15 Divas Over 40 Who Are Still Hot AF

There might be a very touted Women’s Evolution and revolution going on in the WWE and it is sure to reach its apex with Mae Young Classic this summer, but so many brawling blonds, brunettes, and redheads running around was not always the norm!

In the beginning, like territory days beginning, the women came around very, very sparingly. Even during the eighties there was just a few more fairer sexes like Miss Elizabeth and Missy Hyatt using their charms and their curves to melt men’s wills to their whims.

Then Sunny and Sable blew the doors wide open and all kinds of gorgeous women came to the squared circle. Fit Finlay and few others taught them how to work and boom – the original women’s revolution was happening. Stagnely enough lot of our wrestling crushes that started during this time are now over 40 and plenty of them are aging just fine – they’re still white hot and make male fan’s mouths connect with the floors at the sight of them.

So get ready to hold your jaws or pick them up off the floor because here are 15 Divas who are over 40 and still very much hot AF!

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15 Terri Runnels

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The former Mrs. Goldust is one of the few ladies on this list who was in both WCW and WWE, long before WWE bought out WCW. But while Alexandra York looked pretty good in her business suits, it was as Marlena that Terri really caught fire and she and Goldust made quite the raucous pair. Marlena would come to the ring wearing slinky gold dresses and puffin on big fat cigars while “directing” her hubby’s performances.

She would become even more provocative and downright a femdom goddess using “Meat” Shawn Stasiak as her love slave in PMS and falsifying a pregnancy with Val Venis, earning the nickname the King gave her 0- the Horny Little She – Devil.

No longer a part of the business, she was the last seen at the 20146 Hall of Fame in support of fellow PMS’er,. Jacqueline and her off – screen “bestie,” the Big Bossman. For those that still yearn to see one of the hottest Divas ever, she does make the occasional appearance and is also involved with a boatload of charities and can even chat with her on Skype if the price is right.

14 Torrie Wilson

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If there is a fountain of youth somewhere, Torrie Wilson has found it. If there was a real – life succubus out there draining the lives and entrancing men with her charms, Torrie would be that succubus – there is simply no other simple scientific explanation for a women who was already a brickhouse when she was on WCW has become not just hotter, but HOTTER with age.

She graced the cover of Playboy not only by herself, but also with Sable and she still pales in comparison to how she looks now. She was more than enough woman for A–Rod (imagine the dinner parties these two had with bestie, Stacy Kiebler and George Clooney).

At 41 years old, Torrie continues to work outside the business with her own clothing line and work she does with Wrestler’s Rescue. With all due respect to other ladies out there, Torrie looks as young as any other 25 year old. If you’re done being jealous, you can also do your best to look like her and workout with her on TorrieWilsonFit.com

13 Gail Kim

Having just hit 40 this past February, Gail Kim is probably the best female wrestler on this list to never get a fair shake in the WWE. But perhaps that’s because Vince didn’t quite understand the appeal of Asian women to some, nay, a whole heap of men (stay in NXT as long as you can, Asuka), as Jim Ross had to famously explain this fact to the Chairman.

Instead of languishing in the then super-sexed-up Divas division where her in–ring skills would go largely unnoticed and underappreciated, she headed to TNA and helped make the Knockouts Division one of the best things in TNA, when it was actually bearable to watch. Her feuds with Awesome Kong, Tara, and Brooke helped land her the only female spot in their Hall of Fame.

Currently, she is no longer under contract at Impact and is rehabbing an injury. Hopefully she is watching the current crop of WWE women and someone in the office is working to convince her to come back and help to push the division farther than it has ever been.

12 Tylene Buck

Quickly able to make men stand at attention was the blonde bombshell, Major Gunns aka Tylene Buck. The fitness model came to WCW in 1999 as one of the nWo girls, before leading the Misfits in Action to the ring and eventually Lance Storm. Even though the WWE didn’t pick up her contract, her brief time in the business was memorable enough for plenty of male fans to never forget her.

She also, for those of you don’t already know, she performs in various adult films, working for several different companies. She actually is still in the wrestling business, albeit the adult wrestling business – as a featured performer for Double Trouble wrestling, where fans can vote on whom she’ll be face and what (if anything) she’ll be wearing.

Now, before you click away from this article to see a lot more of Tylene and her Gunns, keep reading this one and see what else you might find out about your favorite Divas.

