15 Dark Secrets Revealed By The Women Of Pro Wrestling

Women have always been a focal point of professional wrestling, and their roles in the business are constantly becoming more significant and important as the years press on. Back in the "good old days," we as fans were treated to the classic Diva segments and matches, with many memorable bikini contests and bra & panty matches sprinkled throughout those years. However, the roles of women in WWE have become larger, as the WWE's female talents of today are being promoted based off in-ring talent versus just possessing the good looks and little to no talent like so many Divas were years prior. However, that's not to say that there aren't any hot women in pro-wrestling anymore, as there definitely are.

Like their male co-workers, professional wrestling definitely takes its toll on the females nearly the same, despite the fact that many of the women had smaller roles/positions than the men did. There are always "dark secrets" surrounding various talents (especially from WWE) simply resulting from the fact that despite being "Superstars," all wrestlers are in fact human, and everyone has things they would rather not have others know or find out. However, over the years, many dark secrets have been revealed by various wrestling men and women, and secrets are still being revealed to this day (Bray Wyatt's affair with JoJo being one of them - something no one saw coming). Today, we're going to be focusing in on 15 dark secrets revealed by wrestling women, so stay tuned!

15  15. Charlotte Flair Arrested For Kicking A Police Officer

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Prior to becoming one of the WWE's most talented Women's Division wrestlers, Charlotte Flair definitely had a somewhat checkered past. In 2008, it was revealed that Charlotte had been arrested for assaulting (kicking) a law enforcement officer (police officer) when she attempted to resist an arrest following a fight alongside her father Ric Fair and her boyfriend at the time.

The police officer made it known to the public that a taser gun had been used on Charlotte, as she wasn't cooperating when the officer attempted to resolve the altercation. Shortly after the incident, Charlotte's boyfriend at the time had stated that the problem was resolved. This is definitely a shocking dark secret, and it's one that is out there for all to see, even if Charlotte herself would rather have this embarrassment erased from the history books. Let's just say that Charlotte Flair has come a long way since those days, that's for sure!

14 Nikki Bella Was Previously Married Before John Cena

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Nikki Bella revealed a while back on Total Divas that she had married her high-school sweetheart when she was in her 20s by an Elvis Presley impersonator. No one else besides Brie Bella knew about this dark secret, not even her parents. The marriage occurred when Nikki was fairly young, and the marriage happened because Nikki thought that her military boyfriend wouldn't have gotten drafted had they married.

Nikki reported that this marriage ended after three years when she was 23, and that it was a "terrible idea" to begin with, and that she experienced regrets walking down the aisle. This definitely came as a shock to John, but they have obviously put their pasts behind them and are focused on nothing but the future, which is definitely pretty bright. Both stars have potential in Hollywood (especially Cena), so it won't be long until the duo are gone from the WWE for good.

13 Sable Accused WWE Of Sexual Harassment

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Sable is undoubtedly one of the hottest Divas to ever step foot inside a WWE ring, and she can be credited to some extent for drawing in fans throughout much of the Attitude Era. Of course the fans weren't tuning into the product to see Sable's in-ring bouts per se, but they definitely did to witness her sheer hotness and spicy attitude. Like a couple other Divas who've worked for WWE over the past couple decades, Sable is among a group who have sued the WWE in the past over issues stemming from "sexual harassment."

Yes, Sable had admitted her dark secret sometime in 1999 that she had experienced sexual harassment and that the working environment was "unsafe." This obviously brought a fair amount of negative PR WWE's way, and Sable and Vince McMahon ended up settling the lawsuit out of court. It's certainly embarrassing to admit that you were sexually harassed, but Sable obviously felt that revealing her secret was worth it. It's unknown what the settlement sum was, but I assume that it was somewhat substantial.

12 Rochelle Loewen Scandal Involving Randy Orton

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If you hadn't kept up with WWE a decade or so ago, then you probably have no idea as to who Rochelle Loewen is. Rochelle is a former WWE Diva who had a very brief (and rather forgettable) tenure with the company. However, one thing that has stuck in the minds of many is the fact that Rochelle had revealed her dark secret back in 2005 regarding Randy Orton and his bullying tactics. Loewen admitted that Randy had poured tanning lotion and baby oil into her bag which caused a big mess. Though this wasn't the crazy story that many fans thought to have been the case in regards to Loewen's bag.

Regardless, Rochelle stated in a 2005 interview that Randy was inappropriate and verbally abusive towards her, and Loewen claimed that she had done nothing to Randy, and that she couldn't understand why he was constantly targeting her. To cap it off, Loewen stated: "He had some real issues with beautiful women," "I don't know what they are, but he definitely does." This is a pretty embarrassing dark secret, but it's one that was certainly worth sharing with the wrestling community as it gave fans insight on the kind of guy Orton was backstage back then.

