15 Disturbing WWE Backstage Incidents Revealed

The culture in professional wrestling has its negatives to come with the good times. We all enjoy the perfect combination of entertainment and athleticism to play out on WWE television. However, there are quite a few horrible things that go down within in the industry. WWE specifically has been home to some of the most terrible moments in wrestling history that went down behind the scenes. Wrestling provides more stories in terms of gossip and rumors than actual professional sports leagues. The backstage life of a WWE Superstar is just as fascinating as the stories that we see on television.

Many of the incidents crossed the line from silliness to disgraceful. We'll look at some of the more disturbing acts to go down in WWE when the cameras were off. The backstage drama has lived in infamy with these stories still floating around through the years. WWE has attempted to crack down in recent years to create a better and more professional environment. These tales will give you all of the reasons why professionalism is so important today. Let’s take a look at the negative history of backstage life in WWE with fifteen of the most disturbing incidents.

15 Wrestlers Court Makes Melina Cry

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The purpose of Wrestler’s Court is to have many of the veterans uniting to embarrass someone they deem worthy of punishment. Melina was one of the wrestlers to get a lot of heat for having a huge ego. Bradshaw led the locker room in sending her to Wrestler's Court where she was forced to explain her actions to the wrestlers while they retorted with insults.

Things got so ugly that Melina eventually broke down crying in front of everyone. A wrestler rubbing others the wrong way is definitely wrong as well, but it crosses the line when a group gathers to all mock one specific person in front of the entire locker room. Most of the other instances of Wrestler's Court were more in a fun spirit to teach lessons but WWE has unofficially stopped that from ever happening again.

14 WWE Mocks Lilian Garcia's Looks

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Lilian Garcia has achieved great success as one of the more memorable ring announcers in WWE history. Times have not always been great for her, as many in the company have tried to rib her through mean jokes. There have been a few jokes about Lilian on air through the years. One specifically stood out when Triple H said Garcia was just “horsing around” with the implication being she looked like a horse.

Former WWE writer Court Bauer confirmed the story and claimed numerous wrestlers mocked her for no reason at all. Mick Foley even came to the defense of Garcia by writing a blog calling out Triple H and speaking against bullying. Lilian has never spoken out about it, but the backstage tension of being insulted by your co-workers is just a disgraceful thing to deal with.

13 Bret Hart Destroys Hulk Hogan With Harsh Cartoon

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One story that has a bit of humor to it featured Bret Hart getting revenge on Hulk Hogan. In Hogan’s final year with WWE before jumping ship to WCW, he made a promise that he would drop the WWE Championship to Hart to pass the torch before leaving. Of course, Hogan went back on his word and refused to lose, demanding to drop the title to the larger Yokozuna instead.

Hart was livid and decided to fight back in the locker room with another of his talents. A mysterious cartoon was posted in the locker room featuring Brutus Beefcake’s face shoved into the rear end of his good friend Hogan. The majority of wrestlers loved it as Hogan departed in shame, leaving the disturbing atmosphere behind.

12 Fallout Of Plane Ride From Hell

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The infamous Plane Ride From Hell featured lots of shenanigans on a flight to the United Kingdom. Curt Hennig and Brock Lesnar started shoot wrestling on the plane. Goldust got into a drunken war of words with his ex-wife Terri Runnels. Michael Hayes almost urinated on Linda McMahon after getting wasted. X-Pac cut the ponytail off Hayes and taped it to the wall at Raw.

It was one of the most embarrassing stories from WWE to leak online. Jim Ross had to publicly comment on it. The tension at the television taping following the trip was said to be one of the most disturbing nights in WWE. Hennig and Goldust were fired. Others were punished. A few were humiliated. This was one of the major stories that lived on through the years and forced WWE to change the backstage environment and flight policies for that matter.

11 Booker T Beats Up Batista In Front Of Everyone

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A high profile incident featuring two legends getting in a scrap took place during the filming of a commercial for SummerSlam in 2006. Batista was the top SmackDown star and Booker T was one of the veterans leading the locker room. Batista's attitude started to rub the locker room the wrong way and Booker spoke out against him.

It culminated with the two getting into a loud argument at the commercial filming and eventually a fight. All reports stated Booker decimated Batista proving legitimate toughness would win out over large muscles. The beating was disturbing enough to humiliate and humble Batista. His attitude changed following the incident and he started to treat others around him better. Booker and Batista would make up and get on better terms quickly after the scrap.

10 JBL Hazing Wrestlers In Shower

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A disturbing incident that bordered on creepy was one of JBL’s hazing tactics. Bradshaw was known as a locker room bully, picking on numerous wrestlers on a weekly basis. His actions would range from verbal insults to stiff attacks in the ring, but nothing was as bad as his idea of entering the shower and harassing the targets at the one time they felt safe from him.

JBL once tackled Brian Christopher in the shower and taped him to the floor to humble him. Other stories have suggested he would have other wrestlers soap him as a form of embarrassment. This definitely crossed the line from harmless ribs to gross bullying. JBL has a negative reputation for his bullying tactics, although he has tried to change that following his retirement.

9 Joey Styles Knocks Out JBL

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JBL would see karma catch up to him in the most disturbingly silly way possible. One of his moments of bullying saw him harass many wrestlers on the flight to Iraq for a Tribute to the Troops show. Bradshaw actually poured water on Lilian Garcia at one point before turning his attention to Joey Styles. Naturally, he assumed he would be able to get away with intimidating a short broadcaster with no athletic background.

Luck was on Styles’ side on this night as he fought back with one punch that connected and knocked JBL down. Bradshaw did not retaliate and shut his mouth. The rest of the trip and many months following the incident saw JBL change his tune and cut down on the bullying after being dropped in front of all the boys.

