15 Dirty Confessions Of WWE Employees

Between their athletic builds, camera ready good looks and supreme confidence required to become a top athlete in any sport, it’s not hard to see why so many of the WWE’s stars are considered sex symbols. Just take a browse through any online fan fiction archive and you’re likely to find hundreds of stories chronicling fans’ greatest fantasies starring the likes of Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Nikki Bella. However, have you ever wondered what your favorite superstars are actually like between the sheets? While it’s a question that would typically be met with a response along the lines of “Mind your own business,” several WWE stars have made some shockingly explicit confessions over the years, whether in shoot interviews, radio appearances or sit-downs with popular men’s magazines.

Have you ever wondered about the craziest places superstars have gotten down? Whether anyone’s gotten a little too comfortable in the locker room? Which superstars have slept with the most groupies or even what they do (and don’t) like while doing the deed? Well, believe it or not but all of those questions and more have been answered by WWE superstars past and present, proving that when someone is comfortable enough in an interview, there’s very little they won’t reveal about themselves.

The following list contains some of the most explicit confessions WWE personnel have made over the years. From a superstar with a well documented love of toys, to a very adult on the road prank to a six-pack challenge you won’t find on Monday Night Raw, here are 15 dirty confessions from WWE employees.

15 John Cena Slept With A 280-Pound Woman

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These days, John Cena is practically the WWE’s answer to Superman. The ultimate wholesome, all-American good guy who teaches kids to “Never Give Up” and donates much of his time to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. However, as this interview with Howard Stern shows, behind the scenes he can have a wild side too. During a 2006 appearance on his show, an unusually candid Cena told all about his sexual exploits on the road, including a time when he slept with a 280-pound fan.

He said that the woman approached him backstage, propositioning to go up to his room in front of several members of the WWE roster. Feeling challenged by his fellow superstars, he decided to take her up on it. “It wasn’t like, okay I’ll do it, tail between my legs. I said, not only will I do it, I’ll enjoy it and I did. It was a great night.” Cena says the two kept the lights on throughout their encounter and that it was a highly enjoyable experience, adding, “I saw a whole lot of woman.”

14 Maria Kanellis On The Craziest Places She’s Gotten Down

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Maria Kanellis has never been one to shy away from speaking her mind, so of course that applies to her preferences in the bedroom as well. During a 2008 interview with Playboy.com, the First Lady of Wrestling revealed just that, opening up about the craziest places she’s done the deed and as you’ll soon see, it was quite the read.

“Oh gosh, there’ve been a bunch. of course I’ve done the pool table thing. Done the really, really disgusting dirty bathroom on a road trip. I hope my mom doesn’t read this—I’ve done it on my parents’ bed. Never done it in the bathroom [of a plane] but I may have done a few acts in the seat sitting next to someone. I’ve done it in the car, I’ve done the balcony at a hotel. That one was recent.”

13 Randy Orton Got A Handful Of Mr. Kennedy?

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Randy Orton has always been one of the WWE’s most enigmatic superstars and if a 2016 shoot interview with Mr. Kennedy is to be believed, his sense of humor is just as puzzling. During a sitdown with YouShoot, the former United States Champion revealed that while riding with Orton, The Viper reached over on multiple occasions and grabbed his crotch. Kennedy says the former world champion would often laugh it off, claiming that it was a joke and he found it funny.

Kennedy would also recall a time when Orton emerged from the showers in the locker room wearing nothing but a smile and proceeded to dip his equipment into Mr. Kennedy’s boot in order to get a reaction from him. Whatever floats your boat, Randy.

12 Stephanie McMahon Wasn't Afraid To Get Experiment

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Stephanie McMahon is probably the last person you’d expect to be revealing explicit details of her love life in a nationally syndicated interview. However, when talk turned to the bedroom during a 2002 appearance on Howard Stern, the Billion Dollar Princess had no problem revealing exactly what happens behind closed doors. Nothing was off limits during the interview, McMahon even revealing that she had tried bondage in the past.

However, it wasn’t the good time she thought it would be saying, “Only tried it one time and actually it was completely unsuccessful. I’m sure if it was done the right way, maybe I would like it.” The Chief Brand Officer also revealed that while she’s never tried anything in the backdoor, she would certainly be open to it with her husband, Triple H.

11 Candice Michelle Did 'Foot' Videos

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Candice Michelle certainly sent male hearts aflutter during her time in the WWE. From her Go Daddy Super Bowl commercials to her appearance in Playboy Magazine, it’s not hard to see why she was one of the most popular female performers of the mid-2000s. However, during an interview, the former Women’s Champion revealed that you can see more of her than you probably realized. You see, before her wrestling career took off, Michelle appeared in a series of videos geared towards those who, let's say get a little excited by feet.

