15 Current WWE Superstars With The Worst Physiques

Wrestlers are internationally acclaimed athletes. They visit the gym every single day and try their best to stay in shape but sometimes that isn't enough. Many Superstars have commented about how h

Wrestlers are internationally acclaimed athletes. They visit the gym every single day and try their best to stay in shape but sometimes that isn't enough.

Many Superstars have commented about how hard it is to eat healthy as a WWE Superstar since the only places that are still open following a show are fast food restaurants and takeaways, but somehow the majority of wrestlers still manage to remain in peak condition.

Sadly, there always has to be wrestlers on the roster who are not muscled athletes. These are the ones who have to look a few pounds over their limit or too heavy to be able to compete. Many stars are explained as being 'skinny fat' like James Ellsworth or just plain huge like Big Show.

WWE wouldn't be able to employ Superstars who are out of shape because this could have serious health issues for them and cause WWE a whole lot of problems, but even though these stars are not out of shape, they still look like they don't belong on the biggest stage in professional wrestling.

The following is a list of the 15 Superstars that have the worst physiques in WWE. Remember, this isn't a lynch list that points out all of their flaws, it is a just a list that shows who doesn't fall into Vince McMahon's favorite category.

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15 Big Show


The Big Show has been with WWE for around two decades, and he has always been used as a giant within the promotion. Any Superstar who can lift him becomes a huge sensation and enjoys a huge boost towards WWE's main event picture. (Even though the announcers freak out each time Big Show is lifted, as though we have never seen it before.)

That being said, Big Show is not in the greatest of shape, at more than 450 pounds, he is the heaviest Superstar on WWE's current roster but he is coming to an age where he is beginning to wind down his WWE career. Big Show used to be billed at around 500 pounds which means that he has lost some weight. Maybe he is looking towards a career outside of WWE.

14 Mark Henry


It's hard to look at Superstars with terrible physiques and not include 'The World's Strongest Man' Mark Henry. Henry won the accolade as The Strongest Man in the World back in 2002 but more recently he seeming manages to break a sweat during his entrance.

The near 400-pound Superstar has not been used in a main WWE storyline in a very long time, and maybe there is a reason for this. Henry is not in great shape, and he hasn't been for a long time. If WWE are aware of this then it makes sense as to why he hasn't been used on WWE TV. Henry is at an age now where he needs to concentrate on his health and it seems WWE are giving him the space to do so.

13 Kane


'The Big Red Monster' has been a mainstay in WWE over the past few decades and was probably at his peak when he was teaming with his 'brother' The Undertaker as the appropriately named 'Brothers of Destruction.'

This was a long time ago, even though the duo recently teamed up again at Survivor Series last year. Kane has remained on WWE TV and at the forefront of the company for the past few years despite the fact that is has become more and more noticeable that 'The Big Red Machine' is no longer in the same shape as he was. Kane doesn't move the same way he used to and he can't hold his own in the ring against some of the younger guys. He may have come to the point now where he should be thinking about a career outside of WWE.

12 Bray Wyatt


Bray Wyatt has had a rollercoaster of a WWE career since he made his main roster debut back in 2013, but he is still yet to win a WWE Championship of any kind. Take nothing away from Bray, his mic work is some of the best in the company and his ring work definitely follows this up. But he is just not the kind of guy that Vince can make a star out of.

Not that Vince hasn't tried. He has pushed Bray forward into a match with The Undertaker and there are rumors that a match with Brock Lesnar could be in his near future, but as with many rumors surrounding the leader of The Wyatt Family, this could once again just be internet talk.

11 The Authors of Pain


This tag team burst onto the scene in WWE only a few months ago and have left devastation in their wake ever since. The Authors of Pain really do live up to their name, which means that despite them having a bad physique to look at, it actually works for them wrestling wise.

It would be hard for a 200-pound star to be able to walk in with as much dominance as this duo. But when their current gimmick is over, what do they move onto next? They will just be a couple of average wrestlers who don't stand out because they could easily get lost in a crowd. This is the problem with many stars when they make the transition up to the main roster, so these guys need to hope The Authors are an unstoppable team in the for a very long time.

10 James Ellsworth


It's hard to fault James Ellsworth, as the WWE Universe are definitely behind him. He is a guy who was brought in as a one-off jobber and suddenly he's defeated the WWE World Champion, twice. It's the fairytale story, but let's be honest, he isn't going to have an actual career with WWE after this.

Ellsworth doesn't look like a WWE Superstar. He's 'skinny fat' the way that CM Punk used to be described and he doesn't have a chin. WWE would never sign a Superstar that looked like Ellsworth if the WWE Universe hadn't made such a fuss about him, and sadly he won't be around after this current boost of popularity inevitably ends.

9 Bo Dallas


The brother of the already mentioned Bray Wyatt, Bo Dallas is not in the greatest ring shape. When he used to come to the ring in tight white pants, it was even more noticeable. Then when he used to run around the ring to celebrate his victory, it all used to bounce around. Bo wasn't hired because he looks the part, he was hired because he can wrestle.