11 Debra McMichael

With no skills in the ring, a woman like Debra didn’t need them, she just needed legs and boobs, sorry – puppies. This is good, since she had both of those accoutrements and made them both oh so sexier when she shimmied and wedged them into her patented suit–skirt outfits (Sorry, Lana but you’re infringing on copyrights).

The reason “Uncle Jerry” and occasionally Road Dogg would squeal “Puppies” with delightful glee was the former Mrs. Mongo and Mrs. Stone Cold.

Throughout her career she was able to win the Woman’s Championship along with costing many men their matches by hopping onto the apron to tantalize her charge’s opponents with anything that might entice.

For those that listen to What Happened When Mondays with Tony Schiavone, many of us probably feel the same way he still does about the Tuscaloosa native – roll tide on that.

10 Victoria

Perhaps a big reason why Midajah (more on her later) wasn’t signed to the WWE was because WWE already had their raven–haired brickhouse and whoa boy could this one work in the ring as well as outside of it. Victoria came a little after Lita and Trish and helped bridge the gap between Diva generations, something she did in TNA as well.

After leaving the Ho Train behind, she was the roster’s resident crazy chick and it didn’t hurt to have one of the biggest songs of the day play you to the ring (t.A.t.u.’s All the Things She Said). Like other Divas of the day, she elected to go to TNA and had a career resurgence as Tara, notably helping Brooke go to the next level.

But like most sane people who have experienced working for both companies, she has vowed not to return to TNA, but still does work on the indy circuit – probably one of the only Diva from the early aughts still working.

9 Midajah

Out of all the women on this list, Big Poppa Pump’s number one freak, Midajah never going to the WWE is a shame, whether she was interested in signing a deal or not. Because of this, fans of the raven haired, blue eyed girl didn’t get to see all she had to offer with the WWE marketing machine behind her.

After all, she pretty much had everything Vince would want in a girl and certainly what a lot of fans would want in a girl. A certified ripped–to–shreds buxom brickhouse, she just couldn’t work in the ring that well, but that wasn’t much of a pre–requisite during that time.

Clearly, her days in the business are behind her. But her behind, along with the rest of her are still top notch tip top shape even at 47(!) years old and her website Midajah.com gives plenty of tips on how you could do the same.

8 Sable

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For many fans, WrestleMania XII might be remembered best as Bret vs. Shawn, but it was also the night that a lot of guys stopped thinking “girls are yucky,” because the beautiful Sable made her debut. The former Guess model immediately endeared herself to fans, becoming more popular that her then–hubby Marc Mero.

Sable pretty much became more popular than the entire roster, including other Divas like Sunny and Luna, who were none too keen on the non – wrestler taking their heat. But just take one look at her; she was the quintessential girl next door, if girls next door wore handprint bikinis.

Oddly enough, not only is the current Mrs. Lesnar (Brock stole the girl and the TKO move from the Marvelous One), one of the hottest women in the world over 40 is also probably the hottest grandmother in the world, her first child with hubby # 1, Wayne Richardson, Mariah gave birth to a kid of her very own.

7 Daffney

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The scream queen, zombie hot former “Governor,” Daffney got her start as David Flair’s girlfriend, citing two fictional psychotic hotties Harley Quinn and Mallory Knox as inspiration. Couple that with her own unique personality, seldom seen in the ‘rasslin business and she immediately endeared herself to diehard fans.

Despite a brief stint in WWE developmental, she was let go and traversed the Indies for a few years before landing in TNA and having some of the best matches of her career.

More and more fans have been clamoring to see Daffney again, this time cast in WWE as Sister Abigail, assuming they ever decide to reveal who she is. But considering there is a consensus that it should be her, perhaps one day, we will actually get to see her in Bray’s rocking chair.

6 Lita

Fiery red hair, crazy-looking shoulder tattoo, ginormous UFO cargo pants and bits of thong hanging out revealing nothing, but still captivating millions of fans all over the world, yeah, Lita managed to get pops sometimes as loud as Stone Cold’s during the Attitude Era. She was that over.

Not even injuries and subsequent infidelity with Matt Hardy and Edge slowed her down – she simply went from fun loving grunge alt-rock babyface to vivacious vixen heel. Luckily none of her extracurricular activities curtailed her WWE career and she has returned on multiple occasions as a trainer on Tough Enough, backstage agent, and revealing the new WWE Women’s title at WrestleMania 32. She is currently rumored to be a part of the Mae Young Classic as some capacity.

