15 Current WWE Stars Who Absolutely Hate Each Other (And The Reason Why)

WWE superstars are forced to work together and travel together throughout their time with the company, which means that if they fall out then they will still have to see each other every day. This can create serious tension and animosity, especially when you need to fight on the same team. It also does not help that you need to keep your composure in front of millions of fans who love any kind of drama that can unfold.

Unless you're the face of the company, you can't really decide who you will and won't work with on WWE TV. Many stars just have to remain professional and put up with the people that they don't get along with for as long as their storyline lasts and then hope that WWE doesn't pair them together again.

Incredibly, there are a number of superstars backstage in WWE right now that don't like each other. Many of these stars are able to keep their dislike to themselves, whilst others have to vent their problems on Social Media so that the WWE Universe becomes aware that there is a problem.

The following list looks at all of the current superstars in WWE who don't get along and all of the reasons why they have felt the need to create a real-life feud. Many of these stars haven't allowed their issues to get in the way of them doing their job, while others have made their dislike public knowledge.

15 Lana And Paige

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Lana has made a crazy amount of enemies since she was brought into WWE back in 2013, but one of her earliest issues was with former Divas Champion Paige. It seems that ever since her time in NXT Lana has been the subject of bullying from the Anti-Diva and she decided to share this on Social Media merely months after she had debuted on the main roster.

Paige later accused Lana of "trying to get a storyline" and The Ravishing Russian then deleted the tweet that she had originally posted, which made it seem as though the accusation was fabricated. Recent speculation suggests that Paige could be returning to WWE on its SmackDown roster in the coming months which means that at some point, Lana and Paige will likely be forced to work together again.

14 Sasha Banks And Alexa Bliss

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One of the best known real-life female feuds in WWE is between Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss, stemming back to the time the duo spent together in NXT where it seemed that Banks purposely broke Alexa's nose when she was working stiff in a match against The Goddess.

It seems that Sasha has a problem with many women who have come to WWE without any prior wrestling experience. She believes they haven't paid their dues on the independent circuit like she and her best friend Bayley once did. Alexa and Sasha have been forced to work together on the main roster a number of times and many fans have been able to pick up on the real-life heat between them when they are in the ring together, which just makes for a much more entertaining rivalry.

13 Seth Rollins And Chris Jericho

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The problems between Seth Rollins and Chris Jericho stem all the way back to when Rollins was first part of The Shield back in 2012 when Jericho targeted the star on Social Media. Rollins had tweeted about not being held down in WWE before Jericho piped up to tell him that he was just a flash in the pan. The argument between the duo escalated before Jericho went on to tell Rollins to learn how to cut a decent promo first before pointing out who Rollins named himself after. He then told him that The Shield were a wannabe NWO, and Rollins never responded. This never led to an angle on WWE TV, which means that this could have been Jericho's real thoughts about Rollins when he first made his way to WWE. Rollins has a history of misusing social media and should be more careful.

12 Sasha Banks And Lana

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Sasha Banks isn't exactly well-liked backstage, and many fans have picked up on the fact that when many of the women of WWE update images together on Instagram, The Boss is one of the people who is always missing. This may be because Sasha has caused problems with a lot of women over the years and currently took issue with Lana. This all started a few months ago when Lana liked a tweet that former Women's Champion Melina had posted about Sasha Banks, stating that she should lose to Alicia Fox. Sasha obviously saw this and went on to throw a lot of shade at Lana who said that she would just block the haters. Sasha and Summer Rae then went on a mission on Twitter with the hashtag #BL2017 which obviously stood for Block Lana. At least the duo are now on separate rosters so they no longer have to see each other in the ring.

11 Dean Ambrose And Brock Lesnar

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Dean Ambrose only debuted in WWE five years ago, but alongside his Shield stablemates Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, Ambrose has become one of the biggest stars in WWE. This meant that Ambrose was given the opportunity to face The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 32 in a no-disqualification match.

Ambrose had become known on the Independent Circuit for being something of a hardcore legend and had a number of ideas for their match. It seems that Brock only wanted to put himself over and wasn't open to listening to Ambrose's ideas, which annoyed The Lunatic Fringe. Ambrose shared these issues with the WWE Universe on the Stone Cold Podcast last year, something that he was later punished for by WWE since he wasn't supposed to bury Brock as part of the show.

10 Sin Cara And Chris Jericho

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Sin Cara has gained a lot of heat from a number of different WWE stars over the past few years, most notably Alberto Del Rio when he refused to finish a match on Raw after the Mexican star broke his fingers. WWE has since changed the person who is under the mask, but that hasn't stopped Sin Cara from continuing to pick up enemies.

It was reported that during WWE's European Tour last year, Sin Cara was making noises on the tour bus that were becoming quite annoying. After many WWE stars told him to stop and he still continued to make the noises, Jericho stepped up and Sin Cara swore at him. This led to a fight between the duo where Sin Cara swung first and Jericho apparently bit the masked star before they were separated and Sin Cara was kicked off the tour bus.

9 John Cena And Rusev

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Rusev has always been an outspoken superstar on the WWE main roster but recently it seems that Rusev decided to turn his attention to John Cena because he was the man who took the final Survivor Series spot without actually having to work for it.

Rusev tweeted about this only for Cena to respond in a sarcastic manner. Rusev didn't play any part in Survivor Series so it is unknown why he felt the need to tweet his thoughts to Cena about the traditional match. Cena and Rusev have a lengthy history on WWE TV with Cena being the one who finally ended Rusev's undefeated streak on the main roster and defeated him at Battleground earlier this year. It seems that Rusev is frustrated with his place in WWE right now and he is using Cena as an outlet for this frustration.