8 CM Punk Verbally Destroys Triple H While Quitting

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CM Punk’s time in WWE ended in shocking fashion. Punk had enough of the politics and work with no breaks. The final nail came when he went into a closed door meeting with Vince McMahon and Triple H. Punk’s recollection of the story saw him flat out insult Triple H for playing a role in his unhappiness over the tenure of his time in the company.

The awkward tension and personal hatred between the two finally reached a boiling point that night. Punk refused to continue working for the company and expressed all of his anger towards Triple H before quitting. The war of words continued between the two and Punk has made it clear he won’t return to WWE. Sadly, we can’t truly soak in the disturbing emotion of that night since no cameras were there.

7 AJ Lee Curses Out Michelle Beadle

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One disturbing moment that involved CM Punk in the weirdest of ways saw him in the middle of a verbal war between AJ Lee and Michelle Beadle. Punk and Beadle were friendly at shows and on social media until an event when she appeared backstage. Beadle used some insulting terms in a friendly manner towards Punk, but he took offense to it.

Punk’s anger was shown when his then girlfriend/current wife Lee approached Beadle and cursed her out for disrespecting her significant other. The story leaked online quickly and Beadle confirmed it on social media. It was shocking to read about and showed just how bizarre wrestling can be. Punk spoke out in interviews claiming that Beadle crossed the line, but nothing is known for sure aside from it being a very awkward situation.

6 The Miz Forced To Change In Public Rest Room

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The Miz is currently one of the biggest stars in WWE, having a long run consistently on television. It wasn’t always easy for him with the beginning of his WWE career being a hot mess. Miz constantly annoyed the veterans of the locker room with one specific moment spelling his doom for a short time period. Bad positioning saw Miz eat his fried chicken above another wrestler’s bag and dropping crumbs.

Various veterans cursed out Miz and kicked him out of the locker room. Miz was forced to change in the public restrooms at venues for months. Fans walking into the bathroom would see him in there like any other person in attendance. Luckily, the exile ended and Miz endeared himself to the rest of the wrestlers to have a successful career.

5 Nailz Attacks Vince McMahon

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A rare instance of a wrestler having a physical exchange with Vince McMahon saw Nailz attacking his boss. Nailz was a lower tier wrestler but one of the tougher guys on the roster. The incident saw Nailz get into a shouting match with McMahon over financial disagreements. Bret Hart’s book revealed everyone heard a loud crash and could decipher the sound of Nailz going after McMahon.

WWE obviously fired Nailz but the story lives on in infamy. Nailz is one of a select handful of wrestlers to actually strike McMahon. Many have wanted or threatened to do it, but no others reached that point. The bad blood between the two sides continued with lawsuits and Nailz was blacklisted from WWE. It wasn’t a big loss considering he barely did anything of note on screen.

4 X-Pac's Pooping Pranks

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X-Pac was one of the bigger pranksters in WWE. Most of his jokes were fun but some crossed the line. The locker room always wanted to get back at the wrestlers that were developing egos or making things difficult for those working with them. Two WWE Divas specifically found their property on the worst side of X-Pac.

Sable’s ego grew out of control during her peak. X-Pac decided the best way to get revenge was to poop in her gym bag. She found the awful surprise in the locker room. Sunny suffered an even worse fate for the similar reasons. Instead of her gym bag, X-Pac left the disgusting gift in her food. It was allegedly a prank pulled by the entire roster knowing X-Pac would be the one to actually go through with it. Very few things are as disturbing as that.

3 Sunny Cheating On Chris Candido in Locker Room

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One of the things Sunny did to become an enemy of the locker room was cheat on her boyfriend Chris Candido in a shameless fashion. Sunny did not even try to hide it when hooking up with Shawn Michaels behind Candido’s back. The two were a longtime couple going back to their high school and college days. Sunny showed no respect as she would often make out with Michaels in front of the roster.

The uneasy situation got worse when some of the wrestlers guarded a locker room to prevent Candido from walking in while Sunny and Michaels were getting intimate. It was a very disturbing situation that hurt the reputation of everyone involved. This still haunts Sunny as it follows her reputation along with numerous other horrible things.

2 Michael Hayes Uses N-Word Towards Mark Henry

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A very offensive disturbing moment came when Michael Hayes crossed the line in a horrible way. Hayes has been known for running his mouth and saying ridiculous things throughout his career. During his role as a lead writer for SmackDown, Hayes made the disgraceful error of using the n-word in a conversation with Mark Henry. The context of the comments was Hayes saying he was “more of a (n-word)” than Henry.

It obviously pissed off Henry. WWE suspended him to appease Henry and punished the behavior of Hayes. Most would have been fired for that, but Hayes is close with the McMahon family allowing him to have another shot. Hayes would apologize to Henry and continue working in a producer role up to this very day. WWE tries to pretend the incident never happened.

1 The Montreal Screwjob Aftermath

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The aftermath of the Montreal Screwjob is the most disturbing moment in WWE history. Vince McMahon, Shawn Michaels and Triple H “screwing” Bret Hart by going with the finish of a match he wasn’t aware of or agreed to led to a lot of bad blood. Hart’s Wrestling With Shadows documentary film crew captured some of the moments to happen directly after the historic controversy.

Bret's former wife then got into an argument with Triple H, calling him out for playing a role in it, as he lied pretending he didn’t know about it. Of course, the most disturbing moment was the interaction between Hart and McMahon. To his credit, Vince went into Bret’s locker room to apologize and explain his actions, and Bret responded by knocking him out. The visual of McMahon getting helped out of the locker room covering his eye will always be one of the more disturbing backstage images in WWE history.

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