When this era of Divas is discussed, Lita is usually # 1 or # 2 behind or in front of Trish, depending on fan tastes. But rest assured even with both Divas now over 40, the debate will never end as to who is hotter.

5 Beulah McGillicutty

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To be Mrs. Tommy Dreamer in real life, you’ve got be extreme, don’t you? To be the first woman to take the Dudley Death Drop from Bubba and Devon, you might be more insane than your husband

Beulah debuted in 1995, right smack in the middle of a blood feud between Tommy and Raven. The former model actually posed in and was billed from “the pages of Penthouse” magazine. But before you start up your google machines, here’s a little more about Trisa Hayes, who will forever be known to fans as Beulah McGillicutty,

While not a trained wrestler, she participated in one of the bloodiest matches in ECW history, against Bill Alfonso and her only WWE appearances happened at the first two ECW One Night Stand events. Her twins played Bobby and Janice’s kid on the Sopranos – sadly she did not cameo on a pole at the Bada Bing.

Nowadays, for the past few years, Beulah has been seen at Tommy’s side at his House of Hardcore shows and can now add children’s author to her resume – her book, Gertrude the Great was published in 2012.

4 Miss Kitty

IF someone told you that little Southern Belle, Stacy Carter would actually cause such a ruckus in her short but memorable WWE career, you’d think that person was crazy. After all, the Memphis belle was only 29 and looked a heck of a lot younger, which only helped her hone her naïve assistant character.

Several months in and Carter was dropping trough on PPV (Armageddon 1999 if you want to check it out), she also married Jerry Lawler and when she was let go, the King followed suit and quit and we lost him for more or less the entire Invasion angle.

Her tenure wasn’t long but yielded big returns for the time Miss Kitty was there. She was also linked to and then married Sinn Bhodi on the in indie scene before getting divorced in 2013. Nevertheless, even at 46, Miss Kitty has barely aged a day.

3 Madusa

She swears like a sailor, rides monster trucks, and was the first American female to train in the New Japan dojo. The original Paul Heyman Girl, Madusa might go down in history for throwing the WWE Women’s Championship in the garbage on Nitro, in one of the opening salvos of the Monday night war – but the Hall of Famer did so much more in her career.

Trained by the Minnesota Marvel, Eddie Sharkey, Madusa would work in the AWA and take on the Sensational Sherri before heading to WCW in the late eighties for her first go around there as a member of the Dangerous Alliance, accompanying Rick Rude to the ring.

In 2017, she is currently having her farewell tour in the Monster Truck world and is the first women wrestler to have her own podcast. She might be the oldest lady on this list but she’s still more woman than most men could handle and still looks she’ll hurt anyone and do it with a smile.

2 Layla El

In just a few more weeks, the divine Miss Layla El officially joins this list, so why not just include her now. That’s what I thought. How hot is the 2006 Diva Search winner? She’s a Moroccan – Spanish – British bombshell who came up as a smoldering dancer for the Miami Heat before the WWE came calling.

After getting soaked and spanked at Summer Slam, she bounced around from brand to brand before landing on Smackdown with Michelle McCool forming the Heel lady team, Flawless and becoming one of the most hated Divas on the roster. While she won’t go down in history as the best worker, she had some decent in-ring work, was willing to learn, had amazing smiles with a come hither stare, Layla was pretty much what the Diva Search was all about.

Sadly to her admirers, Layla not only retired but took herself off the market in the same year 2015 and married Ricky Ortiz, who had a cup of coffee in WWECW.

1 Trish Stratus

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Anyone reading this article who didn’t think Trish Startsu would land as numero uno clearly is as blind as a bat! For crying out loud, she was Diva of the Year about twelve years in a row and the very definition of a blond bombshell!

Not to gush, but there aren’t too many WWE Divas much less women in the world who look like, sound like, and act like the Greek goddess does. Every fan has their favorites, but similar to the Bulls of the nineties (when basketball fans had their favorite team and the Bulls), you had your favorite Diva and Trish. She was atop the world for her entire career, so why shouldn’t she be on top of this list?!

Now at 42 and a brunette no less, she dabbles in acting, keeps her toes in the wrestling waters, but mostly just does her best DDP impersonation, running her own Yoga studio in Toronto.

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