division wrestler.

It's as if Maria's getting a "fresh new" start in WWE, because the last time she was performing inside the ring, we were still amidst the old Divas generation which emphasized giving fans eye candy over the females putting on stellar in-ring bouts. As you may have noticed, Maria Kanellis has a gorgeous "booty" (showcased in the picture above), and considering she ranked among the most attractive women of wrestling during the height of the Divas Era, Maria's definitely a female performer more luscious than most Divas of the past.

2 Paige


Although Paige's definitely one of the most controversial wrestling women today, that hasn't affected the majority of fans opinions regarding her as being one of the most attractive female performers in pro-wrestling presently. I think most would agree that Paige is drop-dead gorgeous, and despite the fact that she hasn't performed for WWE in over a year now, she's still one of the most buzzed about wrestling women (though mainly for all the wrong reasons.)

Upon Paige's debut in WWE, it was clear that she was a bit of a "throwback" to some of the Divas of the past, as she's absolutely luscious to say the least. However, what separated Paige from those former "Divas" is the fact that Paige's a great in-ring performer - you could refer to Paige as being the "total package." The Instagram selfie above showcases "The Anti-Diva" posing in front of a mirror rocking a revealing low-cut top that certainly showed off Paige's "set of twins."

1 Alexa Bliss


Alexa Bliss' arguably the most attractive wrestling woman in the WWE today, and she truly defines the definition of a "blonde bombshell." Although the rest of the female performers on this list are arguably more luscious than most Divas of the past, I'd go as far by saying that Alexa Bliss' more luscious than any and all "Divas" of the past. Whether you put Bliss up against Sable, Torrie Wilson, Kelly Kelly or any other former Divas, it's arguable that Alexa's more attractive than them all.

I suppose the "real test" would be putting Alexa Bliss up against perhaps the most attractive Diva of all time, Trish Status. A plethora of fans make the comparison that Alexa Bliss resembles Stratus in many aspects, and I think it would be hard to determine who comes out on top as being more attractive and luscious than the other. However, Trish aside, Alexa Bliss is way more luscious than any other Divas from the past.

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15 Current Wrestling Women Who Are More Attractive Than The Divas Of The Past