15 Current WWE Superstars Who Have Transformed The Most Since Their Debut

While we've seen many wrestlers come to the WWE in prime shape in recent years, that hasn't always been the case, as many wrestlers who first entered the company didn't have the "WWE Superstar" look. Attaining that look takes years of hard work in the developmental territory and hours of blood, sweat, and tears in the gym.

The wrestlers who come to the WWE often enjoy a lot of success in the independent wrestling scene, but their lack of skills holds them back at first, as they have to work out and train rigorously to attain the physical shape that can make them a WWE superstar and attain popularity with the fans. These superstars have to keep their body intact when they are in the company, as a bad physical shape can attract a lot of mockery from the fans and tarnish the wrestler's reputation.

Let's take a look at 15 amazing WWE superstar transformations.

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15 Enzo Amore

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THEN: Enzo Amore's development as a wrestler is truly amazing, as he wasn't even into wrestling before joining NXT in 2012 and has since made himself into one of the most entertaining personalities in WWE. Amore needed some real training when he initially joined NXT in 2012, as he looked nothing like a professional wrestler and more like a punk; his early look with the black hair and not the exact shape which a wrestler should ideally have was weird to see, as Amore had a lot of work to do when he joined the wrestling industry and boy oh boy did he.

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NOW: Amore has really worked hard since joining the WWE, as he has not only worked on his talking skills but also his wrestling skills which were extremely poor when he joined the company years back. He also changed his look to look like a cool dude and a real trash-talker as well, as he now looks like a serious professional wrestler. Although Enzo still needs to work on his wrestling skills, the way he's developed himself since joining WWE is something amazing as his hard-working attitude will take him a long way.

14 Alexa Bliss

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THEN: The "Harley Quinn" of the Smackdown's women's division is at the top of the blue brand right now, as she won her first championship in WWE, the Smackdown Women's Championship a few weeks back. But before she was this smoking, amazing champion, Bliss looked nothing like WWE superstar material when she started off in the company as she looked more like a cheerleader than a wrestler at the time. She spent her first days at NXT ring-announcing due to her lack of in-ring experience, as she had some real work to do in order to make it big in the company.

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NOW: Alexa gradually became a proper wrestler in NXT as her first gimmick was this glittering, angel like gimmick but she turned some eyes when she ditched that for her evil, sexy gimmick which got her a place on Smackdown. She not only has an amazing figure right now but her wrestling and mic-skills are on point, making her one of the best female wrestlers in the company. Her impressive ability to learn and improve makes her quite a bright talent for the WWE who'll definitely be here for the long run.

13 Bray Wyatt

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THEN: Before he was the "Eater of Worlds" in the WWE, Bray Wyatt was actually the big man for the Nexus as he was "Husky Harris", a powerful wrecking ball who did all the dirty-work for the faction. That gimmick didn't do any good to him, as he had to take some time off to work on his physique which was at an all time low, as he was extremely overweight for a wrestler and he really needed to shed some weight and find himself an intriguing character to make it back in the WWE. He started to work on his body and finding himself a gimmick which would make him relevant to the fans.

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NOW: Wyatt took some time off to work on his physique and did so extremely well, as he soon became Bray Wyatt, a cult leader of sorts who controlled his family consisting of Luke Harper and Erick Rowan and he soon got everyone's attention with his hypnotic, philosophical promos which dazzled everyone. Though Wyatt has been rather held back by the WWE since becoming this character, his transformation from the messy Husky Harris into the terrorizing Bray Wyatt is spectacular as he needs to be praised for how well he changed himself after his horrible first run in the WWE.

12 Nikki Bella

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THEN: Nikki Bella took her time to get to the top of the WWE's Divas Division, but when she did, she was out to set records as she remains the longest reigning Divas Champion in the company's history and is one of the hottest stars in the WWE right now. When she initially debuted alongside Brie as the mischievous sisters who often deceived everyone to win matches, she didn't really look as good and ready to be a WWE wrestler, as she was lacking that sexy element which the other divas had at the time, but the way she developed her body into a stunning wrestler is remarkable.

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NOW: The way Bella developed herself since her debut in the WWE in 2008 is nothing short of amazing, as she not only trained herself to become a much better wrestler but the way she made herself look into arguably the sexiest woman in the WWE is remarkable and Nikki now looks at her best, even after suffering some bad injuries in the past few years. Bella is one of the Divas who WWE advertizes as much as possible (also making for her own reality show in Total Bellas) but you can't blame them for it because she's got the body which can attract anyone to their product.

11 Baron Corbin

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THEN: Baron Corbin is probably one of the most impressive wrestlers in the WWE right now, mostly because of the fact that he didn't really have any experience in wrestling before joining WWE in 2012. He played in the NFL before joining the company and didn't really have the best of figures when he initially joined the company; this picture of Corbin's lacklustre shape at the time goes onto show how much he had to work in order to make it big in the company and he took the challenge and ravished it.