11 Paige's Sexual Affairs With Multiple Talents

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It's common knowledge now that the former WWE Diva Paige can be somewhat "loose" in bed, especially considering her recent video and picture leaks. The two stars Paige has had an affair with that we know of up to this point is The New Day's Xavier Woods and former wrestling personality Brad Maddox. It's unknown if Paige has "been in bed" with other WWE talents, but I definitely doubt any of us would put it past the "Anti-Diva."

Though the leaks are out there for everyone to see and despite Paige admitting to these flings (how could she not?), most fans would consider these flings/affairs to be "dark secrets" considering Paige and her family were distraught following the release of the leaks to the Internet. It's clear that these relationships never went anywhere, and I believe Paige would rather have them erased from her memory if she could. Unfortunately, these secret video leaks will probably haunt Paige for quite a while.

10 Sunny's Drug Addiction

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Sunny will forever be remembered by the wrestling community as being one of the greatest wrestling managers of all time, especially considering Sunny used to be extremely hot which helped bring attention to whoever she was managing at the time. However, as I'm almost positive the majority of you already know, Sunny has a very dark side, a side riddled with drug abuse (especially pain killer abuse). Sunny was actually fired in 1998 for her addiction to pain killers which is very unfortunate.

Things continued to spiral downwards following her WWE release, and she eventually moved onto harder drugs. 2012 was an extremely rough year for Sunny, as she was arrested five times in a span of one month due to her drug use. It seems as though Sunny has attempted to get professional help for her drug problems, as she has been in and out of rehab and is doing better than she has in years. However, Sunny's now apart of  the adult film industry which is shady in itself. I'm sure Sunny would consider her drug (and alcohol) abuse to be a dark secret, though she has openly admitted to her problems.

9 JoJo's Affair With Bray Wyatt

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Although there are a plethora of affairs that have taken place in the wrestling world over the years, I think it's safe to say that Bray Wyatt's affair with none other than current WWE announcer JoJo has to be one of the most significant (not to mention least expected) dark secrets to come out into the public light. Unfortunately, this extremely dark secret ended up hurting Bray Wyatt's wife, Samantha Rotunda pretty severely. In an Instagram post, Samantha had claimed that this affair may have started sometime in 2015. Samantha separated herself from Wyatt when the whole affair controversy was beginning to get publicized back in March. Although we cannot entirely blame JoJo for this unfortunate secret affair, it was pretty thoughtless of her to continue on with this relationship with Bray considering Wyatt has two daughters with Samantha. This was obviously both their faults, and it's a dark secret that I'm sure JoJo (and Bray Wyatt) are very ashamed of.

8 Chyna Found A Love Letter From Stephanie McMahon  To Triple H While Still Dating Triple H

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Chyna definitely had an up-and-down wrestling career, and she had an even rougher time following her retirement from the squared circle with things such as drug abuse and performing for adult entertainment companies. When Chyna was interviewed by Opie and Anthony some years ago, Chyna revealed a very dark secret - she claimed that Stephanie McMahon had been having a year-long affair with Triple H behind her back, and that she had found out about this dark secret from a love letter in Triple H's briefcase addressed from Stephanie. Chyna later revealed that she was the only one who had known about this secret in the company at the time. Unfortunately for Chyna, she would later be released from the WWE shortly afterwards, and we heard little about Chyna on WWE television following her release from the company.

7 Reby Sky Confirms Sunny Did Sexual Acts For Sabu

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Reby Sky and Sunny are far from being friends, and they rather resemble enemies with Reby revealing an extremely dark secret regarding Sunny a while ago (sometime in mid 2012). Reby Sky had stated via Facebook that not only had she lost all respect for the Hall Of Famer, but that Sunny had performed sexual acts for Sabu and would receive pills of some sort in exchange back in the day.

Here are some of Reby Sky's words in her heated post: "I stand by my friends through thick & thin but when they've done something undeniably wrong I'm not going to justify it when its criticized & that's exactly what Sunny has done. You're buddies. Good for you. But your "buddy" has been screwing over a whole lot of fans & promotors - You're going to back THAT up ? The last shred of respect I tried to hold on to having for you (after discovering you literally sucked Sabu's d**k for somas) is gone." We should also note that this isn't the only alleged sexual affair Sunny had back in her wrestling years - word on the street is that Sunny "got around" backstage.

6 Sunny Reveals Ashley Massaro Worked As A Prostitute Prior To Wrestling

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If you have since forgotten (you probably have), once upon a time, Ashley Massaro had won the 2005 Diva Search. However, Ashley spent very little time in the squared circle, and Massaro rather spent most of her time posing for various magazines including Playboy, as well as performing as a valet for Paul London and Brian Kendrick. Ashley would end up leaving the company in 2008 after a rather uneventful tenure in WWE.

