15 Despicable Truths Exposed By Former WWE Employees

WWE is a global company, which means that there are many things their top executives are forced to do to ensure that the reputation of the company is always protected. Like many companies all over the world, disgruntled former employees have come forward over the past few years and revealed some real bombshells about some of the secrets that ensure that WWE remains one of the biggest wrestling companies in the world. Any negative press can affect their share prices, which could make shareholders afraid and have them running away.

Vince McMahon has never been accused of keeping his hands clean, which could be why many of these revelations have included the WWE Chairman by name. While McMahon can control many of his employees while they are under contract, he can't stop them from telling the world the truth once they have left and he can't sue for defamation if the secrets that they are revealing are actually true. Some employees may be exaggerating their claims, but a fair number have come forward and been applauded by both fans and wrestlers for having the courage to speak out on some serious issues in the company.

The following list looks at 15 of the most despicable truths that have been revealed about the WWE by some of the company's former employees. Many of these former talents had no issues with WWE when they left, but felt the need to let the world know exactly what lies behind the glamorous world that WWE tries to project to the WWE Universe.

15 How Women In WWE Are Actually Viewed

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Over the past few years, WWE has tried to put the focus firmly on their women's division as they promote the Women's Revolution. Despite the fact that there have been a number of women who have gained a lot of time in the spotlight because of this, WWE's backstage team still remains stuck in the 1990s.

It was revealed at the time that the Mae Young Classic was taking place earlier this year that WWE producer Kevin Dunn and Vince McMahon both agreed on the fact that many of the women in the tournament were not attractive enough to be able to work for WWE. This could perhaps be the reason why many of the women have not been signed to the company following the tournament like many of the male stars did following the Cruiserweight Classic.

14 Ashley Massaro's Assault

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Ashley Massaro was introduced to the world of WWE after she won the 2005 Raw Diva Search. She later went on to join the Raw Women's Division before becoming a Playboy cover girl, performing at WrestleMania and then requesting her release back in 2008.

After more than eight years away from the spotlight, Ashley revealed last year that she was assaulted at a military base that WWE sent her to back in 2006 and the company then found out about it and told her to keep it quiet. She claimed that she was in the Middle East with Maria Kanellis, Ron Simmons and Jimmy Hart when it happened and upon her return, she was met by a doctor who interviewed her and reported the incident to WWE executives, who later convinced her to remain quiet to protect their image.

13 The Real Reason WWE Banned Blood

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It has become more and more obvious over the past few years that WWE has definitely decided to ban the use of blood on their shows, unless it is absolutely needed for storyline purposes or if there's an accidental injury.

The reason for this has nothing to do with WWE's PG banner, but more to do with the fact that WWE is being sued for allowing a number of their stars to contract Hepatitis C. Former WWE star Billy Jack Haynes is one of the wrestlers who has come forward and filed a lawsuit against the company because he feels that their lax policy concerning the testing of superstars, how often blood was used and the fact that many stars shared steroid needles in the 1990s were the main reasons why he contracted the disease.

12 Writers And Wrestlers Never Work Together

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WWE's creative team are responsible for everything that happens as part of the product. Many of the stars have their own creative writer assigned to depict all of their on-screen activities, but it seems that many of these are expected to do this without even talking to the star they are expected to work for.

Former WWE writer Court Bauer once revealed that he was given the task of writing former World Champion Ric Flair's retirement speech, but was told that he was only allowed to talk to Stephanie McMahon about it and not approach Flair himself at all. It seems that this is completely common practice in WWE and could be the main reason why it seems that many storylines are so disconnected from the characters who are performing them.

11 WWE's Shocking Pay Scale Differences

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WWE superstars are globally recognizable athletes, which means that every year they are the subject of a press release that names the top ten highest paid athletes. It seems that this is as much as the WWE Universe has come to know about their pay scale over the past few years until Ryback decided to make his issues public.

The former Intercontinental Champion left WWE last year after he released a lengthy rant on his Social Media page where he confirmed that his main issue with the company was the fact that certain stars earn so much more than others despite being in the same matches on the same place on the card. Ryback's main issue throughout his time in the company was the fact that the loser of the main event match didn't earn as much as the winner, which many superstars at the time agreed with.

10 The Lies That Surrounded Bill DeMott

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Bill DeMott was the head trainer in NXT for a number of years while the brand was still finding its feet, which from the outside seemed to be working out quite well. This was until former NXT talent Judas Devlin accused the former wrestler of abuse which included racist language, sexist comments and even homophobic slurs when he was training many up and coming stars a few years ago.

Apparently WWE knew all about these claims and did nothing about them, so Devlin was forced to release the letter that he wrote that detailed all of the abuse online and the company was forced to react. DeMott decided to resign rather than have WWE fire him, which meant that he never faced punishment for the years of abuse he dished out to a number of stars.

9 Vince McMahon Lied For Jimmy Snuka In A Murder Trial

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Jimmy Snuka sadly passed away earlier this year, but prior to his passing he was charged with the murder of his girlfriend Nancy Argentino back in 1983. When the police first investigated her death more than 30 years ago, they saw Snuka as a person of interest but no charges were officially filed.

When the police attempted to wrap up the case in June 1983, they ordered an interview with Snuka as a follow up to see if there were any discrepancies in his story. Vince McMahon attended the interview and this could be one of the main reasons why it took so long for Snuka to be brought to justice. WWE has always protected its stars and a few months later Snuka began to rise to the top of the company, which is considered by many to be a little bit too much of a coincidence.