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NOW: Corbin went from looking like this pale punk to a professional, beast of a wrestler as he was booked to dominate over just about anyone in his NXT days and has continued that domination ever since making his main roster debut earlier this year. The way he's developed his craft and honed his wrestling skills ever since joining the WWE is remarkable as he can easily make it to the bigger stages in the WWE if he continues his impressive form.

10 John Cena

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THEN: John Cena might be the "Face of the WWE", but when he first arrived in the company back in 2000 working in their developmental Ohio Valley Wrestling, nobody could've imagined that he would become this big. Cena had this blond hair and looked like a geek with that kind of look and even though he had a muscular frame, he was still lacking that look and "it" factor which defines a WWE superstar which he'd find in the next years as Cena showed signs of his amazing dedication for the product right from his OVW days where he had to do a lot of things to become a WWE superstar.

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NOW: The way Cena went onto develop himself from that blonde haired geek into the face of the WWE is spectacular, as he worked a lot not only to hone his wrestling skills, but worked a lot of late nights to make his figure into one which can be noticed by everyone as Cena's amazing passion for the product was the reason he was heralded with so much glory by Vince McMahon. Cena never took time off and was working for the company whenever they needed him, as he has recently attained a lot of mainstream attention and looks to be taking a more part-time role in the WWE right now. Cena's amazing transformation since his early days in the WWE goes onto show how his dedication has now made him into a world-wide superstar.

9 Sasha Banks

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THEN: Sasha Banks is "The Boss" of the WWE's women's division right now, but she needed a major makeover when she joined the company in 2012. Banks was undoubtedly an amazing wrestler right from her early days, but she needed time to get the proper gimmick and had to do a lot of work in order to attain the proper figure for her "Boss" gimmick as she had to train a lot in order to become a boss herself. Banks has since changed up her appearance to become one of the best women wrestlers in the company.

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NOW: Since her early days in the company, Banks has improved by strides and has not only improved her in-ring work, but her mic-skills as well. Her appearance has also become much more wrestling appropriate from what she looked when she joined the company in 2012, as her sexy red-haired appearance along with amazing work in the ring makes for the complete WWE superstar. She rightfully rules over the division along with Charlotte right now, as they are going to take the division to newer heights in the future.

8 Brock Lesnar

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THEN: Brock Lesnar has probably one of the best figures in the history of wrestling as the "Beast Incarnate" had his first wrestling experience in the WWE in 2002 and looked like quite the amazing specimen right from his first day in the company. He attained a lot of success in the company because of his amazing figure and wrestling skills, but he looked to be a bit too buffed up at times during his Ohio Valley Wrestling days and would only get better physique wise in the next years, as he worked even harder to make himself into an absolute beast of a man in the next years.

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NOW: If someone is to think that Lesnar's figure from his first days in the company was sensational, then he'd only get better physique wise after joining the UFC and returning to the WWE later on. Lesnar now looks like an absolute monster with that amazingly toned yet muscular figure as he has the strength of a giant and the agility of a cheetah as well, as he goes onto show why he's being paid so much by the WWE and held in such a lavish regard by them, as the Beast Incarnate's rise in the last decade is nothing short of spectacular.

7 Luke Gallows

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THEN: Luke Gallows might be this destructive machine in the WWE right now along with Karl Anderson, but not many can remember that he was in the company once back in 2007 when he was "Festus", who was mentally challenged and unresponsive but became a raging beast after the bell rang for a match. Festus was quite the horrible gimmick which ruined Gallows' reputation in the company at first, making him leave the company and hone his skills somewhere else.

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NOW: Gallows would prove his potential in the Indy circuit after leaving WWE, as he became a part of the Bullet Club and had quite the destructive tag team with Karl Anderson at New Japan Pro Wrestling. But he was recalled by the WWE for his impressive work elsewhere earlier this year, as he looks to be quite the sadistic, mean beast right now unlike that horrible, disrespectful gimmick that was Festus and the fact that even Vince McMahon cannot remember that he was Festus goes onto show how much he has transformed since his first days in wrestling.

6 Tye Dillinger

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THEN: Tye Dillinger might be the "Perfect 10" right now, but he had to really work hard to get where he is as Dillinger first signed a developmental contract with WWE back in 2006, appearing on TV a bit as Gavin Spears. Before that, he even appeared in a segment on WWE TV where Shawn Michaels superkicked Stan (which was Dillinger as an extra). Dillinger really struggled in his early years with the company, and had to leave in 2009 to gain some more experience in the Indy circuit.

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NOW: Dillinger would return to the WWE in 2013, as he struggled to find the right gimmick at first this time but found the "Perfect 10" gimmick last year which got him extremely over with the WWE fans, who absolutely loved his gimmick and charisma. Dillinger also looks very good in the ring and has a superb shape for a WWE wrestler, as the main roster looms large for him in the future as his amazing hard-work to not give up and prove his doubters wrong has reaped its rewards now, as the "Perfect 10" is in quite the perfect shape right now.

