15 Current WWE Wrestlers Who Will Be Forgotten In The Next 5 Years

WWE has over the years acquired some of the best wrestling talents from around the world, as they have seemingly budged into the fans demands on bringing in some of their favorite Independent wrestlers. But while the WWE roster is currently at its best shape after being filled with some amazing superstars, there are some personnel who are being kept to help some of these superstars "get over" with the crowd as these mid-carders or lower-mid carders are some of the wrestlers who aren't really paid much attention to by the fans.

While the company has been slashing on talents as the years pass on, the firing process has seemingly become more frequent in the recent years because of the amount of talent which comes into the company now that WWE NXT is such a huge thing. Some of these forgettable superstars will probably be on their way out of the company in the upcoming years, as barely a handful of superstars in the roster right now will be remembered by the audience in the next five years or so.

While most of these wrestlers might have gained some popularity right now, they won't be remembered by the audiences five years down the line.

15 Xavier Woods

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Xavier Woods is one of the most charismatic wrestlers in the WWE right now, as he and the New Day have remained over because of their amazing charisma and Woods is doing good right now with his in-ring career as well as being the creator of the hit Youtube channel "Up Up Down Down". While Xavier might be very popular right now (at times for the wrong reason), he found himself in hot water when his sex tape with Paige was released sometime back and even though the WWE hasn't punished him for it right now, he might pay the price somewhere down the line. There's a good chance of Woods suffering the consequences of that leak when he departs from the New Day, as he could be degraded to becoming a jobber which would also take away all his popularity. When he's eventually released, he'll probably become a forgotten figure amongst the fans who helped build him into a star as his horrible leak has a good possibility of bringing grave consequences to him in the near future after his popularity takes a dip.

14 Tyler Breeze

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"Prince Pretty" Tyler Breeze looked like hot stuff back in his NXT days when he looked to have a promising gimmick, but that all came crashing down when he was promoted to the main roster and his gimmick failed to get over. He was later placed in a tag team with Fandango, as they would become the jobber tag team in the WWE and have been jobbing ever since being drafted to Smackdown. Breeze doesn't seem to be heading anywhere right now as his lack of popularity and poor booking have hurt his chances, and the way things are going, he'll be out of the company in a few years time and will surely be forgotten by fans after being released. "Prince Pretty" isn't looking all that gorgeous right now and definitely won't five years down the line when he's a forgotten figure in the wrestling industry.

13 Heath Slater

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Heath Slater had quite the memorable 2016 when he rose from obscurity in the WWE to force his way into the Smackdown tag team scene and winning the tag team belts with Rhyno, as their team of "The Beauty and The Man Beast" was quite the hit after the belts were introduced. But after losing the titles, Slater has again looked quite confused and doesn't seem to know where he's headed, as he's again jobbing in the promotion and won't be able to keep his job for long at this rate. Slater has already been a jobber for the WWE for years now, as his days seem to be numbered in the promotion as he'll be gone in a couple of years and going by the lack of impact he has made in the company, he'll also be a relatively forgotten wrestler in the eyes of wrestling fans who might get behind him when he's at his hilarious best, but don't really see him as anything memorable down the line.

12 Erick Rowan

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While he was initially promising as part of the Wyatt Family, Erick Rowan has degraded over the years as some foolish turns with him after the initial fall-out of the family hurt his legitimate nature. While his face run was quite enjoyable, it's the things which happened afterwards which really confused everyone as he went back to Bray Wyatt and lost to many of his opponents at the time, taking away his credibility as well. His constant injuries don't help him at all, as Rowan is probably the only member of the Wyatt Family who is going nowhere right now in the WWE and he'll probably be let go in the next few years because he's not needed in the company at all and will not be remembered by most of the fans.

