15 Current WWE Stars That Live In Random Locations (Because They Hate Civilization)

If you've ever watched any of the WWE-affiliated reality shows, you likely know by now that practically all of the company's talent resides in Orlando, or some other city in Florida. While the wrestlers hail from all over the world, many settle in Florida for a number of reasons. For starters, NXT is based in the state, so wrestlers who come up through the developmental territory might find comfort in living there when they get called up to the main roster. Besides, when you're traveling throughout most of the year, it's hard to find time to relocate somewhere else, especially if you're young and single with no thoughts of starting a family any time soon. Beyond that, it's an easy travel hub, which makes accommodating short stints home relatively easy. And let's be honest, the weather plays a factor as well.

Although, one of the biggest reasons is the fact there is no state income tax in Florida, which means Superstars are able to claim more money for themselves. If we're estimating, we would say roughly 80 percent of the roster lives in Florida, which is why it's incredibly strange to see wrestlers living elsewhere. It's not totally uncommon, however; we've found 15 current WWE stars who live in towns or cities either off the beaten path or in locations you might not otherwise expect. Why? They just want to keep to themselves, avoiding the hustle and bustle of big cities, where fans can invade their personal space.

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15 Randy Orton

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A 13-time World Champion, Randy Orton is one of the most recognizable faces in the WWE today, having been with the company for over 15 years and being a generational Superstar. For those reasons, it's reasonable to expect The Viper might not want to live in somewhere as crowded as Florida, especially considering he seems to have a not-so-great rapport with fans. He definitely likes his privacy and he seemingly gets that in St. Charles, Missouri.

Orton was born in Tennessee so it's not surprising he would choose to live in the Southern United States, where he lived much of his life. He sold his 2,600-square-foot home in the city for $775,000 a little under a year ago, but by all accounts still resides in the state in relative isolation, away from anyone who might recognize him.

14 Curtis Axel

via vikings.com

Another third-generation Superstar, Curtis Axel is the son of "Mr. Perfect" Curt Henning and grandson of Larry "The Axe" Henning. While he hasn't quite had the same level of success as his father, he is a former Intercontinental Champion and is now in his seventh year with the company - longevity has to count for something. The 38 year old was born in Champlin, Minnesota and hasn't traveled very far to find his current residence, which is in Anoka, Minnesota.

He's a passionate Minnesota Vikings fan, which might be part of the reason he continues to reside in the state. He practically said as much in an interview with Vikings.com: "The thing I was brought up on most was being proud of where I came from, and one of those things is the State of Minnesota. I've always supported the Vikings. I came to games as a kid, and now I've brought my sons to games. This has been something that's been bred into me, and I’m going to continue the tradition." If he was looking to live somewhere he wouldn't be recognized, Minnesota was the right choice.

13 Heath Slater

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Although Heath Slater is relatively inactive in the WWE these days, he does have quite a decent history in the company as a four-time tag team champion and member of The Nexus, which earned a Slammy Award for Shocker of the Year when it made its WWE debut in 2010. A native of Pineville, West Virginia, the 34 year old isn't partying it up in Orlando, Florida when he isn't being used by the WWE; instead, he's likely relaxing and taking it easy in his hometown of Fort Mill, South Carolina.

Why? Because he got kids, obviously. Naturally, he lived in Florida when he was a valued member of FCW, but starting a family - he has a wife and two kids, which changes a man's priorities. Why he chose Fort Mill, South Carolina is anyone's guess, but it could have something to do with the fact nobody outside of the town has ever heard of it.

12 Seth Rollins

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Seth Rollins is arguably one of the WWE's most popular Superstars. He has had some memorable feuds since debuting with The Shield back in 2012 and has become a two-time World Heavyweight Champion. You might imagine someone of his stature and significance to the company resides in either Florida or a big city such as New York, Philadelphia (where a few superstars actually live), or Los Angeles. Instead, Rollins calls Davenport, Iowa home.

