15 Current WWE Wrestlers Who Offer NOTHING To The Product

In the world of sports, you will have a long and lucrative career if you happen to be fairly talented at a certain skill, no matter if you are a football, basketball, or baseball player; and that same logic applies to professional wrestling as well. In wrestling, you become very popular and successful when you are good on the mic, at acting, and at actual wrestling, and if they happen to be a likeable person, it is even better. The world is filled with multiple wrestling promotions located all over the world, and every single one of them is lucky enough to have truly talented performers, but they all also happen to have wrestlers who do not really provide much in terms of entertainment.

World Wrestling Entertainment has been around for over five decades now, and is considered to be the top wrestling promotion in the entire world, which means that they possess what should be the best roster available. The WWE is in fact home to the best superstars in the world, but even within the best crop of talent, there are still some on the main roster who do not provide enough skill and personality to justify their place on it; and the roster also happens to have superstars who were once effective, but are now too past their prime to offer good performances. With that being said, here is a list of 15 current WWE wrestlers who do not offer anything to the product.

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15 Summer Rae

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Last year the WWE gave us the Divas Revolution, and it was a very welcomed movement as it meant the women’s division finally started to focus more on women who actually possess talent and a wrestling background instead of attractive fitness models who have no real skill. Summer Rae is one of these former models, and before signing her developmental contract in 2011, she played as a cornerback for the Chicago Bliss of the Lingerie Football League. Rae may be athletic, but compared to all the other women currently in the division, she is near the bottom of the list in terms of actual talent, but aside from her lackluster wrestling skills, she is also bad on the mic and at acting. Literally every feud and storyline that she has been a apart of has been dreadful either because of boredom or stupidity; and if you can barely wrestle, and are the worst part of multiple bad storylines, than you have nothing to really offer the company.

14 Big Show

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Big Show has been wrestling since the 1990s, and for more than 15 years, he was able to capitalize on the fact that he was just as tall and massive as Hall of Famer Andre The Giant; it fact he debuted in WCW, he was billed as being the late legend’s son. In a career that has so far spanned just over two decades, Big Show has managed to win virtually every title that the company has to offer, meaning that he will undoubtedly become a Hall of Famer in his own right; but that eventuality alone does not negate the fact that he has nothing left to offer in wrestling in 2016. Like Mark Henry, Big Show was and still is one of the company’s biggest physical presences, but the current wrestling fan does not care about these types of superstars anymore, especially when there are more than one on the roster. There is a reason why fans have chanted at Big Show to retire, and that reason is because the fans can tell that he has nothing left to offer.

13 R-Truth

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There are currently a lot of wrestlers who make up the mid card in the WWE, and some of them are there just because they have been underutilized, while others are there because they are just not popular or good enough to be a part of any main events. R-Truth is one of these mid-card wrestlers, and although he has demonstrated talent in the ring, and managed to become a Tag Team, Hardcore, and United States Champion, he offers basically nothing to the product now except for comic relief (which most of the time is not that funny). Think about it, it has been a while since the last time R-Truth has participated in a truly meaningful match, seeing as the bulk of his in-ring work the past few years has been to serve as the guy who loses to the guy currently getting some kind of push, which may work for a younger superstar, but not for a 44 year old.

12 Baron Corbin

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Wrestling fans love Goldberg because of how much of a dominant force he was during his career, which is why people are excited to see his match at this year’s Survivor Series, but Goldberg became a wrestler through unconventional means, as he started out as a football player. Ever since Goldberg appeared on the wrestling scene, the WWE has signed multiple ex-football players, and have tried to make them top guys purely because of the strength and physicality they brought with them from their football days; and although this thought process worked ten years ago, fans do not care for this type of superstar anymore. Baron Corbin fits this mold exactly as he signed with WWE after he was unable to earn a spot on two NFL rosters, and ever since his debut in developmental, he has indeed been a physical presence, but he has also been one of the most boring and bland wrestlers the company has-which basically makes him a less exciting Roman Reigns.