11 Mojo Rawley

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Even though Mojo Rawley might be an "over" superstar right now for being "hyped" all the time, he's quite annoying to a large bunch of fans who just don't like who he is and what he does in the ring either. The former footballer still hasn't transitioned into a wrestler properly, and although he might've won the Andre the Giant Battle Royal this year, his lack of wrestling skills and poor gimmick will not keep him in the good books of the company. If he cannot develop into something better or improve his in-ring work, he will probably be given the boot by the WWE in the next few years and he can't really pride himself into knowing that the fans will have his back, as not many even like him at the moment and when he leaves the WWE, he'll be quickly forgotten by the fans who have never really bought into his "hype" which will run out of steam soon enough.

10 Tye Dillinger

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"The Perfect 10" Tye Dillinger might be one of the most over superstars in the WWE right now, but his horrible booking in which he's being made to lose to everyone who comes up in NXT is really struggling to hurt his credibility in the company. Tye has worked his butt off to get to where he is right now, as he has been in WWE developmental for over a decade now and finally looks set to get the main roster call, but nothing can improve for him if he isn't booked properly on the main roster. While he has the support of fans for his awesome gimmick, fans will grow tired off him soon enough if he continues to job to everyone like this and knowing just how cruel the main roster is, he'll probably become another jobber to the stars in it before having to do awful segments which destroy his reputation. Dillinger doesn't somehow seem set for the big leagues of the WWE despite having it in him, and he'll probably be released again in the next few years after constantly jobbing to opponents which will slowly take away his popularity and he'll be left as a forgotten afterthought in the minds of the fans when he is released by the company in the next five years.

9 Apollo Crews

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Apollo Crews arrived in the WWE with much anticipation from the fans, as his work in the Independent scene was known by many fans before he actually came to the company and started in NXT. While Crews was actually quite good in NXT, it all started to go downhill for him once he was moved to the main roster way too quickly, as he'd go onto quickly become a jobber after some bad feuds and losing to random opponents. He's now in Smackdown Live! and doesn't seem to be going anywhere in the "Land of Opportunities", as his WWE career is winding down and will be over unless he can come up with something special to revive it, and going by how badly they treating him and making him irrelevant to the fans, a big bunch of fans will not even remember him once he's gone from the company in the next few years

8 Jack Gallagher Jr.

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Jack Gallagher Jr is one of the more entertaining figures in the Cruiserweight Division right now, as the quirky Brit has won over the audience in his few months on the roster and is looking set to be a star in the future. But because of his size and looks, he can only go so far in the WWE who like to promote wrestlers who are a bit bigger and better built and even though he might attain success in the WWE very soon, he probably won't make it in the long run. A small guy like him probably won't ever get recognition beyond the Cruiserweight Division and going by how the audiences already turned off by that, it won't be surprising at all if Gallagher was to be forgotten by the WWE fans once he is gone from the company in the next five years or so as he might receive much love and praise right now, but nobody will sing those tunes once he's out of the company.

7 Carmella

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"The Princess of Staten Island" Carmella has been riding high with James Ellsworth (of all people) recently on Smackdown, as she has improved in the past few years after serving as a valet for Enzo & Cass in NXT. She might now be quite the talented athlete for WWE's blue brand, but she still seems to be behind the pack as the WWE don't seem to trust her enough to give her a chance at top level feuds. Carmella is someone who probably won't survive in the WWE for long, as her in-ring skills are fairly poor and the crowd reaction is minimal. She's probably going to be released for those reasons and be replaced with someone better and going by how WWE fans have already forgotten her after she departed from Enzo & Cass, she'll definitely become a forgotten diva after leaving the company in the next five years.

6 Titus O'Neil

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Titus O'Neil has been skating on thin ice ever since his "incident" where he allegedly "shoved" Mr. McMahon after Daniel Bryan's farewell speech on an episode of Raw, as he might have been pushed at first for good PR for the WWE, but has been made to look quite foolish by the WWE after that. O'Neil introduced his own "Titus Brand" after a weird heel turn, as he has been acting like quite the terrible comic heel who doesn't seem to be going anywhere in the WWE right now and is almost begging to be released by the company. He's definitely out of the company once his contract expires, and knowing just how irrelevant he has become in the eyes of the WWE fans, nobody will remember him down the line as the "Titus Brand" will be just as forgettable then as it is right now.

