15 Dirty Secrets Of Stars That WWE Doesn't Want You To Know

When an institution like the WWE has been around for as long as it has, it’s bound to have acquired a few crazy stories or two over the years. Especially when its employees spend their days getting into the mindset of these larger-than-life characters. Sometimes the fake personas can make appearances when they’re supposed to be locked away for later. It probably doesn’t help that the wrestlers spend most of their time on the road, exposed to addictive substances or nursing injuries and looking to take the edge off somehow.

Then there’s the pressure to look the part. No one wants to watch a wrestler who isn’t jacked up and ripped like there’s no tomorrow, especially if you were a fan in the 1980s. The WWE is no stranger to steroid allegations and Vince McMahon even went to court over it once and even though it’s 2017, some things never change, they just start to look a little different.

If the wrestlers don’t have enough time to get themselves involved in scandals or rumours once their career starts, there’s always the things they did before they could even fathom working for a company like the WWE. Things they never imagined would kick them in the butt down the road, whether they truly regret their decisions or not.

While some of the stars don’t shy away from divulging the questionable things they did before they turned pro or even after, it doesn’t mean that the WWE brass want those things getting out and smearing the reputations they worked so hard to build and maintain.

In this list, we will take a look at 15 dirty little secrets of the stars the WWE doesn’t want you to know…..But you will now.

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15 Hulk Hogan Made Three Video Tapes

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Controversy seems to follow this guy wherever he goes. From steroids, to cheating, to using racial slurs, he doesn’t have a small list of shortcomings. Before the WWE terminated Hulk Hogan for using the "n-word" back in 2015, he was the star of a certain video with Heather Cole, the wife of radio personality Bubba the Love Sponge. If they had been playing Frisbee in the park, it would've been completely fine, but they were doing some "wrestling" of their own. While Bubba manned the camera.

He could even be heard telling his wife that it would be their retirement plan. Gawker got a hold of the tape and posted a clip online and Hogan countered by suing them for defamation. Four years after the release of the tape, the two parties settled out of court for $31 million. While most people are aware of the one sex tape, Hogan actually starred in three with Cole, where he opened up about his concerns about his divorce from Linda and his fears about his kids.

14 Stephanie McMahon Affair With Randy Savage

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Randy Savage was known to have a taste for young ladies after he and Miss Elizabeth broke up for good. He may have even had a taste for some underage ones as well according to this next story. The one that screwed him over (no pun intended) was Stephanie McMahon. Back when Stephanie was just a teenaged girl and not yet of age, she and the Macho Man were apparently a secret item and spent quite a lot of time together.

The story goes that Vince walked in on the two while they were coupling and he lost it. Soon after, McMahon decided to not renew Savage's contract, which sent him off to the WCW and forever blacklisted from the WWE. Vince would scoff at the idea of bringing Savage back and even said that he didn’t want to do business with “that man”.

13 Vince McMahon Had An Affair With Shawn Michaels?

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A popular theory amongst the WWE (thanks to Bret Hart suggesting it) is that Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon's relationship went above and beyond that of a boss and employee. They're both linked to many affairs (some with the same woman) and unsavoury rumours, but the one that they've tried and tried to keep under wraps is that Linda McMahon walked in on Vince and Shawn getting down to business. Some versions of the story have it happening in Vince and Linda’s marriage bed, but that seems a little too brazen.

Well, brazen for Vince, maybe not for HBK. It certainly would explain why Vince practically gave Michaels carte blanche during the very important era of the WWE’s history in the 1990s after the switched from the buff, cartoon-ish-looking wrestlers of the 80s. It would also explain why Michaels got away with all that horrible stuff that he did back in the day.

12 Nancy Argentino's Death

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Jimmy Snuka was a beloved fan favourite when he debuted in WWE in 1982. He portrayed a villain, but his athleticism was intoxicating and his match against Muraco at Madison Square Garden in 1983 is the reason Mick Foley, The Sandman, Bubba Ray Dudley and Tommy Dreamer decided to actively pursue a career in wrestling. Unfortunately, his legendary career has been over shadowed by the death of Nancy Argentino in 1983, his girlfriend of the time.