8 Paige And Charlotte

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The issues between Paige and Charlotte have become quite well-known over the past year, ever since Paige and Alberto Del Rio announced that they were in a relationship. It seems that Charlotte and Del Rio had something of an agreement when he returned to WWE in October 2015 and the duo were dating under the radar for a number of months.

Del Rio didn't even break up with Charlotte before he was confirmed to be dating Paige, but this is the man who was still married whilst dating both women, so this isn't a big surprise. This caused a huge amount of tension between Paige and Charlotte backstage up until Paige was finally suspended for violating the WWE Wellness Policy and taken away from the atmosphere and her former friend. No wonder the former Divas Champion didn't want to return to WWE.

7 Daniel Bryan And The Miz

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Daniel Bryan was forced to retire from in-ring competition back in 2016 after the WWE doctors refused to clear him to compete. He was later brought back to become the SmackDown General Manager alongside Shane McMahon where he was seemingly targeted by The Miz.

For a number of months, The Miz was the best thing on SmackDown Live, but the number of exchanges he had with Daniel Bryan as part of Talking Smack reached a level of personal that no one was comfortable with, which could be why the show was then axed by WWE a few months later. Many stated that the show was unscripted and Vince McMahon didn't like that stars could start their own feuds as part of the Network show, which means that the exchanges were very much real between Bryan and The Miz. Ouch!

6 Nia Jax And Maryse

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Nia Jax has been one of most dominant forces in the WWE Women's Division that the company has ever seen over the past year and she has recently been added to the cast of Total Divas this year for the first time.

As part of one of her first episodes on the show, it seems that Nia was quite disrespectful to Maryse by asking her if it bothered her that she wasn't part of the Women's Revolution, something that she was obviously part of long before Nia ever decided to pursue a career in WWE. Maryse didn't take well to this and ended up calling Nia out on her disrespect, with Alexa Bliss attempting to play peacekeeper. It is unknown as to whether or not this was just a storyline or if the duo really don't like each other backstage.

5 John Cena And Dolph Ziggler

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John Cena and Dolph Ziggler have had a huge thing in common for a number of years and that's the fact that they have both dated Nikki Bella. The former Divas Champion is now engaged to Cena after more than five years together, but she dated Ziggler for a number of years before and the former World Champion may never get over her.

Cena and Ziggler have been able to work together on WWE TV over the past few years and many of the WWE Universe have noted that Ziggler and Cena's feuds have become much more personal than the company intended them to be. There was also the storyline on Total Divas where Ziggler actually told Nikki that he would have given her marriage and children, things that Cena had already denied her up to that point.

4 Maria Kanellis And Nikki Bella

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Nikki Bella obviously didn't become the face of the Women's Division without creating a number of enemies alongside her sister Brie, but while it seems that Maryse has been able to forgive the duo for their actions more than five years ago, Maria hasn't followed suit.

It was reported that WWE wanted to bring back Maryse and Maria back in 2012 along with The Bella Twins, but all four women made a pact to hold out for more money. The women later found out that The Bellas went behind their back and accepted deals before talking WWE into not signing the other two women. Maria has since been successful in TNA and Ring of Honor, but she has had issues with the Bella Twins for a number of years. It's no coincidence that her recent return to WWE coincided with Nikki's lengthy hiatus.

3 Chris Jericho And Brock Lesnar

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Chris Jericho and Brock Lesnar aren't a duo that has worked together very often, but it seems that the story about their dislike for each other was leaked to the WWE Universe following the 2016 SummerSlam main event when Brock Lesnar took on Randy Orton.

Fans who witnessed the match are already aware of the fact that it ended with Lesnar attacking Orton and legitimately cutting his head open. It seems his friend Chris Jericho was unaware that this was scripted and went for Brock the minute he came through the curtain, despite Brock being much bigger. The fight between the duo was about to become physical until officials explained that Brock had only done as he was told. Don't expect these two to meet in the ring anytime soon, as their dislike for each other is apparently just as strong as it was back in 2016.

2 Roman Reigns And Enzo Amore

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Roman Reigns is being groomed to become one of the company's biggest stars when John Cena decides to walk away in the coming years, which means that he has a lot of sway backstage. Reigns has recently had a number of issues with current Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore, who was moved over to the 205 Live brand to avoid the heat he was receiving from the WWE locker room.

Reigns reportedly threw Enzo off the WWE Tour bus earlier this year when the company was on their first European tour in May, before kicking the Certified G out of the locker room when he continued to bring unwanted guests to work with him and made it a hard environment for many stars to work in. The hatred between the duo hasn't improved any in recent months, so it's perhaps best that Enzo stays on 205 Live.

1 Randy Orton And Kevin Owens

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Randy Orton and Kevin Owens have worked together on WWE TV a number of times, but it seems that Orton harbours a lot of hate for Owens because of his weight. Every chance Orton gets, he points out the fact that he doesn't think that Owens belongs in WWE and recently the duo had another personal Twitter exchange when Orton pointed out that the former Universal Champion only attended a fan's wedding because there was dessert.

Owens pointed out Orton's obsession with vaping before Orton then brought up the fact that both Zayn and Owens had been sent home from the European Tour. It seems unlikely that the duo will ever sort out their differences, but they do occasionally have hilarious Twitter arguments, so it's always something to look forward to for the fans.

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