He is a former NXT Champion and when he is given the chance, he is one of the best technical wrestlers that WWE can rely on, but because he doesn't look like the stars that are currently main eventing the product, WWE won't push him that high. This means that he is stuck on the mid-card as the comedy style wrestler with no way out.

8 Kevin Owens


This will definitely be an unpopular addition to this list and I wouldn't have added him if he was in peak condition, but Kevin Owens does not look like a WWE Superstar, and Vince himself has said this. Owens is the current Universal Champion and he is one of the best wrestlers that WWE have at the moment, but if you met him in the street, you wouldn't believe he was an athlete.

Owens has been this size his entire career and he has never let it hold him back. He is superb at what he does, but there will always be the odd person or the odd fan who will bring his weight into question. Owens doesn't let this bother him, if anything he is an inspiration to young children that shows no matter what you look like, if you have the passion, then you will succeed.

7 Baron Corbin


This is about worst physiques and that goes for Superstars who are not overweight as well the ones who are just in an odd kind of shape. Baron Corbin has been the talk of many forum posts because he has a very distinct body shape. This is the shape of a Matt Hardy or a Jeff Hardy back in their early WWE days, and he seems to enjoy this.

Corbin has never been that bothered about what people say to him. He is a heel and he enjoys hating the WWE Universe, but at some point, he will be forced to turn face and actually respond to whatever the WWE Universe are saying about him and his unique physique. What will Corbin do when this time arrives?

6 Erick Rowan


Erick Rowan has often been described as the weakest member of The Wyatt Family. He isn't as agile as Luke Harper and he isn't as great on the mic as Bray Wyatt, so it is still unknown as to what Rowan actually brings to the table. One thing is for sure, he may be a big guy, but he can move.

Rowan like many other stars on this list does not look like he belongs on the WWE roster. He wears a boiler suit to the ring because WWE doesn't want to reveal what is underneath. He has a very long ginger beard and a bald head. He is something that nightmares are made of, but he fits in well with the character he is attempting to portray and that for now does make some sense.

5 Samoa Joe


Taking absolutely nothing away from Samoa Joe, he is one of the greatest wrestling talents that WWE have managed to acquire in a long time. Joe has the pedigree and comes from a family that also has wrestling in its blood, but it seems despite all the hard work, he will never look like a Vince McMahon guy.

His body type is the main reason that WWE didn't sign him years before. It was revealed this week that Vince thought he was just a "fat Samoan" and he didn't look like the type of Superstar that Vince could make stand out in his company. It's sad that Vince rates his stars this way, since Joe has been one of the stars of NXT over the past few months regardless of the way he looks.

4 Mojo Rawley


Sadly for Mojo Rawley, he will never be a Superstar that WWE takes seriously. He has had a great run in NXT and was shockingly brought up to the main roster in the WWE Draft, but since then he has been forced to recreate The Hype Bros along with Zac Ryder. The duo is entertaining but it isn't a partnership that has a Tag Team Championship reign at the end of it.

Rawley is another star that doesn't look the way he should. He doesn't have a standout physique and muscles under his armpits, but he has an attitude that is full of positivity and that is what has got him to where he is today. And hopefully that is enough to push him forward.

3 Rhyno


'The Man-Beast' himself, the former NXT Superstar and current SmackDown Tag Team Champion was only brought back to WWE on it's main roster when it was made obvious that Rob Van Dam was making himself unavailable. That says all it needs to say for the ambitions of the former ECW star, but at least Rhyno is making the best of it.

Rhyno seems like he's much smaller than he should be, but what he lacks in height, he more than makes up for in his ring ability and the fact that no one gets up after a Gore. He is an impressive star that will never be pushed where he deserves to go (the only placed that seemed to truly believe in Rhyno was ECW), which is another sad but true WWE fact.

2 Konnor


One half of The Ascension and perhaps the most dominant half at that. Konnor and Viktor were once the longest reigning NXT Tag Team Champions and now they have become a joke on the main roster because Vince and his team of creative writers have no idea what to do with Superstars of their ability.

Rather than push them forward, it seems The Ascension have been going further and further and further backwards since their arrival. This is sad because these two unique stars could have had such a bright future after their NXT run but it seems it wasn't happening for them. I'm not saying Konnor's physique is the reason for this, but it's a sad byproduct of what could have been a great career.

1 Luke Gallows


It is really sad that I have had to add Luke to the list, or Festus or Doc Gallows or whatever name he decides to be known as, because Luke is a fantastic wrestler. Along with the Bullet Club he was an unstoppable force in NJPW, but WWE doesn't think the same way as the Japanese based promotion.

Gallows and Anderson could and should have had the Tag Team Championships a long time ago, but because of a WWE record that no one really cares that much about anymore, that hasn't happened. The duo have been denied the gold over and over. It may be because of Gallows and his past history with WWE or the fact that he himself doesn't fit in with WWE's formula. Either way you look at it, WWE is denying this team something they definitely deserve.

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