15 Current WWE Rumors We Hope That Aren’t True!

Wrestling is one of the few forms of entertainment where rumors passed around on the internet tend to be accurate more times than not. The wrestling world has insiders with various sources in all major companies that leak news on a frequent basis. There is a lot more drama and backstage gossip in a place like WWE than sports leagues like the NBA or NFL. This often leads to the plans of WWE management becoming public knowledge ahead of time. All of the major matches for WrestleMania 33 were correct rumors months before they actually were revealed on WWE television to show just how accurate the rumor mill usually is.

Many of the rumors in the current WWE landscape are about upcoming matches, shows, character twists and overall ideas that will impact the future. Unfortunately, not all of them paint positive expectations for wrestling fans going forward. We'll take a look at some of the rumors that have put fear into the fan base. These are definitely not the rumors that add excitement to the future of WWE. The worst will be looked into as we break down the top fifteen current WWE rumors we hope turn out NOT to be true.

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15 Jinder Mahal: Face of SmackDown

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The shocking WWE Championship win of Jinder Mahal at Backlash was a huge moment. No one really thought Mahal would win the title after becoming the number one contender. It seemed like a desperate attempt to create a new top heel to pass time before Randy Orton moved on to new opponents. The momentum of a polarizing reaction led to WWE giving him the biggest win of his career.

WWE doubled down by putting a lot of time, effort and money into Jinder’s championship celebration on the first SmackDown following the PPV. The new rumors and educated guesses indicate Mahal is in for a long title reign due to Vince McMahon loving his work. Mahal may very well be the face of the SmackDown brand going forward with a long title reign. We can only hope it isn’t true. Jinder winning the title can be argued as a noteworthy surprise to end a boring Orton reign, but he isn’t the long term answer.

14 Long Brock Lesnar Title Reign

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The championship picture on Raw is not any better. Brock Lesnar won the Universal Championship at WrestleMania 33 defeating Goldberg. We have only seen Lesnar on television one time since then on the Raw after WrestleMania cutting a promo. There is zero representation of the Universal Championship reign on Raw and the show suffers immensely from it.

Rumors indicate that Brock will not only hold the title until WrestleMania 34, but he will also defeat the top stars of Raw easily. Finn Balor, Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins are the expected names for Lesnar to destroy en route to a year of dominance. Lesnar only showing up once in a while hurts the title and beating the guys that are carrying the Raw brand will just damage the show for the rest of the year.

13 Huge Push For Lana

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WWE has made the decision to make Lana an actual wrestler competing in the ring on the SmackDown brand. The only presence of Lana following the Superstar Shakeup has been vignettes showing her dancing on a chair. Lana did a dancing gimmick at NXT live events to get prepared for her main roster run. Live reviews indicate she has not impressed with the character being a huge disappointment.

The look of Lana is obviously a huge asset that the company wants to get featured on television as much as possible. Lana is rumored to be debuting on SmackDown soon with a big push. WWE hopes she can become one of the faces of the Women’s Division. The women on SmackDown have been delivering great work since the brand split and Lana becoming a top star will just ruin it.

12 Baron Corbin Winning MITB

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The Money in the Bank Ladder Match is arguably the biggest stipulation every single year. WWE often picks someone they clearly want to become a World Champion in the near future. This year’s match features Shinsuke Nakamura, A.J. Styles, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler competing for the briefcase. Styles, Nakamura, Owens and Zayn are the four names fans appear to be most excited for having a run as Mr. Money in the Bank.

Unfortunately, the rumor going around is that Corbin will be the one to win the match. WWE reportedly views Corbin above other top relatively new stars such as Shinsuke Nakamura, Braun Strowman and Finn Balor. That is high praise with Corbin likely being slated for the MITB win. Corbin is not a bad wrestler by any means, but the monster push coming this soon above such better talents just isn’t a good call.

11 WWE Gives Up On American Alpha

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American Alpha was drafted to SmackDown last year to be the top team in the Tag Division. The success of Chad Gable and Jason Jordan in NXT impressed management enough to make them the faces of the division on the blue brand. American Alpha actually defeated Randy Orton and Luke Harper to win the SmackDown Tag Team Championship in a huge moment.

Everything went downhill after the big win with their momentum starting to fade with boring feuds. The Usos started to outshine them as heels and won the titles. Their match was snubbed from WrestleMania 33 and instead took place on an episode of SmackDown. WWE is reportedly down on American Alpha and no longer believe in them as a top team right now. It sadly shows with the lack of television time. The main roster run has been disappointing but they're still arguably the most talented team in WWE.

10 Aleister Black To Cruiserweight Division

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The presentation of Aleister Black in NXT has been nothing short of tremendous so far. Black is clearly a breakout star waiting to happen. We have only seen him in squash matches easily defeating his opponents, but Black stands out in a way very can. The talent, potential and momentum of Black could see him become a future NXT Champion before moving to the main roster.

A rumor about his main roster future however could provide disappointment. Black took part in the recent WWE UK tour facing Austin Aries and Neville in cruiserweight matches. The cruiserweight wrestlers are very talented but the division is failing. Black’s potential is far greater to become a top guy if things break right for him. An early callup in the Cruiserweight Division would just put a roadblock in front of his surging career.

9 Paige's WWE Career Ending

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Paige and WWE have not been on the same page for about a year now. The decision to date Alberto Del Rio put her in the WWE doghouse due to the company not wanting to see him negatively influence her. Paige has since violated the WWE Wellness Policy twice during injury leading to suspensions. Neck surgery has kept her sidelined over the past year keeping Paige out of WWE.

The shocking tape leak this year put Paige’s name in the news again for the wrong reasons. WWE does not want to deal with the controversy surrounding her and rumors state they will let her contract expire. Paige never wrestling in WWE would just be sad given the potential she had. She was once viewed as having the chance to be the greatest women’s wrestler of all time. It would be depressing to witness it ending without her having one more chance at redemption.

