15 Current WWE Stars That Are Still Shockingly Young

The youth movement in WWE currently sees a lot of young talent on the roster. Many of the top new faces are relatively young as the company is hoping to build new stars. Legends like The Undertaker, Triple H and Goldberg can no longer be featured given time not being on their side. This has forced WWE to give opportunities to their stars of today. However, the majority of main event faces that are new to the roster still are in their 30s. In wrestling, the 30 to 40 year old range is usually the prime for a wrestler.

Kevin Owens, Finn Balor, A.J. Styles, Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman and many other stars are all over 30 with some closer to 40. We're going to look at the core younger than these stars. There are many wrestlers that are quite younger than the average fan would assume based off their track record. Some wrestlers have fallen off so hard that you subconsciously start to view them as being near the end of their career. Others have accomplished so much that the young age is a surprise to just how much they’ve already done. We'll look at all the stories when it comes to youth with fifteen WWE Superstars that are still shockingly young.

15 Alexa Bliss: 25

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Alexa Bliss is the current Raw Women’s Champion and one of the top females on both WWE rosters. The most fascinating aspect of Bliss’ success is realizing just how quickly she got there. Unlike Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Bayley, Alexa was not a heavily pushed woman during the origin of the women’s revolution in NXT. She took a backseat role until stepping up after three of them moved up to the main roster.

Bliss improving on her own time helped her in the long run. WWE moved her up to the main roster last year as a part of the brand split. The original rumored hope from WWE was that she would gradually move into a top spot in the division. Alexa instead won the title within a few months of her main roster debut and has been in the title picture of the show of her employment since then. At just 25 years old, Bliss is at the absolute top of her field.

14 Jason Jordan: 28

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WWE going with the bold move to break up American Alpha and place Jason Jordan on Raw as Kurt Angle’s illegitimate son mostly shows their belief in him. Jordan’s young age of 28 adds to the intrigue of his potential. Vince McMahon is particularly high on Jordan as a future star and the storyline with Angle is meant to build him up to a top spot for the future of the company.

Jordan has been employed with WWE since 2011 as they signed him at just 23 years old. Despite being so young, Jordan clearly has a lot of experience on his side. American Alpha showcased just how talented a performer he was and we will see if he can harness it on his own without Chad Gable by his side.

13 Johnny Gargano: 29

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Most of the top independent stars to sign with WWE are in their 30s. Finn Balor, Kevin Owens and A.J. Styles all received instant pushes on the main roster as they're already in their mid to late 30s. Johnny Gargano is one former independent wrestling Superstar that signed at a young age. The decision to start wrestling at a young age helped give enough time to build his name value up before getting signed.

At just 29 years old, "Johnny Wrestling" is one of the top stars in NXT and has huge star potential. The heartbreaking heel turn of Tommaso Ciampa attacking former partner Gargano featured one of the most emotional moments in recent WWE memory. That's a testament to the love fans have for Gargano. We can safely bet on him having a great career in WWE for many years.

12 Aiden English: 29

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Another WWE Superstar shockingly under 30 years old is Aiden English. The singing wrestler is currently working as a heel on the SmackDown Live brand trying to get a relevant spot. English spent the majority of his time in WWE teaming with Simon Gotch in the Vaudevillains tag team. After going nowhere together, WWE released Gotch and decided to have English work as a single act.

It feels like he's reaching the end of the road given how long he was in that tag team going all the way back to NXT. However, the youngster has a lot of time left in his career and that’s likely a major reason why he wasn’t released with his former partner. English has a lot of potential and the youth being on his side is a huge advantage.

11 Rich Swann: 26

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Rich Swann started wrestling as a teenager and it helped him turn his life around following tragedy. The unfortunate childhood of Swann saw him lose both of his parents at a young age. Swann struggled to survive and delved into dangerous worlds before growing the desire to wrestler. Wrestling training changed his life and he's been a professional making a living for the past decade.

WWE signed Swann due to his great talent and huge potential. The Cruiserweight Division currently sees Swann as one of the top faces. At just 26 years old, Swann will likely be given a few chances to shine in WWE. Most wrestlers aren’t doing too well in the cruiserweight class. Swann is one of the few with a fair chance of being moved back to NXT or finding another spot on the main roster if the division ever ends.

10 Dana Brooke: 28

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The story of a wrestler having a strong run in NXT, getting called up to the main roster, flopping on the big stage and being forgotten makes you assume they're all older in age. Fans witnessing someone go through all of that in a short time skews things. However, time remains the same outside of the ring and Dana Brooke is still quite young.

At just 28 years old, Brooke is one of the youngest women’s wrestlers on the main roster today. Unfortunately, she may have been called up from NXT too early due to her background in bodybuilding and fitness competitions. Dana flopped instantly on the main roster and WWE struggles to find a purpose for her. The best thing working in her favor is her young age making her more valuable than some of her peers.

9 Andrade Almas: 27

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Andrade “Cien” Almas is still trying to find the right character in NXT. WWE signed him following great success as a masked wrestler named La Sombra in NJPW and CMLL. The luchador made a great name internationally leading to Triple H signing him to NXT and requesting he ditch the mask. Almas has struggled to find a strong role on the show with the change.

The future of Almas is still quite bright given his incredible skill set and youth. Shockingly, Almas is only 27 years old despite having a strong career outside of WWE and full year of NXT television under his belt. WWE can slowly try to tinker with his character before calling him to the main roster. Almas has time on his side and it should benefit him in the long run.

