15 Current WWE Women We Wish Would Pose For Hugh Hefner

If there is one instance in the whole wide world of sports in which beauty actually makes a difference in gauging how successful an athlete is going to be, that instance has to be wrestling. Professional wrestlers have to be good, and they have to be skilled, but, especially when it comes to divas, looks are an equally important part of the equation.

Just try to count in your head how many times a better wrestler was passed on because a second diva was better looking than her. And, quite frankly to a fault, we’re completely okay with this. Wrestling is different than other sports. Sure, everyone who gets on the ring has the same will to become great as athletes in any other sport. But at the end of the day, wrestling is entertainment more than anything else.

Be serious with yourself, what would you rather watch; a women’s basketball game or a WWE match between Torrie Wilson and Trish Stratus?

They are beautiful, and they are entertaining to watch. And still, a few Divas of the past even went a step further to please their fans and decided to pose for the most famous magazine in the world, Playboy. From Sable to Torrie Wilson, almost every wrestler who posed for Hugh Hefner broke records in terms of magazine sales. With that in mind, we wish some of today’s WWE female stars would follow that same path. And thus we have selected 15 current WWE women we wish would pose for Hugh Hefner.


15 Carmella


Hailing out of Worcester, Massachusetts, the first entry on our list has only been in the world of wrestling for a few years. Leah Van Dale, better known as Carmella, made her wrestling debut in June 2013 and was soon signed to the WWE’s developmental territory, NXT. Ever since then, Carmella’s rise has not slowed down even a little bit. From a successful career at NXT, she was drafted to SmackDown as part of the 2016 WWE Draft. She was literally the last pick in the draft, but still a good catch for SmackDown.

Despite the fact that she was the last pick, Carmella has been rising within the ranks of the promotion, and wrestling fans should not be surprised if she eventually becomes one of the big names in the game.

14 Nia Jax


It’s time to put some international flavor into the mix. From Sydney, Australia, we have the woman who might be the most controversial pick on our list. Nia Jax is far from being the usual kind of woman you see stamped on Playboy’s pages.

However, times are changing, and the concept of beauty has been changing as well. We live in an age where there are plus size models who make a lot of money doing their job. Wrestling has never been strange to bigger figured women. As a matter of fact, there has always been a big woman on the roster. They are entertaining to watch, and they are strong as hell.

Nia is an especially good fit for this list because she fits that plus size profile and she is a beautiful woman. So hate it or not, this is our wildcard pick.

13 Becky Lynch


Now get ready for a jump from one end of the spectrum to the complete opposite. While our plus size pick was Nia Jax, our next pick is a woman who devotes most of her time to keeping her fit figure.

Becky Lynch might just be the fittest wrestler on the WWE roster today. Just jump onto her Instagram page and look at the proportion of pictures of this woman working out in a gym as opposed to her doing anything else. She takes her body more seriously than the majority of other athletes. And the results are visible to anyone who watches her fights or follows her on social media.

This is the age of fitness, so what better pick to represent WWE fitness on Playboy than the Irish redhead, Becky Lynch?

12 Charlotte


We are sure Ric Flair would not be too fond of the idea of his daughter baring it all for Hugh Hefner. But, Hugh is not in the business of making dads around America and the world happy. His business is based on the complete opposite of that. The funny part is that those same dads who get pissed off when their daughters appear in Playboy might just be the same ones who love the magazine at any other time. But all that is beside the point, because it is not Hugh’s fault that Flair has one of the most beautiful daughters in all of wrestling.

Charlotte is undoubtedly one of the hottest women on SmackDown, and she has the accolades to go along with that. So why not add Playboy cover to the resume of this WWE Divas Champion?

11 Natalya


Natalya is one of the biggest names in wrestling. She has been wrestling since her debut in 2000. That is a lot of experience to go along with a massive family legacy. She is, after all, Stu Hart’s granddaughter. Those are some enormous shoes to fill, which she has been doing well for a long time. But apparently, posing for Playboy would somehow taint that legacy. At least, that was the idea Natalya seemed to have when she was interviewed by Brian Scocia a few years ago.

“This isn’t against anyone that’s done anything like that, but, I don’t know. I’m Stu Hart’s granddaughter and I have a very big, big legacy to uphold,” she said. “That’s never really been my cup of tea.”

There doesn’t seem to be much of a chance of her posing for Playboy, but we can always hope for the best.

10 Lana


Lana is someone we could call a Jill of all trades. Her rise to fame was mainly due to her successful wrestling career. But this blonde from Gainesville, Florida, has also dipped her toes in music and acting. She has appeared in projects like Pitch Perfect, American Hustle, and most recently, the 2016 film Interrogation.

Her stint in the music industry was mostly as a dancer before she joined the WWE in 2013. Lana worked as a backup dancer for some big-time names like Keri Hilson, Nelly, Pink, Usher, and Akon. She even had a chance at singing, as in 2009 she joined a girl group named No Means Yes. They were signed by Ne-Yo’s record label and even released one single. Magazine wise, we’re still waiting for this 32-year-old to make her Playboy debut.

9 Dana Brooke


When we presented Becky Lynch earlier on this list, we talked about her being the ultimate fitness wrestler. Although she might have an edge, it is arguable that Dana Brooke is the one female wrestler with the most chances of giving her a run for that title. More than fitness, Dana has a something else over Becky, and that is the fact that she looks stronger than her Irish counterpart.

