15 Current WWE Wrestlers On The Cusp Of Superstardom

Whenever a wrestler debuts in WWE, fans wonder what will be the story that his career will eventually tell. While there have been countless wrestlers throughout the company's history. There have been a number of wrestlers that weren't considered as good as their peers. The most successful men and women in the WWE all had a special quality about them that made them special. At times that quality isn't immediately evident, while in other instances it is clear to see.

What qualities contribute to greatness in a wrestler? It could be their look, style or in ring technique that make them something to behold. A wrestler showcases their ability by working with their opponent and evoking emotion from the audience. For a number of wrestlers, their greatness hasn't been measured by their height and weight, but the quality of performer that they are. Often, the greatest challenge wrestlers have today is generating genuine dislike or disdain from the paying public. For these select fifteen current WWE wrestlers, they all have something special about them that suggests future greatness. Here are fifteen current WWE wrestlers on the cusp of superstardom.

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23 Rich Swann

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Can we handle this? Fans are quickly becoming aware of Rich Swann, and his infectious personality is exactly what the Cruiserweight division needs. A great deal has been made about his upbringing, the challenges that Swann faced as a child, and how he came through it all and is a better person for it.

His dance moves are reminiscent of the late Junk Yard Dog, but that is where the comparisons between the two begin and end. He shows fans that he can have fun, but once the bell rings, Swann is all business. He shows fans that he has a passion and fire that is second to no one else. His enthusiasm and energy give life to the Cruiserweight division. While commentators discuss where Swann came from, the question is now just how far can he go? It appears as though superstardom is within his reach.

22 Sami Zayn

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He is often called the underdog from the underground, and when Sami Zayn steps into the ring fans are certain to get anything, but a generic competitor. During his tenure on the independent circuit, Zayn managed to get the attention of fans in smaller venues, without any pomp or circumstance. However, as he has grown during his time in NXT and now the main roster, Zayn has become a beloved figure that fans have naturally gravitated towards.

He often comes across like the little engine that could, and seems like someone that is capable of being more. His ability to draw in fans through his willingness to take an incredible amount of punishment and still come out the other side is incredible. When he captured the NXT championship, fans were elated to see him finally achieve this goal. As part of the main roster, he is headed in the same direction.


20 Braun Strowman

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A wrestler can improve with time and work, and that is the case with Strowman and his in-ring ability. He is currently being booked to be imposing and instill fear in his opponents. He stands nearly seven feet tall and is built like a house. During his time in strongman competitions, Strowman's physique was developed to the point where he is something to behold. As he brings that same dedication to his in-ring work, one can see him becoming as phenomenal a performer as he is a physical specimen.

When Strowman was part of the Wyatt family, he stood in the background and was presented as Sister Abigail's 'greatest gift, the black sheep'. Many may question his versatility and ability, but with time, it's hard to bet against this mountain of a man. Soon he will not only beat down men half of his size, but those equal to him as well.

19 Tony Nese

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He is the Premier Athlete, and when he steps into the ring it seems as though there is nothing he can't do. When Tony Nese appeared in the WWE Cruiserweight classic, fans that were unaware of what he could do very quickly became very aware of his incredible ability in the ring. With a look and set of skills that are unlike many others, Nese has a very rare ability to do things men twice his size wish they could do.

What is remarkable about Nese's ability to hit the moves that he does is that he is able to do so while also displaying an incredibly muscular build. Many might think that his build would restrict his movement, but he has shown fans that, despite his muscular frame he is incredibly flexible and mobile in the ring. He is someone fans should certainly keep an eye out for, as his stock only continues to rise in the cruiserweight division.

18 Ember Moon

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If fans aren’t watching NXT, then they are missing out on a human sparkplug that is just as electric on her way to the ring as she is in the ring. An ember moon is a full, intense red, and this Ember Moon is equally intense. She appears to be poised to eventually challenge Asuka for the NXT women’s championship. What fans can anticipate when seeing her in the ring is a style that combines technique with high-flying.

Her finishing move, a top rope stunner that she called ‘The O Face’ while wrestling as Athena on the indies, is what has turned fans’ heads and made them take notice. Moon has only been in NXT for a brief time, but will soon become a focal point of the women’s division, someone fans should clearly keep their eyes on in the future.

17 Neville

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Like other men on this list that are less than six feet, he is on the same trajectory to achieve superstardom. During his time in NXT, Neville captured the championship, and in fact became to that point the longest running champion in the brand's history. He appeared primed to be elevated upon moving to the main roster, and was not only going to be booked as part of highly competitive matches, but part of terrific rivalries.

However, when Neville was injured during a match against Chris Jericho, he was set back. Neville returned with a new look, but wasn't given the opportunity to show just how exceptional an in-ring talent he is. Recently, he was given a new direction, and as a heel may be able to show fans the viciousness he has in him. He has always had the ability, and now appears on the verge of achieving major success in the cruiserweight division.

16 Big Cass

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His current success is as one half of his tag team with Enzo Amore, but that doesn't mean that will be how he is always defined. Fans can see that the near seven footer is a star in the making. He has emerged as the clear muscle of his team, but could easily achieve greater heights on his own. This is because not only can he achieve greatness in the ring, he has a notable ability on the mic as well.

The company explored the idea of having Big Cass as part of the main event scene when he was part of the fatal four-way to determine a new WWE Universal champion. At one point or another he will be elevated as a top singles star in the company's main event scene. The future is bright for Big Cass, and his time to excel on his own may come sooner rather than later.

