The WWE Hall of Fame is a place where the wrestlers’ names are etched into the history books forever, as this is a prestige which elevates a legendary WWE superstar from any ordinary ones. Not only have the WWE inducted their absolute best, most celebrated wrestlers in the Hall of Fame but in the past years have also inducted those years who didn’t have that much glory in the company but did have their hard-work and dedication for the company celebrated in the Hall of Fame ceremony.

While WWE has been lenient on forgiving certain wrestlers and brought them back for an induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, there are certain wrestlers who will never be inducted in the prestigious occasion. These wrestlers have seemingly burnt all bridges with the company, while some others are certain individuals WWE just doesn’t want to relate themselves with because of their success somewhere else. These certain wrestlers definitely deserve their place because of their contribution to the company, but their bad reputation in the eyes of WWE will never make the company call them back.

These wrestlers deserve just as much a place in the WWE Hall of Fame as some of the other inductees in it but will never get a place because of their antics somewhere else, as we take a look at 15 Deserving Wrestlers You’ll NEVER See In The WWE Hall Of Fame.

15. Owen Hart


Owen Hart might not have been as popular as his brother Bret, but he was definitely just as talented as Bret was. Owen was an extremely gifted individual with his time as part of the Hart Foundation and feuding with Bret Hart being extremely memorable. But then tragedy struck at WWE’s Over The Edge PPV in 1999 when Owen fell from the rafters(almost 75 feet above) and pass away from the terrible fall. WWE controversially went ahead with the Broadcast and were later sued by Owen’s wife Martha as well. While they did pay tribute to Owen at the time, they’ve seemingly ignored him and despite there being so much campaigns for Owen Hart being deservedly inducted into the Hall of Fame, it will never happen as WWE has problems with Martha and do not want to bring back memories of that terrible incident despite it being their fault in the first place.

14. Chavo Guerrero


Chavo Guerrero might not have reached the level of success his uncle Eddie did in the WWE, but he was still a crucial mid-carder for the company in all those years. Chavo was a great heel who fit into WWE’s Cruiserweight Division really well, playing as it’s top heel superbly. He later went onto have some great rivalries with Rey Mysterio and other wrestlers, also becoming a top heel for WWE’s ECW Brand. He spent almost a decade serving for WWE and won a lot of titles at that too, but he has burnt a lot of bridges since leaving. Chavo has been highly critical of WWE’s product and revealed some “dirt” on John Cena and will never be in the Hall of Fame because of this, as he deleted any tiny chances of it happening when he signed onto to sue WWE for neurological damage in the mass lawsuit last year.

13. Alberto Del Rio


Alberto Del Rio has to be one of the greatest Mexican wrestlers to wrestle in the WWE and he was booked really strongly by the company as well. Del Rio won the WWE and World Heavyweight Championship in his initial stint with the company before he was controversially fired for a backstage incident. He returned again in 2015, but this time he wasn’t treated as lavishly as he’d want to. Del Rio left in 2016 with his girlfriend Paige and not on the best terms either. He has been extremely critical of WWE’s product and has thrashed Triple H and Vince McMahon after leaving the company. Del Rio definitely deserves to be a Hall of Famer but his awful rants against WWE and its bosses is the reason he’ll never find a place in it, as his personal feud with Triple H and co won’t let him return to the company ever again.

12. Test


Test was one of the really under-rated wrestlers in the Attitude Era, as he worked perfectly as the brawny heel for the authority. He won some mid-card titles during that time and dominated many with his powerhouse nature, but he fell out of order once the Attitude Era ended. A bad injury made the WWE release him in 2002, but he was back in 2006 to perform for WWE’s ECW but he was released soon for violating WWE’s Wellness Policy. He hasn’t been mentioned ever since and that’s because of his controversial death in 2009. Test had died due to an accidental overdose of oxycodone. It was later determined that Test had a terrible head condition due to repeated concussions and head injuries. It’s because of this WWE never mentions him and will not want to bring back the controversy onto themselves by inducting him into the Hall of Fame.