This Ohio native has been in wrestling for less than three years, but in just that little time she managed to rise from NXT all the way to gaining a significant role on the main roster. In 2016, she was ranked 26th in the PWI Female 50 among female singles wrestlers. That was just two years after her debut. The sky seems to be the limit for this beautiful blonde, and who knows, maybe one day she would like to show all of her gains in the pages of Playboy.


8 Bayley


Bailey might just be the number one sweetheart in the WWE. Fans love her beyond comprehension, and her life story only makes them love her even more. This is a woman who since she was in middle school had the dream of becoming a professional wrestler and wanted to be a Women’s Champion. You seriously can’t make up a better story than hers.

She started in wrestling while she was 18 in the independent circuit, and had to grind her way up the ranks until she managed to land a contract with the WWE. Again, she pounded everybody in her way until she was promoted from NXT and ultimately became the Raw Women’s Champion.

As for posing for Playboy, she certainly has the looks, and wrestling fans would undoubtedly flock to buy those magazines.

7 Alicia Fox


It is hard to find people who love what they do as much as Alicia Fox loves her job. This WWE Divas Champion is all about wrestling. From her 2008 SmackDown debut all the way to her signing for the Raw brand, Alicia has done it all. For example, she participated in every single season of Total Divas. She was along for the ride all the way from 2013 to 2017. For the first couple of seasons Alicia played a guest role, but from season three on, she became a part of the main cast.

But her television appearances were not only in WWE promotions. Alicia was also a guest judge on Cupcake Wars and landed a gig in a couple of episodes of the show Dominion.

6 Nikki Bella


Wrestling is a family business, and Nikki Bella has spent most of her career fighting alongside her dear twin sister, Brie Bella. Together, the Bella Twins became crowd favorites in wrestling rings all around the country, and rightfully so. People love twins, and when they are also good wrestlers, it is a recipe for glory. Individually, however, Nikki is a force to be reckoned with. Back in 2015, she was ranked number one out of the top 50 female wrestlers by Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

Needless to say, fans would love to see her on the cover of Playboy, especially if her sister came along for the ride. The real problem here is that she is engaged to John Cena. And who would want to be the guy to tell John Cena his fiancée should bare it all for Playboy?

5 Maryse


Oh Canada, thank you for maple syrup, donuts, half of the National Hockey League, and especially thank you for Maryse Ouellet. The Miz’s wife is way more than just the significant other of one of wrestling’s most amazing contemporary champions. Maryse is a star in her own right.

This is a woman who worked very hard to get where she is now. Unlike many pro-wrestlers who have connections and have an easier time starting off in their careers, Ouellet had to do it the old-fashion way. She tried out for the WWE in Diva Search and managed to sign a developmental contract with the promotion. From there, Maryse became a protagonist and peaked as a two-time Divas Champion. Today she mostly manages her husband, but that shouldn’t be any hindrance if she ever decided to pose for Playboy.

4 Emma


Another Aussie to make the cut, the 28-year-old Tenille Averil Dashwood, a.k.a. Emma, is another wrestling young gun who draws a lot of attention from the crowd. She started off wrestling on the independent circuit before signing with the WWE to compete in the developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling in 2011 where she had her subsequent debut the next year.

That’s where her climb started, going from the FCW to NXT still in 2012, and then to her eventual debut for the WWE main roster in 2014. But after a whole season on the main roster, Emma had to announce that she would be returning to NXT. The return didn’t last long either, as she was back to the main roster in 2016, where she remains to this day.

3 Eva Marie


Eva Marie is one of the most controversial wrestlers out there. She is one of those characters who you either love with a burning passion or hate more than we can put into words. But one thing that both Eva Marie lovers and haters will have to agree on is that she is undisputedly one of the hottest women in wrestling. That is not even a debate.

She has been MIA from the rings for the better part of a year now, but fortunately for the people who love her, the redhead hinted that she could very well be returning to the WWE sooner rather than later.

“WWE, for me, is where it all started,” she said in a recent interview. “You never know, I could show up on a Monday Night Raw, I could come down to SmackDown Live and snatch that title real quick. Never leave me out, you never know what's creeping around the corner, if you know what I mean.”

2 Alexa Bliss


Perhaps one of the hottest topics in wrestling right now is the upcoming WWE SummerSlam. And one of the biggest reasons behind that is that fans will get to watch a battle between everyone’s sweetheart, Bayley, and the one woman whom she seems unable to defeat, Alexa Bliss.

But while a lot of people might be cheering for Bailey, if we were talking about looks, this fight would be lost before it even began. A two-time SmackDown Women’s Champion and current Raw Women’s Champion, Alexa Bliss is second to none in terms of beauty and skill. For that and some other reasons, more than cheering for her to retain her title at SummerSlam, fans will also very likely be hoping to see Alexa grace the pages of Playboy sometime in the future.

1 Summer Rae


Headlining the list of current WWE women we wish would pose for Hugh Hefner, we have the 33-year-old Danielle Louise Moinet, most commonly known in the wrestling world as Summer Rae. A current member of the Raw brand, Summer Rae is a stunning woman whom we would very much like to see posing for Playboy sometime soon, but it also seems surprising that she hasn’t done so yet.

Summer Rae is clearly not shy about showing off her assets, as she is always at a WWE event or at a new photo shoot somewhere. Also, prior to joining the WWE, this New York State native played for the Chicago Bliss of the Lingerie Football League for around three years. Oh yeah, while she was in college in North Carolina she was also a sorority woman.


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