15 Current WWE Superstars That LOVE To Party

Without a doubt, the party lifestyle in wrestling has change significantly throughout the years. Back in the 70s, 80s and 90s, the business was all about putting on a good show, and getting absolutely dismantled when it was all done with. Dating back to the days of the territories, the wrestlers lived the life of a circus act going from town to town, putting on a great show and visiting the local establishments of the given territory.

Today, times have changed. With a PG era in place that has resulted in more sponsorships deals than ever before, the company holds their performers accountable for their acts outside of the ring. This has led to most Superstars simply travelling to their next destinations following a show.

With that said, there still is a time and a place for wrestlers to party. Whether it be a tour overseas or a holiday, the Superstars of today are still known to be party animals. Thanks to the advent of social media, we have a strong idea of who today’s party animals truly are.

On the following list, we’ll take a look at the current crop of WWE stars and which of them are labelled as party animals. With the help of social media and various media platforms, we were able to compile this list with ease. So without further ado, here are the 15 current WWE stars that love to party. Enjoy and DRINK IT IN MANNNNN.

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15 Braun Strowman

A surprising entrant on this list, Braun Strowman is actually quite the party animal outside of the ring. Thanks to multiple Instagram accounts from Dana Brooke’s and Chris Jericho’s accounts, we’ve been able to see just how wild Strowman is when he's not playing his monster-like demeanor in front of the camera. Away from the ring, he seems like the exact opposite and someone who most us would love to share a beer with.

Braun was recently at Jericho’s New Year’s party, which just goes to show how close he is with Chris outside of the ring. Looking at the New Years pic, both Braun and Y2J are sporting massive smiles which only proves that they got pretty busted on New Year’s together. Thankfully, both Superstars showed no rust on the latest edition of Monday Night Raw.

14 Dana Brooke

Entering the WWE with no prior in-ring experience, Dana Brooke launched her way onto the WWE’s main roster in 2016. Despite her lack of experience, Dana moved up the ranks with her strong commitment to improving, along with a professional attitude behind the scenes.

That very attitude has seen Brooke make some great relationships behind the scenes. Just this past New Year’s, she was seen partying alongside Chris Jericho and other WWE employees, including Jinder Mahal, Luke Gallows and even the legend himself, Dean Malenko. That only proved how highly her co-workers regard her as a person. She’s also been seeing partying it up with Dolph, alongside his brother Ryan. The picture above shows Dana staying true to her roots and enjoying a night out with her long time friends.

13 The Miz & Maryse

via wrestlerap.com

2016 was a year to remember for both Maryse and The Miz. While making her long awaited return in 2016, Maryse helped propel The Miz to the next level. All of a sudden, judging by 2016, it seems like The Miz is the best heel in the entire business. Truly remarkable stuff.

Outside of the ring, the couple loves to party and live a glamorous lifestyle residing out of Los Angeles, California. The couple is often seen out partying it up. They also hosted their own New Year’s party this year, which seemed phenomenal judging by the pictures they both put up on social media. It seems like the couple are “A” listers, both in and out of the ring!

12 Mojo Rawley

via bostonherald.com

With a background as a former NFL player, one can assume Mojo Rowley knows a thing or two about partying. Looking at the above picture, you see that he’s partied with some serious heavies, like Flo Rida and his good friend Rob Gronkowski. Mojo and Gronk have partied alongside one another several times before, but surely, nothing compares to the booze cruise they both attended alongside the likes of Flo Rida and other celebrities. RIP to the poor ship.

Continuing the trend into his wrestling days, Rawley is still enjoying himself. On an episode of Breaking Ground, Rawley was shown having a house warming party, which was filled with women and alcohol, as you might expect. He’s currently working on the SmackDown Live brand and his “hyped” demeanor seems to be the way he is in real life. Always hyped and ready to party.

11 Renee Young

When you tryin to take a cute picture but you taste the double whiskey. 😳😖

A post shared by Renee Paquette (@reneeyoungwwe) on

Yes, even popular WWE host Renee Young enjoys a drink from time to time while partying it up with her fellow Divas or Dean Ambrose. As documented on Total Divas, Young isn’t afraid to have one too many drinks on the right occasion, whether it be a holiday or just a casual meet up with friends. Residing out of Las Vegas with Dean Ambrose, you can imagine she’s had some other party filled nights we don’t even know about.