15 TJ Perkins

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To many fans, TJ Perkins is a young, hip and colourful wrestler that cannot only engage the fans with what he can do in the ring, but with what he can say on the mic. Although he's fallen victim to having to recite very scripted monologues, he is capable of delivering engaging promos on his own. With a moveset that reflects a mix of Rey Mysterio and Dean Malenko, TJ Perkins has managed to combine elements of different wrestlers to develop a skillset that showcases his remarkable abilities.

He has flown under the radar for far too long. As an active member of the cruiserweight division, he is considered a leading contender for the championship. Perkins is under thirty years of age, and only scratching the surface of what he can do, not only in the cruiserweight division, but as part of the roster.

14 Alexa Bliss

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When Bliss first appeared in NXT, she had a cute nature about her, all sparkle and glitter dust, and simply a gymnastic performer. In fact, many probably doubted she would amount to much, and that her role would be to remain there as nothing more than someone who would make others look better.

Then Bliss underwent a complete character turn, as she turned heel and managed the tandem of Murphy and Blake to the NXT tag team championship. Fans soon became aware that the real star of the team was the one standing at ringside. Once she was called up to the main roster as part of the Smackdown Live women’s division, Bliss rose to the top of the ranks. Her feud with Becky Lynch signified that the best is yet to come. She only appears to be scratching the surface on what she can do in the ring and on the microphone.

13 Jason Jordan

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If there was ever someone who has paid his dues while developing into the talent he is today, it is Jason Jordan. Much like his partner Chad Gable, Jordan was part of failed tag teams while in NXT, but thrived once American Alpha was created. What is different now is that Jordan, has been allowed to showcase his personality more. Jordan takes risks with his character, and he is able to convey emotion in the ring and during his promos. Does this mean that Jordan will immediately split from his partner and seek singles success? Not at all.

In the case of Jordan, earning his way as part of American Alpha on the Smackdown Live brand is just what he needs right now. However, with his look, size, speed and strength, he is someone to consider capable of achieving mid card if not main event success in the future. Jordan is young, and though learning and experience can achieve greatness.

12 Kalisto

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An easy comparison to be made for Kalisto is that he could be the second coming of Rey Mysterio. He has the size, attire and moveset to become a modern day Mysterio. While his attire is tied to his ethnic heritage, in the style of luchadors who have been popular in Mexico, he could easily gain fans around the world. His high flying style can entertain people from all over.

His feud with Baron Corbin has shown how he can be physically mismatched but still be capable of holding his own. In fact, he has had believably competitive matches against much larger opponents like Ryback and Rusev. If Mysterio could achieve world championship gold, why couldn’t Kalisto? With time, anything is possible, and his abilities certain suggest that he is also on the cusp of reaching superstardom.

11 Jack Gallagher

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Gallagher is often referred to as the extraordinary gentlemen. In today's wrestling landscape, his on-screen look and personality definitely shine through. It is a very distinct look that many may think wouldn't work well for today's WWE fan, but others will beg to differ with that belief. Gallagher is able to garner cheers from the crowd, sometimes by simply showcasing how much of a 'gentlemen' he is.

With his curled mustache, multi-coloured striped tights and no knee pads, Gallagher's in-ring character is a throwback that fans have certainly gravitated towards him. His ability to tie up his opposition like a pretzel also cannot be forgotten. Despite being small in stature, his character has the potential to be much larger if given the time to develop. He is someone fans should keep their eye on, and within the next couple of years he could be holding a title.







4 Chad Gable

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He's ready, willing and Gable. Chad Gable is one half of the tandem American Alpha, and is poised for success in more ways than one. Alongside Jason Jordan, he captured the NXT tag team championships, and while the Smackdown Live tag team championships are within their grasp, it is completely possible that more could be achieved by either of them in singles action. Gable's natural charm and charisma make him easy to use in different ways.

While not everyone can achieve success on their own, Gable has Kurt Angle-like qualities that make him capable of being a successful singles competitor. For instance, a feud against The Miz could easily be an opportunity for Gable to shine. Some may think his height is a hindrance, but it never stopped the likes of Daniel Bryan and CM Punk.

3 Apollo Crews

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Crews is one of the biggest mysteries in the WWE. Once among the most highly touted talents on the independent scene, many have questioned what has happened to him. He has been subject to poor booking during his time on the main roster, but whenever Crews is in the ring fans witness an incredible combination of strength, speed and agility. He has the stature of a heavyweight and the mobility of a cruiserweight.

Crews has all the tools to become a world champion. While he may be sitting on the sidelines right now that doesn't mean it will remain that way. He battled the likes of Baron Corbin during his time in NXT, but since he has been a part of the Smackdown Live brand he hasn't been a part of any memorable programs. Greatness is within his grasp, he just needs to be given the chance to grab hold of it.


1 Big E

via wwe.com

Big E Langston first rose to fame on WWE's NXT brand, and he captured the NXT championship by defeating the champion Seth Rollins. He was brought up to the main roster as the bodyguard of Dolph Ziggler, and was a silent brute that would lay waste to anyone that crossed Ziggler's path. Eventually, he turned on Ziggler and was elevated to the point where he became the United States champion. The problem was that after some time, he appeared stuck in limbo.

Eventually, that led to the creation of the New Day, alongside Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. Fans became aware that he has a great deal of skill on the microphone, and more personality than they knew. While being part of a tag team may be considered a setback, it has shown fans that Big E is capable of working alongside others, and when he once again goes out on his own he will become a success.

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