He was born in Buffalo, Iowa, so perhaps it isn't all that surprising that he chooses to remain in his home state, but it's still strange to see. It's far from a small city as it has an estimated population of 382,630, but Iowa isn't exactly a state you associate with WWE Superstars.

11 Karl Anderson

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Along with his tag team partner Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson might be one of the most underappreciated wrestlers in the WWE. Although Anderson and Gallows briefly held the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship earlier this year, they have been poorly misused since, but perhaps could receive a push in the near future with the injury to Jeff Hardy and Cesaro and Sheamus already getting multiple opportunities at the championships.

Anderson, whose real name is Chad Allegra, grew up in Asheville, North Carolina and graduated from the state's Mars Hill College, but since returning from full-time duties in Japan a couple years ago, he purchased a home in Fairfield, Ohio, a small city with a population of only 42,510 according to the 2010 census. What a nerd.

10 Luke Gallows

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Formerly Imposter Kane and a member of CM Punk's Straight Edge Society, Luke Gallows had limited success in his first stint with the WWE, but has since become a one-time WWE Raw Tag Team Champion with Karl Anderson, who he first teamed with in New Japan as the team experienced tremendous success. Gallows is originally from Cumberland, Maryland, but, like Anderson, had to find someone to live upon returning from Japan. The big man chose Monroe, Georgia, an even smaller town than Fairfield, Ohio, with a population of less than 15,000, which is perfect for someone who hates civilization.

Honestly, we can see the perks of living in a small town and, despite its relative lack of size, Monroe has produced notable people such as NFL players Stephon Tuitt and Marquis Floyd as well as Golden Globe-winning actress Frances Conroy, who is obviously a nerd.

9 A.J. Styles

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This one might not be as surprising or random as you had anticipated, but keep in mind, given the amount of stars that reside in Florida, the fact a WWE Superstar lives anywhere else is surprising in its own right. If you've heard A.J. Styles deliver promos throughout his WWE career - or at any point in his professional wrestling career - you can tell he's from the Southern United States based on his speech alone.

Styles was actually born at a U.S. Marines camp in Jacksonville, North Carolina, and currently resides in Gainesville, Georgia, where he has lived for quite some time. He is happily married with four children, so it's not too surprising that the veteran wrestler would rather settle down quietly somewhere than live in Florida.

8 R-Truth

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Given the fact R-Truth regularly appeared on Total Divas, one might expect he lives in Florida. He was even present a few times in the state for parties at Natalya and Tyson Kidd's home, among other instances. However, the veteran wrestler actually resides in Indian Trail, North Carolina, which, again, isn't surprising, given he is 45 years old and is happily married with one kid. Let's just say Florida isn't the ideal place to raise a child.

Like some of the other wrestlers on this list, Truth obviously prefers the smaller towns to the bigger city centers, although Indian Trail has grown quite rapidly over the past few decades. In 1990, the town had a population of less than 2,000, but it's now well over 35,000. Don't be surprised if he moves to a smaller town in the near future.

7 Xavier Woods

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Xavier Woods is all about ATL. The former TNA and New Japan wrestler who made his WWE developmental debut in 2010 is a native of Columbus, Georgia and currently resides in Atlanta. A four-time Tag Team Champion with The New Day, Woods is billed from Atlanta and even reps the city in his Twitter profile, so we'll go with his word - and the WWE's - in this case. While it's a big city, he certainly isn't going to stand out as much there as he would in Florida.

He has lived in the state for much of his life and even attended South Carolina's Furman University, so it's clear he's a Southerner at heart. Before that, he attended Atlanta's Pebblebrook High School, where he was a highly-touted amateur wrestler who competed against now-ROH star Cody Rhodes, even once claiming to throw a match against him to stay in his good graces.

6 Dean Ambrose

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While Dean Ambrose might reside in the biggest and most well-known city compared to the other wrestlers on this list, his choice of a hometown is quite curious to say the least. Whereas many might want the quite comfort of a small town or a strategic location with easy travel routes to anywhere in the country, Ambrose chose the hustle and bustle of the city that - literally - never sleeps, Las Vegas.