However, she was clear to state that there is a difference between those videos and the kinds you might find on an adult entertainment site. “I have never, ever done [adult films] in my life. The most I ever did in any of these is topless. You will never see insertion into any orifice of my body.” She’d go on to say, “I guess I feel like I’m a great actor because man, you guys really think I did p**n for some reason. It’s not p**n at all.”

10 Ric Flair’s Open Call

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Ric Flair’s lothario ways are that of legend. The styling, profiling, limousine riding, jet flying, kiss stealing, wheeling and dealing, son of a gun, often recounting his many escapades from his playboy days to pretty much anyone who’ll ask. After all, he doesn’t call his beloved appendage, “space mountain” for nothing. However, this next story might just take the cake. Back in the late 1980s, while Flair was traveling with his legendary stable The Four Horsemen, the 16-time world champion decided to take a more direct approach to recruiting groupies following a show, grabbing the microphone at the end of his match and announcing to the entire Baltimore arena, “The Four Horsemen are renting a suite on top of the Baltimore Marriott. Any girl between the ages of 18 and 28 is invited. No husbands, no boyfriends.”

As the story goes, the request was a little too effective, more than 300 women flooding the hotel, filling hallways and lobbies for just the opportunity to be with one of the legendary grapplers. In fact, Flair says the turnout was so successful, they would repeat it every night for the rest of the tour.

9 Nikki Bella Can’t Part With Her Toys

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When it comes to Nikki Bella, it’s not exactly a surprise the former Divas Champion loves to express her sexuality. The Total Divas star can be seen regularly oversharing intimate details of her carnal desires on her hit reality show on the E! network. However, in one episode, Bella’s boyfriend John Cena found out far more than he likely wanted to know when a discovery in her personal belongings lead to an awkward conversation.

It all started when Bella was moving her stuff into Cena’s Florida mansion. While carrying one of her boxes, the Cenation leader began to feel it vibrate. Upon mentioning this to her, the Bella Twin would reach into the box, pulling out exactly what he thought he heard as well as several other adult toys she brought with her. Bella says that while living alone in San Diego, her “friends” as she calls them, would often keep her company, making it hard for her to part with them.

8 Scott Steiner Says He Got With 15,000 Women…In A Year

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Scott Steiner isn’t the first WWE superstar to boast about his abilities wooing the ladies over the course of his wrestling career. After all, the WWE locker room is filled with testosterone-pumping alpha males in constant competition with each other, a competitive-streak that’s been known to cross over into their love lives as well. However, Steiner’s boast is certainly the most ridiculous in recent memory. During a recent press conference for Global Force Wrestling’s Slammiversary pay-per-view, Steiner revealed that he came close to breaking Wilt Chamberlain’s record of bedding 20,000 women—in a year.

“Back in 1998-1999, I broke Wilt Chamberlain’s record with 15,000 women. Even though it’s not listed in the Book of World Records, I was a fan of Wilt.” For those keeping track, accomplishing such a feat would require Big Poppa Pump to be, well, pumping 41 women per day for an average of one every 35 minutes. So either this is a bit of an exaggeration or Steiner was a very busy man that year.

7 Dolph Ziggler Was “Too Athletic”

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While not a confession of a WWE employee, it is a confession regarding a WWE employee. Of all the unusual couples to have come out of professional wrestling, Dolph Ziggler and Amy Schumer has got to be the one that has taken the most people by surprise. The two began dating in secret after Ziggler reached out to the comedian on Twitter and admitted that he had a crush on her. However, during a 2012 interview with Howard Stern, Schumer confessed that one of the reasons she ended things with the former Mr. Money In The Bank, was because of how athletic the physical intimacy was.

“It wasn’t bad but it just wasn’t for me. [It] was too athletic always. The first time I was like, oh this is cool, no one’s ever, like, ragdolled me. He was spinning me like a Globetrotter.” The Trainwreck star would go on to say that the novelty soon wore off, admitting that it felt like they were wrestling. However, she does say that while things weren’t meant to be between them, she has no complaints about him in the boyfriend department. “There’s a girl that’ll be so obsessed with him and psyched at all those events but I wasn’t the girl.”

6 Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson And Lita Aren't Afraid To Get Physical

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Have you ever wondered what some of the most drooled-over WWE Divas in history liked in the bedroom? Well, thanks to Stuff Magazine, you no longer have to wonder. In a 2005 interview with the now-defunct men’s magazine, Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson and Lita left little to the imagination regarding what they like and don’t like between the sheets, confessing that just because hair-pulling and slap fights are a regular part of their day job, doesn’t mean they have a problem with channeling that same aggression in the bedroom. In fact, when it comes to the topic of spanking, all seemed to agree that less is more.