11. Victoria


While everyone heaped on praises for Trish Stratus and Lita during the “Golden Age of Women’s Wrestling”, Victoria was also a prime reason for Women’s Wrestling being so good as her eccentric, maniacal heel character was amazing at the time. Victoria won the WWE Women’s Championship multiple times during that era wrestling against Trish and Lita, but left at the same time as she stated to have “retired” from wrestling in 2009. But that turned out to be a lie, as she later joined TNA and was a prime Knockout in their budding Knockout’s Division at the time as well. Victoria not keeping her word at having “retired” and attaining success at a rival company definitely won’t make WWE induct her into the Hall of Fame and her recent controversies where her revealing sex tape was released erased any chances of her induction into the prestigious Hall of Fame.

10. Lex Luger


Lex Luger was quite the big thing back in the 90s when he was signed by WWE to be the “next Hulk Hogan” but he created his own demise in the company. Luger was given a massive push and was scheduled to beat Yokozuna and win the WWE Championship at SummerSlam 1993, but his drinking problems and poor crowd reaction didn’t allow that to happen. Luger got frustrated with his role in the WWE and shockingly left for WCW once his contract was up, that too without informing Vince McMahon. This put the final nail in his WWE career as he’d never be recalled in the company as a wrestler and even though he’s working with them with their Wellness Program, Luger’s awful betrayal and drug-related past will never let the WWE induct him into their Hall of Fame.

9. Marty Jannetty


Marty Jannetty was quite the “rocker” during the 80s and early 90s in the WWE, as his iconic tag team with Shawn Michaels helped elevate the popularity of both wrestlers. But while Shawn went onto become a huge star for WWE, Jannetty would be stuck in the mid-card and his awful drug abuse over the years didn’t work either. He went on to have a return in the mid-2000s and played a part in some feuds of Michaels, but hasn’t been seen since. Jannetty has been pretty bitter about the WWE ever since and became a part of the class-action lawsuit last year, suing WWE for Neurological damage. The company who helped him get sober will not be pleased with this lack of gratitude and Jannetty has definitely lost any chances of a return to the WWE and will never be inducted into the Hall of Fame either after this betrayal.

8. Scott Steiner


“Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner is a really popular name in the wrestling industry, but recently it has been for all the wrong reasons! Steiner has been wrestling for over two decades and made it as a singles star when he returned to WWE in 2002. But that turned out to be a failure, as he later left the company and has been working with WWE’s rivals in TNA ever since. To make his relationship worse with WWE, he has been extremely critical and abusive of the company ever since leaving. He burnt all bridges with WWE a few years ago when he was banned from even attending the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony after threatening to kill Hulk Hogan in an airport as Steiner has definitely ended all ties with the company and will never be inducted into the Hall of Fame despite having a glittering career.

7. Jeff Jarrett


Jeff Jarrett is recognized by many as the founder of TNA and the reason for the promotion gaining so much success in the 2000s, but he was also a WWE wrestler before gaining all that popularity. Jarrett wrestled in the WWE for many years during the 90s, even winning the Intercontinental Champion and remaining as a strong mid-carder. But Jarrett would throw away all the trust when he decided to extort money off Vince McMahon. Jarrett’s WWE contract was coming to an end on October 16, 1999 a day before he was set to defend his IC title against Chyna at No Mercy. So he extorted $300,000 off Vince McMahon to wrestle without a contract and was never called by the WWE ever again, as this heinous act is something WWE will never forget and they’ll never induct Jarrett into the Hall of Fame for blackmailing them towards the end.