Aside from her partying, Renee keeps moving up in the WWE. She started off down in development and is now the host of multiple shows including Talking Smack, the WWE PPV Panel and she even has her own WWE Network show where she interviews wrestlers on some lighter topics called Unfiltered with Renee Young.

10 Lana

The Ravishing Russian lives quite the life outside of the squared circle. Lana loves everything that's luxurious and has been seen attending exclusive events time and time again. Just recently, for New Year’s, Lana attended a Hollywood Hills party alongside her husband Rusev. Judging by the background, the party looked pretty prestigious.

Along with living it up alongside Rusev, Lana also enjoys nights out with her fellow co-workers. including both Bella Twins. Becoming a new cast member on Total Divas, we finally have more of an insight into Lana’s personal life and she seems to be enjoying all the riches that come with being a WWE Superstar outside of the ring. It remains to be seen when, and if, Lana will finally transition from her role as a valet into an active in-ring performer.

9 Natalya

About last night❤️

A post shared by natbynature (@natbynature) on

This one might be a bit of a surprise considering her family background as a Hart, but Natalya has proven she loves to have a good time. Documented on both Total Divas and through her Instagram account, which has an impressive following of 2.4 million, Nattie has shared various pictures and footage of herself partying it up with WWE Superstars. Just this past New Year’s, Nattie was living it up alongside the likes of Lana, Zack Ryder and even Torrie Wilson.

In addition, Nattie has even been labelled as a drunk tweeter, according to The Bellas, as Nattie often tweets wasted and even drunk-dialed Stephanie McMahon at one point. Brilliant.

Her greatest party story, however, has to be the time she attended a house party alongside Paige. As shown on Total Divas, Nattie was unaware that the brownies she was eating were not regular brownies... they were instead laced with some illegal substances. Nattie panicked and fled the scene alongside Paige. The footage was brilliant.

8 Jinder Mahal

Brother activities at The Vanguard, Milwaukee WI. @vanguardmilwaukee

A post shared by The Maharaja (@jindermahal) on

We give Jinder Mahal two awards. One, for being the most random party entrant on the list. And two, for earning himself another WWE contract in of the most random returns we’ll likely ever see. Mahal was released by the company in 2014 following his role in the stable, 3MB. Surprisingly in 2016, the company welcomed Mahal back into the mix. Since his signing, he’s done absolutely nothing of note, aside from losing match after match every week. It remains to be seen if an improvement can be made in 2017.

As for his party life, Mahal has been seen living it up with various WWE stars outside of the ring. He has various posts on his social media account of him partying, which included a night in Milwaukee with his good buddy Luke Gallows. The two built a relationship overseas in Japan and they’ve carried that over to North America with some booze filled nights. Mahal was also a guest of Jericho’s at Y2J’s recent New Year’s party. I guess we can say he’s in with the cool kids.

7 Luke Gallows

via imgrum.com

Wrestling overseas and around the world from 2010 all the way till 2016, one can assume Gallows knows a thing or two about the wild party life. You know Luke is legit when he’s constantly in pictures alongside Y2J boozing it up. When you’re on Chris’s level, that’s when you know.

This particular picture above was sniped during the WWE’s tour of Mexico. One can only imagine the party atmosphere the wrestlers underwent during the time of the tour. More times than not, WWE Superstars love to let loose during tours and without a doubt, Gallows was probably one of the first Superstars to have a drink in his hands. As seen in the pic, both Jericho and Gallows couldn’t wait till they landed so they wisely decided to start the celebrations earlier. Wise decision boys, wise decision!

6 Alicia Fox

via dailywrestlingnews.com

Before we dive into her party life, let’s give Alicia Fox some major props. Foxxy has managed to stay in the WWE system for over a decade and has been on the main roster since 2008. Despite the fact that she went through some instances of being MIA over the last couple of years, Fox continues to be an underrated talent. Although she’s been in the business for so long, she’s still only 30, which is a huge plus for her.

Her TV time hasn’t been all that great over the last couple of years, but she has grown her fame through other avenues, like Total Divas. The show demonstrates how well liked Foxxy is outside of the ring. In addition, she can party with the best of them, going toe to toe with Paige at various bars, which has been well documented on the reality series.