Stacy: I like it. I mean, I don’t do it all the time but it’s not something I’m opposed to. Torrie: I like it too, but I’m a big baby so if it’s too hard, I’m like, “Ouch, okay, no more!” Lita: Yeah, it should be like swatting a fly, not killing a beast.

5 Daniel Bryan Doesn’t Like Quickies

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This next confession, probably won’t come as a surprise to anyone who watches Total Bellas. While Daniel Bryan is best remembered by WWE fans as one of the most beloved wrestlers of the modern era and the inventor of the “Yes!” chant, on the hit reality show Total Divas (as well as its spn-off Total Bellas), he’s simply Brie Bella’s sensitive and rational other half, often playing the voice of reason when things get out of hand. So it shouldn’t be surprising that the self-proclaimed vegan hippie isn’t a fan of the quickie.

The revelation came out during an episode of Total Bellas' first season in which Bella was feeling frustrated over a recent dry spell her and her husband had been experiencing. When her sister Nikki suggested they quickly get it over with, the ‘Brie Mode’ practitioner was forced to tell her about Bryan’s aversion to quickies, Bryan later explaining that the act only stimulates your reproductive organs while he prefers to stimulate his heart as well.

4 HBK Is Not A Giver

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Warning, this next entry contains more information than you ever wanted to know about the Heartbreak Kid’s skills as a lover. Tammy Sytch (known to WWE audiences as Sunny), has never been shy about her exploits with the WWE locker room, offering everything but exact measurements in just about every interview she’s participated in. This is especially the case when it comes to her year-long affair with Shawn Michaels, a man she often credits as the one that got away and after reading her review of his bedroom skills, it’s not hard to understand why.

When asked to rank the wrestlers she’s slept with over the years in terms of performance, Sytch made it clear that Michaels was the best she ever had, however, the quote-unquote Original Diva did have one complaint. While she was more than satisfied with his skills, Sytch did reveal that Michaels didn’t like going downtown, saying that his talents at the actual deed were far superior to his foreplay skills. Good luck getting that image out of your head.

3 Scott Hall’s Paige Fantasy

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It’s safe to say that Scott Hall is a fan of Paige. In 2015, the WWE veteran sent Twitter ablaze when he directed a suggestive tweet towards the Anti-Diva, implying that he wanted to deliver a spanking to the much younger women’s wrestler. However, perhaps his most graphic Paige-related confession came during a 2016 sitdown with YouShoot in which he was asked if he could orally pleasure any woman past or present in WWE history, who would he choose?

Naturally, the Norwhich-native wasn’t far from the NWO-founder’s mind, replying, “I’m going to say Paige.” To her credit, Paige doesn’t seem to mind the attention from the legendary wrestler, replying to his initial tweet, “People are taking this way too seriously on Twitter. It’s obviously a joke. Plus, I like it.”

2 Don’t Call Lita 'Mama'

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When it comes to spicing things up in the bedroom, dirty talk is a popular way to keep things exciting while in the heat of the moment. However, as Lita revealed during a 2005 interview with Stuff Magazine, there are things you can say that enhance the moment and then there are things that totally kill the mood. For Lita that moment came when one of her exes called her a name usually associated with one’s mother while in the act.

“My ex was like that and I didn’t like it. He called me mama and it freaked me out. I had to put my hand over his mouth. Positive feedback is nice but ‘Give it to me mama?’ That’s just bizarre.” It’s worth noting the interview was conducted while the Hall of Famer was going through a very public break-up with one of her most famous exes. Matt Hardy, is that you?

1 John Cena’s Six-Pack Challenge

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As evidenced by his earlier entry on this list, John Cena held nothing back during his 2006 interview with Howard Stern, detailing many of his escapades over the years, including his experiences with wrestling groupies as well as his love of strippers. However, the face that runs the place admitted that there was one situation that even he was out of his league in, recalling a night when he attempted to sleep with six women at once. Cena said that the women were fans who approached him after one of their shows.

However, after taking them home, he soon realized that he had bitten off more than he could chew, so to speak. “Hell no I wasn’t able to handle all six, that was just too much.” The 16-time champ, who was single at the time, said that he’s often propositioned by fans after shows and that more often than not, he’ll oblige, saying, “When it’s there, it’s hard to say no, I’m a man. So at the end of the show if they’re waiting backstage saying, hey we want to go have some fun, am I gonna say no?”

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