11 Sin Cara

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The Cruiserweight Classic offered wrestling fans a much needed change in terms of high-speed and more acrobatic movesets from some slimmer and really talented wrestlers, but thanks to WWE’s over promotion of the Cruiserweights, the entire division has already started to lose its luster. A few weeks ago, Sin Cara announced that he was joining the Cruiserweight division, which would have been a much more impactful announcement if the WWE Universe actually cared about Sin Cara. Last year, Sin Cara became quite popular, thanks primarily to the fact that he was partnered with Kalisto at the time. It is true that Sin Cara can pull off some exciting moves, but the entire cruiserweight division is capable of outperforming him in that regard, and the other Lucha wrestlers who are currently signed with WWE, have shown that they are more entertaining than he is.

10 The Ascension

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There have been many successful tag teams in WWE’s history, but there have also been many failures, primarily because those teams were unable to garner any kind of interest from the fans, and The Ascension has become one of those failed teams. The Ascension is comprised of Viktor and Konnor, with the team itself having been around since 2011, and ever since they made their WWE debut in NXT in 2012, the company had high hopes for them. The company wanted The Ascension to serve as a new version of The Legion of Doom, and although they were able to become popular down in developmental, they were met with minimal enthusiasm from the fans once they were called up to the main roster in 2014. Since that debut, the team has not picked up any kind of positive momentum, which is why they have basically been relegated to a bottom-tier team with little hope of getting into the title picture because of the other more popular tag teams they must contend with.

9 Titus O’Neil

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There are numerous examples of wrestlers who made their WWE main roster debut as a part of a team or stable, who later go on to compete as a solo competitor after the team/stable separates, and sometimes those wrestlers manage to make a big name for themselves, but the opposite outcome happens just as often. Titus O’Neil signed his developmental contract as a solo wrestler in 2009, but he did not really garner much attention until he and Darren Young came together to form the team known as The Prime Time Players. The team ended up disbanding in 2014 with O’Neil becoming a heel, a role which he turned out to be fairly bad at as the fans did not really care about him without Young at his side. In 2015, he and Young reunited and went on to become tag team champions, but earlier this year, they separated again, with O’Neil once again becoming heel; and this time it became quite evident that he is just a big guy with bad mic skills and little crowd appeal, who is only relevant when he is paired with Darren Young.

8 Fandango

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In 2012 we were introduced to Fandango, who managed to actually win fans over with his ballroom dancer gimmick, to the extent that he was even able to create his own dance craze whenever his entrance music was played. That was more than a year ago though, and as of right now, Fandango is not nearly as popular as he once was, in fact he is barely shown wrestling on TV anymore because he has essentially been relegated to mid-card hell. The problem with Fandango, is that although he is a decent competitor, he lacks an exciting move set, and he also suffers from the fact that his character is far too similar to that of his current partner Tyler Breeze, which would be fine if the two remained a team throughout their careers, but that is an improbability; and when they separate, WWE will basically have the same character split between two people on the main roster, with Breeze being the better of the two.

7 The Shining Stars

via WrestlingRumors.net

With this entry we have our second and final tag team which serves to kill two birds with one stone, as Primo and Epico, who are currently known as The Shining Stars provide absolutely nothing to the company's tag team division. The pair of Primo and Epico have been a part of the WWE since 2011, and in 2012 they won their first and so far only championship, which is the only truly positive thing about their tenure with the company. These two have currently been the subject of two different repackagings, with the first being when the pair re-debuted as Los Matadores, and as it turns out, the best thing to come out of that gimmick was El Torito. Their current gimmick sees them portraying heel Puerto Ricans, and it is a gimmick that has also failed with the fans completely, and it is because of this failure that the team is nowhere near competing for any titles; in fact, their very presence on the roster is a hindrance because they are taking away a spot from what may be a much better and useful team.