The coroner's report showed that she died from trauma to the head and Snuka was the only suspect the cops had. Charges weren't pressed at the time though and Vince McMahon has been accused of talking them out of charging Snuka. Justice would come around 32 years later in 2015 when Snuka was arrested for her death shortly before Snuka himself passed on.

11 Nikki Bella Was Married

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Nikki Bella and John Cena recently got engaged after a semi-long courtship. After the couple defeated The Miz and his wife Maryse at WrestleMania 33, Cena popped the question. Bella, who has made no bones about wanting to marry Cena eagerly accepted. Everyone knows this won’t be Cena’s first marriage, but what they may not know is that it won’t be Bella’s first either.

She has divulged, on an episode of “Total Divas” that when she was in her early 20s, she married her high school sweetheart in Las Vegas, by an Elvis impersonator. The marriage would only last three years and by the time Bella was 23, the two had split. She claimed that she knew it was a terrible idea at the time and even experienced regrets as she was walking down the aisle. Here’s to hoping these two have better luck this time around.

10 Dynamite Kid Woke His Wife Up With A Gun

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For a while, this was just heresy, but then Bret Hart’s autobiography and The "Death Grip" documentary came out after the Benoit Family tragedy and what it showed blew its viewers away. Tom Billington, better known as Dynamite Kid, used to have a very odd and violent way of waking his first wife, Michelle Smadu (who also happens to be Bret Hart’s ex wife’s sister) up. How did he do it?

By placing a revolver under her chin and telling her that it would be loaded one day. His wife said that he made her life hell and she considered killing herself and her kids just to escape the situation and him. Dynamite Kid responded saying he thought he was pretty funny playing those pranks on her and not violent at all. He also said that in his defence, it was never really loaded.

9 Shawn Michaels Liked Urine

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Shawn Michaels became infamous for his unsavoury behaviour backstage during the height of his HBK days. He was even so full of himself that he once challenged some Marines who were at the bar to a fight. He also reportedly did things involving pee to the female members of the WWE who wouldn't sleep with him. He also had a thing for golden showers. Giving them, not receiving them.

A semi old legend in the WWE is that Michaels once picked three working girls up and brought them back to his hotel room where he apparently proceeded to urinate on them. Oddly enough, Michaels would find himself throwing a cup of urine at Vince and Shane McMahon on an episode of Raw back in 2006 when his character refused to take a drug test. Maybe Michaels had quite a bit of say in that skit.

8 Sunny Slept With Ahmed Johnson For Coke

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Since her retirement from wrestling, Sunny has been very open about what happened backstage during her time at the WWE and the role she played in a lot of the drama. She and the late Chris Candido used to have a cocaine addiction (like so many from their time) and would do just about anything to get a fix. The word is that they had a deal in place with Ahmed Johnson that whenever they ran out, he would give them some in exchange for Sunny’s talents in the bedroom.

One of the nights they were desperate for a fix and put their deal in action left Candido eagerly awaiting Sunny’s return in their hotel room, only she didn’t show. Candido marched to Johnson’s room and angrily banged on the door, demanding to know where Sunny was. Turned out that she had left a little while earlier with her spoils in hand and went to enjoy them with Shawn Michaels.

7 Brock Lesnar Took Steroids

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At six foot three inches and 263 pounds, Brock Lesnar is an imposing force of nature to be reckoned with. He's taken a lot of flack throughout the years and been accused of getting his muscular build via the use of steroids. His response to said allegations is, "I'm a white boy and I'm jacked—get over it." He had to put his money where his mouth was after he made the jump to the UFC.

Lesnar was found to be in violation of their banned substance policy and everyone suspected it would be steroids. It wasn't. It was actually PCT, a drug that you use once you've discontinued the use of steroids. Lesnar may have gotten off of them in time for the UFC, but that's quite the blemish on his record, but it didn’t stop the WWE from welcoming him back with open arms. It wouldn’t be the first time one of their wrestlers was caught with something in their system they shouldn’t have had.

6 Randy Orton Discharged From The Marines

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The Knoxville, Tennessee native has enjoyed a long and prosperous career with the WWE. He won the WWE Championship nine times and the World Heavyweight Championship five times. He earned himself a reputation as a huge jerk in his early days, something he will openly admit to. Orton has said that having a child changed everything for him and helped put his attitude into perspective.