5 Jinder Mahal

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Not many fans actually even know why Jinder Mahal was recruited by the WWE for a second stint after the brand split, as he was quite horrible in his first stint and doesn't seemed to have gotten any better now either. It's probably his unreal change in physique which has helped him survive in WWE TV, as he has been featured in quite a lot of matches after rocking a shockingly ripped figure in the past few months. Mahal even had an impressive outing in the recent Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal where he was actually one of the final remaining wrestlers in the ring before being eliminated by eventual winner, Mojo Rawley. But this performance won't really raise his stock, as he's still quite the irrelevant jobber in the eyes of the WWE and when he's again released in a year's time, he'll become the forgotten figure he was before he re-appeared in the WWE.

4 TJ Perkins

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TJ Perkins might have attained quite the sensational feat when he won the CWC Tournament and became the first ever WWE Cruiserweight Champion(after it was reintroduced), but he has fallen from grace ever since losing his belt. After the likes of Neville, Brian Kendrick and Austin Aries took helm in the Cruiserweight Division, Perkins' stock has fallen rapidly as he has been jobbing to some of the stars in the past few week and seems to have lost the fan-support as well. Perkins might be a real entertainer in the ring but his lack of gimmick or charisma will hurt him in the long run, as he can't really go beyond the Cruiserweight Division when he can attain only a limited amount of success and after doing everything in the next few years in this division, he'll probably be released by the WWE and because of his lack of charisma to really engulf the audience into his character, not many will actually even remember him once he's gone and he'll become the first Cruiserweight Champion to become a forgotten figure.

3 Kalisto

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Kalisto has remained as an extremely entertaining wrestler for the WWE ever since he debuted a few years ago, as the masked luchador can pull of some moves in the ring which not many other can. Kalisto looked destined for greatness sometime back when he won the US Title and held it for quite some-time, before he was drafted to Smackdown Live! and everything was ruined for him. His botched promo immediately after joining the brand didn't help his cause, as his lack of mic-skills and personality forced the WWE to pull him out of bigger projects and he has been rotting in the lower-mid cards ever since. Although things can change for him in the future, but knowing of how there are more complete wrestlers in the company than him, he'll probably remain as a lower-mid carder in the WWE and will be a forgotten figure amongst the fans once he is released by the company few years down the line.

2 Akira Tozawa

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Akira Tozawa is one of the really hard-hitting, stiff wrestlers in the Cruiserweight Division in the WWE right now, but his lack of mic-skills and real personality will hit him hard in the near future. While he might be riding on some popularity right now, his lack of gimmick will not let him survive in the WWE for long as we all know how Vince doesn't like Asian wrestlers in the first place as Tozawa's amazing in-ring skill will probably not cut it for him in the long run. He'll probably be released in a few years time and going by how uninterested the WWE fans are in the Cruiserweight Division, it'll only get worse once he starts jobbing and doing some forgettable stuff in the WWE as the Japanese sensation is probably going to end up as a bust in the WWE in the next few years and become a forgotten figure quickly after leaving.

1 Paige

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Paige has horribly fallen from grace over all these years, as she was riding high as the youngest Divas Champion when she won the championship in her main roster debut, and looked set to be something big for the future. But right now there's a major doubt on whether there will be a future for her in the WWE in the first place, as her recent controversies which included her sex tapes and personal photos being leaked in the internet has put her in an awful situation with the WWE. They'll definitely want to let her go whenever her contract is off, as her relationship with Alberto Del Rio isn't liked by the company either and Paige is definitely heading out of the company in the near future. While she might be the talk of the town right now for all the wrong reasons, Paige will not be remembered by the fans in the next five years or so as it seems she's too inclined to make a family with Alberto rather than look at her wrestling career and the more she drifts off from wrestling, the more fans start to forget her and the talk of the town will become a mere afterthought in the next few years when she's forgotten by nearly everyone.

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