6. Vader


Vader was a terrifying wrestler in the 90s, wrestling in almost every prominent wrestling promotion at the time. His impressive work also got him into WWE in 1996, but despite impressive work early on, he wasn’t really handled that well by WWE. He kept on wrestling after leaving and was even brought back by WWE in 2012 for a few appearances and even inducted Stan Hansen into the WWE Hall of Fame last year. But it doesn’t seem like WWE is that interested in inducting Vader himself into the Hall of Fame and despite not having a good run in WWE, the company have inducted others who did historic work elsewhere. His edgy personality and slight controversial background may be the reason for WWE hesitating, but knowing Vader’s terrible state of health right now, we might never see him receiving that Hall of Fame ring.

5. Raven


Raven was quite the unique character in the 90s and ruled over WCW and ECW as a top star who’d be involved in the best story-line and main-event feuds, but it all came down when he decided to join WWE. His WWE career turned out to be a bust, as he’d later even get a job in creative but was fired for drinking late with Shane McMahon and sleeping with colleagues. This was enough for WWE to not bring him back to the company, but then he made things worse by suing WWE for “cheating him out of his healthcare and other benefits”. It was later dismissed, but Raven will never be inducted into the Hall of Fame because of his bad blood with the company and some of his recent antics have probably increased Vince McMahon’s hate for him even more.

4. Debra


Debra has to be one of the hottest women in WWE history, as the stunning diva rose to prominence during the Attitude Era as Jeff Jarrett’s valet. She would often show her “puppies” to distract his opponents, while this got her over with the audience and also won the WWE Women’s Championship afterward. Debra later married Stone Cold Steve Austin whom she also left WWE with in 2002 after a dispute between the WWE and Austin. But Debra would divorce Austin sometime later, as she revealed Austin to be a wife-beater and that he had hit her “at least 3 times”. Now WWE definitely wouldn’t want to bring back the woman who has dirt on one of their biggest legends of all time and while they forgave the Rattlesnake, they have since ignored and forgotten Debra, who’ll never be recalled for an induction into the Hall of Fame either.

3. The Honky Tonk Man


The Honky Tonk Man will always be remembered as the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion. The Honky Tonk Man was this country-signing heel who held the IC title for a record 64 weeks, before losing it to the Ultimate Warrior. But things started to go south for him afterward, as he left the WWE a few years after losing the belt and wrestled all over the world. He even had a short stint in WWE in 2008 but wasn’t popular anymore and he’s been bitter about it ever since. The Honky Tonk Man actually rejected an offer to go into the WWE Hall of Fame and has thrashed the product in many interviews ever since and he’ll never ever get another chance at being inducted into the Hall of Fame after disrespecting it on a constant basis over the years.

2. CM Punk


CM Punk was definitely the “best in the world” during his peak at the WWE, as he had to work really hard to get a breakthrough years after his WWE debut. Punk would see a spike in his popularity after the “pipebomb” he gave on Raw, quickly winning the WWE Championship afterwards and holding it for 434 days later on before things started to go down. In a stunning move, Punk left the WWE in 2014.Punk said that he was forced to wrestle with a staph infection and while he was still injured, as well as having problems such as low pay and getting creatively “stifled” by the WWE. He also bashed Vince McMahon for lying to him and said that he would never enter into a working relationship with WWE. These accusations and shocking revelation have definitely put a nail in his WWE career and he’ll never be inducted into the Hall of Fame despite fully deserving it.

1. Chyna


Chyna was definitely the “Ninth Wonder of the World” when she came to the WWE, as this muscular, powerful woman was stood apart from the stereotypical ladies. She went on to be the enforcer for D-Generation X where she became popular, before winning many titles like the Intercontinental Championship and Women’s Championship during her peak. But things ended badly for her, as she was fired after not taking Triple H(her boyfriend at the time) and Stephanie McMahon’s relationship well. Chyna later tarnished her reputation by doing adult movies and this ended all contacts between her and WWE and despite her pleading the WWE to accept her, they wouldn’t do so. Despite acknowledging her death and paying tribute to her, WWE will never induct Chyna into the Hall of Fame because of Triple H and Stephanie’s history with and her ruined reputation because of her self-destruction after leaving the company.

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