5 Rosa Mendes

My GIRLS!!!!! 👯👯👯👯👯👯👯👯👯👯👯👯

A post shared by Milena Roucka (@realmilenaroucka) on

Like Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes has been in the WWE for a very long time. Mendes entered the mix during the Diva Search competition, which took place over a decade ago in 2006. Her appearance would ultimately land her a deal with the WWE and she made her main roster debut in 2008. Despite the fact that she’s been employed for so long, Rosa has thrived more in a role as a manager than an in-ring performer. After being in the business for a decade, she’s yet to win a championship.

Putting aside her in-ring struggles, Rosa bolstered her name on Total Divas. Before the birth of her child, Rosa was a wild child away from the ring, enjoying a drink or two alongside her best friends Alicia Fox and Paige. As documented on Total Divas, she’s gone a little overboard at times, engaging in some risqué antics alongside Paige. She’ll probably tell you it was the booze's fault!

4 The Bellas

via eonline.com

Without a doubt, The Bellas significantly changed the direction of the women in the WWE. The two twins brought the glamour and entertainment level to new heights and it has brought the WWE some huge mainstream exposure. Because of that, McMahon is no doubt into the sisters.

Outside of the ring, the twins have a huge following outside of the WWE fanbase, which stems from social media followers and Total Divas viewers. The program has been highlighted by the two ladies, who have enjoyed several memorable moments. The most noteworthy ones shows the two partying it up, but nothing holds a candle to "Brie Mode."

Although casual fans might think it’s just a cute nickname, it’s actually Brie’s code name for when things get out of hand and she's parting too hard. Total Divas caught a glimpse of it when Brie ripped it up alongside Paige at a bar. Brie had countless amounts of shots and even took down a shooter with a worm in it. Brie Mode was on full display.

3 Paige

Champagne mamiiii. At the Alice and Olivia fashion show yesterday.

A post shared by Saraya Bevis (@realpaigewwe) on

WWE’s current wild child, Paige certainly knows a thing or two about having a drink and living it up. Prior to her days with the WWE, Paige enjoyed the party life style back in her home of Norwich and that carried over to her North American life with the WWE. As seen on Total Divas, Paige is always up for a good party. She’s gotten the likes of Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Rosa Mendes, Alicia Fox and Natalya, just to name a few, plastered on various occasions. She can certainly hold her own with the booze.

Nowadays, you’d assume Paige is enjoying the more pricey shots like Tequila, alongside her new love interest, Alberto Del Rio. The two are engaged and judging by her social media pages, Paige is still enjoying a drink or two alongside her new man.

2 Shane McMahon

via superluchas.com

Perhaps everybody’s favorite entrant on the list, seeing Shane’s name here is kind of surreal. However, truth be told, Shane is quite the party animal and as other wrestlers have stated in the past, unlike his family, he’s just one of the boys.

Back in the 90s, like one of the boys, Shane travelled alongside the wrestlers and knew a thing or two about the party life. The Dudley’s recall a particular story of Shane getting absolutely dismantled and drunk-dialing his father on a speaker-phone. Vince had a good laugh about the situation, but told the wrestlers in the car to be careful with Shane-O-Mac.

This wasn’t the only time Shane got reckless boozing, as he even threw his dad in the pool one time, while he was fully clothed. Shane literally ran away following that particular ordeal. Not to mention his nights of boozing with The Undertaker following their epic WM clash. Maybe that explains his constant sweatiness during promos?

1 Chris Jericho

Happy New Year from the #NewGlimmerTwins!! @speewee

A post shared by Chris Jericho (@chrisjerichofozzy) on

Your winner and still champion/king of the party lifestyle, Y2J, Chris Jericho! Without a doubt, nobody holds a candle to this guy in terms of partying. Not only does Jericho "Drink It In' on WWE tours overseas, but he also lives the lifestyle alongside his band Fozzy. As documented on his social media pages, Chris loves to have a great time no matter where he’s at, whether it be a Winnipeg Jets game, a tour overseas or even a causal day of the week. Chris has proven time and time again he’s down for a good party.

Along with boozing up with his fellow WWE Superstars on New Year’s, Jericho has a plethora of other drinking stories. Nothing gets better than Jericho getting smashed with John Cena in their hotel room. After the bartender gave them a cooler filled with alcohol to bring back to the room, Jericho completely passed out, getting overwhelmed by all the alcohol. Not to worry though, he woke up fully tucked into his bed by John, who then continued to calmly pound down some more beers.

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