8 Emma: 28

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The most underrated woman in WWE right now may very well be Emma. It feels like Emma has been in WWE forever since the company signed her back in 2011 at the young age of 22. Emma is currently 28 years old and struggling to find a role on the Raw brand. NXT’s success pushing the women’s wrestlers as credible athletes started with the feud between Emma and Paige.

WWE has failed to find the right portrayal of Emma on the main roster. Between the lovable dancing and Emmalina model characters both failing big time, she's still trying to find the right character to get consistent television time. The current “Evil” Emma persona is highly entertaining but WWE doesn’t seem to believe in it. Hopefully they push her while she's still young and in her prime.

7 Tyler Breeze: 29

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Another former NXT star to spend many years getting familiarized with the audience at a very young age is Tyler Breeze. The “gorgeous” male model became one of the biggest success stories at NXT. Many of the NXT top stars were already established outside of WWE. Breeze was one of the first to come up with his own character and use the WWE system to his advantage.

The main roster tenure of Breeze has been quite disappointing until recently. At just 29 years old, Breeze having age on his side gave him more time to find the right role. Everyone enjoys the humor of the Breezeango tag team featuring Tyler and Fandango. It gives Breeze something entertaining to do right now and may set up another singles push in the future given how many years he has left in him.

6 Noam Dar: 23

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The youngest wrestler currently on the main roster is Cruiserweight Division talent Noam Dar. WWE saw his potential working for various United Kingdom promotions and decided to have him appear on their Cruiserweight Classic series last summer. Dar became a part of the official division on Raw and 205 Live. At the young age of 23, Dar is currently living the dream life of someone that young.

Dar gets to travel the world and work for the biggest wrestling promotion in the world performing the art he most loves. The romantic storyline between Dar and Alicia Fox has given him consistent television time over the past year. It's unlikely he’ll get a standout role in the Cruiserweight Division but the youth being on his side could have him receive other opportunities in the WWE system.

5 Bayley: 28

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Bayley’s rise and fall on the main roster over the past year makes it easy to forget just how young she is. The NXT legend grew as a performer in the Women’s Division and later, as one of the Four Horsewomen. Bayley connected with the audience in a major way as the top underdog that fans adored. There was a huge buzz when she was called up after a very long run in NXT.

Bayley recently lost the Raw Women’s Championship to Alexa Bliss and has fallen off a bit as WWE fails to find the right role for her. Something that easily gets lost is that she’s only 28. Bayley has accomplished everything possible by winning the major championships on each brand she’s worked for and has hit a wall. That makes it seem like her career is going downwards. You should only fear WWE booking as she's young enough to have many more chapters.

4 The Velveteen Dream: 21

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One of the most shocking ages on the current WWE roster is NXT talent The Velveteen Dream being just 21 years old. Under his real name of Patrick Clark, he started wrestling at 19 and received an instant opportunity on Tough Enough. It was obvious that he had the most potential of the male performers on the show but fell short of winning the contract.

WWE still signed him to a developmental contract that landed him a spot at the Performance Center. Given the competition there, it was impressive that he's already getting a push on NXT television as The Velveteen Dream. The unique gimmick is still yet to be a proven success, but there’s no doubt that he has the ability to get to a great spot if he can improve at a high level.

3 Sasha Banks: 25

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Sasha Banks is arguably the most successful WWE star at 25 years old or younger in WWE today. WWE signed Banks at the young age of 20 after a couple of years of experience on the independent circuit. Sasha actually started training at 18 years old not wanting to waste any time going after her dreams. The signing by WWE and the inception of the WWE Performance Center both led to her career taking off in shocking fashion.

Banks learned the character aspect of wrestling at the Performance Center and perfected it as The Boss in NXT. The rest is history with her groundbreaking matches against Bayley, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair making her a huge star. Banks is currently the top merchandise seller on the women’s roster and the most beloved face. You can’t ask for much more at the shockingly young age of 25.

2 Bo Dallas: 27

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The young age of certain wrestlers on the WWE main roster can be their biggest asset when trying to find a role. Bo Dallas is someone that proves that over the past few years. WWE has struggled to do anything of note with him since his call-up to the main roster in 2014. Many wrestlers would have been fired, but Bo’s young age allowed him to remain employed until becoming part of the Miztourage.

Dallas is currently just 27 years old despite having a great deal of experience in the company. Bo was one of the youngest signings in WWE history when they offered him a developmental contract at the age of 18. The newfound role with consistent television working alongside The Miz will give his career a spark. Bo will have the chance to gain momentum as a well experienced youngster.

1 Paige: 24

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The most shocking youngster on the WWE roster is technically someone away from the company. Everything regarding Paige is depressing right now and it seems like her wrestling career may be over. The crazy thing about it all is that she is only 24 years old. At such a young age, we have already seen Paige rise into a top champion, hit a peak, suffer an injury, get involved in controversy and fall apart.

WWE signed Paige at just 19 years old as she started wrestling in the European independent circuit as a 13 year old. The relationship with Alberto Del Rio sees her dating someone 16 years older than her. Nothing but controversy has followed Paige in this relationship with things getting worse with each passing news story. WWE reportedly wants to wash their hands of her. Paige’s career could very well be over before turning 25 unless something drastically changes.

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