8 The Miz Winning IC Title Only To Drop To Roman Reigns

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The Miz has been on fire ever since his wife Maryse returned to WWE as his valet. Miz and Maryse are a perfect combination leading to tremendous heel work. Rumors of him defeating Dean Ambrose for the Intercontinental Championship are great. The problem is the same rumors indicate Miz is only winning the title to lose it to Roman Reigns shortly after.

WWE wants Reigns to eventually hold every singles title in the company and the Intercontinental Championship is one of the two left on his list. Reigns and Miz have never feuded before making it an interesting idea for WWE. There’s no doubt they'll likely do good work together. The issue here is that Miz will just be used as a sacrificial lamb to give Reigns another big moment that will lead to a less entertaining title reign.

7 Chris Jericho Wrestling Kevin Owens At Summer Slam

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Kevin Owens beating Chris Jericho brutally to end his recent run in WWE was both great for his character and the right way to end their feud. A new rumor has made it possible that the feud did not officially end and will continue sooner than expected. Jericho is reported to be making his WWE return in the summer.

The fact that WWE went out of their way to make sure Jericho switched brands from Raw to SmackDown before leaving was rather interesting. It appears that was done specifically to give Jericho a return match against Owens at Summer Slam. The two have done incredible work together but the feud has no reason to continue. Owens needs to move on to the other stars of SmackDown and Jericho should have a longer break to make his next return more special.

6 Nia Jax: Future Women's Champion

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WWE loves the potential of Nia Jax and badly wants her to become one of the faces of the Women’s Division. Nia is just not at the level of her peers and is quite frankly the worst female in the division. Aside from her power and strength, everything else is a weakness. One of the reported reasons WWE sent Charlotte Flair to SmackDown was to give Jax the opportunity to be the top female heel on Raw.

It luckily appears that they're already starting to give up on that. Nia has been off television ever since Alexa Bliss won the Raw Women’s Championship and everyone else got paired into feuds. The WWE dreams of Jax winning the title this year would be a huge mess. Bliss, Sasha Banks and Bayley are clearly the top women with Emma and Mickie James also being better choices than Nia for a title run.

5 No Broken Hardys

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The rumors regarding the characters of the Hardys change every week but it seems like WWE is no longer interested in the Broken gimmick. Fans still chant “Delete” and “Brother Nero” to show their love of the Broken Universe that Matt and Jeff created during their time in TNA. The new management in TNA however is still claiming ownership of the characters.

TNA’s Ed Nordholm leaked emails reaching out to WWE asking if they wanted to discuss buying the character ownership. WWE employees replied stating they have no interest in it. Let’s take the fact that TNA is full of garbage out of it. WWE saying they're not looking to bring the Broken Universe to television is bad news. The Hardys are far more interesting with the unique gimmick rather than the current nostalgia act.

4 John Cena Transitioning Out Of WWE

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Diehard wrestling fans are starting to appreciate the work of John Cena as he ends his prime in WWE. Cena has delivered classic matches with A.J. Styles, Kevin Owens and quite a few other new names that helped make them stars. The overall product is significantly better when Cena is on the show in a major storyline. SmackDown has recently taken a huge decline in both content and ratings after he left.

Rumors suggest Cena is looking to branch out with more movie and hosting roles. Cena wants to have a limited role in WWE with his schedule lessening each year. We're currently at a peace with Cena wrestling for a few months, leaving for a few months and repeats the pattern. If he starts taking even more time off going forward, WWE will be worse for it.

3 Kurt Angle's Return Match Against Triple H

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Kurt Angle has yet to be cleared for a return to the ring in WWE. The plan for the remainder of the year is expected to see him continue as the Raw General Manger. Anyone can tell the upcoming story will be conflict with Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon whenever she returns from her on-screen absence. The hot rumor is that WWE is saving Angle’s potential return match for WrestleMania 34 against Triple H.

Angle could not face Stephanie so wrestling her husband would be the obvious way to go. WWE would need him to pass physicals before even allowing him to take a bump so we are way ahead of it and things can change. Angle wrestling an old rival in Triple H would be cool but still disappointing given the talent on the roster. There are so many potential dream matches and Angle having a rare match against another veteran is just not as appealing.

2 Daniel Bryan Leaving WWE

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Daniel Bryan has been adamant that he will examine his options when his WWE contract expires in 2018. WWE still has no plans to clear him to compete with their belief that he's not healthy enough. Bryan was given conflicting reports from doctors with multiple examinations stating he's not risking injury more than any other wrestler.

The decision to leave WWE for the independent circuit would be sad for a few reasons. Bryan wrestling on the open market would be great but all the dream matches are in WWE with the recent signings. SmackDown would suffer immensely from losing Bryan as the General Manager. He's one of the major reasons the brand split has been a huge success. It would also be sad seeing Bryan risking his health in such small venues with less relevance to his matches.

1 Roman Reigns Winning Universal Title At WrestleMania 34

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The worst rumor currently being discussed about WWE is clearly Roman Reigns winning the Universal Championship at WrestleMania 34. As mentioned earlier, Brock Lesnar is scheduled to have a yearlong run steamrolling over the other stars on the Raw brand. This is all being done to add importance to Reigns being the only one able to defeat Lesnar on the biggest stage.

We can all accept that Reigns is definitely going to be a major part of WWE for the long run. The problem is that the entire show is suffering to set up yet another big moment for him that will get booed. It would also be the fourth consecutive year that WrestleMania is built around Roman being “the guy.” The hope is that the rumor is not true or plans change before Reigns dominates another WrestleMania with everyone else suffering for it.

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