6 Bo Dallas

via wrestlingnews.co

The current main roster of the WWE is filled with superstars who have come up through the company’s developmental system, including several who were once champions on the NXT brand. Bo Dallas was one of these superstars, and he has been with the company since 2008, and while he was a part of NXT, he was good enough to become the top champion, which was a title that he managed to hold onto for almost 300 days. When Dallas came up to the main roster though, he did so with a heel motivational persona, a gimmick which crashed and burned almost immediately, as no one liked it whatsoever, and since that initial debut, he has been a part of the failed group The Social Outcasts, and his current Bo-lieve in Bo routine which has also been unsuccessful. In Dallas’s case, he offers so little to the actual product that the past year alone the best thing he has done was getting arrested for public intoxication at an airport in September.

5 Goldust

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As was mentioned before, the Attitude Era brought with it many memorable characters with personas that left lasting impressions, and many of those personas were funny and/or villainous, but there were also some pretty weird ones. One of the weirdest characters to come out of the Attitude Era was Goldust, who started out as a drag queen who wore a gold colored jumpsuit and black and gold face paint; and who would inhale in a long and suggestive manner. Goldust has left and returned to WWE several times, and each time he comes back, he receives a warm and positive response from the fans as they seem to really enjoy his unorthodox antics. This past year though, Goldust has barely wrestled, and has primarily been seen doing backstage comedy segments with R-Truth, segments which feel more like a waste of time than comedic relief. Goldust may say that he is in the best shape of his career, but at 47 years of age, he cannot compete at the same level as the other much younger members of the roster.

4 Erick Rowan

via WWE.com

In 2013, the stable known as The Wyatt Family made their debut on the main roster, and since then they have been fairly dominant, despite the fact that they have still not won a major championship. As of now the Wyatt Family has had 4 members, and each one of them has brought something to the ring, with the exception of Erick Rowan, who is by far the worst member of the stable. Rowan is the tall red bearded guy who wears the white sheep mask, and as you might have noticed during his matched, his move set is quite limited, and he is not that athletic. The other members of this group have proven that they are both better in the ring and on the mic, and in the instances where he has been sidelined due to injury, The Wyatt Family was able to carry on without him without missing a single beat; and now that he is out for 6 months, it will become even more apparent that the show can go on just fine without him.

3 Mark Henry

via CagesideSeats.com

Every single time Mark Henry appears on screen, we have to be reminded of the fact that he was once crowned The World’s Strongest Man, which he was, but at this point in time, the achievement has lost much of its significance. Henry has been a physical force his entire WWE career, but that actually meant something five years ago when he was shown predominantly on TV; but now, he is more or less brought out to help lower mid card level guys in their feuds, or he is sent out to lose in order to help push someone else. It is true that Henry is a former World Heavyweight Champion, but seeing as the main roster now consists of physical forces like Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman, he does not really have much more to offer the company.

2 Kane

via wrestlingnews.co

The Undertaker has been one of the most popular wrestlers in the WWE for over two decades, and a major reason for that is because of his horror-themed gimmick, a gimmick which helped to introduce his fictional half-brother Kane. Throughout his tenure with the company, Kane has been called The Big Red Machine, and been referred to as a demon, which worked very well during the 1990s and early 2000s because of how intimidating he appeared to be. In today’s WWE though, Kane is no longer viewed as an intimidating force, primarily thanks to the corporate angle he was given, which made him look more like a cowardly lapdog than an unstoppable force. At this point in Kane’s career, he does not really have anything to provide in terms of main event potential, seeing as there a lot of younger and more athletic superstars to fill those spots, and most of the matches he is now participating in are basically either of the filler variety.

1 Eva Marie

via WWE.com

We started this list off with a member of the Women's Division, and as it turns out, we will be ending it with a member of that division as well. The company may indeed be shying away from hiring models to perform as wrestlers, but that does not mean that they do not still do so, which is why we have Eva Marie competing in the ring. Eva Marie is mostly known in the wrestling world because she was hired to be a member of the cast of the Total Divas reality show, and in order to justify her presence on the show, the company actually had to put her in the ring. To be fair, Eva Marie is nice to look at, and she makes a great heel due to all the natural heat she gets from the crowd, but her ability to be an effective heel is the only thing she truly brings to the company, as she is nowhere near the skill level of other women like Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Alexa Bliss, all of whom have already demonstrated the ability to be a more competent heel than Eva Marie.

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