He's been quite vocal about his love for Vegas in interviews, noting it just fits his personality. In fact, the WWE even allowed him to win the title in his hometown. Earlier this year, he and his wife Renee Young were even interviewed by the publication Vegas Seven and referred to as the WWE - and presumably Vegas' - power couple.

5 Rhyno

via nydailynews.com

A professional wrestling veteran with over 20 years of in-ring experience, Rhyno is a former ECW World Heavyweight Champion who later became a three-time WWE Hardcore Champion and one-time United States Champion. Anyone who has closely followed his career is well aware of the fact he's a passionate Michigan native; he has lived there for much of his life after being born in Detroit, and he now resides in Dearborn.

In fact, he's so passionate about his home state and home city that he recently ran in an election to became Dearborn's State Representative. He ran as a Republican and, unfortunately for Rhyno, Dearborn is a relatively Democratic state, which is why he lost by a significant margin - that or its citizens didn't want an active wrestler representing their interests.

4 James Ellsworth

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Given his current status with the WWE, it would be easy to make the argument that James Ellsworth resides in the palm of Carmella's hand. The greasy goofball has become - OK, always was - the butt of numerous jokes throughout the WWE Universe as the chained-up manager who Carmella keeps tied to the ring post during matches. It's a strange relationship, but one in which we're interested in the payout.

As for Ellsworth's actual permanent residence, the 32 year old lives in Glen Burnie, Maryland, a Baltimore suburb with a population of nearly 70,000. Ellsworth is from Baltimore so it's not all that surprising, especially considering the fact he likely realizes that he isn't important enough to the company to move full-time to Florida or anywhere else.

3 Shelton Benjamin

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Shelton Benjamin has been in the professional wrestling industry for over 17 years and before that was an accomplished amateur wrestler. The 42 year old recently returned to the WWE to team up with Chad Gable, who had been left without a tag team partner due to the departure of Jason Jordan to Raw as Kurt Angle's kayfabe son.

He's a native of South Carolina and studied sports management at the University of Minnesota, so it's safe to say, including his pro wrestling stints, he is well traveled. That might be why he opted to settle in the small city of Spring, Texas, which has a population of 54,000. Notable people who grew up in the city include former MLB pitcher Josh Beckett and Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory. In that case, Benjamin at least isn't the most notable celebrity in the city.

2. Matt Hardy

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Matt Hardy is a veteran in the industry, to the point where he doesn't need to reside in Florida or anywhere else to accommodate the traveling demands of the WWE. He's also been around long enough to warrant not wanting to live in a big city where he could be recognized often - because, let's face it, he's a pretty recognizable wrestler, especially these days. He's also a little cuckoo both inside and outside of the ring, so it's reasonable to expect he might want to live in relative isolation.

That's why Hardy, who along with his brother Jeff returned to the WWE at this past WrestleMania, resides in Cameron, North Carolina, which is also where he was born. If you thought some of the above wrestlers hated civilization for living in medium-sized towns, Hardy is truly someone who can't stand the hustle and bustle of a big city - Cameron, as of the 2010 census, had a population of 285.


1 Brock Lesnar

via youtube.com

Brock Lesnar's current hometown has been the subject of discussion among many WWE fans, although it's not at all that surprising when you think about it. Lesnar, a 40 year old native of South Dakota, attended the University of Minnesota on a wrestling scholarship and later lived in the state for much of his professional career. Like his WWE persona, he's a relatively quiet individual in real life who likes to keep to himself, which was a major reason why he relocated to Maryfield, Saskatchewan, a small Canadian village with a population of fewer than 1,000 people.

Saskatchewan is located just above Minnesota, and the relative isolation outside of the United States in a small farming town is exactly suited to Lesnar's needs. However, it's still funny to think of Lesnar and his wife Sable going about their business in small town Canada.

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