Before becoming a pro wrestler, Orton was a Marine, having joined straight out of high school. His stint with the Marines only lasted for about a year though. Orton was dishonourably discharged after he disobeyed a commanding officer and went AWOL on more than one occasion.

As a result, Orton spent 38 days in military prison at Camp Pendleton after he was court marshalled and then tried and convicted. Orton used to have a Marine Corps tattoo on his left arm, but had it covered up after his discharge. It definitely isn't something they advertise.

5 Lita’s Time In Mexico

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Despite her four women's championships and her place in the WWE Hall of Fame, Lita is most known for the scandals that she was involved in during her run in the WWE, especially the things she and Edge did during the R-rated portion of their relationship, like having their live sex show on an episode of Raw. Or maybe cheating on Matt Hardy and breaking up Edge’s marriage.

However, her scandalous behaviour started long before she turned pro. When she was younger, Lita was inspired after watching Rey Mysterio Jr. on an episode of the WCW and decided to travel to Mexico with the hopes of becoming a wrestler. Apparently, she would do sexual favors in exchange for training and it didn't matter who it was. After that, she returned to the United States as a valet on the independent circuit, then went to the NWA and ECW before landing in the WWE.

4 Bret Hart Did The White Stuff

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Cocaine and steroids were practically the backbone of the WWE in the 80s and 90s and the wrestlers from those days were not saintly in that regard. Given his family history with wrestling, people may not have had Bret Hart pegged as a man who tried the white stuff (no, not snow), but according to him, he would do it so the guys would start to seem him as one of their own and not Stu Hart's son.

Hart came clean in his autobiography that he released in 2007. He also said that because of his main addiction to love, which was really just a nice way of saying he slept around a lot, kept him from becoming a coke addict and letting it consume him like so many other wrestlers. It seems as though he and his rival, Shawn Michaels, had more in common than one would think.

3 Eva Marie’s Drinking Problem And Inappropriate Photos

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It's no big secret that Eva Marie hasn't been very well liked by her peers since she joined the WWE. It also isn’t a secret that she was suspended for 30 days last year after violating the company’s wellness program and being in possession of a banned substance. She claimed that it was just Adderall, a drug that is used to treat ADHD and Narcolepsy, and she had a prescription for it. What is a secret is that she used to have a bad drinking problem.

During one of her episodes on “Total Divas”, she admitted that she had a drinking problem when she was younger. She has been sober for a few years now doesn't touch the stuff anymore, out of fear of suffering a relapse and didn't even have a drink when the cast of “Total Divas” celebrated Brie Bella's bachelorette. Marie has praised her sponsor for helping keep her clean. If that wasn’t enough, she also has some nude photos circulating around the internet from before her time with the WWE.

2 Ashley Massaro Worked As A Prostitute

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Ashley Massaro got her start in the WWE after winning the 2005 Diva Search and she spent most of her short career there posing for magazine covers, like Playboy, and playing valet to The Londrick. She did manage to fit a few fights in a time or two. Former Diva and playboy cover girl Sunny didn't take a liking to Massaro and the two exchanged some heated Tweets, where it was revealed that Massaro used to work as an escort for Bella Models and her services were still available via certain websites.

The price to acquire Massaro for the night? Twenty-five thousand dollars. Of course, it was kind of the pot calling the kettle black since Sunny moved on to adult films and other like activities once her wrestling career ended. Massaro requested an early release in 2008 in order to take care of her ailing daughter.

1 Alexa Bliss’ Eating Disorder

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Two-time Women's Champion Alexa Bliss fought her way up the ranks from NXT to the WWE and is now enjoying a successful career in the big leagues after being drafted to SmackDown in 2016. Bliss’s biggest battle was arguably before she found her fame and fortune. When Bliss was younger, she was on the verge of death’s doorstep due to a problem she had with anorexia.

Bliss had struggled with anorexia in high school, but it got even worse when she was in college. She had dropped almost 40 pounds in two months when she started her post-secondary career. Bliss was able to overcome her eating disorder by getting involved in body building and cheerleading. The WWE has never acknowledged this part of Bliss' past, but she has become an advocate for overcoming eating disorders.

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