Ironically, despite coming from a former Diva who "got around," Sunny revealed a dark secret regarding Massaro that Ashley had worked as an escort for Bella Models, and that her "services" were still available through various sites. The alleged price for "spending a night" with Ashley Massaro was rumored to be $25,000. As I've already mentioned, it's pretty ironic for Sunny to have dissed Ashley for her "dark secret" considering she's now somewhat involved in the adult entertainment industry herself.

5 Alexa Bliss' Eating Disorder

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Alexa Bliss is undoubtedly the hottest WWE Women's Division wrestler presently on the roster, and she's also one of the top in-ring performers currently in her first reign as the RAW Women's Champion. Despite being a Superstar who oozes confidence, prior to becoming a WWE star, Alexa had previously struggled with an eating disorder back in high school - Bliss was struggling with anorexia. Alexa Bliss' anorexia was fairly severe in high school, but things were reported to have gotten worse when Bliss entered her post-secondary years as she had dropped over 40 pounds in less than two months.

Thankfully for Alexa's family and Alexa herself, she was able to push through her anorexia, and she instead got over the illness because of cheerleading and body building. Although Alexa considers this to be her "dark secret," she has made it known to the public that she had suffered with anorexia, as she's an advocate/supporter for people overcoming eating disorders.

4 Eve Torres Revealed She Was Bullied In School

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Eve Torres is by far one of the hottest WWE Divas Champions of all time, and she spot on resembled what a stereotypical "Diva" should have looked and acted like. It's clear Vince saw big things in Eve, as she remained a fairly significant player in the Women's Division up until her departure from the company in late 2012. However, despite being the glamorous and confident former Divas Champ, Eve Torres had revealed a dark secret in an interview a while back stating that she was actually bullied back in high-school and into her college years.

Torres reported that her bullies tried to "ruin her name" by spreading false rumors, and at the time, Eve was both mentally and physically weaker hence why she was a victim to bullying - anyone who sticks up for themselves won't be bullied for long, and this is something Torres learned later in life. This just goes to show that absolutely anyone could be a victim to bullying, even if you're as pretty and hot as can be. Eve's past of being bullied is definitely a dark secret that Torres wishes never occurred. However, on a positive note, at least Eve has learned and grown from those dark times.

3 Natalya Bullied About Her Voice And Weight

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Natalya is one of the WWE's most solid in-ring competitors today, and she has secured a fairly stable spot over on SmackDown Live's Women's Division, and she performs whenever the company needs a solid competitor to put over their newer stars. Obviously one could consider this position to be a "jobber to the stars" role, but at least Natalya can proudly say that she's working for the largest wrestling promotion in the world.

However, much like Eve Torres, Natalya was a victim of bullying in her younger years (childhood all the way up to her college years) for her "raspy" voice and weight. Although Natty has admitted to this dark secret on multiple occasions so that others can benefit from knowing how she dealt with her bullying, it's still a dark secret none the less. However, Natalya didn't let the bullying stop her from reaching her dreams, as she has secured a great job in WWE. Natalya is a firm supporter of WWE's anti-bullying campaign (Be A Star), as she doesn't like seeing others get bullied the same way she did in the past.

2 Eva Marie Was An Alcoholic

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Eva Marie is by far one of the most despised Women's Division wrestlers in the WWE today despite possessing beautiful and hot looks. However despite finding some success in WWE, prior to making it to the "big times," Eva Marie had a somewhat dark past as "All Red Everything" suffered from alcoholism at a fairly young age. This is definitely a pretty significant dark secret, though I commend Eva for stepping forward and owning up to her past even if it isn't very positive. Eva Marie tries to stay away from "the booze" at all times now, and thankfully, Eva's still doing fine up to this point.

In an interview earlier this year, Eva had commented about her past alcohol addiction and how she's going about staying sober: “I’m not sure if you guys know but I am in a recovery program. You absolutely have to carve out time for it. You have to remember how desperate and willing you were to get sober in the first place and never lose that feeling. I have an amazing sponsor and she keeps me in check. We talk weekly. It’s just like anything. You’ve got to want it bad enough. You need to be focused. It’s a life or death thing.”

1 Lita's Scandalous Affair With Edge While Dating Matt Hardy

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One of the most widely discussed affairs in professional wrestling history is Lita's affair with "The Rated R Superstar" Edge while she was in a relationship with Matt Hardy. Lita had mentioned in a fairly recent interview with Lilian Garcia that at the time of her affair with Edge, her connection with Matt was solely based on wrestling and that their views on life and their interests were different and didn't really align.

As we all know, this dark secret became the hot topic in the wrestling community, and it actually made its way onto WWE television to further Edge's and Matt Hardy's on-screen feud. Obviously there was backstage resentment from Matt towards both Edge and Lita, as Matt has made it clear to his fans that he was devastated upon finding out this dirty and dark secret considering he was planning on marrying Lita. Things weren't "meant to be" between Hardy and Lita I suppose, although the affair was definitely a dark secret Lita would rather not have to admit to.

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