5 The Miz

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THEN: The Miz might be an "A-Lister" in the WWE right now, but he was in quite the terrible shape when he joined the company way back in 2004 as a participant in their "Tough Enough" competition. He looked like this geek who just graduated and didn't seem to have anything on the wrestler's at the time, as his spiky hair and arrogant attitude made you hate him right from the beginning. The Miz was signed up by the WWE soon after his Tough Enough run ended, as he had to work hard in order to achieve whatever he would in the WWE in the next years.

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NOW: The Miz has since changed up his looks amazingly, as he now looks like a champion-material wrestler who is not only very good in the ring, but also has the looks which can be advertized heavily by the WWE. "The A-lister" might have looked like a dork in his early days in the company, but he now looks like a face which can represent the WWE very well as his amazing change in looks since his early days goes onto show how hard he has worked to attain the position he is in now.

4 Sheamus

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THEN: Sheamus was a promising wrestler in the British Wrestling scene before he came to the WWE, as he applied for the company and got quite the weird try-out, which turned out for him to play an extra as a security guard who were hired to take down D-Generation X, but in turn received a pedigree from Triple H to end his night. But his performance as the security guard actually managed to impress the officials, as well as his previous wrestling work, who gave him a developmental contract to hone his skills in FCW as he took the opportunity and ran with it.

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NOW: Sheamus has come a long way since then, as he looks like a bonified star right now in the WWE physique wise and even though he might look "stupid" to some because of his weird style, he has established himself as one of the more experience stars in WWE right now. Not only does he look like a beast, but his impressive growth in WWE led him to get a role in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie to get him some mainstream attention as well. The Celtic Warrior's transformation from his early days in WWE is quite obvious, as hard work and dedication towards his improvement has rewarded him greatly.

3 Dolph Ziggler

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THEN: "The Showoff" Dolph Ziggler has a lot of female fans drooling over him right now in the WWE, but that wasn't the case when he initially joined the WWE as part of the Spirit Squad in 2005 as Nicky. He was a male cheerleader who looked like a dork that nobody could really stand. Ziggler had to go through some humiliating stuff thanks to D-Generation X and found himself back to developmental after the Spirit Squad angle withered away and needed to do some real work to become a prominent singles wrestler in the company - and that he did.

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NOW: Ziggler completely changed up his appearance after his "Spirit Squad" angle as he transformed himself from the dork "Nicky" to the show-off Dolph Ziggler and attained quite a lot love from the fans because of his phenomenal shape. Ziggler has also transformed him into a superb athlete in the ring as his amazingly toned body is complemented by his superb wrestling skills as the "Show-off" has every right to do so because his hard-work has made for one of the sexiest bodies in the WWE and has fans wooing over him.

2 Daniel Bryan

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THEN: Daniel Bryan pulled off one of the most amazing underdog stories of all time in the WWE when he won the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXX defeating all 3 members of Evolution, but he also had to fight his way to get in the WWE's good books. Bryan had a figure which the WWE normally hates when he came in as part of the Nexus in 2010, as he was too small and skinny to really make it in the big leagues in the WWE and even though he was an amazing wrestler, he couldn't make it big if he didn't improve his physical appearance as this skinny wrestler would pull off quite a remarkable transformation in the next years.

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NOW: Bryan worked really hard to prove all his doubters wrong as he took his time to improve his physical appearance into a more "main-event level" one as he attained quite a lot of popularity with his "Yes Movement!" and looked like a real man with that amazing goat beard which got him over with the fans. Bryan kept looking amazing in the ring and very good physically until he had to retire from wrestling earlier this year, as he might have cut his beard and lost his wrestling hand since becoming Smackdown GM, but he still has the crowd behind him and has the looks which lights up every wrestling fan's face when he appears.

1 Seth Rollins

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THEN: Seth Rollins might go around calling himself as "The Man" in the WWE, but he was barely a proper man when he joined the WWE in 2010 when he was still getting the hang of things in somewhere as big as WWE and had to spend some years in developmental to transform him into a WWE superstar. Rollins went by the name of Tyler Black in the Indy circuit, as this picture from his early Florida Championship Wrestling(FCW) days goes onto show how pale, skinny he looked at the time and how much he needed to work on in order to make himself into a top level superstar in the WWE.

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NOW: Rollins has since transformed himself into an incredible athlete, as he can rightfully call himself "The Man" right now with that incredible physique of his, as he not only kept the amazing athleticism of his, but also transformed him into an A-plus player in the WWE. Rollins is someone who has a long way to go into the WWE as he still has a lot of years in him, as the Man has one of the fittest figures in the WWE right now and had to work tremendously hard in order to transform himself from the young, agile Tyler Black into "The Man" Seth Rollins in a few years time.

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