8 Illness Is Not An Excuse

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Illness is usually a viable reason as to why many employees fail to turn up to work. This is why many companies have sickness pay just in case they are unable to return to their job and their sickness lasts much longer than first expected.

WWE does not work that way. Vince Russo once revealed that Vince McMahon doesn't believe in his superstars becoming sick and gets quite angry at the thought of it. Vince himself is said to never be sick and tries to protect himself from illness at all costs, which includes getting mad at anyone that dares to sneeze in his direction. John Cena once recalled that he was still forced to work a match with food poisoning once which caused a whole manner of problems, so it is clear this rule must apply to everyone.

7 The Reality Behind The Piggy James Storyline

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The famous "Piggy James" storyline is one of the worst that WWE's creative team has ever come up with. Not only does it promote bullying to the younger generation who watch the show, but it also shows women that's it's OK to judge others based on their weight.

One of the reasons behind this storyline was the fact that WWE had asked Mickie James to lose weight and she had refused, while the other is the fact that Mickie had gained heat backstage. Mickie's fiance (Kenny Dykstra) was fired from WWE because of her affair with John Cena, but when the former World Champion decided to end the relationship he had Mickie moved over to SmackDown so she was away from him. According to Dykstra, Cena then went on to actually gave WWE the idea for the storyline, that bullied his former girlfriend about her weight.

6 WWE Doesn't Protect The Health Of Their Employees

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One of biggest stories to come out of WWE over the past decade was the fact that CM Punk walked away from the company at the top of his game back in 2014. Many fans wanted to know the reasons behind The Best In The World's actions. He later revealed his reasons in a podcast with his long-time friend Colt Cabana.

Punk revealed that WWE didn't care about the health of their superstars which was one of his main issues during the last few months of his contract. Punk stated that he had a lump on his back that was misdiagnosed for so long that it could have killed him. Punk was later diagnosed with a staph infection and then refused to perform until WWE acknowledged this. Punk was one of the biggest superstars in the company at the time, so if WWE weren't' protecting him, what hope is there for the rest of the roster?

5 People Were Aware Of JBL's Hazing And Did Nothing About It

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JBL's bullying ways have recently been revealed to the WWE Universe after it was rumoured that he was one of the reasons why SmackDown commentator Mauro Ranallo originally left WWE last year.

His years of hazing and backstage abuse of WWE superstars were made public knowledge after this as well as the fact that many stars knew about it and never did anything to help the ones who were victims. Stars like Matt and Jeff Hardy were victims of his abuse when they were coming through the ranks, while WWE veterans like Chris Benoit and The Undertaker allowed JBL to continue to get away with his form of hazing for a number of years. It is shocking that anyone backstage thought that this kind of behaviour was acceptable from a grown man.

4 The Real Reason Gail Kim Won't Return To WWE

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The way that women are viewed in WWE has already been noted earlier in this list, but it seems that the situation was much worse for Gail Kim when she was part of the company, long before she became a star in TNA.

Kim was one of the best female wrestlers that WWE had at the time and many of the WWE Universe wondered why Kim was never pushed to the top of the company. Former Commentary legend Jim Ross later revealed the real reason behind this, which was that Vince McMahon didn't think anyone would want to watch her wrestle because he didn't believe anyone could find an Asian woman attractive. It's no wonder Kim left the company and stated that there was no way she would ever return.

3 WWE Fired CM Punk On His Wedding Day

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This entry is purely here to reveal just how petty the management team behind one of the biggest companies in the world can actually be. CM Punk walked away back in January 2014, but the company didn't decide to fire him until his wedding day in May.

Punk said that the company knew it was his wedding day which was why they decided to do it specifically on that day, before Vince McMahon then publicly apologized to Punk for the company's actions. Punk said this was just a publicity stunt since McMahon only had to pick up the phone and apologize to him, but since The Chairman had made no contact with his former Champion since he walked away from the company, he was obviously just trying to save the image of the company by making the apology.

2 Wrestlers Were Cheated Out Of Health Benefits In The 1980s

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There were many superstars who came to WWE in the 1980s as independent stars. This was like the contract that many NXT stars currently have with the company where they work for WWE but they can also continue to work for other companies.

It seems that the employees were definitely losing out here, since Raven revealed back in 2008 that many stars were cheated out of their health care and other benefits that would be given to wrestlers who signed an actual contract with the company. This was in a time before the internet and social media, so wrestlers couldn't complain about their problems online. They filed a lawsuit against the company back in 2008 which saw many other stars come forward and force the McMahon's to answer for their actions.

1 Superstars Forced To Take Steroids By Vince McMahon

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The wrestling world has been haunted by accusations of steroid use for a number of decades, but it seems that the current Wellness Policy has allowed the company to gain control over their superstars and the supplements they feel they are allowed to take.

Superstar Billy Graham revealed that this wasn't the case back in the early 1990s. Apparently many superstars were told to take the PEDs to help them progress in the company with McMahon apparently keeping his own stash in his office. Subsequent steroid trials have seen many other truths come to light about WWE in the 1990s, whilst Graham also claimed that he saw a number of other harrowing things backstage in WWE during his time there, which has opened the eyes of many members of the WWE Universe.

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